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Ministry Letters Version 2.0 is a software tool that contains letter templates for pastors and secretaries. The powerful software program helps men of God locate just that right letter to send out to either congregation or committee members, and begin to encourage people in ways you have never dreamed of before. The software will make your life simple and stress-free, as well as making sending letters to church members easy and quick. Ministry Letters Version 2.0 comes in an easy-to-download PDF format and is easy to use by virtually anyone. Ministry Letters Version 2.0 is a great product that will make your life easier as a pastor or church secretary. The software includes hundreds of letter templates that you can simply edit and send to the members of the church.Grab the Ministry Letters Version 2.0 and make your life easier. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The Ministry Letters installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Professional Fm Stereo Radio Station

Our FM100 is used al over the world by serious hobbyists as well as churches, drive-in theaters, and schools. Frequency synthesized PLL assures dnit tree operation with simple front panel frequency selection. Built-in audio rfiixer features LED bargraph meters to make setting audio a breeze. The kit includes metal case, whip antenna and built-in 110 voll AC power supply.

Xlr To Rca Audio Converter

Our FM100 is used all over the world by serious hobbyists as well as churches, dnve-in theaters, and schools. Frequency synthesized PLL assures drift-free operation with simple front panel frequency selection. Built-in audio mixer features LED bangraph meters to make setting audio a breeze, Ihe kit includes metal case, whip antenna and built-in 110 volt AC power suppiy,

Eyebank Inquiry Planned

As previously noted, there is general recognition of the public benefit derived from limited use of amateur stations on behalf of such organizations as the Red Cross, Eyebank, and the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Such recognition may not, however, be nearly as universal when considering the possible use of amateur radio on behalf of other nonprofit, public service organizations such as political parties, student organizations, various churches and missionary societies and a large number of other and more controversial groups.

How You Can Teach Novices

Some public and private schools will open their doors to non-profit groups. Some libraries have free meeting rooms. Some YMCA, YMHA or YWCA organizations will welcome your class as an addition to their programs. Also some churches have a policy of allowing community groups to use their facilities. The important thing to stress is that the students are generally adults and that you will use their rooms without damage. Check also on a smoking policy. f smoking is allowed, then be sure that ashtrays are available and that they are used. It will win your group with the janitor if you police the area after the class is ove to avoid leaving soda bottles or cigarette butts on the floor.

Newsletter Of The Month

Itie pubiication of the Radio Society oF Bermuda. The newsletter is published in Hamilton, Bermuda in addition lo the usu*ii club minutes, etc,, the May Issu had soniv Interesting technical articled and an srticse on ihs world' , biggest church, which was buill mistake. It seems that the architect s speculations were in feel, but The church was built in meters. Splartet atso ha., a letter from the Presltient of the Bermuda Radio Soc-rl. with his corrmen -. or The proposed US phone baho - It h

Wellesley Hills Ma

Will hold its annual spring auction on Sat urday, MaFch 30, 1985, bflQlnnlng at 11 00 am, at the Weliesley Hills Flrsi Congrega-lional Church. 207 Washington Street. Weliesley Hills MA (on Route 16 al Ihe In tersection of Rouie 9k Thera is no admis sion charge. Check-in will start at 10 00 am. Commission is I5y t. wilh a 1.00 mitv imum and a 30.00 maximum There will be free parking and food available Talk In on 47 63 03- For more mformanon. eon tact Nets Anderson KiUR at 6l7vS 2 1 The Chestnut Ridge Radto Club will hold a ham-radio flea market on March 30, 19A5. at the Saddle River Reformed Church Education Building, East Saddle River Road and Weiss Real, Uppe* Saddle Rwer NJ. There is no admission fee Ta bles are 10.00 for the first one anc 55.00 for each additional table There is a S5 00 tee for tailgating. Food will be available. For more information can jacv Meagher W2EHD at (201 768-8360 or Roger Soder man KW2U at

