Circuit Description

The input signals are obtained from the four storage decades of the counter. A digit-selector switch permits selection of the first three, or the last three, or the last two digits to be recorded, ff three digits are recorded, the output increments are 0.1% each. For two digits, the increments are 1% each. The output is either 1 ma for galvanometer recorders, or 100 mv for potentiometer recorders.

Principles of Operation

Figure 0 is a simplified schematic diagram of the converter. Twelve input lines (4 for each decade) connect the electronic switches S1-S12 to the flip-flops in the counter's storage decades. The nominal input voltages are +65 v for a binary 1 and +185 v for a binary 0. For a decade in state 9 (decimal) all four flip-flops are in binary state 1 (+65) and for decimal 0 all flip-flops are in binary state 0 (+185). Each of the electronic switches, S1-S12, connects the associated output resistor (weighting re

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