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Demetris is the creator of Passion Blog Pro that involves training in making money online. His vast experience working in different settings involving marketing, social media, business and managing he pushed him to become a genius at what he does. He created an 8 hour over the shoulder training that will guide you through each step you should take as if you have never heard of generating money online. It will help you find your passion and your category, building a website or blog, strategizing with the marketing techniques and Facebook and Google. His videos will also walk you through your first steps of making the first sales and maintaining a healthy rate of income. The momentum you build making your first few dollars at first will spike up within the first few days to even reach 100$ a day. He even provides testimonials of people who made a massive income that they were not even making while working in a corporate job. The 8 hour training will show each step you need to take to also make your products attract more traffic and by default, more sales. He also shows how to make your SEO planning perfect so your rank higher in the system. The purchase of the product also comes with a membership to the Facebook that he created where he has his best examples of the people that made great success using Passion Blog Pro. Read more...

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A similar media blitz is responsible for Thomas Edison becoming a familiar household name, tn reality Edison did not create or develop our system of alternating current electricity. Indeed, he fought its adoption bitterly, choosing instead to promote a direct current system that had already been invented by others. In short. Edison's brief role in the electrical power industry was that of an entrepreneur who failed rather than an inventor. It was Nikola Tesla's discovery of the rotating magnetic Held principle in 1SK2 and patented in IS88 that gives us our modern day system of electrical power distribution.

Edited By Linda Reneau Kawkm

It also means letting people try, so far as possible, to bring new applications into the marketplace. Section 7 of the Communications Act requires the Commission to encourage the provision of new technologies and services to the public One of the problems is that we have no way of knowing what those tech nologies are going to be, So very often our rules are way behind the industry. A new idea is presented to us, and we have to go through a lengthy rulemaking process to get that technology on the air. By the time we've gone through the process, the poor entrepreneur is bankrupt and the technology goes away, and we never see it.

Every Loan Dollar You Get You Keep And Use To Operate Your Business

Most riTen and women seriously interested in starting their own business are eligible to apply including those who already own a business and need capital last to* expansion or to stay afloat even if they've been flatly relused by banks and turned down elsewhere* Yet, too many never qualily, simpiy because they do not know how to properly11 prepare the loan application

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No commuting to class. The Original Home-Study course prepares you for the FCC Commercial Radiotelephone License This valuable license is your professional ticket to thousands of exciting jobs in Communications, Radio-TV. Microwave, Maritime. Radar, Avionics and more even start your own business You don't need a college degree to qualify, but you do need an FCC License.

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No commuting to class. The Original Home-Study course prepares you for the FCC Commercial Radiotelephone License. This valuable license is your professional ticket to thousands or exciting jobs in Communications, Railio-TV, Microwave, Maritime. Radar. Avionics and more.,.even start your own business You don't need a college degrei- to qualify, but you do nerd an FCC License,

Electromagnetic Field Meter

No commuting to class. The Original Home-Study course prepares you for the FCC Commercial Radiotelephone License This valuable license is vouu professional ticket to thousands of exciting jobs in Communications, Radio-TV, Microwave, Maritime, Radar, Avionics and more.,.even start your own business You don't need a college degree to qualify, but you do need an FCC License.

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I don't know if he has the drive to try and start a business, but there's one just waiting for someone to make it happen. That could build into a multimillion-dollar business in two or three years. The recent growth of new licenses as a result of the no-code Tech license has gotten a rash of new small businesses going En the ham market. Our new ham population has doubled in the last year .which is why Radio Fun has been doing so well, it reaches these newcomers and gives them the information they enjoy reading. I'm delighted at some of the testimonials I've been seeing from advertisers too. The ham market is beginning to show some life. Too bad if you're not getting Radio Fun Perhaps by 1993 I'd have things more in hand and be able to get away. Perhaps by then the Russian countries will be settled down a bit and be better able to use my guidance. Things are probably in such a turmoil right now that I wouldn't be of much help, t think that only Moscow has really started encouraging...

Synthesized Fm Stereo Transmitter

I see the best route lo world peace through business and education, Using modem Lech-nolog we can cut the cost of education by about SO to making it affordable to the whii e world. And by emphasizing the development ot entrepreneurial businesses and the downplaying of international corporate giants, we'll see a better distribution oI wealth and a lot less poverty. When the first microcomputer came along I got one. Wow Sd I started publishing computer magazines such as Bytey Microcomputing, In-Cider, linn, etc., to help the innovators communicate their ideas, to attract newcomers to the field and bring them up to speed, and to provide a medium with which entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates could reach potential customers with their products.

