Introduction To Basic Electronics

Gregs Basic Electronics

Greg Carpenter is the author and the facilitator of this eBook. He is also the founder of Introduction to Basic He is a very experienced author who received his first amateur radio license in 1961. Greg also earned a first class radio telephone license in 1966. This eBook aims at helping you know about the way electricity works and at the same time how electronics in general works get that awesome end result-voice and Rhythms. In the book, the author doesn't include any complicated mathematics and physics. He just aims at helping you get some insights about the functionality of electronics and electricity. What you get in the first topics is the essentials that you need to know especially when you are messing with electronics. He also includes sections on soldering and building circuits which are very simple to get. He uses tag strips to demonstrate soldering process. This product is for anybody that wants to learn some electronic basics. It can as well be a nice product for mechanics and students. As a matter of fact, the product can help almost every person because the information shared here is educative and at the same time very helpful.

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

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Newsome Electronics

For additional information on receiving pictures from the Automatic Picture Taking satellites, see QST, Nov. 65, p. 11. CQ, Sept. 66, p. 44. Electronics World, March 67, p. 23. CQ, Aug, 66, p. 25, Electronics, July 27, 1964 p. 81 & 99. These machines will send and receive pictures, schematics, etc., up to 8.5 x 14 . They can be used on the 2 meter band and up without any additional equipment other than your AM or FM receiver and xmtr. When transmitting, it provides a monitor copy which is an exact reproduction of the picture being transmitted. lOOFt rolls of recording paper are readily available at a cost of less than 2 cents per picture

Denson Electronics Corporation

This book is just what the doctor ordered for the ham who builds His own gear, George U Ritchie, the author, has had many years of experience teaching electronics construction at San Jose City College in California, so he is well qualified to point out many of the subtleties of building electronics equipment. This book is not just a wiring and soldering manual, but includes details on electronics drafting, bending and forming all types of chassis, making printed circuit boards, mounting components and using all types of tools, including the lathe. If you have ever tried to make up your own chassis and didn't know exactly where to start, this book will tell you and after the chassis is made, you can find compete details on how to finish it whether it 3e paint, anodize or alodine. Although most of the author's construction techniques are based on the use of metal brakes, shears and punches, with a little ingenuity the average ham can duplicate any of these procedures with a pair of...

The Bullet Electronics Se Sound Effects Generator

As a boy. the ability to make the sound of a six-shooter or of a machine gun was a prerequisite for growing up on the west side of townf Today's children, however. do not need to strain their vocal chords instead, they can use the Bullet Electronics SE-01 Sound Effects Generator, While the SN76477 is readily available (e.g., from Radio Shack), only Bullet Electronics appears to offer a complete kit of parts with which to exercise this chip. Thus. 1 didn't waste a minute in securing theSE-01 kit The kit, including a 5 ship* ping charge, sells for 17.80, and it makes a fine littie project for those cool spring nights . that is, of course, if you can get the kit away from your children The SE-01 Sound Effects Gener ator is available in kit form from Bullet Electronics, PO Box 401244-A, Garland TX 75040. Reader Service number 12.

Custom IC Electronics for a Low Cost Plotter

It was apparent eariy in the development of'he 7J70A that there mas a need to integrate much of trie electronics. The digita. portion most readily lends itself to integration in some form of custom IC The anatog circuits, on the other hand, were designed with off-the-shelf parts, but nevertheless benefited from the use of commercially available tCs In deciding which part of the digital electronics should be made into a custom IC. we noticed that the microprocessor, memory. I O controller and buffers and the servo controllers were all in LSi (large-scale integration) form already Our strategy, then, was to try to eliminate all ol the 74LS-series ICs from the printed circuit board This has many attractions A custom LSI IC saves a tremendous amount of board space Substantially ess power is required from the power supply and less heat Is generated Electromagnetic compatibility requirements can be met more readily because the radiation caused by the relatively short rise and fall times of...

Larsen Electronics Offers Full Line Of Antennas For Handheld Radios

Larsen Electronics, Inc., of Vancouver, Washington, has developed a full line of Kulduckie antennas to mate with all the most commonly used hand-held radios. For more information, write Larsen Electronics, lnc,t PO Box 1686, Vancouver WA 98663i Reader Service number 480.

Bf Electronics Cardiff Phone 714 753-2095

BP ELECTRONICS proudly presents the all new transistorized Mobile Power Supply Kit at the LOWEST PRICE anywhere A new concept In kit construction plves you top QUALITY and PERFORMANCE for a minimum investment. 7. Low price Is possible because of a new Idea by BP Electronics, Complete instructions with special construction aids let you wind the toroid transformer easily in less than two hours.

Communications Electronics

Recently, the FCC amended Parts 2 and 15 of its rules to prohibit the manufacture and importation of scanning radios capable of intercepting the 800 MHz. cellular telephone service. The Electronics Communications Privacy Act prohibits the inters tional interception of cellular telephone transmissions. Supplies of scanners that are capable of being modified to rcccive full 800 MHz, coverage such as the Bearcat 200XLT and 2500XLT are in very short supply. If you need technical assistance or recommendations to locate a special scanner or solve a communications problem, call the Communications Electronics Inc. technical support hotline for 2.00 per minute at 1-900 555-SCAN, The RELM WHS ji) is rnjrmost popular programmable five wati, I channel handheld transceiver with buiil-in CTCSS, which may be programmed for any 39 standard 2 tones. The full function, DTMF conipaiiblti keypad also allows for DTMF Entude Decude and programmable NL Weighing only 15 5 w-, it features dealer program...

Low Cost Plotter Electronics Design

F HE ELECTRONICS for the 74 70A Graphics Plotter had to be designed as inexpensively and ruggedly as possible to remain consistent with the philosophy of a low-cost, high-performance, high-reliability product. The basic guidelines for the design were to use a single printed circuit board for the entire electronic system, minimize overall parts count, eliminate the need for a cooling fan, and use custom and semicustom electronics with high performance cost ratio wherever possible. Two servos (Fig. 2) are used in the 7470A. one to move the paper and the other to move the pen carriage. The electronics for this consists of the microprocessor generating and sending digital move commands to the VLSI NMOS servo chips via the CMOS gate arrays. The two gate arrays contain all the circuitry needed to support the VLSI circuits and driver sections of the electronics (see box on page 25 , The servo chips output pulse-width-modulated (PVVM) and direction signals back to the gate arrays. The gate...

