Western Instrument Company Offers Repair Service To West Coast Customers

West Coast users of General Radio instruments can now have their equipment repaired and recalibrated in California, thus avoiding the expense and delay that now occur when material is returned to our factory.

Western Instrument Company, 826 North Victory Boulevard, Burbank, California, has been appointed West Coast service agency for General Radio products. This firm has a well-equipped laboratory and machine shop to give prompt and competent repair service on all General Radio instruments. Their repairs and calibrations are made to the same specifications and standards as used at our factory, and we are glad to recommend their service to our friends in the West Coast states and adjacent areas.

Western Instrument Company is owned and operated by Albert K. Edger-ton, who was graduated from Pomona College with the degree of A. B. in Physics in 1934. For the next three years he was employed in electronics in the Los Angeles area, and in 1936 he established the Western Instrument Company.

View of the modern, well-equipped laboratory at Western Instrument Company.

View of the modern, well-equipped laboratory at Western Instrument Company.

From the first, this company has been concerned with consulting and measurement services in electrical and related fields. Development and design facilities for industrial and laboratory controls, as well as measuring equipment, have been a corollary activity. Mr. Edgerton has been engaged in small-quantity production lots of special electrical and measuring equipment. During World War II he was a staff member of the Radiation Laboratory at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for eighteen months, later becoming Chief Test Engineer for the Research Construction Company, an engineering and production organization affiliated with the Radiation Laboratory. Since 1946 he has devoted his full time to the operation of the Western Instrument Company, which continued during the war as an electrical measurements laboratory facility for Southern California industry.

Mr. Edgerton has found an increasing interest in the need for maintenance and calibration facilities for electrical and electronic laboratory equipment on the West Coast, and in early 1951 he became affiliated with the General Radio Company to handle their service and repairs in the area.

Engineering and commercial matters are still to be referred to our Los Angeles Office at 1000 North Seward Street, staffed by Mr. Frederick Ireland and Mr. James G. Hussey, but problems concerning the repair and recalibration of General Radio equipment can be taken up directly with Mr. A. K. Edgerton at the Western Instrument Company, 826 North Victory Boulevard, Burbank, California.

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