Where Computers Are At

Computer systems arid the race is on to invent a mass memory storage system which is geared to the low cost computer. Small businesses and nornes don't need very large storage systems, nor do they need lightning fast service, so a tape system which would allow you to gel your data in a few seconds would cut the mustard r . r a good trade oil against price,


If isn't just the flea market with over 500 smalJ entrepreneurs selling out of their trucks, campers, and cars. It isn't the nearly 200 exhibitors inside the rambling Wampier's arena- It isn't the 25,000 or so hams and their families which descend upon Dayton in April every year. Pandemonium

How To Sell Software

The manual tells how to obtain national directory listings, now to price a new software product, how to locate ano qualify a new advertiser, how to write a user's manual, and how to operate a successful mail-order fulfilment service. The manual guides budding entrepreneurs through the maze of problems which can limit the exposure of Innovative software products.


The folks ai FIRST (for rispiration and fecognition of Science and Technology) have devised an exciting way to expose high school kids to engineering and technology. The program is t he brainchild of Dean Kamen, a physicist, engineer, and entrepreneur from New Hampshire. His personal goal, and that of FIRST, is to show high school

Dxcc Problems

The massive forging of QSL cards for DXCC, an industry located, naturally, in California (the land of entrepreneurs) gives us a lot of possibilities. My first reaction (knee-jerk) was that a group of amateurs had done a terrible thing. Imagine Desecrating one of our most treasured idols, the DX Century Club, with a cheap plot to debase its virtue Tsk.

On The Road

Unfortunately, packet has gotten big enough for some ''entrepreneurs (read sleaze artists) to try to cash in, i saw a 50 replacement for a resistor and a capacitor, for example. Moving on to the good, here's this year's review of packet related items i saw at Dayton '67, in alphabetical order,

Getting Moving Again

Most of the two-hundred-plus smalt firms making ham gear are made up of one or two avid hams who got started on the kitchen table with some unit or service they thought might be of interest to fellow hams. These entrepreneurs were, almost without exception, under* financed and with little commercial experience before they went into the ham business. They are in it as much for the fun of it as making a living. I really hate to see the downturns in ham buying come aiong and sink these small firms by the dozens, dashing hopes of enthusiastic hams who hope to make it big one of these days.

Job Lot Bidding

In the computer field, I've given talks for several years on the economic opportunities this exploding industry is providing. This has not abated and the opportunities are even better than before. . which 1 probably will be talking about at both Maryland and Washington . . *f you're interested. The real growth in the microcomputer industry is just now getting started and the opportunities to make really big money are just sitting there, waiting for entrepreneurs to grab 'em.

Digital Perspective

For the audiophile. the results of DA are so spectacular that he has no choice but to go digital. But this means a lot of expense, because while digital disk players will work with analog preamplifiers and amplifiers, a purist would blanch at anything less than digital right on through to the speaker. Digital speakers Not little of this technology has even been invented yet, but it will be along. This will be a wonderful area for small entrepreneurs to get going, working toward starting megabuck corporations on the coattaifs of yet another budding high-tech industry.


Jn the short term I have a proposal which I believe will turn our economy around within two years. As an entrepreneur I tend to think in terms of self-financing changes, so my reconrv mendations will call for a small venture capital investment up front .either from the state or from private sources, backed by the state, Bui it should be able to repay the investment within three years and make a nice profit from thenom In the long run New Hampshire (and any other state) is going to be successful if it can attract high-tech businesses. . preferably smaller entrepreneurial high-tech businesses. Just as amateur radio has fallen behind in technology, New Hampshire bet the farm on minicomputers and is paying the price. The microcomputer publishing center i ouill in Peterborough provided an incredible opportunity, but instead of building on this strength, the town made it almost impossible for new entrepreneurial businesses to get started. Now Peterborough is paying a particularly heavy...

Phone G

The scene is eastern Montana, circa 1926. Sealed before 3 roll top desk on which is stacked a small but complete broadcasting station and engaged in winding a hand-cranked phonograph is E.E. Krebsbach, entrepreneur of Radio Station KGCX, then located in Vida, Montana. The phonograph was vital to the operation of the station, its broadcast music being produced by the simple expedient of placing its microphone (which formerly saw service as a desk-stand telephone) in front of the Victrola.

