RECENT VISITORS from overseas to the General Radio plant and laboratories— Mr. D. G. Lindsay, Engineer, Amalgamated Wireless, Ltd., Sydney, Australia; Professor Eric Lofgren, Royal Technical University, Stockholm, Sweden; Mr. Karl G. Rostrom, Engineer, Saab Aircraft Co., Linkoping, Sweden; Mr. Arnfinn Lykaas, Forsvarets Fors-kningsinstitutt, Oslo, Norway; Mr. O. Waldo Villafant, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Puerto Rico; Mr. N. Shimomura, Chief Radio Engineer, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd., Japan; Professor Koji Sato, Tokyo University, Japan; Mr. Karno Watanabe and Mr. Kirokuro Hosada, of the Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan.

SPEAKERS — At the National Electronics Conference Luncheon, Chicago, September 30, H. B, Richmond, Chairman of the Board, General Radio Company, on "Opportunities and Responsibilities of Employment in the Electronics Field."

At the West Coast I.R.E. Convention, San Francisco, August 21, R. A. Soderman, Engineer, on "Measurement Problems in V-H-F and U-H-F Antenna Systems."

At the August 24th meeting of the Portland, Oregon, Section, I.R.E., Paul K. McElroy, Design Engineer, on "What Does Current Standardization Mean to You?"

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