Counsel For The Taxpayer

No 'fm sorry to report that they're still flaunting the law despite repeated warnings from Capitol Hill. Eloquent proof is found in the results of a recent survey of nine IRS district offices, The inquiry was made by representatives of Freedom, a journal of national circulation published by the Church of Scientology You want to do away with the income tax 11 is a very simple matter, according to the Constitution of the United States, which has been used as toilet paper up till now by the INixon administration, he First Amendment to the Constitution says Congress shalt make no law respecting an establishment o1 religion. . Yet, the church in this country is free from the burden of paying its fair share of taxes. It does business in this country via owning railroads, buildings, houses and bingo halls. It makes hundreds of millions of dollars per year. It has bill ions of dollars in real estate and priceless jewelty and gems. All untaxed If this is constitutional then I am the Statue of...

East Rutherford Nj

The Knight Raiders VHF Club, Inc,, will hoid its world-famous flea market at St Joseph's Church, East Rutherford. New Jersey, on Saturday, March 24, 1979. Doors open at 10 00 am. There will be free admission and free parking. Refreshments will be available. Flea market tables are available for 5,00 full table or 3,0Q half table, in advance 6.0G full table oi 3.5Q hatf table, at the door. Talknrt on 146,52 and 144.65 145.25, For further information, call Bob Kovaleski at (201M73-7113 or Jack Mandetberger at 2011-8570016 (evenings onlyV Send reservations to R Wetzel, 419 Union Ave., Rutherford NJ 07070, and make checks payable to Knight Raiders VHF Club, Inc.

Calvert City Ky April

Ham radio flea market sponsored by the Chestnut Ridge Radio Club will be held at the education building of the Saddle River Reformed Church in Upper Sad-die River. Tabie, 10 for the first, S5 for each additional table. Tail-gating, 5. Admission. S1. Contact Jack Meagher W2EHD. (201) 768-8360.

Multilevel Subroutines for the Control Processor

Scott Stallard earned his BSEE degree (and his Phi Beta Kappa key) at the University of California at Berkeley. He graduated in 1975, joined HP the same year, and contributed to the hardware design of the 21 MX E-Series. Born in San Fernando, California, Scott just bought a new home in San Jose. He's single, is active in his church, and enjoys basketball, skiing, and backpacking.

Circle On Reader Sehvice Card

Box 7099 Fails Church VA 22041 Before going onn however, let me reiterate lhal my printed circuit boards for the MAR-1 preamplifier are still available for S7. You can gel them either from me directly (P.O.Box 1099. Falls Church VA 22041) or from FAR Circuits A8N640 Field Court. Dundee IL 60118), FAR makes boards lor most 73 projects, I also have some MAR-1 chips left, which sell for 4.95 each, or alternatively. I'll send you both the MAR-1 and the printed circuil board, plus either 100 pF or 1.000 pF chip capacitors, for a total of 10. I1J keep the Oiler open while supplies last.

Higher Data Path Performance

Rick Amerson received his BEE degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and joined HP in 1972. He designed a plotter interface for the HP 3000, did __ CPU design for the HP 3000 Series n _ and Series 64, and was project manager for portions of the Series 64 design. He's now a project manager with HP's Computer Systems Division. A resident of Santa Clara, California, Rich is treasurer of his church, an instrument-rated private pilot, and a member of the International Brotherhood ot Magicians. He enjoys cooking and downhill skiing.

Hams Locate Medication

On August 15, 1972 10 GMT H i Idegard 18PLH from Reggio Calabria made a call on 80m for medication (Gamma Globuline). A child in the Clintca pediatrics in Roma was sick and needed it desperately. AM commercial ways were exhausted or did not work, since there was a big church holiday in Italy.

