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The Young Ladles Rel y League (VLRL) will hold its 10th International convention on June 20-23, 1985. at the Sahara Hoiei Las Vegas NV Deluxe accommodations and RV parking an.' available fof reason* able rates, Planned activities include a Tour of Hoover Darn, a Lake Mead crui&e, a desert tour, a stofle show, a cocktail parly, a luncheon buffet, an awards bai quel, a DX YL show, slide shows, and business meetings A convention station will be operating on l-1.288 kHz and other frequencies Registration forms can be founo in the most mceni issues of Hgr monies, the YLRL's publication* For com plete details and an Information packet, send a business-size SASE (with 2 oz. of postage on it) to Jan Weaver N7YL, 2195 East Carnero Avenue. Las Vegas NV 89123, (702)-36l-3331-

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HAM WEST and the ARRL Nevada State Convention, will be held all day November 7 and 8 31 ihe Hacienda Ho- el in Las Vegas. Nevada Advance registration is Si 2 before October 24 or Si5at the door. For all info, see the ad in this issue or contact HAM WEST PO Box 19675. Las Vegas NV 89132 70 2 J-361-3331,

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Can't wait to find out more about this revolutionary new AVCOM Spectrum Analyzer Then see us at the SPACE i Las Vegas Show, March 21-23, THE INTERNATIONAL MOBILE COMMUNICATION EXPO in Las Vegas, March 2931, or Dayton HAMVENTION, April 28-30. Write, fax or call AVCOM for brochure and specifications sheet.

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If you know anyone who has worked for me over the last 24 years, have them get in touch. I'm organizing a special dinner meeting at the November Corrv dex in Las Vegas so we can get together for a reunion. Hey, next year is the 25th anniversary for 73. Not many magazines survive that iong.

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Received the honor at the Ham West convention in Las Vegas (thanks to Yaesu for picking up Shawn's air tare and hotef bill). At the banquet, Westlink Editor Bill Pasternak WA61TF cited Shawn's outstanding contributions to the hobby, including the formation of a ham radio Explorer's Post and the creation of a ham club at his high school Shawn is 16 years old with a record like his, the future looks

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For seekers of glitter and nightlife. Anguilla is definitely not Las Vegas, it is quiet, calm, and has no cities at ail. While there are a few exotic, pricey resorts on the island, for the most pan Anguilla is residential, with a few shops and markets scattered here and there.

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I want to relate a story to you that happened recently. In January, when Bill Orenstein and I took off to cover the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we were unaware that about 24 hours after our departure the Collins RP-150 cartridge tape player that feeds the weekly Westlink News toofc an unexpected nose dive. Needless to say. Murphy s La.v had taken its course in our absence, and we returned to find a blown fuse and burned-out motor Also, the phone was ringing off the hook. Bill spent the next tew days hand feeding caliers from the master tape on the Teac. wh*ie i did what could for the RP-150.1 needed a new motor and such was not available at a moment s notice. This is not your standard

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One of the most impressive witnesses was H. M, ,JHank Greenspun, outspoken publisher of the crusading Las Vegas Sun, Nevada's largest morning newspaper. He warned1, Some future administration may be successful in focusing the awesome power of the IRS against its political enemies, And that will spell the end of democracy in this country '

Southern Nevada Amateur Radio Club

Thanks participants and exhibitors who made SARCO' the FUN-CONVENTION , such a success in 1967, Stellar Industries, E G & G, Southern California Edison Company. Brad Thompson Industries, Mission Ham Supplies, California Highway Patrol, Henry Radio. Tistao Towers, Weatherbie Electronics Center. Swan, Tri-Ex Towers, Collins, Hallicrafters. Superior Engraving, Hy-Gain, Radio Products, Linear Systems, Hotel Sahara. MARS. Raytheon, United States Air force, WCAKS-7255, W7SAI, SAROC 1968 FUN-CONVENTION will be centered in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world at Hotel Sahara, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 4-7. QSP, QSL-card, ZIP and telephone number for details to Southern Nevada Amateur Radio Club. Box 73, Boulder City, Nevada 89005.

