Five New Va Ria C Speed Controls Round Out The Line

•THE ADDITION of the Types 1701-AM, 1703-A, 1702-M, 1704-A, and 1705-A Variac"J Motor Speed Controls to the four previously announced brings to nine the models now available.

The Type 1703-A control, of K-hp rating, fills the gap between the Ms-hp controls, Types 1701-AK and AU, and the H-hp control, Type 1700-B.

The Types 1704-A and 1705-A controls extend the line to higher ratings, 1 and 1H hp, respectively.

The Type 1702-M is a new %-hp control for push-button operation, which is an alternative to the Type 1702-A.

Figure 1. The Type 1703-A One-Sixth Horsepower Control.

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