We were also privileged to have as guests at our booth in the Radio Engineering Show, and later at our factory, a group of nine overseas business men from Latin America and European countries, who are now on a five-weeks' tour of electronic plants in the United States. This group, all engaged in selling electronic equipment of U. S. manufacturers in their respective countries, are representatives of Ad. Auriema, Inc., New York export agents for U. S. firms. The accompanying photograph shows the group in the General Radio booth at the Radio Engineering Show.

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(Left to right) Mr. Mario R. Aguilar, Mexico City; Mr. John Dorman, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. Richard Bohn, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. Edmund C. Paca, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. Nathan Blomhof, Brussels, Belgium; Mr. Guillermo Lucas Royo, Havana, Cuba; Mr. Joseph Sedacca, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. Angel Mokuvos, Montevideo, Uruguay; Mr. Barnett Phillips, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. Leopoldo Brandt, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mr. Andres Lara Saenz, Madrid, Spain; Mr. Anthony Forani, Brussels, Belgium; Mr. Ad. Auriema, President, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. R. C. Auriema, Ad. Auriema, Inc.; Mr. J. Augusto Gerlinger, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mr. Richard Minnich, Ad. Auriema, Inc., and Mr. S. W. DeBlois, Export Manager, General Radio Company.

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