The Counter Program

The program of the Type 1151-A is as efficient as a program can be made for a counter without storage. It is more complex than the elementary program of the Type 1150-A Digital Frequency Meter, less so than the highly efficient program of the Type 1130-A Digital Time and Frequency Meter with its storage system.2

Since the two useful intervals are those for counting and display, it is obviously desirable to minimize the zero interval that occurs between the

"The Type 1150-AP Digital Frequency Meter is also now available.

tSee page 9. t

2K. W. Frank and II. T. McAleer, "A Frequency Counter with a Memory and with Built-in Reliability," General Radio Experimenter 35, 5, May, 1961.

Figure 1. View of the Type 1 1 51-A Digital Time and Frequency Meter.

end of the display interval and the start of the next counting interval. This has been done in the new counter, whose frequency-measurement program is shown in block form in Figure 2.

The time-base of the Type 1151-A counter is, like the ring counting decades previously described,1 an innovation. This counter uses two identical binary scale-of-1000 dividers to control the

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