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This eBook guide gives you all the information that you need to know to never have to buy batteries again. You will learn what it takes to recondition your batteries that you already have, with things that already have at your house or can easily get. You can save money by never having to buy batteries again But it gets better! You can make huge profits off of selling the batteries that you reconditioned at premium prices. You don't have to have any technical know-how to learn how to do this All it takes is the information in this book! No matter what kind of batteries they are Even if they are car batteries, normal AA batteries, or forklift batteries, you can recondition them like new and sell them at full price or reuse them for yourself! Read more here...

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Ultima Nicad Battery Charger

Ultima Electronics1 new low-cost UL-100 battery charger can recharge up to 4 nicad Two convenient LED Indicator lights monitor battery pairs In each charging compartment to determine proper charging. A third LED indicates single 9-V battery status. Indicator lights that fail to go on warn the user to check battery polarity for loose contacts.

Rechargeable Battery

Here's a great deal on new 12 vol 9 amp hour rechargeable lead acid batteries. These batteries were recently man-ufaolured and prepped lor use jn a product which hasnl yei come to market. The OEM didn't want to hold Lhem in Stocky so we gol lhem at a greatly reduced price. They arc 5.9 x 2,55 x 4.42 high and have a strip of foam padding stuck to one side. They have standard 1 4 quick-connect solder terminals. Weight. 6 lbs. Sealed gel cell batteries can be used in any position and can be recharged or trickle charged for long periods

Battery Chargers

C. lighting service in their homes who use a storage battery on their set, should own a battery charger. The chargers come in two different styles, the mechanical vibrator and the bulb rectifier types. Both are safe to use in the home and charge the battery equally well. The rectifier using the bulb is more silent in its operation than the mechanical vibrater type. The bulb type also is less apt to get out of order. The bulb rectifier may take a little longer to charge a battery than the vibrator type due to the fact that it rectifies only one side of the 60 cycle current. Bulb rectifiers come in two sizes, one giving 2 amperes at 6 volts and the other 6 amperes at 6 to 8 volts. The larger size charges the battery three times as fast as the smaller type. With either charger, about 10 cents' worth of current is required to charge a storage battery.

Arrl Sanctioned Hamfest

The rechargeable buttery business is booming today, Willi the wideranging market in amateur radio and business-band portable transceivers HTs). the portable miniature cellular phone explosion* and now portable laptop and notebook computer systems, rechargeable batteries are found in many more areas of life than e er before, t' nderstanding something about these batteries and their technology has also become increasing ) important. so here's a hriei primer in eas> Mo-understand terms. For decades, the only practical rechargeable batten was the lead-acid battery, primarily used in automobiles, boats and airplanes as a storage medium for electrica power. The vehicle's engine, when running, can drive a generator or alternator for recharging the lead-acid battery. Then, about 30 years ago, nickel-cadmium reehargeables came onto the scene and took up some of ilie market share for portable electronic devices of the time (larger wet NiCds were also used in stationary battery back-up...

Circle On Reader Servece Card

Battery Charger for gel-cells of lead acid batteries. features Precrsion temperature (racking vofiage reference & three mode charging sequence. Standard kit ts for 12v 1 2 or i Amp, user sefcectatJle. Can be connected to the battery indefinably, will not overcharge. Weighs 2 pounds and measures x 5vi*d x 2vsh. Finished encfo& ure included in kit.

Circle On Reader Sevjce Card

Used Batteries for Ham Stations How can you save money on batteries to use at home for solar or back-up power systems For small stations or any other purpose with limited equipment requirements, purchasing used or surplus batteries may be your best value. This article will explore the where and how of buying used batteries, and will also describe sources, test procedures, First, when is a battery no longer a battery Answer, when it is toxic waste or hazardous waste Before you even start looking for used batteries, find a necycler or salvage business which will lake in dead lead-acid batteries. Even in the best of deals. I have had to purchase lots of used batteries which contained the occasional dead battery. It is better to know you have a place for the legal disposal of any of these batteries before you start. While on the phone, ask what the center will pay for used batteries. Now then, take a moment to determine the voltage and current requirements for your equipment. Inverters....

See The Space Shuttle Video

1 found that a marine type of deep-cycle lead-acid battery works best for the basement backup battery. Not-including the batter> , the whole system cost me under 100 to implement not a bad price for the extra sense of operating security that it provides. The drawing in Fig. 2 pretty well shows my own particular setup, but I'll be happy to answer any specific questions from 73 readers as best I can.1

Dual Band Docking Booster

The new FT727 docking booster puts out 30 Watts on VHF and 18 Watts on UHF It automatically senses the band selected by the HT and switches in the appropriate PA and GaAs FET pre-ampli tier The booster clips to car doors via a clip and connects to the car battery and roof antenna.

Approximate Output Voltage Vs Load Current For A Pea Dynamotor

The three wires now coming out of the dynamotor are identified as follows The smaller wire is the positive high voltage. The heavy wire leaving the same grommet is positive 6 volts and negative high voltage. The single heavy wire leaving the other grommet is negative 6 volts. Whether the car is positive or negative ground, negative high voltage can be taken as car-frame ground. With the negative of the car battery grounded, the plate current can return through the car battery and the armature winding. This simply puts the 6 volts in series with the 500 volts and gives 6 extra volts plate voltage.

Low Battery Software Control

To further extend card reader usability with a set of old batteries, software controls power use by pulsing the motor. When the batteries approach the low-battery state, software begins to turn olf the motor for short periods of time to lower the motor duty cycle and decrease power consumption, giving the batteries more time to recover between pulses. As the battery voltage drops lower and lower the motor off time increases. Even though he motor is being turned off for short periods as the card goes through, it is easily possible to have a correcl read, and the difference may even be imperceptible to ihe user. The 82104A verifies a good read on every card by computing a checksum during each card pass and comparing it lo the sum recorded in the last 28 bits of information on the data track. To tell ihe user what is happening, the message LOW HAT is displayed at the end of any read in which the motor has been turned off, whether the read was good or bad. Many good reads may be possible...

Troubleshooting Your New

Now, with your VOM s positive probe, touch the positive side of the battery or power source. Let's use our example of a 9 volt battery . Your VOM should read at least 8 volts or higher with a fresh battery. Now, turn your kit on. Did the battery voltage drop way down to, say. 5 or 7 volts It did Well then, either you need a fresher batters. or you need to take a closer look at the current flowing to the unit. To do this we need to switch our VOM to Or let's say we measured ihe battery voltage and it did not change when we turned on the unit. We connected our VOM to read current and the current displayed was zero. So what's wrong liiere must be a break in series w illi the supply. Let's look for some possible causes sueh as a broken battery connector, a reverse-polarity protection diode installed backwards, a bad battery w ire solder junction to the PC hoard, a solder llu insulator around the plus supply wire on PC boaidt a defective crimp on connector, or the battery connected...

Printer Drive Circuits

To maintain a uniform print contrast, the thin-film head resistors must develop approximately the same temperature each time they are energized. The same temperature must be attainable even with changes in battery voltage. A constant resistor temperature profile requires an applied voltage with a constant rms value. The print intensity control, or power regulator, generates the required voltage by varying the duty cycle of a fixed frequency signal in a nonlinear manner in response to changes in the battery voltage (see Fig. 5). Generation of the signal is by analog computation. The duty cycle for constant rms value VRMS with battery voltage VB can be computed as follows. Fig. 6. Simplified diagram of the circuit that monitors the battery voltage and varies the duty cycle of the print signal to stabilize its energy content.