Fcc Shame

It seems that the trustee of the local repeater discovered that a well known local was a bootlegger when he applied for membership in the club. The first reply said essentially that he should mind his own business. He tried again and eventually the Commission sent two agents to look into the problem which by the time they arrived had been solved

Editors Ramblings

Do you own your own business Yes Then how would you like to receive a sizeable government subsidy each month while your competition receives nothing It would be quite a help in competing, wouldn't it But on the other hand, how would you like to be that unsubsidized competition No Well, few would. This type of treatment sounds unfair to most people, yet is quite common in the U.S. It results from some laws passed long ago at a time when no one could foresee tliis consequence. Here's what happens


Frankly we were just a bit disappointed with the February showing. Let's put that old shoulder back to the grindstone and see if we can't get the membership drive back on the tracks and aim it at going over the top. There are a great many important reasons why you should bend your every effort at making this great membership drive a tremendous success. You know what most of them are so we don't have to go into all that over and over again. While on the subject, we want to ask those amateurs who have been critical of the Institute to please mind their own business if they want to grumble they should join first, like all the other members* We would also like to lay to rest the vicious rumors that the reason we are aiming at a membership of 250,000 is that our printer mistook our order for 2500 membership cards and printed 250,000 instead* This did happen, of course, but there is no connection whatever between that little accident which could have happened to anyone and our drive for the...

By A Peter Hamilton

The HP 250 is a low-cost entry level computer system for small businesses. It is shown here with the optional printer noise-reduction enclosure. Fig. 1. The HP 250 is a low-cost entry level computer system for small businesses. It is shown here with the optional printer noise-reduction enclosure.

By Todd M Woodcock

One such grouping would be in the low- to medium-speed range, defined as about 200 lines per minute. Printers capable of this speed typically are used as small system printers where they are generally dedicated to only a few users and are not required to supply the massive throughput typical of the larger systems. These printers are generally used for program listings and for short jobs such as might be needed by small businesses, scientific investigations, and individual programmers during program development. In these applications, the printing rate is most often measured in lines per minute, since traditional line printers with their fast, parallel interfacing are most easily adapted to this measure of performance.

Where To Start

Is there any simple solution to this ghastly situation Well, for starters, it would help the Grand Jury if they had some way of getting some information which would make it possible for them to hand down a more unbiased decision. If they could have an opportunity to ask a representative of the taxpayer some questions, they might be able to get some light on the situation, and be less in the dark If such a thing had happened in my own case I am certain that no indictment could have been handed down and 73 would have been saved tens of thousands of dollars. Such a procedure could save many, many small businesses, and even lives. There is no known argument against it, except by the I RS,

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Was at home, minding my own business, turned on the computer, logged onto the local packet radio BBS, and saw an interesting message about Sudan, a strange and wondrous sounding place that I wasn't 100 percent sure where it was located. This is how VITA volunteer Mark Oppenheim, KD6KQ, described becoming involved with VITA's packet-radio project in Sudan.

The Px Shack

The entrepreneur win find inspiration almost anywhere rill bet I come up with a gangbust-ers idea at least once a month, with fdea-ettes almost daily. Now that I've got my publishing and retailing businesses running fairiy welt. I'll be looking for coconspirators and investors to start more businesses.

Good Start

As a self-employed person engaged in parts sales and service of CB ham hobby electronics, I find many old-time hams are simply knob twirlers who have to pay someone to wire mikes and solder coax connectors while they sit back and complain that no one should be a ham until he learns Morse code Vast numbers more buy parts but don't know what to do with them, go home and blow up the parts by wrong connections, and then get on the air and tell everyone that I sell bad parts and not to patronize my business. That, after I spent time drawing out on scratch paper simple circuits for them with no charge for my time

Making Money

When you think about the enormous shortage of electronic technicians in the United States, you realize that there's lots of opportunities out there for anyone with entrepreneurial leanings to make money. It's so easy for any ham who is realiy interested to make money that I get a bit annoyed when I hear hams compiain ng about being short of money. It's out there in gobs.


Here we are in the middle of the computer revolution, with opportunities on every side for youngsters to become incredibly successful, yet most of them don't want to and won t make even a slight effort to try. We've already seen more new millionaires as a result of the microcomputer in the tasttwoor three years than we've had iin any similar period in history, . .and this is only the beginning. We are about to enter a computer communications explosion which will force millions on many more entrepreneurs, it's all there if you want it. Being, for some reason, an entrepreneur, I see these opportunities opening up on every side. And I see a lack of people with the background it takes to succeed. Im held back from getting into many more projects by lack of money for growth. . .and a lack of able people to follow up on the work that has to be done. Oh, we're growing at about 40 or so a year, but the opportunities are out there for ten times that in growth ,If...



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