modulated. Continuously adjustable 0—60%. Internal: 400 cycles ±5%. External: Flat within 2 db from 100 to 20,000 cycles. Seven volts are required for 50% modulation. The input impedance is 0.25 megohm. Frequency modulation is present, particularly at the higher frequencies. For testing selective receivers, therefore, it is recommended that the generator be used unmodulated.

Stray Fields: Stray fields will not be noticeable with receivers of poorer sensitivity than 1 microvolt.

general radio

Power Supply: 105-125 (or 210-250) volts, 40—60 cycles, 25 watts. T u b e s : 955, 6G6G, 6X5G, VR150. Accessories Supplied: Three-foot output cable, 75-ohm impedance. Six-foot cable for a-c line connection. One blank coil form for additional frequency range. One terminal unit 774-YA-l. One external attenuator 774-X-l.

Mounting: Black crackle aluminum panel, walnut cabinet, hinged cover. Dimensions : (Length) 19J^ x (depth) 9 x (height) ll^ inches. Net W e i g h t: 32 pounds.

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