Probing Auto Electronics

Help your neighbor identify his car s problem and be an electronics hero Being a ham, you're expected to know everything about electronics regardless of the application. So have you ever had some neighbors drop over and indicate thai they needed your help with their car Chances are, they've indicated thai it won't start or runs poorly, or that the battery is dead. in most eases, the symptoms described seldom lit the actual situation. Bui because you're a hum, you re looked upon to he the neighborhood electronics resource So how do ou approach the problem Most hams have had some exposure to Ohm's law problems as part of their electronics training. The logic and circuitry involved in Ohm's law problems is exactly the same as thai required for solving electrical problems in a car s electrical system. Troubleshooting then becomes a matter of developing a plan or procedure to follow in sorting out the various measurements and symptoms.

Elenco Electronics

Enhanced during assembly Included is an excellent assembly, lesson, and theory manual. Good projeci for classroom studies. Price. S20. Elenco Electronics. Inc., 150 West Carpenter Avenue, Wheeling IL 60090. 312-5413800. FAX 312-520-0085. Circle Reader Service number 202,

Mcm Electronics Catalog

Ohio, a parts and accessories distributor to the electronics industry, hag pubfished their 1904 catalog For a free copy of the 1984 MCM Caia logr can (oil free (900 43 330 in Ohio call fSOO 762-4315 For more information, conlaci MCM Electronicst 858 E. Congress Park Dr., Centerville OH 45459 513)434 0031. Reader Service number 480

Hygain Electronics Corporation

The Classic 10 and Classic 15 antennas have been developed by Mosley Electronics, Inc. in order to give hams a new choice in beam matching systems, featuring the new Classic Feed System plus optimum spacing, with maximum gain, increased bandwidth, and more efficient performance provided by the better electrical balance Balanced Capacitive Matching, the Classic Feed (Pat. No. 3419872). The models, CL-10 and CL-15, incorporating the same rugged, lightweight construction typical of all Mosley beams, combine high-impact insulators and clamping blocks, aluminum element support, aluminum tubing and al) stainless steel hardware.

Miian Electronics Incorporated

Mhdran Electronics' new ID-1 miniature Morse Code Station identifier sends a 16-character station ID and or 130-character message at user-programmable intervals. The ID-1 is easily programmed via a 12-button touch-tone style keypad with alpha* numeric characters. Other programmable features include front porch delay, code speed, Morse The 1.4 x 11- x 0.25' ID-1 costs S90 Contaci Midian Electronics Incorporated. 2302 East 22nd St Tucson AZ 85713-2024, Orders (800) MIDIANS. Technical Assistance (602) 884-7981. Fax (602) 884-0422. Or circle Reader Service Number 207.

Nemal Electronics International

Nemal Electronics international has introduced a new line of composite RF control cables for use in two-way communications, and especially for amateur radio applications. The HAM-CABLE is constructed of a coaxial cable and an eight-conductor rotor cable with an overlay weather-resistant jacket. Available versions include RG8, RG8X, and RG213 for coaxial members with either standard 8C1322 or heavy-duty 3C1620 for rotor control. Part number HC100 consists of RGB low-loss foam, together with 8C1S22 and a black jacket. Other constructions and other colors are available by special order For additional information, please contaci Nemal Electronics International, Inc., 1224QN.E. 14th Ave,, North Miami FL 33161 (305) 8990900, Fax (305) 895-8176. Or circle Reader Service Mo. 203.

Far East Electronics Technology Tour

It's the best way to keep pace with the explosive consumer electronics marketplace. I he Japan Electronics Show*The Korea Electronics Show*The Taiwtin Electronics ShowThe Canton Trade Fair*The Singapore Electronics Show You will be traveling with the most successful electronics industry executives in America, taking advantage of Commerce Tours International's once-a-year discount package. IMPORTANT You should fill in Ihe coupon txilow asst n as possible Commerce Tours International iii has been organizing the ar ivasi Electronics Technology Tour for 10 years and our experience ii thai the reservations come early in the year Remember ihal the 1987 Asian Electronics Shows will open up many new product arenas thai will hit the American market in January Hifttt, Don't wait until the trade magazines report what's happening in Asia 90 days after these important annual Asian electronics exhibitions. join the 1987 Far East Electronics Technology Tour to Japan Korea Taiwan and Hong Kong plus...

Bob S Amateur Electronics

TRADE EVEN Have new boxed Swan 500C with 137XC for any of the following surplus sets SG-1A ARN with PF-348 3G-2 GRM-4 SG-13 ARN MD-83A ARN ARM 47 UPM-98 or 99 R-390A URR ARC 102 618T Phone collect for trade (813) 722-1843, Bill Slep, W4FHV. Slep Electronics Company t 4214 Highway 301, Ellenton, Florida 33532. HfiM TV -2 camera chains Packard Bell vidicon camera, rack electronics, 14 monitor, tripod, studio cables. Orig. cost 3,800 ea 425 ea or trade HF linear or mobile SSB Xcvr of equiv. value. Extra monitor S40. WA6JMF, 12712D S. Ramona, Hawthorne, Calif. 90250.

Plotter Servo Electronics Contained on a Single IC

The new X-Y plotter technology described in the accompanying article allows the designer to reduce the complexity and cost associated with the servo control electronics of an electromechanical device Hewlett-Packard Laboratories built numerous prototypes that established the relationship between the digital control circuitry and the mechanism. To achieve me objectives of low cost, small size, low power consumption and high reliability, all of the required digital servo control electronics except the high-current motor drivers were integrated into one NMOS integrated circuit Fig. 1. Block diagram of servo control system lor one axis of a low-mass, low-inertia pfaffer One IC contains all of the digital servo control electronics, greatly simplifying the overall system design

And G Electronics Of Maryland

Various products formerly manufactured by Microlog are now available from G and G Electronics of Maryland. The ART tT AIR-1f and AlR-1 software are among these products. The SWL allows you to copy worldwide shortwave radio signals on your C-64 128. The SWL alone is 64. The AIRDOS disk, which allows you to to save data, is Si5, The MORSE COACH is 49,95. Package price is 99.95. G and G Electronics of Maryland. 8524 Dakota Drive, Gaithersburg MD 20877 301 -258-7373L Circle Reader Service number2i6 Now among the many electronics kits and assemblies A & A Engineering has to offer, is ihe DigiCOm 64 by Barry N. Kutner, M,D r W2UP see his article in the August 1988 issue ot 73). The Digicom 64 is a sott ware-based packet radio system for the Commodore 64 which emulates the

Universal Electronics Publications

The latest catalog of electronics books and publications by Universal Electronics. Inc., has been released. Topics include RTTY. shonwave. facsimile, weather, radioteletype, and satellite TV. For a complete list of publications from Universal Electronics, circle number 201 on your Reader Service card.

