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• THE TYPE 654-A Voltage Divider, always a useful laboratory device, was discontinued during the war in order to concentrate production facilities on more urgently needed items. We have had a number of requests for this item and are glad to announce that it is again available from stock.

As shown in the accompanying photograph, this voltage divider has three dials, giving division factors of 0.1, 0.01, and 0.001, respectively. Voltage ratios between 0.001 and 1.000 can be obtained in steps of 0.001 with an accuracy of ±0.2%. The division is accomplished by the equivalent of two three-dial decade resistance boxes, so connected that when resistance is taken from one box it is added to the other to maintain the total resistance constant at 10,000 ohms. This action is accomplished through the use of two Type 510 Decade-Resistance Units operated from each control knob by means of a chain drive. All resistors are wound with an alloy wire of such characteristics that no difficulty due to thermal emf will be encountered in direct-current measurements.

The Type 654-A Voltage Divider is currently priced at $100.00 plus 10%. Complete specifications will be sent on request.

Panel view of the decade voltage divider.

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