The true values were known to be Cx = 503.7 wf Dx = 3.15%

Schering Circuit

(a) Determination of C0

A - li - 1000 ohms (approximately) 1000 ¡¿¡¿i in P arm (1)

From Equation (1),

(b) Determination of Csa

P arm open

From Equation (2),

(c) Calibration of Ca

A calibration curve for capacitance increments of a Type 539-A Condenser is obtained by the substitution method described above.

(d) Measurement of dissipation factor of the zero capacitance in the P arm:

P arm open, 539-A across A arm cv Ca CsG

0.001 Mf (Type 505-F) across P arm

From Equation (3), aQa

CsG Cpi

0 0

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