Performance Electronics

Performance Electronics can give you plenty of reasons to own a quad. They offer 2m, 220 MHz, and 440 MHz quads in easily assembled, complete kits. These alJ-fiberglass antennas have proven, tested designs, a 48 mast, a 60 pre-assembted coax with connector, and are easily stacked for better gain and directivity. Designed to withstand a 40-foot fall, ihey Price range, 80- 100. For detailed information, write Performance Electronics, P.O. Box 310, Conestee SC 29636. (803) 2991072, Or circle Reader Service Number 206.

Kenwood Electronics Canada

The ability to easily interchange equipment between stations may be crucial in an emergency. All stations active n the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) should use a common type of power connector throughout their stations, or they should keep an adapter on hand. Dick Rawson N6CMJ, writing in the June issue of Electronics Museum ARC newsletter, suggests Molex * 2-pin (0.093-diameter pins), 12-amp connectors with a contact resistance of O.Q025 ohms. 2.5 mV A, However, this connector is not suitable for ong-term outside use because it is not weatherproof

The LDG Electronics FC

Leonard MD 20685 Telephone (410) 586-2177 Price Class S69.95 plus S&H f you are a sertous foxhunter, you have probably tried putting together your own loxbox with timers, identifiers, etc. You have tried the different circuits using timing capacitor networks and different chips, and you have probably soldered in those countless diodes in that matrix for the IDer. Recently I tested the LDG Electronics Microprocessor Fox Hunt Con-troller CW IDer board. This small Maryland-based company has developed a reai gem. Yes. the East Coast does produce some foxhunt goodies. Acompacl. Bqhtweighl radio with 100w transmission capabilities on all nine amateur bands Hugged reliability s, matehedwth leeting-edge electronics fiulomatic antenna tnne* AIR system, and DDS foi tine tuning. a a

Electronics Book Club

Please open my Trial Membership in ELECTRONICS BOOK CLUB and send my 5-volume Computer Library, invoicing me for only 51 99 plus shipping, ff not delighted, I may return the boohs within 10 days and owe nothing, and have my Trial Membership cancelled. I agree to purchase at least Jour additonai books during the next 12 months after which I may cancel my membership at any time.

Sydmur Electronics Specialties

Get your FCC commercial op orator's licensei and then work, at good pay., in your hobby field--radio end electronics., We prepare you by correspondence, under our 'qet your license or your money back warranty, Ge+ f ll I defalk in our free FCC License Course Brochure . Write Grantham School of Electronics, Dept. R 1505 N. Western Ave,, Hollywood, Calif. 90027

George Belling Electronics

The French have always been extremely uncooperative about amateur radio. Their regulations are, I believe, the most strict in the entire world and they certainly have one of the smallest ham populations of any modem country in the world , . , about one ham per 20,000 population as compared to one in 800 in the U.S. France made a determined effort to take away much of 10 meters in 1959, One wonders what France might be like today if the government had encouraged amateur radio, thus making it possible for them to have a large and growing electronics industry built, as it is elsewhere, on a foundation of amateur operators.

And Electronics Engineering

Original papers covering the forefront of the art are sought for the First National Conference on Automotive Electrical and Electronics Engineering to be held September 22 and 23 in Detroit, at the McGregor Memorial Center of Wayne State University. 9. Electronics in Sales and Distribution

Regency Electronics Scanner Reaches

In addition to monitoring all frequencies between 25 MHz and 550 MHz, the Regency MX7QGQ is one of the few scanners that can cover frequencies as high as 1.3 GHz. The scanner can monitor up to 20 channels or search through an entire band for an active new frequency. Other features include a 24-hour digital clock, priority channel, dual scan speeds, and scan or search delay. The MX7000 is designed for home or mobile use a suggested retail pfice of S699.95 includes telescoping whip antenna, ac power supply, dc power cord, and a mobile mounting uracket. Compiete details are available from suppliers or Regency Electronics, Inc 7707 Records Street, Indianapolis IN 46226.

The Illustrated Dictionary Of Electronics

If you have been looking for a comprehensive electronics dictionary. then TAB BOOKS' The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics (No. 1066) by Rufus P. Turner just may be the ticket. As the cover states, this work (868 pages ) contains Complete, modern definitions for well over 24.000 electronics computer terms The illustrated part comes from the nice springing of explanatory drawings found Many so-called electronics dictionaries have, in the past, been very skimpy in numbers of termsand lengthsof definitions. This is not the case with this one. On lop of having a listing for just about everything that you can think of, many definitions refer to related subjects which may further enhance your understanding of a word or phrase For instance, if you iook up transverse electric mode, the explanation also asks you to Compare transverse magnetic Definitions of monkey chat ter water capacitor. 1 von Hip-pel breakdown theory, episco tister. and Bunets Formula' are included in this very...

Quadrupole Electronics

The quadrupole electronics generate raster-scan voltage waveforms for driving the quadrupole deflection plates, which electrostatically deflect the electron beam. The quadrupole electronics also provide for magnifying and rotating the raster. The deflection waveforms can be generated over a five-decade range in operating frequency. The quadrupole electronics consist of twro independent ramp and step generators. Each generator is responsible for ihe waveforms for one pair of quadrupole plates.

National Electronics Conference

Plan to visit the General Radio exhibit at the 1952 National Electronics Conference to be held in Chicago September 29 through October 1. In booths 62 and 63, General Radio will show an extensive line of UHF-VHF measuring equipment, the new General Radio Sound-Measuring System, and a number of impedance bridges for laboratory and production testing.

Fusing System Electronics

The controlling electronics for the fusing system can be divided into two areas 1) control of input line voltage and 2) temperature control of the preheater. The fusing system has been designed to operate at 216 volts rms. This is the lowest voltage at which the 26h0a will operate.

Three Electronics Tours Abroad

Electronics Representative Association. Northern California Chapter, and Commerce Tours international will co-sponsor three electronics tours in 1980 as follows FAR EAST ELECTRONICS TOUR Will visit four foreign electronics shows in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong from October8th to October 22nd, 1980. EUROPE ELECTRONICS TOUR

Published By Plainview Electronics

Tadiran lithium thionyl chloride (inorganic electrolyte) batteries are prized for their high cell voltage, safety, long life, high energy density, and wide operating temperature, and are used as power sources for CMOS circuits, memories, and in high-reiiabiiity instrumentation. The new Plainview Electronics catalog describes 4 popular sizes AA, aa, C, and D including complete operating specifications and applications hints, Each cell's nominal working voltage is 3.4 volts. At room temperature, shelf-life is greater than 10 years. For further information, contact Plainview Electronics Corp., 28 Cain Drive, Plainview NY 11803, Reader Service number 479,

Midian Electronics Dtcs And

Midi an Electronics nas introduced two products for mobile radio service, the DTCS-i DTCSS encoder decoder and me 6TD-1 Burst Tone Decoder For more Informaiion aboul eiiher of these Median producis, contjct Midian Electronics, Inc . 2302 East 22nd Street, Tucson AZ 85713

Printer Electronics

Consistent with the overall system integration philosophy, all of the electronics required, except for the high-current drivers, were integrated into one NMOS integrated circuit the printer controller. This IC provides internal buffering of up to 32 characters and a 5X7 dot matrix character generator. The information stored in the internal character ROM can be accessed by the system software and thus the character lookup table in the system can be eliminated. Both the character set and the intensity settings are mask programmable.