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Several thousand amateurs surprised Las Vegas townspeople (who have learned to accept the unusual) hy showing up en masse for the annual SAROC funfest and third annual FM convention, The turnout this year exceedetf thai of ait previous meetings jn spite of the fact that it was held in a new hotel (the Stardust instead of the conventional Sahara), and a record number of rooms were occupied by convention attendees. The FM portion of the convention was a bit of a letdown iri that f wer repeater people attended than in previous years. The fun was marred even further by a couple of hard cases who got out of hand and gavu the hotel management a hard time by playing radio with their handle talkies a little too near the hard-and-fast action of the casinos.

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SAROC FOURTH ANNUAL fun convention scheduled January 8-12, 1969, in Hotel Sahara's new space convention center, Las Vegas, Nevada, Advance registration closes January 1( 1969, Ladies program in Don the Beachcomber. Technical seminars, FM, MARS, RTTY, QCWA, WCARS-7255, Registration 12.00 per person entitles SAROC participants to special room rate 10.00 plus room tax per night single or double occupancy, admittance to cocktail parties, technical seminars, exhibit area, Hotel Sahara's late show, Sunday breakfast equal to any banquet dinner, ask any 14SAROC veteran. Brochure planned November mailing for details QSP QSL card with ZIP Southern Nevada ARC, Box 73, Boulder City, Nevada 89005.

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JANUARY B TO 9 * 1972 FLAMINGO CONVENTION CENTER LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 5AR0C, Flamingo Hotel Room rate 12.00 plus tax, single or double occupancy. Mail to Flamingo Hotel. Las Vegas. SAHOC, advance registration 14.50 per person, regular registration at the door, Flamingo Hotel Late Show, Sunday Breakfast, Cocktail Parties, Seminars and Meetings, Mail to SAR0C. 5AR0C, Flamingo Hotel Room rate 12.00 plus tax, single or double occupancy. Mail to Flamingo Hotel. Las Vegas. SAHOC, advance registration 14.50 per person, regular registration at the door, Flamingo Hotel Late Show, Sunday Breakfast, Cocktail Parties, Seminars and Meetings, Mail to SAR0C. HILTON* LAS VEGAS, NEVADA HILTON* LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Saroc Seventh Anniversary

Advance Registration S9.00 per person entitles registrant to SAROC Special room rate S12.00 per night plus room tax. single or double occupancy, effective January 4 through 12. 1972 tickets for admission to technical seminars, HAM RADIO MAGAZINE and SAROC Happy Hour Thursday, SWAN ELECTRONICS and SAROC Social Hour Friday. HY-GAIN GALAXY ELECTRONICS and SAROC Champagne Party Saturday, Buffet Hun I Breakfast. Sunday. Ladies who register will receive transportation for shopping tour, luncheon and Crazy Hat program at the New Union Plaza Hotel downtown Las Vegas. Saturday. Advance Registration, with Flamingo Hotel mid-night show two drinks, 14,50. Advance Registration, with Flamingo Hotel Dinner Show (entrees Brisket of Beef or Turkey) no drinks, 17.50. Tax and Gratuity included except for room. Frontier Airlines SAROC group flight package planned from Chicago, St, Louis. Omaha, Denver. send for details. Fifth National FM Conference ARRL. WCARS-7255. WPSS-3952, MARS,...

The Fm Scene

Times are a'changin', too, A Tew years ago, gamblers and hotel officials got uptight at the sight of Individuals carrying hand-held transceivers through Hie casinos. Bill with literally hundreds of 2m FM units protruding from the pockets of so many hams this year, the hotel people apparently grew accustomed to it. No one reported any problems at all except for the' fact that the hotel security people reportedly complained that the liams had newer and better equipment

Qsl Of The Month

W5LFL went up while I was off at the Comdex show in Las Vegas, so 1 missed the first tew orbits. Comdex is a computer show about 1,400 exhibits and 5,850 booths this year. Tnat allows about one minute per ex* hibit 20 seconds per booth it one does not eatt rest, or go to the bathroom during show hours. It does not allow time to whip out an HT and try for W5LFL