Vlrl Convention Las Vegas Nv

The Nazarene Amateur Radio Fellow-snip-NAPFi win operate special-event station WAfHPWffl from June 22 to June 29 19A5 to commemorate NARF's 25th anniversary, during ttie General Assembly ot the Church of the Na arene in Anaheim CA. Frequencies will be 14.2B0. i4.305 arti 21 3S5 during daylight hours. There will be some 40-meier activity For a special QSL cars send an EASE to Rofre't Buck WB6UCO, 5162 W Ave., L 12. Quartz hill CA 93534

Plugging Videotape Department

In addition, ISmir sound film prints are available direct from Dave Sell for 95 each Film orders should be made payabie to Dave Bell Associates, and sent to 3211 Cahuenga Blvd. West. Hollywood CA 90068,. Mark film orders for the atten* tion of Theresa Modnick. and allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery on all orders (film or tape). Then, once you have enjoyed it yourself, take it out and show it to civic groups, church groups, CB clubs or whatever. The purpose of the film is to introduce amateur radio to the rest of the world, and a film or tape is of lit tie value sitting on your library shelf Each of you has the ability to become a spokesperson tor amateur radio. The tools are available and the audiences await you. The best public rela lions corps we in amateur radio have is ourselves.

Ham Helps Save Planes

KC4USP reported that two Navy aircraft returning to Chris tchurch. New Zealand due to bad weather, were short of fuel and unlikeh to make their destination. Due to ahnor-mal radio conditions* Palmer Station was unable to make radii) contact with ( hrisichurch. W6AJZ responded to a call lor help and was requested to phone ( omniander Osborne, Miami, Florida, and have him notify Christ-church hy commercial comniunicu*-tions that hoih aircraft were attempting alternate landing at Dunedin, New Zealand, ll was urgently required that I his airport implement emergency conditions including turning on all

Youngest Hams in the US

AH of the youngsters attend the senior Rev, Bruno's Grace and Truth Baptist Academy in Gary, where ham radio has been a regular part of the curriculum for about a year now. The school has a ham station on site and classes run 52 weeks a year, KB9NWM says it's not uncommon for kids approaching age four to be able lo read pretty well. He says the two families and other members of the church community use ham radio to stay tn touch ana for potential use during an emergency.

Doppler Fun from Austria to Your Hometown

A great deal has been written about Christian Doppler and the effect named after him. but much of it is inaccurate. Many sources evert have his given name wrong, stating Sl as Johann Christian, or the reverse. Dr. Alec Eden, himself a pioneer in the use of the Doppler principle for medical applications, found Dopplers baptismal records at a small church in Salzburg,1 Dr. Eden discovered that the Austrian physicist inventor's full name was Christian Andreas Doppler.

Shielding and Grounding

Jim received his BSEE degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1961 and his MSEE degree from New York University in 1963. Born in Shanghai, China, he also lived in Japan for several years before coming to the United States in 1951. Jim and his wife and three sons live in Saratoga, California. He's active in church affairs and enjoys skiing, travelling, stamp collecting, and reading.

IF Filters for the A Modulation Analyzer

Born in Arcadia, California, Andy Naegeli received his BSEE degree from Stanford University in 1975 and his MSEE In 1979, also from Stanford. An HP employee since 1975, Andy worked on the RF input circuits, IF filters and microprocessor software for the 8901A Modulation Analyzer. He is currently a project manager with the HP Stanford Park Division. Married to a professional musician and living in Menlo Park, Andy spends much of his spare time fixing up his 30-year-old house. A reborn Christian, he plays string bass with a folk singing group at his church. He also works with stained glass and enjoys camping, water-skiing and volleyball.

Douglas J Mellor far left

Doug Mellor joined HP in 1971 on graduating from Brigham Young University with BSEE and MSEE- degrees. Initially he worked on the 1.3 GHz plug-in for the 8660A Synthesized Signal Generator and then went to work on the 2.6 GHz amplifier for the TV receiver. Meanwhile he completed course work towards a PhD in the HP Honors Co-op program and now plans to tackle the dissertation. Active in church affairs, he also likes to picnic with his family (two girls, 4 and 3, and a boy, 1) and do a little hunting and fishing on his own.

European Dx Contest Rtty

Use a separate tog sheet for each band. Logs for the RTTY section should be mailed no later than Decern ber 1st, North American stations may send their contest logs to H. E. Weiss WA3KW0. 762 Church St., Millersburg PA 17061, USA. Alt others should send their logs to WAEDC -Committee, D 895 Kaufbeuren, Post hox 262, Germany.