IF you re still designing circuits the old-fashioned way, lei the Electronics I package introduce the latest way to go Tuned Circuits & Colt Winding Design runed circuits for audio and radio frequencies. This two part program will find the two missing values from any two of the following frequency, capacitance, inductance, or reactance. The coil-winding section will calculate the number of turns and wire gauge required for a close-wound, air-, or slug-tuned coil from the inductance, diameter, length, and permeability of the coil.

Electronics Fair

Florida, is holding an electronics fair, Sept 9 12. The first two days of the fair are directed to special industrial and government buyers and engineers. The last two days, however, are for the public, with manufacturers' displays and prizes. The event, celebrating Grice's 25th anniversary, is being promoted in all the media. Many new consumer oriented devices are expected to be exhibited. Amateurs in the area might write for more information to Grice Electronics, 320 East Gregory St., Pensacola FL 32502,

Giehl Electronics

Giehl Electronics is offering two software enhancement kits, one for the Kenwood TS-940 and one for the Ten-Tec Paragon. The TS-940 kit features tunable memories that allow you to change the frequency of a memory channel using the main tuning knobT memory bank seJection using the UP and DOWN keys, and easiiy-sei kHz per revolution. The Paragon kit offers band registers that store the last-used frequency. The kits cost 72 each, plus 3 S & H, For more information, contact Giehl Electronicst P.O Box 18335, Cincinnati OH 45218. Or circle Reader Service number 208

Pc Electronics

Electronics has introduced a new 10-watt TC70-10 70cm ATV transceiver. Any code-free Tech or higher licensee can easily have his or her own ATV station with the TC70-10, camcorder, TVt 70cm antenna, coax and power supply. Aimed at those who want a rugged aIMn-one-box unit for portable public sen ice events or minimum operating table space in the shack, the rig is housed in a 7.5 x 7.5 x .7 black die cast aluminum box. The TC70-10 is a stand-alone 10-watt version, like the original TC-1, which was just the right power level for most users for local simplex and repeater work, providing snow-free video up to 90 miles line of sight with 14 dBd beams. New features include The TC70-10 is priced at 499. For more information, contact P.C. Electronics, 2522 Paxson Lane, Arcadia CA 91007 (818) 447-4565, Fax (818) 447-0489. Or circle Reader Service No. 205.

Simpson Electronics

A new 8-page, 2-color catalog featuring low-cost test equipment was released by the Mercer Electronics Division of Simpson Electronic Company. This catalog is available at no charge from your electronic distributor or by contacting Mercer Electronics, 859 Dundee Avenue, Elgin IL 60120-3090 (312 6972260) or circle Reader Service Card 206.

Space Electronics

M Summit Ave., East Paterson, N.J. 07407, (201) 791-5050 WANTED Military, commercial, surplus Airborne. ground, transmitters, receiver, testsets accessories. Especially Collins. We pay freight and cash. Rico Electronics, Box 156, Annandale, Va. Phone 703-560-5480 collect.

Electronics Corp

How does a handicapped person get into thus hobby Mainly by studying and by contacting a ham in his or her neighborhood for guidance. Studies should consist of basic electricity and electronics. Libraries contain excellent selections, Bibliographies are available in most electronic catalogs (free for the asking, in most cases). As for guidance, the handicapped individual will be utterly amazed as to the willingness 9 friendliness, and cooperation his ham neighbor will offer. In fact before he or she knows itj many other hams will be over to help. Once the amateur radio license is ol

Xpertek Electronics

Those active in fast scan TV are well aware that Advanced Electronics Applications has added a new UHF ham TV transmitter to their tine of amateur specially equipment. The FSTV-430 ATV rig was unveiled late last year The introduction of AEA into the ATV marketplace shows one major manufacturer's belief in a yet-to-be exploited visual mode of communications. Other manufac* turers are rumored to be close behind. At the Dayton Hamven-tion )ast year, several manufacturers were asking hams, Do you own a camera or a VCR Getting major manufacturers involved in the ham TV marketplace, which has yet to peak, would boost all aspects of FSTV activity everywhere. For a comparison of the three most popular 1-watt ATV transceivers on the amateur market today, see Table 1. The results were based on rigs tested locally by the BRATS ATV Club in Iowa. man Research and PC Electronics also offer partial kits.

Metro Electronics

Transistors are easily adaptable t etched circuits, but etched circuits aren't lo practical for individuals. Maybe some da enterprising small manufacturers will mak boards for projects in electronics magazine and sell them. They have and do. I wen QS has had projects like that.l

Electronics Exhibit

In the early days of radio, both amateur and commercial stations often operated on frequencies (dial settings) very close to each other. Because of this, and because we didn't know very much about radio, it was not uncommon for a home-owner to hear amateur stations on his house radio- However, as we learned more and more about electronics, and as newer frequencies came into use, home and amateur equipment was designed so that neither would interfere with the other, provided, of course, that both were constructed and operated properly, But then came television, anil we had to start learning from scratch all over again. We still have a lot to learn

Townsend Electronics

For those who must use an HT as a mobile rig, Townsend Electronics has introduced the Rig Saver1' universal hand-held mobile radio mount. You can now safely mount your handheld or smalt mobile rig where you can see the rig's controls and digitai display, and have maximum access to the controls. A vinyl-coat* ed plate protects the rig from scratches while in use. Large knobs make it easy to adjust to any angle for nearly any HT or small mobile. This mount will fit on the console, center hump, engine enclosure or dash of virtually any vehicle. The Rig Saver is available in two models the Slimline ( 24,95) and the Rough-Duty ( 29.95). Add 3 S & H Indiana residents add 5 sales tax. Contact Townsend Electronics Box 415. Pierceton IN 46562 (800) 38-1665. Or circle Reader Service No. 205.

