Type Q Adaptor

(Connects with either locking or nonlocking Type 874 Connector)

The Type 900-Q874 Adaptor comprises a Type 874-BL Locking Connector and a Type 900-BT Connector, mounted on a short section of precision air line. This adaptor contains a newly designed, fully compensated Type 874 support bead. Although the adaptor mates with both locking and nonlocking Type 874 Connectors, a mechanically stable, low-leakage connection requires a Type 874-BL Connector. For coaxial-line measurements where the reference plane must be determined with the maximum accuracy, however, a Type 874-B (nonlocking) connector should be used. The reason for this is that the locking-type connector is intentionally disengaged a slight amount by the locking system, so as to prevent mechanical jamming. This disengagement can vary from 0.006 to 0.042 inch from connector to connector because of tolerance limits. However, it is generally close to a nominal 0.020 inch. The nonlocking connector, on the other hand, mates automatically within much closer limits because the connectors are always fully engaged. The electrical length and reference-plane data are given in the instruction sheet that accompanies the adaptor, vswr characteristics are shown in Figure 7.


Extends usefulness of Type 900-LB Slotted Line, permitting precision measurements of type N and Type 874 components.

As a precision type N or Type 874 50-0hm Termination, when used with Type 900-W50.

Converts instruments with type N or Type 874 connectors to Type 900.

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