Miscellaneous Recent Developments

The instruments illustrated on pages 15 and 16 are all recent developments. All except the new Type 654-A Voltage Divider have been described in some of the previous issues of the Experimenter.

The Type 654-A Voltage Divider is a combination of two sets of decade resistance units connected in series with the output voltage taken off across one set. When the resistance of the "output" unit is increased, the resistance of the other unit is simultaneously decreased to maintain constant total series resistance. This voltage divider performs the same function as the older Type 554 Voltage Divider it supersedes.

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This equipment measures distortion factor. Left to right: Type 536-A Distortion-Factor Meter, SL40.00: Type

514-A General-Purpose Amplifier, $70.00: and Type 488-HM Gal vanom-eter, $30.00

This precision voltage divider yields ratios of 0.001 to 1.000 in decade steps of 0.001. The total resistance presented by the input terminals always remains fixed at 10,000 ohms, since the resistance taken from any one unit is simultaneously added to its mate.

The price of the Type 654-A Decade Voltage Divider is $85.00

This standard-signal generator is recommended for laboratories where speed as well as precision are important factors. Type 600-A Standard-Signal Generator, $885.00

Type 601-A Standard-Signal Generator is designed for production testing and airplane-receiver service work. Price $210.00

THE GENERAL RADIO COMPANY mails the Experimenter, without charge, each month to engineers, scientists, and others interested in communication-frequency measurement and control problems. Please send requests for subscriptions and address-change notices to the

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