Quement Electronics

Tude in matters of this kind is colored by years of supporting a potentially expensive electronics hobby on a student's salary, and partly by the fact that those 'inexpensive' semiconductors manage to become considerably dearer after Australian Customs and the local middlemen have had their bit. Even so, its great fun in VK7 why don't you come visit us sometime and see

Atech Electronics

Also available Touch tone commands are used to control the features such as the courtesy tones, tail squelch length, CW ID, and alarms. The SIQ repeater controller is available for 349,95. With phone patch, 449.95. A-TECH ELECTRONICS, 1033 Hollywood Wayr Burbank CA 91505 818-845-9203. Or circle Reader Service number 206,

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics has released a new purchasing manual, 570. This comprehensive reference guide provides up-to-date product data and pricing on over 36,000 electronic components and over 80 manufacturers. Product index tabs are provided for locating particular products quickly.There is a quick index on the front cover. To order your free copy of this catalog, contact Mouser Electronics, P.O. Box 699t Mansfield TX 76063 (817) 483-0165, (800) 992-9943, Fax (817) 483-8157. Or circle Reader Service No. 204,

Euram Electronics

Mosley Antenna Parts

EUR-AM electronics is offering an adiustabie mouni (up to 25 degrees for PL or N type connector antennas (like Diamond, COMET, etc f. The mount is currency mported from WiMo (Germany) and comes ftith 12 feet of RG-58 coax permanently connected in either vertical (fenders) or horizonlai (roof) fashion The N type is 36 the PL type is S33 For more information, contact EUR-AM Electronics P.O. Box 990, Meredith NH 03253-0090 Fax (408) 866*4311 Or circfe Reader Service No 203.

Electronics I

II you're still designing circuits the old-tashioned way, let the Electronics I package Introduce rhe latest way to go. Tuned Circuits Coll Winding Design tuned circuits for audio and radio frequencies This two-part program will find rhe two missing values From any two o( the following frequency, capacitance, inducrance, or reactance, The coil-winding section wilt calculate the number of turns and wire gauge required for a close-wound, air-, or slug-tuned toil From the inductance, diameter, length, and permeability of the

Motron Electronics

Up by connecting the patch-cord from the radio's external jack to the HF-Aiert's audio input, A built-in speaker is provided or an external speaker can be used. The calling signal is sent either by directly keying a CW transmitter or by piacing the microphone next to the speaker. Price, 129.95. MoTron Electronics, 695 IV. 21 st Ave., Eugene OR 97405 1-800338-9058 or 503-687-2118I For more information circle Reader Service number 207.

Nemal Electronics

Nemal Electronics International has introduced a series of new precision video and audio cables for broadcast, video and RF applications. Both cables comply with the new National Electrical Code requirements, and carry the CL2 rating. Both cables are available either in bulk or pre-terminated, and either on spools or in puli-out boxes, Contact Nemat Electronics inter-national, Inc at (914) 359-3333 or FAX (914) 359-3607 Or circle Reader Service No. 204.

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics has announced a new software release for computer control of the Kenwood 440 and 940 units. SUPERLINK is a graphics-basec program with special emphasis on ease of use. Alt input is via the keyboard, and all functions are controlled by a single keystroke. Frequency information is displayed digitally, but a unique analog dial makes SUPERLINK is priced at 19,95, plus S2.50 S & H, Contact Marine Electronics, 1309 Crawford OrT Friendswood TX 77546. . Or circle Reader Service No. 204

Symposium And Educational Workshop

Paul Shuch, N6TX Professor of Electronics Pennsylvania College of Technology One College Avenue Williamsport, PA 17701 Radio amateurs have been successfully bouncing VHF, UHF and microwave signals off the surface of the moon, and receiving their echoes, for nearly forty years. EME (Earth-moon-Earth) activities have enhanced the teaching of disciplines as diverse as electronics, astronomy, and physics, with several generations of students having now used measured echoes to determine the distance to, and orbital parameters of, the moon. Penn College students have recently had an opportunity to apply these measurements on a truly grand scale, using EME signals to measure the mass of the Earth. Their results differ from the currently accepted figure by about one percent.

Head and Earphones Subject of New World Standard

The IEC is the authority for world standards in electrical and electronic engineering. It is composed of National Committees in 42 countries formed to represent in international discussions all their national electrical and electronics interests, including manufacturers, users, trade associations, the engineering profession and government.

Determining The Gm Product

At the Pennsylvania College of Technology, second year electronics students have recently come up with an independent estimate of the Earth's mass, based upon recovering echoes from radio signals bounced off the surface of the Moon. Their novel EME experiment, which involved observing the lunar orbit and solving Equation 6 above for M, has already been treated in the literature Shuch, 1991 . Their published result for the mass of the Earth, 6.037 x 1024 kg, appears to be in error by about1

Microsat Bi Modulator Interfaces with any Vhf Tnc

Uplink access to the Microsats and the Japanese satellite digital mode F0-20 requires a two-meter FM signal input keyed with Manchester biphase (Bi ). The following describes an assembly that transforms the normal VHF AFSK (audio frequency shift keyed) output from any unmodified TNC into the Bi4 format. As an example, I use it with my old PK64. The assembly is relatively simple and all parts, including the ICs, can be purchased from a single mail-order supplier (All Electronics Corp, PO Box 567, Van Nuys, CA 91408, tel 800-826-5432). Alignment testing of the assembly can be performed using the TNC together with an oscilloscope and audio oscillator.

QEX August Page QEX August published by The American Radio Relay League

My last column asked for information about silver-bearing solder sources. One such solder is Ersin Multicore SN62 (2 silver), which K2LGJ informs me is available from Newark Electronics at a price around 30 for a 1-lb spool. W0GNV writes that this Ersin product and Kester 3 silver solder, both with flux core, are also available from Jensen Tools, Inc., 7815 S. 46th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040. If a full lb spool is not required, KA8QKY mentions that small rolls of 2 silver solder, with separate flux, are normally sold in hardware stores. They are also available as kit 53013 from the manufacturer,Oatey Co., 4700 W. 160th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135. Everyone will now be able to use the proper silver-bearing solder for chip components at VHF+ frequencies. 110- to 10.7-MHz superhet i-f receiver, if several must be built (one for each station in each section remember the rules). A solution is based on a small 10.7 fm i-f unit available from MTS Electronics, P. 0. Box 1164, Round Rock, TX...

Icom Rr Computer Interface

MICROCOMPUTER ELECTRONICS CORPORATION NOW OFFERS THE M.E.C. 71a COMPUTER CONTROL INTERFACE THAT WILL CONTROL AND EXPAND THE CAPABILITY OF THE ICOM R71 A. (+ 4.00 UPS) EX309 required but not Included. Price 39.00 Dealer Inquires Invited. EEB is the exclusive distributor for Microcomputer Electronics Corp's products worldwide.

