Some Examples Of Uses Of Visual Analysis

A typical example of the usefulness of this system of wave analysis is the laboratory adjustment of the Type 1302-A (R-C) Oscillator. In this instrument nineteen variables must be set correctly to give the desired operating conditions at all frequencies. To adjust them by conventional methods at one time required a great deal of painstaking, point-by-point analysis of circuit behavior. When the test procedure was modified to employ the visual-analysis system described above, it was quickly learned that all information necessary to make the adjustments appeared on the CRO distortion pattern at certain settings of the panel controls, and that adjustments optimized by eye (visual analysis), even without regard to the numerical values involved, always resulted in a level of performance that was well within specifications. Currently, using this method, the average test time on this instrument is half what it formerly was.

Even in the design and development field, this system has proved valuable. A recently developed audio oscillator incorporated a push-pull output circuit supplied by a direct-coupled driver. Conventional methods of wave analysis indicated that the circuit, as first set up,




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