Supply Frequency: 60 cycles.

A-C Input Voltage: 105-125. For 210- to 250-volt service, the Type 1702-P1 Autotransformer (1KVA) is available to step down the line voltage. See price list below.

D-C Output Armature Voltage. 0-115.

Continuous D-C Output Armature Current: 6.5 a.

D-C Output Field Voltage: 115, 75.

Maximum D-C Output Field Current: 0.4 a.

Input Power: Stand-By, 65 watts.

Full Load, 1150 watts. Speed Range: Motor rated speed down to zero at constant torque.

Motor: We can supply our MOD-6 motor, which is manufactured by the Master Electric Com pany: their Type DM, Frame No. 66, % hp, 115-volt d-c, compound wound, 1725 rpm, six leads, electrically reversible, interpoles, open drip-proof mounting, 40°C. rise continuous operation, sleeve bearings, arranged for horizontal floor mounting. See price list on page 5. Overload Protection: Magnetic circuit breaker permits heavy starting current but will open between 7.25 and 9 amperes armature current on sustained overload.

Reversal and Dynamic Braking: A manually operated start-stop-reverse switch and a dynamic braking resistor are included in the control. Strong braking action is obtained in the stop position.

Mounting and Wiring: Holes are provided in the back of the box for mounting on a wall or bracket. Mounting must be vertical and must permit free access of air through the bottom of the cabinet. Two holes for BX or conduit wiring are located in the center of the bottom of the box.

Dimensions: Box, 13 x 15x5^6 inches; overall, Type including knobs, 13^6 x 15 x 6% inches. Type 1702-P1 Autotransformer, x 4M x 5Ms inches.

Net Weight: Type 1702-A Variac Speed Control, 41 pounds; Type 1702-P1 Autotransformer, 20 pounds.

Code Word

fTo order speed control with motor, use compound code word Amazemotor.


Code Word



Variac® Speed Control* — Va hp

1 amaze



Autotransformer, 230 to 11 5 volts



1 3/a hp Motor

i motorf


fTo order speed control with motor, use compound code word Amazemotor.

0 0

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