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My favorite 13-cm story is about Mark Korrich, WB8TGY. A few years back, Mark decided to work some serious VHF. Rather than pick one of the more common bands like 2 m, he choose 13 cm to start with. He connected up the SSB Electronics transverter and homebrew loop Yagi with no difficulty, and soon worked VUCC by running grids around Lake Superior. After gaining some experience on 13 cm, he figured it was time to get on some other bands so he started working on 1296. I talked to him soon after his first 1296 contact, and he remarked, Boy, signals sure don't get out as well on the lower frequencies, do they Rick Campbell, KK7B, Route 1, Box 195, Chassell, Ml 49916

By Bob Bruninga WBAPR

The marriage of global positioning satellite (GPS) technology to amateur packet radio is the new frontier. By its very nature, the most important aspect of any radio communication network is the knowledge of the location of all of its participants. With the price of GPS receivers set to fall under 300 this year, and with new units being the size of a matchbox, there is no reason why all mobile units, whether voice or packet, should not periodically transmit their location. This article begins with a brief overview of the rapidly evolving GPS marketplace and a description of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) standard data interface. Then we address three major categories of GPS LORAN-to-packet interfacing the direct interface to a PC running the APRS software (see sidebar), using any GPS unit with the PacComm TNC, and using the programmable Magellian or Motorola GPS unit with any TNC. NEMA has developed a serial interface standard for all marine electronics devices....

Testing Rechargeable Alkaline Batteriesand More

Alkaline batteries in the application note, we looked into the charging system the Power Station, as Rayovac chooses to call it. We purchased an eight-cell model for 45.00 from Newark Electronics.1 (They are also available in many department stores.) In outward appearance, the Power Station looks much like any other charger. The one we obtained can simultaneously charge up to eight cells, but a Power Station for up to four AA or AAA cells is also available. Much to our dismay, neither the manual nor application note included circuit details on the charger. The only technical tidbit of significance in the manual describes the use of a microchip to monitor each battery while being charged. We did, however, note that Renewal cells must only be charged in the Power Station, so we suspected it must be something a bit out of the ordinary. The manual contains a stern warning not to charge standard alkaline batteries. In fact, the mechanical design of the charger is such that standard...

Lysco B129 Transmitter

The second half of a two-part article on liquid-crystal displays begins on page 3. It is a reprint from the IEE PROCEEDINGS-1 issue on Molecular Electronics. Part I appeared in the October 1984 issue of QfX The author, I. A. Shanks, B.SC., Ph.D., C.Eng., M.I.E.E., was formerly with the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern, Worcester, England, and is now with Unilever Research, Colworth Laboratory, Colworth House, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1LQ, England.

Design your own Hf Vhf and UHF

Electronc Design

In Introduction to Radio Frequency Design, Wes Hay ward, W7ZOI, gives you the fundamental how-to methods of radio frequency design to develop intuition for RF circuits and systems. He emphasizes practical application of simple circuit modes whenever possible and will prepare you to actually design HF, VHF and UHF equipment. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran electronics experimenter, here's a way to learn RF design without intimidation

Surface Mount Technology

Surface mount technology (SMT) is a relatively new process used in the construction of printed circuit boards. SMT uses a technique of adhering components to the PC board by special pastes and other bonding techniques, rather than through-hole soldering. It is important to the electronics industry and Amateur Radio operators because as its popularity increases, every electronic product will be affected. Japan already uses SMT on 70 to 75 percent of all board applications.1 Amateur Radio equipment is included in the plan. (Carefully open your Kenwood TH-21, for example, and locate the dual-tone, mul-tifrequency circuit for a visual display of the finished SMT product.) electronics. If a faulty piece of equipment needs modification or repair, how does the experimenter go about fixing it An SMT printed circuit board would have to be sent back to the factory, or even worse, disposed of entirely. Faulty components would be difficult to trace on densely-packed boards, and some surface mount...

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Advanced Computer Controls, Inc. 20 Madison Electronics Supply 20 Cov II, Cov IV, 20 P.C. Electronics 18 P.C. ELECTRONICS 2522 PAXSON LANE TOM (W6QRG) & MARY ANN (WB6YSS) O'HARA P.C. ELECTRONICS 2522 PAXSON LANE TOM (W6QRG) & MARY ANN (WB6YSS) O'HARA electronics 33cm (902-928 mHz) ATV SYSTEMS

Statement Of The Problem

Give me a lever long enough, and I'll move the world. Give me a scale big enough, and I'll weigh it. This is essentially the problem posed to Electronics students at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in the Spring of 1991. Their innovative solution to weighing their home planet is worthy not only of the best scientific minds, but of the spirit of innovation with which the Amateur Radio Service has always prided itself.

The American Radio Relay League

A collection of dog-eared semiconductor device-data books can be found scattered around most experimenters* shacks. And unless you work in a commercial electronics lab, you probably use data books that are at least a couple of years out of date. Even if you do have the latest books, what about the reams of update sheets that come out between printings of any data book There is a solution to this problem, and it will come as no surprise to you that the solution is the World Wide Web.

The Copper Wire Gauge for Electrical Technology

Insulated copper wire is used extensively in electrical and electronics applications. In amateur radio use, it is predominant. Copper is a metal with excellent thermal, electrical, mechanical and physical characteristics unequaled in its cost-benefit properties. Hence its widespread use throughout the world of electrotech-nology. Most amateur radio circuits use insulated circular-cross-section (round) copper wire. Presently, in Canada, the US and other countries, the round copper wire is based on the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. In this article, the basis for this gauge

Gateway Contributions

There are many other opportunities for radio amateurs, as individuals or representing an organization, to give telecommunications professionals, regulators and the general public a better idea of the contributions of the amateur and amateur-satellite sen ices. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and other professional organizations hold numerous conferences throughout the US and the world. Radio amateurs have given some excellent papers at these conferences, but there are many additional opportunities. Properly done, radio amateurs can get the word out on the state-of-the-art technical contributions of the amateur and amateur-satellite services. W4RI

The ARRL Experimenters Exchange

By now, packeteer is a household word, but what is GaAs Valley The electronics trade journals are predicting that Silicon Valley will become GaAs Valley any day now. It's nice to be out in front of the pack on technological change, so let's assume that the name change occurs before March 30. That is the date for the Fourth ARRL Amateur Radio Computer Networking Conference being held in Moscone Convention Center, in downtown San Francisco. The Conference is co-sponsored by the ARRL and the Pacific Packet Radio Society in conjunction with the Tenth West Coast Computer Faire, which runs from March 30 through April 2. The Faire has been the premier computer-industry trade show, and this one will be jam-packed with sessions and exhibits on personal computing.

Microlinear Power Control Ic

Another product intended for the laptop computer market has some interesting possibilities for the ham and electronics experimenter. Micro Linear's ML 4860 is a power-control IC designed to give maximum life from a laptop computer's battery. Of course, these same benefits can be gleaned for any battery-powered project, such as an HT, a battery-powered QRP rig, or any of a multitude of applications.