Circle On Reaoer Service Card

These chargers are simply unregulated constant current supplies. On the other hand. Fast Charger is controlled by the Maxium Products MAX7I2 or MAX713 integrated circuits, allowing a fas* high current charge without damage to the batteries. The MAX712 part is used to recharge NiMH batteries. The MAX713 is used to recharge NiCd batteries. The only difference between the pans is the way the part detects the end of a fast charge cycle. The MAX712 detects the end of a fast charge cycle when the battery voltage plateaus the MAX713 detects the end of a fast charge cycle when the battery voltage starts to decline. When the MAX712 3 senses these output voltage behaviors, it automatically switches to trickle charge. Trickle charge is also reached when the MAX712 3 determines that a maximum expected recharge time interval has elapsed. The MAX chip contains circuitry that docs most of the work. A voltage regulator regulates the output voltage to recharge the batteries, a current-sensing...

The Threeelectrode Vacuum Tube As An Amplifier

Variations of plate current at constant -plate voltage under the effect of a varying grid potential generally require the battery which energizes the plate circuit to be connected directly to the plate and filament of the tube. The plate potential is then always equal to the constant battery voltage. If now the grid potential Eg of the tube is varied by an amount dEg in such a manner as to produce an increase dlp of the current in the plate circuit, the potential drop IPR across the resistance R will correspondingly increase. The battery voltage E remaining constant (the internal resistance of the battery being small as

Voltage Sensitive Switch With Hysteresis

Block diagram of the battery charger with auto-turn-off feature. Power supply can stand alone for general use. High current power supply is a standard design. Relay interrupts output when the battery voltage reaches the preset threshold. the battery charger and high automatic cut-off feature. A the power supply by itself for

Time Constant Of An Rc Circuit

Voltage Gradient It will be found that the voltage e will begin to rise rapidly from zero the instant the switch is closed. Then, as the capacitor begins to charge, the rate of change of voltage across the capacitor will be found to decrease, the charging taking place more and more slowly as the capacitor voltage e approaches the battery voltage E. Actually, it will be found that in any given interval a constant percentage of the remaining difference between e and E will be delivered to the capacitor as an increase in voltage. A voltage which changes in this manner is said to increase logarithmically, or is said to follow an exponential curve. Time Constant A mathematical analysis of the charging of a capacitor in this manner would show that the relationship between the battery voltage E and the voltage across the capacitor e could be expressed in the following manner

Volt Transceiver Battery

Between one and two mA to flow through the zener. The input to comparator A is connected to the battery voltage keeping its output high and resetting the flip-flop. As long as the input to comparator B is higher than 3V both flip-flop inputs are high, and the output at pin 3 is low (ground). When the battery voltage drops below the threshold set by R1 and R2 (12V, in this case), comparator B output goes to ground setting the flip-flop and causing the output at pin 3 to go high. This output stage consists of two transistors in a totem pole configuration so that the device can supply high current as well as sinking current to ground. One of these transistors (only one) will be conducting at all times, and the chip is capable of supplying or sinking up to 200 mA. In this case it was found convenient to supply current to a load. The static current drain (light off) is about 12 mA. Since the battery voltage will show the biggest drop during transmit periods, the monitor should be connected...

Custom Microprocessor

The processor used in the earlier HP-71B Handheld Computer1 was an excellent starting point for the design this processor already met the low-power and interconnect requirements, but it would not run at 3V (the minimum battery voltage . By porting the design into the newer, smaller CMOSG process, the part price and the power supply requirements were reduced and the speed was increased. At the same time, new instructions were added to improve data manipulation and the interrupt structure was enhanced.

Time Constant Of An Rl Circuit

Means that the voltage across the capacitor will have increased to 63-2 per cent of the battery voltage in an interval equal to the time constant or RC product of the circuit. Then, during the next period equal to the time constant of the RC combination, the voltage across the capacitor will have risen to 63.2 per cent of the remaining difference in voltage, or 86.5 per cent of the applied voltage E.

Emergency Power Supply

The Type 1116-B Emergency Power Supply is a combination inverter and switching device, designed for use with a 28- to 32-volt. storage battery. Upon failure of the power line, the vibrator-type inverter is automatically connected to the battery supply, the power-input terminals of the frequency standard are transferred to the inverter output, and a front-panel lamp glows to indicate emergency operation. This changeover occurs when the line voltage falls below 105 (or 210) volts the return to line operation takes place at a level between 108 and 113 (or 216 and 226) volts. Automatic Battery Charger The Type 1268-A Automatic Battery Charger is designed to maintain at optimum charge condition a 24-cell nickel-cadmium battery to provide emergency power for the Type 1116-B Emergency Power Supply. Figure 4. View of the emergency power supply equipment. From top, Type 1116-B Emergency Power Supply, Type 1268-A Automatic Battery Charger, Type 1268-P1 Battery Drawer. the battery. After 6 hours...

To High Voltage Circuits

Continuous service at the peak voltage encountered, Just to play it safe use a capacitor rated for at least 200 v dc on a 115 v ac circuit, The rectifier P1V rating is a bit more involved so long as a battery is connected and drawing current the rectifier diodes are subjected only to potentials not much greater than the battery voltage. In other word5 the battery and the conducting diode (s) hold down the voltage across the non-conducting diode(s), The situation is drastically different if the charger is operated without load. Under this condition there is no current drawn, and the reverse voltage applied to the diode s may approach the peak of the ac iine voltage. So we have a situation rather the reverse of ihat usually encountered these circuits are not harmed by normal loads, and are not harmed by operating into a dead short-circuit, but if low-voltage rectifiers are used they can be ruined by being operated with no load, The solution is obvious either use high-voltage diodes or...

Critical Timing in the Link

To achieve the required timing accuracy, the calculator's microprocessor needs to start each infrared burst within a 4-jxs window. Since the nominal clock rate is 617 kHz, the microprocessor must not be more than one cycle away from the perfect time. The dock is generated by an LC oscillator whose frequency varies slightly from unit to unit and with changes in temperature and battery voltage. The calculator also contains a 32.768-kHz crystal oscillator that the firmware can use to calibrate the loops used to time infrared bursts. The exact number of processor cycles required between bursts is calculated, and by using variable cycle count instructions, this exact number of cycles is achieved. This calculation is performed before each line is sent to guarantee that the clock has not drifted significantly. The flowchart in Fig. 4 shows what is done.

Single Tube Regenerative

In receiving, the first operation is the adjustment of the vacuum tube. The rheostat is advanced until a hissing sound is heard in the phones, and then backed off until this sound just disappears. It will not be necessary to change this again except to compensate for changes in battery voltage.

Positioning of the Spot

From what has been said thus far, you can no doubt appreciate that by the application of a fixed voltage from a battery, it is possible to position the spot wherever desired. We have mentioned time and again that under normal conditions, with zero potential difference between the plates of each pair of deflector plates, the normal position of the spot is at the center of the screen. Now it is possible that for some reason, it may be desirable to place the normal position of the spot somewhat off-center, above or below the horizontal reference line, or X axis, or to the right or left of the vertical reference line, or Y axis. This can be done by the application of a fixed potential from a battery of the value required to position the spot as desired. This battery voltage may be a few volts, or perhaps ten or twenty volts, or as great as may be desired.

