Microphone Calibrator

Microphones: This instrument will calibrate the Type 1560-P3 and -P4 PZT Microphones, currently used on the Type 1551-C Sound-Level Meter and the Type 1558-A Octave-Band Noise Analyzer, respectively; also the Type 1560-PI (Rochelle Salt) Microphone, used on the older Type 1551-B Sound-Level Meter. Range: Direct reading for microphone sensitivities between — 55 db and — 65 db re 1 volt/Vbar. Frequency Range: 20 to 8000 CpS. Accuracy: ±0.2 db ± (0.1 <Ui X frequency in kc) up to 2.5 kc, ±0.7 db above 2.5 kc to 7 kc, when reference is set to actual barometric pressure.

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