ELECTED — Kipling Adams, Manager of our Chicago office, has been named Chairman of the Board of the 1952 National Electronics Conference. Mr. Adams is also Secretary of Region Five of the Institute of Radio Engineers.

William M. Ihde, of our Chicago office, has been elected Secretary of the Chicago Audio and Acoustic Group.

RECENT VISITORS: Mr. E. Garth-waite, Chief Engineer, Marconi Instruments Co., St. Albans, Herts., England; Mr. Jurg Keller, Manager, Seyffer and Co., our representatives for Switzerland; Prof. Andrea Pinciroli, National Elec-trotechnical Institute, Turin, Italy; Mr. Giuseppe Fidecaro, Physicist, Instituto di Fisica, Universitaria Rowe, Italy; Prof. E. W. Kimbark, Instituto Tech-

nológico de Aeronáutica, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Dr. Hideo Selci, Radio Regulatory Administrative Office, Tokyo, Japan.

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