Prices Subject To Change And Availability

One may prefer other dc amplifier circuits, depending on the sensitivity of the meter in a VOM and perhaps the battery voltage in a VOM (since the battery-mounting clips can be retained for use). Fig. 2 shows two very useful circuits. The FET circuit requires a 9-volt battery, but is quite good when a meter movement with only modest sensitivity is available. It will convert a 0-1-mA movement into the equivalent of a 0-2-fjA movement. The 1k-Ohm zero set potentiometer need be only a trim type mounted internal

Capacitance And Inductance

Figure 3 B shows a source of electricity at E (the battery), connected by two metal wires to two metal plates, A and B. The two plates together with the insulating air between them, are called a condenser. Let Q be the amount of electricity on plate A, which is also equal numerically to the opposite charge on plate B. It is found that Q will be larger, and in direct proportion, if the battery voltage E is larger. This fact can be expressed by the equation Q CE, where C is a constant, called the capacitance of the condenser. Imagine a 3 Bj A sim

The Operation Of Oscilloscopes

The frequency of the relaxation oscillator, described in the preceding paragraph, depends upon the size of R and C, and upon the comparative voltage at which the glow-tube strikes, and the battery voltage. Suppose we keep everything the same except the resistance R. As R is decreased, the time required to fill the condenser becomes less and less and the frequency of oscillations is increased, as shown in Fig.

Linear And Nonlinear Circuit Elements

The circuit diagram of an audio frequency, double-ended Class B amplifier (Fig. 231) is the same as that of a push-pull amplifier. The C-battery voltage is adjusted so that the tubes operate at, or slightly above, cutoff. Sharp cutoff tubes are used. Figure 23 J shows the action taking place in tube number 1. This curve is redrawn in Fig. 23 K, together with a similar but inverted curve for tube 2.

Practical Application Of The Cathoderay Oscillograph

The use of a biasing battery in the vertical or horizontal deflection plate circuit is quite in order. The battery is connected into the free deflection plate lead. However, this battery can be utilized only if direct connection to the plates is possible. If a blocking condenser is used in the circuit, the battery biasing arrangement cannot be employed. The amount of voltage required for the battery is dependent upon the amount of spot position shift desired. The battery voltage may be controlled with a potentiometer. The complete biasing voltage source in series with a 3.0 or 5.0 megohm resistor may be connected between the free deflecting plate and the ground plate. The signal voltage to be observed or applied across the same set of plates, then is applied to the cathode-ray tube in normal fashion. The high resistance in series with the battery serves to maintain the input impedance of the biased set of plates at a reasonably high value. The circuit which supplies the signal voltage...

Quick Charge Cordless Isotip Soldering Iron

The new lower base stand (with slot for spare tip) wilt return a partially discharged battery to full capacity in an hour or two. And a completely discharged battery can be futly recharged and used again in about 4 hours, giving tip performance equivalent to up to BOW and over 700 temperature.

Full Featured Pentium PCIBased Notebook Computer

The IIP OmniBook 5000 computer (Fig. 1) marks a change in Lbe direction of notebook computers designed by Hewlett-Packard, Earlier OmniBook products focused on being ancillary tools to the conventional desktop PC. The designs were biased towards small size, long battery life (or more usually, a smaller battery), and the ability to run most major programs. They brought to the customer new features such as instant-on, battery charging while operating, expandability via the PCMCIA standard (now known as PC Card Standard, or more simply PC Card), and simplified use. As customers became acquainted with their mobile computers they demanded that their portables have the same functionality as their desktops. Thus began the emergence of color displays, larger hard drives, fester processors, and external flexible disk drives in the IIP OmniBook family. When the Corvallis Division became the Mobile Computing Division with t he charter to design, produce, and market a full range of mobile...

Regulated Solid State Supply

His was a shot in the arm for new and better batteries* Battery power was fine for the o d breed of transistors that only consumed milliamperes, but the new breed has some mighty hungry units that consume AMI'S. The old dry cell doesn't last long with this kind of power drawn from it. And the wet cell the less said about this messy device the better.

GoAnywhere Strip Chart Recorder That Has Laboratory Accuracy

This rugged, portable recorder is designed to operate in the laboratory, in a moving vehicle or aircraft, in the desert, in freezing temperatures, on battery power or ac of various frequencies, even upside down, always within its laboratory specifications. Depending on what power option is selected (see specifications) the new recorder can operate on external ac, external dc, or internal rechargeable batteries. Ac power can be 115 or 230 volts, 48 to 440

Safe Unattended Operation

Because the use of the digital processor with its stored programs made long periods of unattended operation possible, the design of the entire gas chromatograph had to be made fail-safe with consideration given to many areas unrelated to chemical performance. For example, the memory is protected against loss of its contents by a standby battery power supply that can support the memory for the duration of a typical power failure. In the event that the power is off longer than the standby power supply can support the memory, the system automatically enters default values when power returns so no harm is caused the system on restart.

Why Semiconductor Memory

4K RAMs follow the well known reliability life curve (see Fig. 2). In the early stages of their life there is a high-failure-rate region known as infant mortality. Accelerated aging (at high temperature) and stringent testing are used to weed out most of the failures and weak 4K RAMs in this region before shipment of the computer. But it still takes time to reach the random failure region where failure rates are very low and stable. Error correction minimizes system crashes caused by memory failures in the infant mortality region. Once past the infant mortality region (1000 to 1500 hours), memory with error correction should become extremely stable, since the random failure region is estimated to last from tens to hundreds of years.2 Volatility. One undesirable aspect of semiconductor memory is volatility, that is, unless power is continuously applied to the 4K RAMs, stored data is lost. In the Series II, critical voltages to the 4K RAMs are backed up with a battery. When ac power is...

Package for Portability and Serviceability

The snap-on concept was used for several reasons. First, there is no repackaging. A normal plug-in unit requires its own package which then must be insertable into a mainframe package. In the 5300 system, the snap-on module is simply a bottom half identical to the mainframe top half, and together the two make up one complete package. In addition, there can be an in-between module, like the battery-pack, which fits between the mainframe and the snap-on module. In concept, the counter could be expanded indefinitely with a whole series of center modules. Another advantage is that each snap-on and in-between module has its own rear panel which can change depending on its function. For complete portability the power cord is disconnected and the battery pack is added between the mainframe and its functional snap-on module. There are handles on the sides of the battery pack, and there's a shoulder strap for carrying the counter or for draping it around one's neck for hands-free operation....