Greetings And Happy New Year

What do we have to look forward to with Ham TV in 1988 More discussions about a Fast Scan Television Space Shuttle or Space Station project will be held between ARRL, AMSAT, NASA (JSC ARC) and the USATVS, The Spec-Com Journal covered in detail a proposal by N9AB of Ivanhoe IL in ihe Sept Oct and November issues (Volume 17, Nos. 8 and 9). The study proposal was incomplete with questionable calculations and assumptions. We need to hear from the ATV community with ideas and proposals on an ,lATV in Space11 project. Please direct your thoughts to USATVS organization, through my address or via Bruce Brown WA9GVK 4 at 5597 Seminary Road, 2214-St Falls Church VA 22041. As NASA's Space SSTVer Astronaut Or. Tony England W0QRE said at the September Fall Peoria Superfest and ATV Conference It needs a champion ATVers need to submit ideas and proposals through the League and or the USATVS

Vienna Va Community Center Wireless Society

The Vienna Wireless Society will hold its annual Winterfest on Sunday, February 25, 1979, at the Vienna Community Center, Vienna, Virginia. There will be tables, sales, prizes, food, and frostbite tailgating. Doors open at 6 30 am for vendors and 8 00 am for the general public. Admission is 3.00, including one prize ticket 2,00 for an extra prize ticket and 1.00 for frostbite tailgaiting. Preteens with parents are free. Tables range from 2.00 to 5.00t depending on the quantity. Reservations close on February 15, 1979, For reservations, contact Carroll N. Guin, 7533 Oak Glen Court, Falls Church VA 22042. For information, contact the Vienna Wireless Society, PO Box 418, Vienna VA 22180.

Combatting The Summer Doldrums

The Catholic church overlooking Mam Street Easter Island Antennas mark CEQAE. When a visitor walks slowfy up the ,vide. dusty main street, he looks toward the church square drawing attention from the crumbling wails and rust- stained roof of the church itself But what is that sticking up above the roof of the church It looks Wke, , it is1 A multiband vertical, with radials strung out just over the roof line. An RG-58 feediine runs off the back of the church and crosses over a long-neglected garden to a trny house, overrun with vines and cats, A garden gate hangs from a strap of rubber tire under a col lapsmg grape arbor The person who lives here has interests other than gardening. Father Dave divides his time on the Isla de Pasqua belween his church, DXing, and his Boy Scout troop, one of two on Easter Island. On Chile's Constitution Day, he organized the Scouts into the parade, then raced to join the other island authorities in the viewing sland The Scouts themselves quickly joined...

PowerOn and Self Test Sequences

Al Kovalick joined HP in 1974 after receiving his MSEE degree from the University of California at Berkeley He's designed printer drive circuitry for handheld and desktop calculators and contributed to the design of the controller software and power supply of the 8662A Signal Generator He'snamed as an inventor on two patents and three pending patents. Al was born in San Francisco and now ives in Santa Clara. California. His wife, who works in HP's R&D labs as a programmer, has also contributed ar. article to the HP Journal Al is active in his church and enjoys reading. woodworking, racquetbali. and recreational mathematics.

Unix And Packet Radio

George Church, WB2SJZ, has been experimenting with an ATT 6300 UNIX-based computer, using an enhanced version of the W2XO software that adapts UNIX for amateur use. The computer, on line in the 144.91 MHz subnet, has unique features embedded in the code. For example, the software permits the SYSOP to provide additional sockets that are accessible by initiating an AX.25 connection to WB2SJZ-8 (this may later be augmented to accept TELNET connections).

