Horizontal Amplifier

The pass band of the horizontal amplifier is rated as being from d-c to more than 500 kc (3 db point). The basic sensitivity of the amplifier is 0.2 volts cm. Lesser sensitivities are obtained by a calibrated attenuator-gain changing arrangement which reduces the sensitivity in four steps to 5 volts/cm. A 3:1 vernier permits the sensitivity to be varied continuously and also extends the calibrator calibrator

Fig. 12. Calibrator voltage selector anil terminal.

minimum sensitivity to 15 volts/cm.

The input impedance of the horizontal amplifier is nominally the same as that of the vertical amplifier. This factor permits the probes supplied with the instrument to be used with the horizontal amplifier if desired.


The cathode-ray tuhe used in the Model 150A is a type 5 AMP-. This tube is one of the modern mono-accelerator designs which are especially suited to measurement work because of their reduced distortion. The tube provides a viewing area 6 cm high * 10 cm wide and has a flat face to reduce parallax. To make the tube deflection factor essentially independent of line voltage changes or intensity settings, the tube is operated from a regulated supply. The gate voltage which unblanks the tube is direct-coupled to make the grid bias independent of the duty cycle of the sweep voltage.

Accelerating voltage on the tube is 5,000 volts which, because the beam current is somewhat higher than is commonly used in other tube designs, gives considerably more light output than is usually associated with a 5,000-volt potential. Light output is thus ample even for high ambient intensity conditions.

The tube is available in any of four screen types: PI. P2. P7, or PI 1. A filter compatible with the designated screen type is provided.

For special-purpose work, connection to the vertical deflecting plates can be made at terminals which lead to the plates through short leads. Convenient access to these terminals is provided for by a door in the top of the instrument case.

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