Calibration: A certificate of calibration is supplied with each capacitor giving the measured direct parallel capacitance at 1 kc and at '23 ± 1 C. The measured value is obtained by a comparison to a precision better than +1 ppm with working standards whose absolute values are known to an accuracy of +20 ppm, determined and maintained in terms of reference standards periodically measured by the Xational Bureau of Standards.

Adjustment Accuracy: The capacitance is adjusted before calibration with an accuracy of ±5 ppm to a capacitance about 5 ppm above the nominal value relative to the capacitance unit maintained by the General Radio reference standards.

Stability: Long-term drift is less than 20 parts per million per year. Maximum change with orientation is 10 ppm, and is completelv reversible.

Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance:

2 ±2 ppm/° C from — 20 C to -|-65 C. A measured value with an accuracy of ± 1 ppm/°C is given on the certificate.

Temperature Cycling: For temperature cycling over range from — 20 C to +65 C, hysteresis (retraceable) is less than 20 ppm at 23 C. Dissipation Factor: Less than 1 0—5 at 1 kc. Residual Impedances: See equivalent circuit (Figure 5) for typical values of internal series inductances and terminal capacitances. Maximum Voltage: 750 volts.

Terminals: Two coaxial, locking Tvpe 874; easily convertible to other types of connectors by attachment of locking adaptors. Outer shell of one connector is ungrounded to permit capacitor to be used with external resistor as a dissipation-factor standard.

Accessories Supplied: Two TvPE 874-C58A Cable Connectors.

Cabinet: Sealed inner container mounted in outer lab-bench aluminum case. Easily adaptable to oil immersion of inner sealed container. Dimensions: Width 6%, height depth

8 inches (175 by 170 by 205 mm), over-all, including handle. Net Weight: 814 pounds (3.9 kg). Shipping Weight: 12 pounds (5.5 kg).



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