Input Impedance: 1 megohm in parallel with 50 micromicrofarads.

Maximum Gain: 90 db with 1 megohm load — down 6 db at 12 and 11,000 cycles — 24 db down at 50 kc.

Null Detector Sensitivity: Less than 100 microvolts input is required to give 10% indication on the meter at 1 kc. Output Impedance: Approximately 50,000 ohms.

Output Voltage: 5 volts into 20,000 ohms; 20 volts into 1 megohm.

Battery Life: Between 200 and 250 hours at 8 hours per day.

Frequency Response: See curves.

Noise Level: Less than 0.5 volt at full gain with battery operation; less than 1.0 volt at full gain with a-c power supply.

Tubes: The instrument requires two Type


1L4 and one Type 1D8GT Tubes which are supplied in the instrument.

Power Supply: Burgess Type 6TA60 (Signal Corps BA48) Battery Pack is supplied in place in the instrument. When a-c supply is desired, Type 1261-A Power Supply can be used. Accessories Available:" Type 814-P2 (400 and 1000 cycles) and Type 814-P3 (60 cycles) Tuned Circuits are available for providing selectivity. These were described in Catalog K, first (page 112) and second (page 90) editions. For facilitating connections to the input and output, two Type 274-M Plugs are supplied. Type 274-NC or Type 274-NE Shielded Connectors may be used. Where complete shielding is required, Type 774 Coaxial Connectors are recommended.

Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 10^ inches, overall. Net Weight: 23M pounds, including batteries.

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