Circle On Reader Service Card

One note of caution if you decide to replace the broadcast radio's fuse My newest car has a factory radio that's equipped with a password-protected theft-deterrem feature. If this radio is disconnected from battery power without defeating this protection scheme, the radio will become totally useless when reconnected. I'm told not even Delco can help if you turn this feature off. It would be wise to check with your dealer to find out if you may have such a radio prior to disconnecting it

High Power Surveillance Ir Scope

This Infra-lied seope was designed specifically for lonu r mtie surveillance use. The builtlint totally invisible, 50 watt halogen lamp IR source is coupled with a premium grade type e 03'J image converter tube, 265 mm fo -2 Jens, and I 6 power military spec,, color corrected eyepiece make this an ideal unit for viewing of clandestine activities < > r animals. The scope is capable of detection at more than 300 feet, recognition at 300 Feel and positive facial identification at I 50 feet. It runs on 1 2 VDC which makes it ideal for mobile use. It comes with a remove-able hand grip which allows for tripod mounting, 2 power cords for cigarette lighter or battery terminals, instructions and a 90 day warranty. Listed below are accessories which make this a very versatile instrument. The scope and accessories are new nd guaranteed functional. Net wt, 5-14 Lbs.

Stereo Fm Transmitter

Quit spending big bucks lor replacement battery packs, rejuvenate and condition your batteries for peak capacity. Advanced circuitry has optimized discharge before charge to eliminate memory eflecl and to condition batteries that have been poorly cared ior in the past. Quick charge rapidly brings battery to full charge in less than an hour-just 15 minutes lor some types' And lop-off charge mode squeezes every last bit ol energy into each cell lor Ihe absolute most capacity. Switch-mode regulator controls constant current charge while being monitored by a negative delta-V system that cuts off the fast charge at the exact point of full charge-batteries are charged, not cooked Charges NiCads or NiMH packs from 2 to 10 celts easily expanded) and current capacities up to 10 Amp hours. Suns on 12 to 15 VDC, Quit cooking your batteries, buying new packs, waiting hours for recharge, get a Or. Ni-Cad today Available in money saving kit form or wired and tested with case at a special price. Kit...

Revolutionary Wiring Tool

The AD-1 comes with a four-pin microphone connector and a short length of coiled cable. Depending on the rig, it may be interfaced between the microphone and transceiver or hooked to an accessory socket. The push-to-talk method involves acoustical coupling. This is a bil more awkward, but involves no permanent connec-Irons other than a 12-volt supply An internal potentiometer allows user adjustment of the output level. If you are oniy interested in acoustical coupling, then the AD-lP might be a good choice. It is identical to the AD-1. except for the fact that it has only a speaker for output and contains a rechargeable battery.

Microlinear Power Control Ic

Another product intended for the laptop computer market has some interesting possibilities for the ham and electronics experimenter. Micro Linear's ML 4860 is a power-control IC designed to give maximum life from a laptop computer's battery. Of course, these same benefits can be gleaned for any battery-powered project, such as an HT, a battery-powered QRP rig, or any of a multitude of applications. The ML 4860 incorporates two 5-V regulated outputs (with 3 amps available from one), a 12-V output, a 2.5-V high-precision reference voltage and a low-battery indi-

Down East Microwave

Linear Technology's LT1073 is a versatile micro-power dc-dc converter. The device requires only three external components to deliver a fixed output of 5 or 12 volts. The very low minimum supply voltage of 1.0 V allows the use of the LT1073 in applications where the primary power source is a single cell. An on-chip auxiliary gain block can function as a low-battery detector or linear post-regulator. Features include operates at supply voltages from 1 to 30 V consumes only 95 jjA supply current works in step-up or step-down mode only 3 external off-the-shelf components required low-battery detector comparator on-chip user-adjustable current limit internal 1 -A power switch fixed or adjustable output voltage versions and space-saving 8-pin MiniDIP or S08 package.

An Unprecedented Dsi Value

No longer do you have to settle for small readouts, short battery life, a kit with a bag of parts, a black box with 20 Resistors that need adjustment every time you need to recalibrate, because you only budgeted .00 or 150.00 for a DMM Resistor Networks to provide maximum accuracy, resulting in long time periods between recalibration and a simple two adjustment calibration procedure. The LC 5000 incorporates a fused input circuit to hefp prevent damage to the DMM. The large 5 inch LCD Readouts are easy to read even in the brightest sunlight and allows for very low battery drain, normally only two battery changes a year is required. The LC 5000 is the perfect fab quality instrument on the bench or in the field you can depend on DSI LC 5000 to meet all your needs, Buy Quality Buy Performance Buy Reliability Buy DSf.

Relay With Amp Contacts

Placing a jumper wire between the alternator and the regulator fixed my low-battery problem. The moral of the story is Don't trust grounds Run a good stout ground line from the point the battery's negative terminal connects to the car (usually the engine block) into the passenger compartment, and ground ail your equipment.

Other Opteons You Think Of Some

Make the Box smaller and would probably run it a reasonable time, but you can find the D cells at just about any hardware store. Without the battery access panel, you have Io dig up a screwdriver and take it apart in order to change the batteries* This latter feature is designed to keep Junior from doing it himself Of course. you can customize this project to suit your wishes. If you want, you may use AA or even AAA batteries and expect reasonable life from the batteries thanks to the rela lively low current drain and lhe auto turn-off feature.

Are You Ready To Recharge

Learn about a new battery technology then build the project to utilize it. Rayovac conducted a test in which batteries were discharged at 400 mA for 10 minutes and then immediately recharged. This cycle was repeated several hundred times with no significant change in cell response observed. In this case the battery capacity was greater than 53,000 milliamps hours, 26 times as much as for a primary alkaline battery. This is probably a best case for the battery, but under proper care you could get somewhere between 10 and 25 times the life of a primary alkaline battery. NiCd chargers use a constant current charge technique and measure either cell voltage or temperature to terminate the charging. If you use a NiCd charger on rechargeable alkaline batteries you'll kill them quickly. The proper method is to pulse the current to the battery and in between pulses check the no-load cell voltage. The average pulse current needs to be reduced as the battery voltage increases to avoid...

By Robert L Dudley and Virgil L Laing

Shown in Fig. 1 is a new battery-powered 3V2 digit Probe Multimeter that is completely self-contained and can be held and operated in one hand. The instrument has autoranging, autopolarity, and autozero, which means the user need only set the function switch and depress the power bar to get an accurate reading.

Circle Ok Reader Service Card

Computer centers with large Uninterrupt-uhle Power Systems (UPS) may be a good source of high quality, deep-cycle batteries. About the size of a large auto battery These cells are small enough to move by hand and most arc the gclled-electrolyte type. The cells have lived in a well-engineered system, so even cells that are more than five years oid should be good for home use. As always, lest before you buy. Cheek with the operations or maintenance supervisor of the local banking or credit card center. Testing Used Batteries The testing of used batteries is not hard and is a two-part process. You will need a couple of tools. First* a good quality digital voltmcier. Available from retail stores like Radio Shack, ihey run about the same as an analog (pointer) meter. Second is a load, something to draw current while you check voltages, I use an old automobile headlamp. The other instrument is a thing called a hydrometer. This is used to check che specific gravity of the Photo C Used...

Generator And Detector

The generator and detector are completely transistorized, making possible the light weight and low power consumption desired in a portable instrument. The LC oscillator and the three-stage transistor amplifier draw a total current of less than 10 ma, which makes possible the long battery life with readily available D cells. For measurements 011 nonlinear elements, such as iron-cored inductors, where the applied signal should be small, an oscillator level control is provided. The amplifier, which has a voltage gain of over 64 db, can be made selective at 1 kc with over 20 db second-harmonic rejection or flat for measurements at other frequencies. The amplifier drives the panel meter to give a visual ac null indication so that headphones are not necessary, although they can be used if desired. A meter sensitivity control is also provided.