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I have been and still am deeply mvolved in consumer electronics I have been since I fixed my first TV set at age five, We had a tO RCA 30 m those days, and annually it required a6AC sync amplifier. Well, television and all other aspects of consumer electronics have come a long way since that RCA 630, Today, I proudly claim ownership of a complete Sony home video entertainment center including a videotape recorder and will shortly be adding a portable Beta VCR and camera to expand on what I already have. No, I am not trying lo brag. It's fust that I have become as addicted to video as I have to amateur radio. Both hobbies have the ability to complement one another as was described in past columns. Anyhow ever smce it was decided to hold the winter CES in Las Vegas, I have become an annual attendee. The train arrived on time, and we took a cab to the Landmark Hotel, where we had reservations. We had chosen the Landmark for a number of reasons, but the most...

Hti Amateur Division

The next annual SAROC (Sahara Amateur Radio Operators Convention) in Las Vegas will be the scene of the most elaborate and extensive amateur radio awards program ever attempted. Sentry Manufacturing Company has just announced the initiation of a continuing annual award presentation program for the ham radio world, to be conducted concurrently by the leading amateur journals. In a ceremony resembling the Oscar and Emmy affairs of Hollywood, prominent amateur radio operators will be awarded Sarah trophies, each of which is inscribed with (1) the winner's name, (2) the category for which the award is presented, and (3) the name of the amateur journal which determined the winner. The name Sarah was chosen because of its similarity to Sahara, the Las Vegas hotel where the presentations will take place, and because it is a natural acronym for Sentry Amateur Radio Award of Honor.

Saroc Zombie

Radio has been announced again for next year in Las Vegas. The main purpose of SAROC is to provide a legal excuse for a few of the ham manufacturers to go to Las Vegas for a vacation in January, The actual business done is a farce. For instance, one major supplier brought in a truckload of ham gear for his exhibit at the last shov. and o- ver the three days of the shcvw soid 1T500 worth of gear. Thai s less than one tenth of the minimum acceptable business for him just to break even.

Ox Oscillator

From early indications, the upcoming 'Tun'1 convention in Las Vegas (January 1971) will be the biggest success of any ham convention ever held anywhere - bar none. If you've got a vacation coming, or if you would just like to take the wife and get away for a weekend, by all means attend Even if your wife doesn't like conventions, she'll want to go to this one -because Las Vegas is a magicland - probably the only place in the world where you routinely bump into TV personalities, movie stars, and other famous personages. (Last year I poked Don Rickles with a Motorola telescoping antenna.) As if that weren't enough, additional free flings arc being sponsored by public-spirited groups and organizations. For example, Ham Radio magazine is footing the bill for an all-you-can-drink cocktail party on Thursday night the next evening. Swan Electronics is picking up the tab for the same kind of arrangement. And the FM boys in Las Vegas are planning a head-busting ihree-night open house, with...


Portable unit was a real joy, for as we left Las Vegas we said our goodbyes on 94 simplex and then switched lo one of the local repeater channels. We talked the repeater out a hundred miles or so and then went back to 94 for a while. As we approached Denver we staried hearing their 34 94 machine so we switched over to them. After a few QSCTs we went the 28 88 route for some more. Upon arriving back at Boston's Logan airport it was even possible to hit the 73 repeater on 19 79 on top of Pack r onadnock Mountain some 70 miles distant. Admittedly our repeater is 2,000 feet in the air but 70 miles is still quite a haul with a watt and a half

Nabit Department

The initials NAB stand for the National Association of Broad casters, and each year this august body, which represents every aspect of today s broadcast technology, holds an annual get-together. This year rt was thecity of Las Vegas that played host to the NAB Convention on the weekend of April 12tht and I had the opportunity to get to NAB 81 thanks to Rupe Good-


The Dayton Hamvention was the biggest smash success of any ham convention I've ever seen. Records showed that more than 4000 hams passed through the halls at Hara arena in Dayton to see the wares being exhibited by the manufacturers. The fle j market area, where hams from all over the country displayed their goods for sale and trade, covered a seemingly endless territory from the arena proper to a ilirt area a jilhon miles from the buildings. Mone changed hands faster and more furiously than in a Las Vegas casino, and many hams bought and sold to such an extent that they were able to run up a modest purchase into an impressive shackful of equipment.

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