Radio Engineering Show

When you come to the 1952 Convention of the Institute of Radio Engineers, be sure to look in at Booths 92 and 93 (first floor) in the Radio Engineering Show. General Radio engineers will be glad to show you the new instruments that you have read about in this and other recent issues of the Experimenter — the Type 1390-A Random Noise Generator, the Type 1652-A Resistance-Limit Bridge, the Type 1862-A Megohm-meter, the Type 1690-A Dielectric Sample Holder, the Type 942-A Output Transformer, the Type 1213-A Crystal Oscillator, and other unit instruments.

Also on display will be the new General Radio sound and noise measuring instruments — the Type 1550-A Octave Band Analyzer, the Type 1551-A Sound-Level Meter, and the Type 1555-A

Sound-Survey Meter. These instruments, embodying the latest circuit and design techniques, are rapidly increasing in importance to industry. An important new use for these basic measuring tools is determining the possibility of ear damage to factory employees from excessive noise levels.

For impedance measurements in the u-h-f and v-h-f ranges, the Type 1602-A Admittance Meter will be set up and operating, so that you can see how quickly and easily it measures, on direct-reading scales, the impedance of resistors, capacitors, inductors, lines, antennas, and cable. If you are working on u-h-f television circuits, this instrument will save you time and money. No calculations, no transmission line charts are necessary.

Don't miss it!

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