RF Technology Tradeoffs for Wireless Data Applications

The applications listed above are made possible through high-performance RF semiconductor components. These applications range in frequency front several hundred megahertz to C GHz and above and require several w atts of power output in some cases. These requirements need to be satisfied along with aggressive cost goals, achieved by means of low-cost, surface mount plastic packaging. The RF semiconductor technologies on which these components are based currently include gallium arsenide (GaAs) and silicon bipolar and will increasingly include CMOS in the future. Some specific examples of end-product benefits that RF component technologies can affect on a first-order basis include tiie cost, size, weight, and battery life of the wireless data terminal. Lower-weight systems have emerged because RF component manufacturers have been able to reduce their supply voltages, thus enabling operation from fewer battery cells. The battery is the heaviest component in many battery-powered...

Resistors For Use With Air Cells

Since the voltage delivered by an Air Cell considerably exceeds 2 volts, it is necessary to use a dropping resistor when an Air Cell A Battery is employed with 2 volt valves. The following table is based on the requirements that the applied voltage should not exceed 2.1 volts for any appreciable period, and should be from 1.95 to 2.0 volts over the greater portion of the battery life. The resistance of battery leads should be subtracted from the values given in this table in order to obtain the value of the additional dropping resistor.

Superior Receiver Ano Transmitter Specifically Designed For Repeater Service


Superior Receever And Transmitter Specifically Designed For Rbpea Er Service


Amp Model Circuit Breaker

After filling, let the cell sit for a while, and then top off with more electrolyte to replace that absorbed by the separators. Carefully wipe any spilled electrolyte from the polystyrene case. Charging of the small size cells, with a less than 25 Amp maximum discharge rate, can be readily done with the dc pqwer supply and battery charger whose circuit is shown in Fig, 1, If the supply is to be used only for battery charging, the filter capacitor can be omitted. Batteries can readily be assembled from individual cells by placing them in series. Room temperature open circuit voltage for charged cells is typically 1.86 volts. The normal voltage spread is such that six cells are used for a 9 volt battery, and 8 or 9 for a 12 volt battery. Charging current should be limited to between 7 and 10 of the rated cell discharge capacity. This value is generally found as part of the identification number printed on the cell. For example, a Yardney HR-5 series means that the cell is designed for...

Circle Ou Reader Service Card

SOLAR POWERED HA WIS The Sunswitch is a charge controller to protect your batteries iroim over charge. Power MOSFETs are used, no reJaysl Assembled tuned and tested. Now with Wall Mount Case, 55.00 plus 3.00 shipping, SUNLIGHT ENERGY SYSTEMS, 2225 Mayflower NW, Massillon OH 44647. SNB774

Backup Battery Monitor ChargerAlar m

The well-equipped ham station has one or more deep-cyclc storage batteries to provide operating voltage during interruptions of commercial AC power. Battery backup is invaluable during emergencies, natural or man-made, and allows operation when commercial power outages arc local in nature when wind, ice or other elements down power lines, affecting small areas. Storage batteries require care and must be maintained at full charge so they will be available immediately when needed, While delivering power to operate modern 100 watt solid-state transceivers, storage batteries must not be discharged by more than 60 of their ampere-hour capacity or they may be damaged. Replacing deep-cycte storage batteries can be an expensive proposition, These transceivers often will not function properly at low voltage, and storage batteries can be damaged if discharged too deeply, so it is advantageous to be able to tell the slate of charge of batteries at a glancc instead of having to check the specific...

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Of Storage Batteries Lcad-acid storage batteries will deteriorate rapidly unless given proper care. When it is remembered that mil ions of people in automobiles call upon the box full of pickled amperes to start them rolling each day, it becomes easier to realize how much mechanized America depends upon the battery. It is a silent servant that is often taken for granted until a car won't start, a mobile radio system fails to respond to the press of a button, or a hole appears in your clothing due to a splash of electrolvte. plates ant equalizing the specific gravity readings between cells, 4 to 8 amperes per 100 AH of battery capacity for several hours. Initial charge A forming charge of long, low rate used when placing new batteries into service. In conclusion, lead-acid batteries do not require routine overhaul or solution changes during their life except as a result of accidental damage or spill. , . . W5SOT

Type A Emergency Power Supply

An emergency power supply unit is available to maintain continuous operation of a frequency standard comprising an oscillator, frequency-divider, and clock unit. The Type 1116-A Emergency Power Supply furnishes ac power from storage batteries, the switch-over being accomplished automatically upon failure of the main ac supply. The transition to battery supply occurs without interruption of the continuous operation of the oscillator and timing system, so that calibration procedure involving time integration can be fully relied upon.

The Nature Of Electricity

The electricity that is produced by a dry cell or storage battery differs in that it moves or flows very rapidly through the wire connected to the battery. Such electricity is called dynamic electricity (meaning moving electrically. The movement of electricity through a wire is called an electric current. All electricity used for commercial purposes is in the form of electric currents. It is the electric current flowing through an electric lamp which causes the lamp to give off light, just as it is the electric current flowing through the motors that causes a street car to move along so rapidly. We want to bear in mind, then, that there are two kinds of electricity, static and dynamic, and that it is dynamic electricity in the form of electric currents which is used so extensively commercially. Electric currents can be produced by means of dry oells or storage batteries, and in larger quantities by means of machines called electric generators or dynamos.

Nickel Cadmium Battery L Volts

Alkaline storage battery sinte red-plate. Flat voltage curve during disciuirfiO, Will hold charge for long period of Lime. Ifijrh dUnharge rate up tu. 50 amps, Spill-proof. may be ustid in any position. Ap-prox. 6-ampere-hour capacity. Dimensions Q high 1 wide thick. Appro*. wt, 6 oz. Uses potassium hydroxide (30 Electro-11 te) i - 1.95

Volt Nickel Cadmium Battery

Alkaline storage battery sintered plate. Flat voltage curve during discharge. Will hold charge for long period of time. High discharge rate up to 50 amps, Stili-proof, may be used in any position. Approx. 6-ampere-hour capacity. Dimensions 6 high 2 wide l 2 thick. Approx. wt 6 oz. Uses potassium hydroxide (30 Electrolite).

Nickel Cadium Battery L Volts

Alkaline storage battery sintered-plate, Flat vwltace curve during discharge. Will hoi J charge for long period of lime. High discharge rate up to 50 amps, Still-proof. may be used iit any position. Approx (i-ampvre hour capacity. Dtmen-s bns high T* wide

Automatic Sideband Selection

Dark front panel, convenient control groupings, clamshell cabinet, full shielding, and easier-to-use size 5 V h x 14 W x 14d POWER. Operates on 12-14 VDC for mobile or storage battery use. For 117 VAC use an external supply is required. FUL1. ACCESSORY LINE. Model 217 500 Hz CW filter 55, Model 219 200 Hz CW filter 60t Model 218 1.8 kHz SSB filter 555. Model 243 Remote VFO 139. Model 255 Power Supply Speaker 169, Model 280 Power Supply 139h Model 645 Dual Paddle Keyer 85, Model 670 Single Paddle Keyer 34.50t Model 234 214 Speech Processor & Condenser Microphone 163, Model 247 Antenna Tuner 69 All in matching color.

