National Electronics Conference

Plan to visit the General Radio exhibit at the 1952 National Electronics Conference to be held in Chicago September 29 through October 1. In booths 62 and 63, General Radio will show an extensive line of UHF-VHF measuring equipment, the new General Radio Sound-Measuring System, and a number of impedance bridges for laboratory and production testing.

The UIIF-VHF equipment on display will include instruments for the measurement of voltage, power, frequency, standing-wave ratio, admittance, im pedance and receiver characteristics.

The sound-measuring equipment includes the sound-level meter, sound-survey meter, auxiliary microphones, octave-band and continuous-spectrum analyzers, and an acoustic calibrator.

Among the bridges exhibited will be a resistance-limit bridge, useful for both laboratory measurement and production testing, and an a-c comparison bridge for checking capacitors and inductors against a standard sample at 1000 and 5000 cycles.

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