time it was not possible to foresee to the necessary degree the stringent shortages of material and rapidly rising prices of parts and labor. These factors have necessarily slowed the process of getting redesigns and new designs into production.

Just two years ago*, we listed some of the new General Radio products that peacetime conditions would bring. A review of the succeeding twenty-three numbers of the Experimenter shows that we have not fallen far short of our goal. Seventeen new instruments have been announced, as well as three redesigns of older types. A complete list follows.

•"Development Engineering at the General Radio Company," Experimenter, XX, 1, June, 1945.

Frequency Measuring Instruments

Type 720-A Heterodyne Frequency Meter

July-August, 1945 Type 816-A Vacuum-Tube Precision Fork

September, 1945

Type 1140-A U-H-F Wavemeter

October, 1945

Type 1176-A Frequency Meter

February, 1946 Type 1181-A Frequency Deviation Monitor

November, 1946

Type 1175-A Frequency Monitor

February, 1947

Type 724-B Precision Wavemeter

March, 1947

Impedance Measuring Equipment

Type 1614-A Capacitance Bridge

February, 1946

Type 1631-A Inductance Bridge

February, 1946

Type 716-C Capacitance Bridge

April, 1947 Type 1231-A Amplifier and Null Detector.

March, 1946

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