The Type Ap Primary Frequency Standard

Because rotating machines are relatively slow in starting, a vibrator-type inverter, which starts much more rapidly, is used in the new Type P-583 Emergency Power Supply. The inverter operates from a 32-volt storage battery, which is maintained on trickle-charge.2 The output of the emergency supply is at 115 volts, 60 cycles. A transformer is pro-

Power Supply Systems

A dynamotor is a double-armature machine one winding drives it as a motor while the other delivers a few hundred volts d.c. for the transmitting tubes. The motor winding usually operates from a six- or twelve-volt storage battery. The dynamotor also has commutator ripple, which must be filtered out just as with the motor-generator set.

Circle On Reader Service Carp

I don't want to write about NiCds anymore. As I've said before, the onty ones which have worked fairly well for me are those made by Sanyo. They seem to hold a charge much longer while sitting idle, and that may have something to do with it. Hopefully, the new nickel-metal-hydride cells or some other new kind of battery technology, such as the up-anti-com rng rechargeable lithium cells, will obsolete the old stuff once and for afL End of topic. Please.

Circle On Reaoer Service Caro

To help lame the tangled disorder of a temporary transceiver and amplifier setup within the family wagon, look no further than the junk box or the local Radio Shack store. It is possible to run a 12 volt lead directly from the automobile battery and terminate this run to an enclosure thar organizes the various 12 olt connection schemes. This will give > ou a means to readily obtain power to suppl 12 volt DC to different types of ham gear.

By William L Crowley and Franc

The HP-80 has a 10-digit display, plus sign and two-digit exponent. It weighs nine ounces and operates from rechargeable batteries or the ac line. Fig. 1. The HP-80 has a 10-digit display, plus sign and two-digit exponent. It weighs nine ounces and operates from rechargeable batteries or the ac line.

By Roger D Quick and Donald L Morris

As the power of the calculator increases, so must the abilities of the corresponding printer. To give the user maximum flexibility, a peripheral printer was chosen for the HP-41C. This separation gives I he user the portability of a hand held calculator and also maintains briefcase portability for the calcula tor printer system. The new printer. Model 82143A. Fig, I, contains its own rechargeable batteries, and measures i) x 13 xfi cm. The printer has its own power light and a low-battery light. A portion of the printer ROM is under calculator processor control, allowing the 11P-41C Calculator display to he used to output printer messages, such as OUT OF PAPER or PRINTER OFF when an attempt is made to execute a printer function under such conditions. The printer also has a five-position print intensity control sw itch that allows the user lo adjust the print density by direct control of the voltage applied to the printhead.

By Thomas M Whitney France Rod and Chung C Tung

Despite its small size, the new HP-35 is a powerful scientific calculator. The initial goals set for its design were to build a shirt-pocket-sized scientific calculator with four-hour operation from rechargeable batteries at a cost any laboratory and many individuals could easily justify. The resulting nine-ounce product surprises even many who are acquainted with what today's large-scale integrated circuits can achieve.

Custom Leather Radio Cases

Deluxe soft padded case for aM popular handheids Three zippered compartments for radio, anienna, and accessories including some spare battery packs Belt loops and detachable shoulder si rap. Tough Dupont Corduram nylon We are hams and we know you will like thts case Full refund guarantee S12 50 includes shipping Frank 6 Linda Reed KC1DM & N1EUR. 15C Daniel Webster Dr Hudson NH 03051 BNB5B0

The NiCd Health Maintenance

* The NiCd Health and Fitness Center (Photo A) will let you pre-condition and recharge your battery packs correctly. It * The NiC d Personal Fitness Advisor will help you identify weak or aging cells w ithin a battery pack, so you can match like cells for maximum life or discard worn-out cells, Insert your batteries, set sw itch i SW1) to analyse and turn on the power The built-in voltmeter will show the battery voltage from 3.4 volts (.85 per cell) to 5.60 volts (1.4 per cell in ID steps. You can remove and use them, or you can decide to recondition them by either just charging them or discharging and then automatically recharging them. To charge yi > ur batteries move SW i to Fast Charge and the charging IC will begin to charge the batteries m 250 mAt which is about one third of ihe capacity of AA NiCds called a C 3 charge rate). When the charge cycle is done (three to four hours) the H& FC will switch to a trickle charge mode (CY16). Notice that this trickle rate is much less...

Innovators In Digital Communication

Build this and get state of-charge readout, automatic shutdown, and charge maintenance for your HT. This could be the gift of life for your battery pack. If you use an HT, you will very likely have two battery packs, Proper cycling of charge and discharge is essential for long life for nicad batteries. Carelessness in this regard has recently cost us cells in three nicad packs. One was in a pack for an hT-207 the others were in packs for TR-2400 radios.

All Oscilloscopes Include Probes

Ideal tgr fiefd lwnch appJicatrors ihis SCOpe can dispfyiy up lo T5 oiqnaLs interna battery pack Hows up r.> 2 riourr. operation on a single charge Fc-tiurns ir.clufJi- h dl-Tfi baiiery Chflfger 5X h r vonljl magnihcfltlon tngh bnghlness CRT * 'ron( paT tj 1 rotator * hnicfi i iech,> rgi-ijhie battery pack

Digitizer For Ibm Compatible

BATTERY PACK REBUILDING Don pitch it Mail it for FAST PROFESSIONAL REBUILDING1 Sai-siacdon guaranteed1 EC M BP2 BP3 19.95, BP5 25 95, BP7 BP8 BP7Q 32 95 KENWOOD PB21 15 95, PB21H 21.95, PB25 25H 26 24.95. YAESU FN89 19.95, FNB10 23 95, FN84 4A 36 95. Ten-Tec 24 95. U-DO-IT INSERTS1 ICOM BP3 516 95. BPS S22 95, BP 7 8 27 SO KEN WD' PB21 12.95, PB24 25 26 19.95. TEMPO S1 -S15 series 22.35 YAESU FNB4 4A 32.95, FNB10 10 95. AZDEh 300 19.95. NEW PACKS ICOM BP5 43.95, BP8 (BASE CHG ONLY) 39.95, YAESU FNB2 19-95. FNB10S FNB12 44.95, SANTEC 142 1200 22 95 TELEPHONE PAGER COMPUTER COMMERCIAL PACKS FREE CATALOG. Add S3 Shipping order PA + VISA-M C add 2. GUNARO, R D 6 Box 104, Bedford PA 15522 (814 6237000. BNB931

Commodore Ham Programs

BATTERY PACK REBUILDING SEND YOUR PACK i 4GHR SERVICE ICOM BP3 BP22 19 9S BP5 BPB BP23 BP70 24 95. 26 95. BP7 32 95 KENWD P921 15,95, PB21H FB6 S21.95, PB25 26 24 95 YAESU FNB9 513 95. FNB10 17 23 95. FNB11 S27 95. FN& 4A 36 9S. U DO-IT INSERTS tCOM BP2 BP3 SP22 516 5, BP23 Si 7 95. 3P5 BPWBP24ldP70 521 95 BP7 S27 SO KE' WOOD PB. i S12 95, PSC S16 95. P021H SIS 95, P824' 25,2f SI- TEMPO S 522.95 VAESU' FNB4 4A 32.96, FNB9 S16 95, FNB10 17 S19.96. A2DEN 19.95 NEW PACKS Wj CASE ICOM BPSB (BS CHG 34 95, BP8AA WL CHO) S39.95. YAESU FNB2 SI9.95, FNB 17 34 95 SANTEC 142 1200 22 95. FREE CATALOG. 3.00 Shipping or dor PA i 6 , VISA-M C f 2 CUNARD,

