New Branch Plant

Recognizing that the demands of another emergency could not be met by the then-available facilities, the General Radio Company, in 1948, began to explore the possibilities for expansion. Any further major expansion was, for many reasons, all but impossible at the present location in Cambridge. After a careful search, accompanied by an analysis of the residence locations of its employees, availability of suitable local manpower pools, accessibility, including nearness to highway and railway facilities, a building site was chosen in a country district in West Concord, Massachusetts, some eighteen miles west of Cambridge.

About eighty acres of land were purchased to allow for adequate open space around any buildings that might eventually be constructed.

The Korean trouble brought the need sooner than could have been expected. In the late spring of 1950 the rearmament program began in earnest, and General Radio was called upon to make its contribution of precision test equipment and components at a rate far beyond the capacity of its plant. In fact, the ascending curve of new defense orders matched closely the curve caused by the rearmament program beginning in 1940.

Plans for construction on the new site were drawn up immediately, but before construction could be started a certification of the necessity of this new facility was required. This was issued by the National Production Authority upon the request of the Department of Defense, and building was started in July,

1951. The first production operations began in April, 1952.

This modern, fireproof plant has seventy-two thousand square feet of floor space and is devoted to manufacturing, with auxiliary shipping, receiving, and stockroom facilities.

Courtesy Boston Edison Co

View of the new General Radio branch plant at West Concord, Mass rJ THE General Radio EXPERIMENTER is mailed without charge each month to engineers, scientists, technicians, and others interested in communication-frequency measurement and control problems. When sending requests for subscriptions and address-change notices, please supply the following information: name, company address, type of business company is engaged in, and title or position of individual.

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