Type B Oscillator

condenser is large compared to Csg); with the leads from the transformer reversed at the bridge, a value for Csg is obtained that will be in error by the amount of capacitance contributed by the point (1) to ground. With careful wiring and arrangement of components, this capacitance will be small. The error in the measurement of these quantities probably does not exceed a micromicro-farad for Cp0 and five micromicrofarads for Cso- Typical values are 100 ju/xf for CSg and 10 /j./j.[ for Cp0- In general, it is probably more desirable to use the circuit with Csg across the N arm. If the capacitance of the standard is 0.01 ┬┐uf, the resulting correction for Cag will be of the order of 1%, subject to an error of only a few hundredths per cent.

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