Kipling Adams, who takes charge of General Radio's Chicago office.

• MESSRS. Hermon H. Scott, Lucius E. Packard and Raymond W. Scarle have severed their connections with General Radio to form a new com pany for the present purpose of manufacturing technical equipment of a type not made by General Radio. They have located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Mr. Scott, who came with us in 1931, was a development engineer, and Mr. Searle was one of our production foremen. Mr. Packard, who joined our engineering staff in 1936, has been in charge of our District Office at 920 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago since its organization over two years ago.

That very active office is now managed by Mr. Kipling Adams, who for the past several years has been Assistant Manager of the Service Department. Mr. Adams received his technical education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and came to the General Radio Company in 1934. During his first few years here he was with the Calibration Laboratory where final tests and calibrations are made on our instruments, and since then he has been in the Service Department. These activities have given him an intimate and well-rounded knowledge of General Radio products, which qualifies him to be of the maximum assistance to our many friends in the Chicago and Middle Western area.

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