New Hand Held From Icom

Icom's new hand-held is finally here The IC-2A 2-meter handheld covers 144,000 through 149.995 MHz in 800 synthesized T-R channels with selectable 1.5- or .15-Watt output. This unit is only slightly larger than a dollar bill (35mm thick, though) and weighs 450 grams (1 pound) in-ciuding batteries and flexible antenna. Power may be supplied via an alkaline or nicad battery pack (8.4 volts). Audio is handled by a built-in speaker and condenser microphone, but an op tionat 600-Ghm dynamic microphone can be used. Sensitivity is rated at less than 0.4 v (0,2 V IC-2A packages are available with alkaline battery pack (without batteries), nicad battery pack and wail charger, and nicad battery pack, wall charger, and built-in touch-tone pad. Options to the basic unit include a speaker mike, drop-in desk charger, and leather case, loom Americat Inc., 3311 Towerwood Dr., Suite 307J Da lias TX 75234 (214 620-2780.

Now You Can Have Your Packet

* Open Squelch DCD circuitry for faster more reiiable performance * Compact size * Attaches to your belt handie-talkie or handheld computer * Rugged construction wiih superb RF shielding (no birdies in your radio) * Standard battery pack provides over 12 hours o' operation * Advanced Personal MaiE Box & KISS mode included * 32 k-bytes of RAM * Complete with belt cfip, cables- battery pack & charger, comprehensive manuai * 30 day money-back One year warranty parts 8, labor

Standard New High Flying

Standard Communications, the world's largest manufacturer of VHF marine equipment, has developed a professional quality VHF FM 2 meter transceiver especially for amateur use. The 826 is so compact that it makes mobile installations practical in almost any airplane, boat or car, and it becomes fully portable with Standard's battery pack. When used in conjunction with the AC power accessory, it also makes an ideal, low cost base station unit. Enjoy the fun of amateur radio communication wherever you go for just 339.95.

Standards New High FlyingW

Standard Communications, the world's largest manufacturer of VHF marine equipment, has developed a professional quality VHF FM 2 meter transceiver especially for amateur use. The ll826 is so compact that it makes mobile installations practical in almost any airplane, boat or car, and it becomes fully portable with Standard's battery pack. When used in conjunction with the AC power accessory, it also makes an ideal, low cost base station unit. Enjoy the fun of amateur radio communication wherever you go for just 339.95.

Nickelcadmium Battery For Portable Fm

The nickei-cadmium battery pack described in this article was designed to match my two meter transceiver. This home brew project was undertaken to equip the transceiver for portable operalion in the field away from the car or ac power. The construction mainly involves cutting and bending sheet aluminum. The entire project can be completed in about three or four evenings. Photo 1, Bottom view of transceiver and nickel-cadmium battery pack. Photo 2. NickeJ-cadmium battery pack with front panel open to show individual cells in their plastic 4'egg crate ' Photo 3. Nickel-cadmium battery pack front panel showing 6-pin Jones receptacle and guide pin. supply with voltage and current meters can do a nice job of charging nickel-cadmium batteries. Or, a small battery charger could be built from available parts.

By James F Horner Lewis W Masters and P Thomas Mingle

Two new modules for the 5300 Measuring System are Model 5306A Multimeter Counter (bottom module of instrument in foreground) and Model 5311A Digital-to-Analog Converter (center module). The Multimeter Counter measures dc voltage, ac voltage, resistance, and frequency. Other elements of the system are the mainframe (top module), four counter timer modules and a battery pack. Another new module, Model 5311A Digital-to-Analog Converter, fits between the mainframe and the snap-on functional module. It converts any three digits of the 5300A display to a proportional analog voltage output. It can be used with any snap-on module, and with or without the 5310A Battery Pack, which is also an in-between module. The design of Model 5311A is described on page 11.

Compact Three Digit Digitalto Analog Converter Module

Model 5311A is a three-digit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) designed for use with the 5300A Measurement System. It is packaged as an in-between module like the 531 OA Battery Pack. The 5311A can be used with or without the battery pack and with any lower module. It converts the digital information from any three digits of the 5300A display to an analog output that can be recorded or used for other purposes. An expanded output for very small numbers can be obtained by selecting only the last two display digits for conversion.

Diamond Systems Ham Tests

ICOM has released the 220MHz counterpart to the popular IC-02AT and IC-04AT hand-helds. The 1C-03AT features coverage from 220-224.995 MHz. an LCD display, a DTMF pad, 2,5 Walts rf out, 10 memories, memory scanning. programmable scanning, and 32 built-in subaudible tones. Th' IT comes with an HC-BP3 ret geable battery pack, an ac wa harger, a belt clip, and a writ itrap The second entry is ICOIVTs 1C- 2AT pocket-sized 2-meter handheld, The Micro covers 139-174 on receive, and transmits from 140-150 MHz with 1 Watt output (1.5 Watts with an optional battery pack). Other features include ten memories tor storing frequency, offset, and access tone informa

It Started With the CRT

Optional battery pack mounts entirely within oscilloscope with only two screws and one connector. No modification of scope's circuits are required battery can be added or removed at any time. Fig. 4. Optional battery pack mounts entirely within oscilloscope with only two screws and one connector. No modification of scope's circuits are required battery can be added or removed at any time.

Milestone Technologies

There is an optional NiCd battery pack available for 29. For more information, contact Optoelectronics Inc., 5321 NE 14th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale FL 33334 (305) 771-2050, (800) 327-5912, FAX (305) 771-2052. Or circle Reader Service No. 201.

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Notice one other difference in this circuit The LM3914 measures voltage relative to its ground, But in a mi ti-battery pack only one battery has its cathode at the system ground. To measure the other batteries* the ground lead of the LM3914 is actually at the potential of the battery cell below it. This causes a small additional current to flow through this eel J, but I have set R3 in my PFA so that its total cuftchi is only about 10 mA. This current does not disturb the system and the PFA has no problem getting accurate readings of all cells. It is also why I used a manual switch for SW2 instead of connecting it to U2,

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*No more dead batteries due to J was just about to give my FT-207R away, when I decided to give it one last chance, and I ordered the BS-1 battery saver kit. Well, it made all the difference in the world. I can't believe it is the same rig. I used to carry around an extra battery pack all day, but now my batteries last about twice as long. I no longer have to worry about dead batteries. ) used to worry about turning the memory off to conserve power, but with the BS-1 it doesn't matter any more. The audio has improved, and I really like my rig again.1'

Testing the MX Processor by Cleaborn C Riggins and Richard L Hammons

Also shown on the block diagram, although not part of the CPU test hardware, Is the 21 MX battery pack tester. This tester is controlled by the CPU test system computer and all of its control Inputs and status reports go through the CPU test system console. However, the operation of this tester is Independent of the CPU test system software and transparent to it.