Norfolk Island

As time went on, more people became involved with VL2NI Volunteers from ihe community at large look over ihe ob as announcers, stretching the transmissions to fast until June hi I me. Then ministers from various churches would go in one day each week and present a religious program. so the station acluaily remained on air unill .00 pm local time


The sacrilege occurred while said automobile was parked in the parking lot of the Grace Baptist Church on Nov. 20, 1972. If anyone has information concerning the theft, please contact Mike Saul W1DHP, Communications Director, Wallingford CDH 31 Hanover St, Yalesville CT 06492. SNEAK THIEF STEALS FROM CHURCH - Leaves Town Defense less

Eldon Cornish

A 1959 graduate of the University of Nebraska (BS in Physics and Math), Eldon Cornish spent 9 years on the east coast in applied research, primarily in digital communications, then 18 months in IC circuit design in Texas and finally at HP Colorado Springs where he became involved in IC design for the 8082A Pulse Generator. Outside of working hours, Eldon likes to hike and ski, both touring and downhill, taking along the whole family (wife and 4 kids, 12, 10, 8 and 7). He also serves on various church boards and sings in the choir.

Robert L Dudley Left

Among the many products Bob Dudley had project responsibility for since joining HP in 1959 are the 690-series Microwave Sweep Oscillators, the 3300A Function Generator, and the 3469A Digital Multimeter. As a group leader, he was also involved with the 204C and 209A Oscillators, the 331 OA Function Generator, and the 970A Probe Multimeter. At present, he is section manager in charge of basic instruments. Bob obtained a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Science from Brigham Young University and later under the HP Honors Co-op program, an MSEE from Stanford. He enjoys golf and goes skiing on water or snow. He's also been president of the Loveland Optimist Club, regional music leader for his church, as well as a high council member, and student-activities chairman of the IEEE Denver section.

Donald C Loughry

Don is a 1952 B.S.E.E. graduate of Union College. When he's not busy interfacing, his interests vary widely, they include gardening, photography, classical music, skiing, camping, and star gazing (he grinds his own telescope lenses). He's also active in his church and in interfaith groups.


The visits to the two schools were arranged for us by Bishop Jose Luis Serna. head of the Catholic Church in Tolima Department. and a brand new amateur radio operator. We spent two nights at the bishop's house a renovated hospital in Libano where, during an earlier trip. Phil had helped the Bishop get his modest shack operational.


The disk-based SUPERCW package requires a 32K, 1-disk system. Features include random or plain text practice sample testing, and provision for multiple users. For more information, contact Frontier Enter prises3511 Ga ows Road, Falls Church VA 22047. Reader Ser* vice number 483.


BOULDER, CO The Boulder VE Team will conduct VE Exams the 2nd Monday ol most months at St Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Healherwood Dr, and Cambridge Boulder CO Please bring a picture ID and one other id a check or money order payable to ARRL-VEC* lor S5-0 Ihe original ot your current license, if any ongmais of applicable Certificates of Successiul Completion of an Examination if you claim credit for any test elements a copy of the FCC GiG you submitted if you claim credil for a Novice license not yet received sofl pencils and a calculator. For info, and to pre register, call Barbara McClune NQBWS. (303) 5302903. Pre registra'ion is preferred. Gut walk-ins are welcome.

So Greensburg Pa

The Foothills ARC will hold its annua Swap & Shop on Saturday, November 8,1980, at the St. Bruno's Church in South Greensburg PA. Doors will be open from 9 00 am until 5 00 pm. Dealers are welcome. The main prize is a complete HF antenna system, including a triband beam, a 40-foot tower, a rotor, thrust bearing, and cable. Second prize is an Icom IC-2A handheld. Talk-in on 146.07 .67 and .52. For advance table reservations, phone Jim Yex WB3CQA at (412J-256-3531. For more information, phone Chuck Hamman WB3HZM at (412)-837-9194.

Rex L James

Rex James graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S.E.E. degree in 1963 and joined HP the same year. For the last five years he's been an engineering group leader on various digital coupler, memory, and calculator projects. Before that, he was project leader for the 463A Amplifier. Rex received his M.S.E.E. Degree in 1967 from Colorado State University. Between 1969 and 1970, he taught electrical engineering at BYU. Along with relatively ordinary spare-time activities like golf and carpentry, Rex has a couple of unusual ones he raises horses and he's a beekeeper. He's also a leader in the Boy Scouts ot America and in his church.

