Type A Frequency Meter

A description of this instrument will be found in the Experimenter for February, 1946.

Type Code Word Price

This instrument is manufactured and sold under U. S. Patent No. 2,362,503 and patents of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

*Add 10% to above prices.

Vacuum Tubes:

1—type 6SN7GT 1—type 0D3/VR15O

All vacuum tubes are supplied. Panel Finishes: Standard General Radio black crackle. Certain standard grays which can be processed in quantity can be supplied at a price increase of $10.00*.

Mounting: Standard 19-inch relay-rack panel. Walnut end frames are available for adapting the instrument for table mounting. (See price list below.)

Dimensions: Panel, 19 x 7 inches; depth behind panel, 11J4 inches. Net Weight: 22 pounds.

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