Alinco offers four great choices

Alinco's top of the line Intelligent Receiver tunes from 100 KHz -2.15 GHz with excellent sensitivity and a triple conversion front end. Receives WFM, NFM, AM, USB, L5E3r CW and FM stereo*, 2000 memory channels with alpha-numeric labeling, download free computer control software from the Alinco web site. Flash Tune' locks onto and monitors strong local signals On board Help feature, digital recorder, frequency counter, CTCSS search & decode, Channel Scope spectrum activity display, Ni-Cd battery & quick charger included. BNC antenna port with new, wide-range ducky antenna included.

Interconnection Method

One very critical design area for such a printer is the means of interconnection to the calculator. The HP-IL interface3 is used in the HP-41C for connection to a number of peripherals, including an accessory printer, This would have provided much more capability than was needed for a simple printer-only interface, and would have cost more. In addition, we had received a number of complaints from customers about the inconvenience of the cables for the interface and batten' recharger with our portable products. With this in mind, we began to investigate the possibility of a wireless interface for a printer powered by disposable batteries.

Gregory Electronics Corp

The TR-22 is about half the size of the smallest mobile units, and includes virtually all the performance features of the big rigs while retaining that elusive ingredient caiied portability. The unit has 6 channels, independent squelch and volume controls, and a panel meter to indicate the capacity of the integral batteries. The unit is pov ered from an internal battery pack, external auto battery, or 115V ac. In addition to the front-mounted telescopic whip, the unit has a conventional UHF connector on the rear to facilitate operation as a mobiie or base station. As a mobile unit, the TR-22 fits easily under the dash of even the most compact car. it connects directiy to the car battery and an external antenna. The speaker is splash-proof, and the unit can be removed from the case without tools two unique push dips hold the unit in its one-piece housing. As a mobile, the unit can be connected under the dash. A standard UHF connector is provided on the rear panel of the chassis along...

Vlf Metal Detector Circuit

C1972 Transistor Transmitter Schematic

The actual specs furnished say total dissipation, 3 watts7 ThaCs for each transistor You're out of the dry cell class then, but the Globe Co. has remarkable non-spill-able lead oxide storage batteries that wili surprise you, for portable and emergency work. So here are the details. Recently, needing maximum power in a minimum package (always an interesting idea ) 1 kept pushing the 50 MHz oscillator power up and up until there was over a watt going into it and over l 2W coming out, which was driving the final in great style. Remembering the old trick of putting a pilot light bulb in series with the crystal, I soldered in a No. 48 bulb, as can be seen in Fig. 1, and sure enough, it lit up. Just a dull red glow, but checking with the Amateur's milliwatt-meter 1 found between 10 and 25 mW, depending on the tuning and output loading, as well as the battery voltage. This can also tell you interesting things about the oscillator such as how much of the generated power is being devoted to...

Circuit Considerations

In this instrument the precision 11 -volt reference is derived from a zener diode reference supply (Fig. 5). Since the instrument operates on battery power, an oven for the zener diode was not used. To eliminate the effect of environmental change on the reference voltage, a technique was developed to adjust the dc temperature coefficient of the 11-volt reference to below 1 ppm per degree C, over the range +20 to 30 C. Over the complete temperature range +10 to 40 C, the temperature coefficient is below 2 ppm per degree C. Another factor in assuring high stability is the ability of the total circuit to remain stable from full battery voltage of 31 volts to a minimum of 24 volts. Over this range, the 11 -volt reference changes less than 1 part per million.

Hamtronics TA Exciter

Things had been going well in gen eral, hut over die lasi lew hunts we'd had problems* Three of the last five hunts had to be called off or modified because our fox transmitters had failed during ihe hums, In one case c were using an old thumbwheel-t pe handheld as the fox. Apparent the thumbwheel contacts were dirty, cans-ing (he transmitter to jump channels imermittently. his made the transmitter mysteriously drop off the air at strange intervals, and caused some trouble for the packet channel the rig was suddenly transmitting on. One of the group then buill up a little postage stamp-sized transmitter. This worked OK, but ihe frequency began to drift as the batter) voltage dropped. The hunters with the synthesized rigs were able to follow the transmitter down the band, but (hose of us with rock-bound rigs were left on the wayside. As a last resort, one of the guvs donated an old mobile rig, matched up with a car battery. It was still putting out about twenty watts, so he hid the...

Communications Electronics

Frequency range 148-1 4 MHz continuous coverage Will also work 134-148 MHz. with reduced performance. The RELM RSP500B-A is our most popular programmableS watt 20 channel handheld transceiver, You can scan 20 channels at up to 40 channels per second. It includes CTCSS tone and digital coded squelch Snap on batteries gtve yon plenty of power Additional features such as time-out timer, husychannel lockout, cloning, plug-in programming and I8M PC compatabriity are standard tt is F.C.C type dCCepted for data transmission and D.O.C approved We recommend also ordering the 8C45 rapid charge 1 Vj hour desk battery charger for S99 95 a deluxe leather case LC45 *0r 4S 95 and an external speaker microphone with clip SM45 for S59 35 Since this radio IS programmed with an external programmer, be sure to also order one PM45 at 74 95 for your radio system CEI understands that all agencies want excellent communications capability, bul most departments are strapped for funds. To help, CEI now offers a...

F I ash a new Strobotac electronic stroboscope

Stroboscope Block Diagram

The new Strobotac and optional accessories. Next to the Strobotoc, in leather case, are battery and charger. Above right are battery power cable and extension lamp. The Strobotac itself sits on the high-intensity- The new high-speed Strobotac electronic stroboscope described in this issue extends the speed range for stroboscopic viewing and speed measurement to over 1,000,000 rpm. In addition, the versatility of the stroboscope is enhanced by three optional accessories a rechargeable battery for operation independent of ac power lines, a plug-in High-lntensity-Flash Capacitor for extra-bright flashes for photographic applications, and an extension lamp for access to hard-to-reach areas. it is useful. The newest member of GR's Strobotac family of stroboscopes follows the tradition. Its ability to flash 150,000 times a minute means that it can be used for speed measurement and stroboscopic observation of the fastest existing motors and machines, even those in the million-rpm class,...

Testing The Comcraft

The power supply is built in for 117V ac operation, plus the usual 12V dc power cord for mobile use, A little battery test button on the front panel iets you check the battery condition. This test button may not be of great interest for mobile applications, but if the unit is used in conjunction with the accessory CBP-12 Comcraft battery pack, it will tell you how things are going. This battery pack is automatically recharged by the ac supply, by the way.

Meter Announced By Dynascan

The B& K Precision model 820 comes with a 26-page detailed manual. Optional accessories include the BP-28 rechargeable battery pack, the BC-28 Charger, and the LC-26 carrying case. The 820 is now available for immediate delivery at local B& K Precision distributors, For additional information, contact B& K Precision, Sales Departmentt 6460 West Cortland Street. Chicago IL 60635( (312)*889-9087. Reader Service number B45>

Tempo Channel Handheld Transceiver

The amazing pocket-sized Tempo S1 SYNCOM offers the firsl fully-synthesized 800-channel 2 meter miniature amateur hand held Iransceiver, Other units which are larger, heavier, and similarly priced (by the time you add crystals, bat teries, chargers, and antennas) can offer only 6 channels. The SVs price of 349 includes the battery pack, charger, telescoping antenna and 800 channels

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Recondition Battery Guide
DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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