Charles A Adams

Charles Adams nas done quartz crystal Ff&D. man. aged acousto-optics and piezoelectric abs, and served as production engineerfortheSC-cut crystal Currently he supervises the crystal physics section ol the precision fre-, quency sources group A member k -J ol tne IEEE and author of a dozen papers on quartz and surface wave resonators, he holds a BA degree in physics ana mathematics from McMurry College and has done J I j 1 I L graduate work at Stanford ano San ft'r f -l 1 Pfl T Jose State Universities. Born in Cisco. Texas, Charles now lives in San Jose, California. He's mamed and has three children His interests include hunting, backpacking. carpentry and cabinet-making, and working with a church youth group. He was a member of the U.S National Guard for ten years and is an instructor in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the American Red Cross

David W Palermo

David Palermo is a native oi Mora, Minnesota Hs attended the University ot Minnesota, earning the BEE degree in 1967 and the MSEE degree in 1968 With HP since 1969, Dave has worked on computer interfaces and voltmeters. He was the project manager for BASIC I O and mass memory on the 9826A and ihe BASIC conversion to the 9836A. Dave is now an interface engineer for HP's Instrument Group. He is trie author of a paper on self-test and one ot the co-inventors of the HP-IL (Hewlett-Packard Interlace Loop). Dave is married, has two children, and lives in Los Altos. California. His oulside interests include directing church youth choirs, listening to music, and programming computers.

Staten Island Ny

The Slaten island Amaleur Radio Association will hold its Ilea market on June 12 1982, from 9 00 am to 3 00 pm, at All Samts Episcopal Churcn. Staten Island NY To get tothe church. ia*e interstate 278 to ihe Victory Boulevard e*il, proceed aast on Victory Boulevard lor , mite to Crystal Aven and tum e't jn Crystal Avenue. There will be no admission charge lor buyers a 3.00 per space charge tor severs (pfing your own tables), and a 1 00 charge tor electricity Relreshments will be available A raffle will be held al 1 00 pm and the winner will have a choice of an (com IC-4AT or a Bearcat 20 20 Talk in on 146.52 and 146-28 68 For additional inloprnation, send an SASE to George Rico, Jr WA2AMJ, 460 Je wet l Avenue, Staion Island NY 10302.

Merrill W Brooksby

Merrill Brooksby set up HP's design aids group and is now responsible (or a corporate design aids development program. He joined HP as a development engineer in 1959. then became 2 section manager (or high-performance counters. He was one o1 the early users of ICs at HP. helped outfit HP's first IC facility, and helped develop a 2-GHz bipolar IC process. He managed the Santa Clara Division's IC facility for two years and spent a year and one-half planning HP Laboratories' IC facility In 1974 he joined the newly formed corporate engineer-ng department responsible for IC facilities and strategies throughout HP and In 1977 started the design aids group. Merrill earned his BSEE degree at Brigham Young Universlly over a period that included interruptions for military service and church missionary service. He received his BSEE in 1959 and his MSEE from Stanford University in 1962 He Is a member of IEEE, has held a private pilot's license for 28 years, and Is Interested in hydroponlc...

Free Speech

The free speech controversy brings to mind an incident of several years ago. I lived in a small town, and w.e had (don't most small towns ) a swimming hole. We got a new minister in our church who was young enough to enjoy life with young people. One day he and I went swimming, and were recognized some distance away by the local tough guy. As we approached, we hoard some oF the most vile talk imaginable. We came within speaking distance and Mr. T. G. said I didn't recognize you, Reverend, or I would have been more careful. I never will forget the answer. You talk any way you want, but I don't Have to answer you that way. The next Sunday Mr. T. G. started a habit of church attendance, and his everyday language improved.