Intellectual Properties

Sometimes the owner of a trademark loses its bid to prevent others from using arguably similar marks. Several years ago, Fisher Radio Corp tried to prevent Bird Electronics Corp from registering an illustration of a flying bird as a trademark for use on wattmeters. Fisher was using a logo of a flying bird carrying a musical note in its beak as a trademark on its hifi equipment, and was concerned that Bird's use of a bird illustration on its electrical equipment might cause customer confusion. The Patent and Trademark Office decided that customer confusion would be unlikely and allowed Bird to register its trademark over Fisher's protests. Static charges in the work environment has ruined more projects than one can imagine. In the electronics industry alone, it is a fact that static electricity generated through a human body damages certain microcomponents. How, then, can you protect your devices from that devastating blow The Static Control Systems Division of 3M offers an annual...

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Mail orders to Communications Electronics, Box 1045, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 U.S.A. Add 7,00 per scanner for U.P.S. ground shipping and handling in the continental U.S.A. For Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, or APO FPO delivery, shipping charges are three times continental U.S. rates. If you have a Visa MasterCard or Discover Card, you may call and place a credit card order. Order toll-free in the U.S. Dial800-USA-SCAN. In Canada, ordertollfree by calling 800-221-3475. WUI Telex anytime, dial 671-0155. If you are outside the U.S. or in Michigan dial 313-973-8888. Order today. Scanner Distribution Center and CE logos are trademarks of Communications Electronics Inc. t Bearcat is a registered trademark of Uniden Corporation, t Regency is a registered trademark of Regency Electronics Inc. AD 051586-EA 2 Copyright 1986 Communications Electronics Inc.


I found the Electronics Mathematics chapter to be particularly useful. There are reminders of many basic algebra rules, plane and solid geometry formulas and an extensive section on trigonometry. Mathematical Tables and Formulas is another handy chapter. It includes a table of mathematical constants that are sometimes required for calculations, but are difficult to remember, such as the value for e (2.7182818285). The section about decibels gives the important equations along with a useful table of decibel values and power, voltage and current ratios. I'm not sure when I would ever need a table of 2500 five-digit random numbers, but if I ever do, I can find it in the Electronics Pocket Reference The Symbols chapter includes a listing of the upper and lower-case characters of the Greek alphabet. There is also an extensive table of electronics schematic-diagram symbols. It is hard to imagine that I will ever need to perform a unit conversion that isn't covered somewhere in the 25 pages...

Digital Memory

This month's treatment of digital electronics focuses on memory devices. There are basically two types of digital memory volatile and nonvolatile. Volatile memory loses its contents when power is removed, and nonvolatile memory retains the stored data even when the power is turned off. Making a gross generalization, the most common volatile memory is RAM (random access memory), and the most common nonvolatile is ROM (read-only memory) or EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory). I'm not going to get into the intricate details of how the memory components work at a transistor level instead I'll describe them from a functional standpoint.


Radiation encountered in orbit can damage integrated circuits and can upset data stored in solid state memories. Amateur satellites now use advanced semiconductors in many critical systems, and designers are becoming increasingly interested in radiation. (AO-10 and FO-12 have both been crippled by radiation damage.) UO-14 and UO-22 have already begun to measure the space radiation environment and its effects on advanced electronics. These measurements have been from the relatively benign environment of a low-altitude, high-inclination orbit. KITSAT-A will be placed into a high-altitude, low-inclination orbit, which has a much worse radiation characteristic. In this orbit, KITSAT-A will measure the total radiation dose and the occurrence of highly energetic cosmic rays. In parallel with this environment data, effects of the radiation on microcomputers, power systems, memories and solar panels will be monitored.

Verbatim Value

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The July 14, 1983 issue of Electronics magazine has an article on Ceramic-Filled Resonators as a low-cost solution to building filters for 800-MHz land-mobile applications. It uses six 10mm varisonators for a receiving filter, four for a transmitting filter. The two filters can be com

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Communications Electronics Bands 30-50, 1 18-136, 144-174 440-512 MHz. The Regency Z45 is very simiiar to the Z60 model listed above however it does not have the commercial FM broadcast band. The Z45, now at a special price from Communications Electronics. Test any scanner purchased from Communications Electronics for 31 days before you decide o keep it. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return it in original condition with all parts in 31 days, foi a prompt refund (less shipping handling charges and rebate credits). Mail orders to Communications Electronics Box 1045, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 U.S.A. Add 7.00 per scanner for U.P.S. ground shipping and handling in the continental U.S.A. For Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, or APO FPO delivery, shipping charges are three times continental U.S. rates. If you have a Visa or Master Card, you may call and place a credit card order. Order toll-free in the U.S. Dial 8Q0-USA-SCAN. In Canada, order toll-free by calling...

QEX November

Any of the effects described above can be used to make a simple, directly driven reflective or transmissive display, i.e. one in which each display element has its own connection to the drive electronics and the voltages applied to these produce a desired voltage difference at ON elements and zero voltage difference at OFF elements. Such displays, in twisted nematic form, are frequently found in digital watches, clocks and voltmeters which use seven electrode segments and a counter electrode to produce each digit. Guest-host displays are now also finding their way into such products. The main reasons for this lie in the low voltage and power requirements of the LCD, its legibility in bright ambient light and its low cost. It is true that some problems remain, such as its sluggish response at low temperatures (due to the increased viscosity of the liquid crystal) but recent work, e.g. in producing low-viscosity liquid crystals 31 and in identifying a fast turn-off mechanism 32 , is...

Reader Survey

Jameco Electronics Jameco, like Digi-Key described in April, has been serving the electronic hobbyist for many years and has built a solid reputation for quality parts, shipped quickly, and at a reasonable price. Jameco used to be known as James Electronics, but apparently outgrew that name.

Harold E Price NKK

The only thing keeping hams from running right out and buying some for the local net is the price 10,000 to 20,000 per pair. Remember, this is the commercial price, though. Some of these 900-MHz systems come with 700 price tags for omnidirectional antennas and 5000 for directional antennas. The electronics have a similar burden of real-world engineering and marketing overhead. We need an initiative like TAPR's TNC project in the early 1980s to repackage the chips that make up these systems and build a ham-priced box. For the next column, I'll try and find out what can be added to a 900-MHz antenna to make it cost 5000. Even with standard markups, this is an amazing price. We only need a 10-to-1 reduction to bring the price into the range of local groups, 20-to-l for the individual. We've done it before.

Shift Registers

This month I'll continue the digital electronics primer. I've received many positive responses to this feature, and I'm glad that so many of you are enjoying it. The topic this time is shift registers. Shift registers are the first digital component that we've looked at that is synchronous that is, an externa clocking signal ensures that the inputs and outputs are all synchronized together.


