Note: Models are designated by type number. The basic VARIACS, V-5 (for 115-volt input) and V-5H (for 230-volt input), are supplied with terminal strip, but without case, terminal box, switch, convenience outlet, and cord. Models V-5M and V-5HM include the case. Models V-5 MT and V-5HMT are complete mounted models with case, terminal box, switch, cord, and outlet.

Dials: Dials are engraved for overvoltage connection (135 or 270 volts maximum). Special dials are available for 115- and 230-volt maximum output. Dial is reversible, one side for table mounting, the other for panel.

Type V-5 V-5 M V-SMT V-5 H V-5 H M V-5 H MT

Load Rating (KVA)

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