Marty Neil received the BES degree in electrical engineering from Brsgham Young University in 1970 and the MSEE degree from Stanford University in 1971 After two years as a member of the technical staff of Bell Telephone Laboratories, he joined HP as service engineer for microwave counters. He then served as product manager for waveform recorders and is now product marketing manager with HP's Santa Clara Division. He's written several magazine articles on counter applications and on waveform recording and analysis. Marty is an avid basketball player, a Little League and youth soccer coach, and an active member of his church. He's married, has four children and lives in Cupertino. California


Marc Stewart received his BSEE de-gieefrom ihe University ot California at Davis in 1979. He joined HP the same year as a production engineer and a year later became a development engineer on the HP 3000 Series 64 proj-eci He is married, lives irt San Jose. California, is active in his church, and enjoys skiing, bicycling, swimming, and model airplanes


The worst days as far as lines are concerned are Friday and Saturday. Thursday is the lightest attendance day, with Sunday being second. That's Baptist country, remember, and Sunday is for church. The lines for food were smaii, if any, Sure, if you really had to have a hamburger and wanted it at 12 30, there was a line. But right next to that stand you could get something more interesting with no watt. The Hungarian ex-

New Movie

The World of Amateur Radio is our world, and now, thanks to Dave Bell and the ARRL. we will be abEe to share it with virtually everyone. All who worked on the project sincerely hope that you will enjoy the film. I have one request At present, only one print of the film exists, and that print is in Geneva. It will be a few weeks before distribution prints are available, Ptease do not contact Dave Beli Associates or the ARRL requesting the film. Instead, keep watching for ARRL official bulletins. HR Report, the Westlink Amateur Radio News, and this column. All these sources will let you know the moment the film is ready for release. While we wait, readers of this column may want to start recruiting non-amateur groups for introductory talks about amateur radio, using the film as the focai point of the meetings. While we amateurs will enjoy viewing it, it's far more impor tant that the film be seen by the non-amateur general public. It is time for the rest of the world to discover us and...

Future Trends

Vince Roland, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, is a graduate of the University ot Louisville, where he received the Master's degree in electrical engineering in 1973. He then joined HP and has worked in several of HP's divisions. Vince is now the product assurance hardware engineering manager at HP's Computer Systems Division. He is a member of the IEEE, married, and a resident of Sunnyvale, California Vince is an active church member and enjoys photography, which he does as a spare-time business. Art Duell came to HP in 1972, did technical writing and support for the HP 2000 Computer, was a service engineer for the HP 300 Computer, and now is a service engineer lor the HP 250 Computer His previous work experience was in circuit and system design. Art earned the BSEE degree in 1957 from the University of Colorado and has done graduate work at the University of Santaclara, Calilornia. He is a member of the IEEE and co-hosts HP'scomputer systems group on ac power A native of Windsor,...


Fred Rawson designed the power supplies, sweep circuitry, display circuits, marker generator, and polar phase detectors. Mike Sohigian was responsible for the source and amplifier detector microcircuits. Fred Woodhull designed the magnitude detector. Phil Luque did the initial receiver investigation before transferring to HP's Boise Division. Jim Jones and Steve Sparks developed the phase-lock system. Dick Barg did the product design and Chuck Compton provided production engineering support. Thanks are also due Bill Kabage, Russ Johnson, Joe Williams, Sam Zuck, Jim Stead, Roy Church, and Bill Simmons, and special thanks to Doug Rytting, lab section manager, who inspired the initial concept and provided support along the way.


Okay east coasiers, here we go Inundat Ing another amateur, Lowell F Lind K4AWQ is willing lo give away a Model 26 ASR If it has not been grabbed up by the time this sees print, you might want lo drop him a note at 1308 N. Tuckahoe Street Falls Church. Virginia 220*6. Remember that this column is written in Juty and pub-Ushed in tate September il it's gone you iry. No guarantees I jus pass along what I get.


Besides keeping electronic logs, contest records, and similar amateur functions, ihe MINI J1NI Record Keeper is being used right now for Club and Church rosters. Real Estate listings. Class and School records, Stock and Bond portfolios, Business and Personal Inventories, Bank and Budget matkrs. Amway and Avon distributors, Bookstore and Library records, even Newspaper routes1 While such files can be prepared easily by the user, many are available in time-saving form on tape cassettes and disks

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