Nemal Electronics International of Florida has introduced a new line of connectors designed to fit the Belden 9913 and 8214 type cables. The connectors are available from stock both type N (part no. NE720) and BNC (part no. NE860) series and will accommodate the 9-1 2- to 11-gauge center conductors in these and similar cables. Both series of connectors meet the electrical and mechanical requirements of MIL-C-39012 and incorporate silver-plated contacts and Teflon insulation. Each is fully compatible with other standard connectors in its series. For further information on this line of connector, contact Nemal Electronics International, 12240 NE 14th Ave, North Miami, FL 33161, tel 305-893-3924. KA1DYZ (Photo courtesy of Nemal Electronics Intl) (Photo courtesy of Nemal Electronics Intl)


Everything in electronics has been miniaturized as time has progressed except fuses. Now, Schurter Corporation has come up with a line of fuses which, in the smallest package, are about the size of a 1N914 diode. Each of the fuses bears UL, CSA, VDE and other certifications. P.C. ELECTRONICS tookwsorg)

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Book Review

Unlike other examples of the genre, this book is more than just a collection of circuits. The first sentences in the introduction tell you that When you have finished this encyclopedia, you should be able to recognize well over 700 circuits that are commonly used in all phases of electronics. You will also understand how the circuits operate and where they fit into electronic equipment and systems. While the book does not always meet these goals, it does contain more descriptions of circuit operation than any similar book I've seen.

Of Shooting Stars

Jerry Stover, W5AE, wrote us to ask what's happened since. (Unfortunately, not a lot ) He believes it could well be the most reliable long-haul communications medium that amateurs could use. Before he retired, he was Chairman of Communications Industries, Inc, whose subsidiary, SECODE Electronics built the equipment used for the SNOTEL MS system with over 500 remote sites in ten western states. They ran all sorts of tests between Dallas and Washington, DC a 1400-mile path and somewhat longer than the typical 1200-mile range usually cited. Jerry writes

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Cleveland Inscftuti of Electronics Cleveland Inscftuti of Electronics CIE is the world's largest independent studv electronics school. We offer ten courses covering basic electronics to advanced digital and microprocessor technology. An A M iate in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology is also offered.

General License Study Guide

Leam electronics with this hands-on course. This collection of electronics protects starts with simple concepts and takes you on to building your own small computer You'll learn electronics theory and get the practice you need to master digital electronics. 114,95 BK7386 393pp.

Fach Sek Al Pace Printer

The Facit 4555 alphanuraericsl serial printer is complete* Equipped with RS232C Interface, printing mechanism, control electronics, drive electronics, power supply and character generator. The adaptation electronics can be modified in tour versions B1t-parilie 1 data transfer, CCITT (EIA, RS232C) for bit-serial data transfer and the current loop (TTY) interface also for bit serial data transfer. The Facit 4555 prints on ordinary paper and is adjustable for different paper widths and -ormats, 9.5 paper width with 66 lines per page or BIN A4 with 70 lines per page.

Fag Lt Serial Page Hunter

The Facit 4555 alphabetical serial, printer is complete, Equipped with RS232C Interface, printing mechanism, control electronics, drive electronics, power supply and character generator. The adaptation electronics can be modified in four versions Bit-paraliei data transier, GCITT (EIA, RS212C) for bit-serial data transfer and the current loop (TTY) Interface also for bit aerial data transfer. The Facit 4555 prints on ordinary paper and is adjustable for different paper widths and formats, 9.5 paper width witty 6b lines per page or DIN A4 with 70

Dse Satellite Receiver

The Ausiralis I satellite receiver kit is now available from Dick Smith Electronics The kit has been designed to make construction and alignment as simple as possible only j standard multimeter and a signal source are required The front and For more tnfoimation atKHi the Au traiis I. contact 0*c* Smith Electronics PO Box 9021, Redwood Ctty OA 940G3

Ac It Serial Page Printer

The Facit 4 555 a Iphanuraerical serial printer is complete. Equipped with KS232C Interface, printing mechanism, control electronics, drive electronics, power supply and character generator. The adaptation eioctronics can be modified in four versions BIt-parallel data transfer, CCITT (EIA, RS232C) for bit-serial data transfer and the current loop (TTY) interface also for bit serial data transfer. The Facit 4555 prints on ordinary paper and is adjustable for different jper widths and formats, 9.5,T paper width with 66 lines page or D1S A4 with 70 lines per page*

National Semiconductor

GC Electronics Catalog A new general catalog has been published by GC Electronics (number FR-71-72) which lists over 14,000 products from all of the company's various operating divisions. The 312-page catalog includes complete listings for these GC divisions GC Electronics, Walsco, Electrocraft, Magic Color, Telco, Audiotex and Calec-tro. The catalog is the first totally new presentation of all its products turned out by GC Electronics in two years. It contains more than 1800 new items-which the major American electronics manufacturer and distributor has added to its line in the intervening period. GC Electronics product lines represented in the catalog include chemicals, servicing tools, printed circuit materials, servicing aids, automotive connectors and hardware, accessories, replacement parts, electronic hardware, replacement knobs and replacement antennas.

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CW ELECTRONICS 3Q3-244 5523 38 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina 28807 GRAHAM ELECTRONICS 317 634 84 86 11240 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif, 900W JUGE ELECTRONICS 817 926 5221 3850 S. Freeway, Fort Worth, Texas 76110 QUEEN CITY ELECTRONICS, INC. 513 931 1577 1583 McMakin Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 RACOM ELECTRONICS 206-255-6656 2602 Ashlan, Fresno, California 97326 WILSON ELECTRONICS 702-457-5791

First Class Fcc License

Your key to future success in electronics is a First-Class FCC License* Ii will permit you to operate and maintain transmitting equipment uned in aviation, broadcasting, marine, microwave, mobile communications, or Citizens-Band, Cleveland Institute home study is the ideal way to gel your FCC License. Here's why Our electronics course will quickly prepare you for a First-Class FCC Licensc*. Should you faii to pass the FCC examination after completing your course, you will get a full refund of ail tuition payments. You get an FCC License . , . or your money back You owe it to yourself, your family, your future to get the complete details on our proven effective Cleveland Institute home study. Just send the coupon below for FREE book or write to Cleveland Institute of Electronics, 177ft E, 17th St Dept. ST-9, Cleveland, Ohio 4413 4,

Unmasking the Long Ranger

My dBm meter from the November 1995 issue of Electronics Now has been built by many electronics experimenters and hams. It is one of the most sensitive RF meters available, far exceeding simple RF probes for voltmeters. The original instrument is rated for a 2-20 MHz range and is usable to 50 MHz with reduced sensitivity.