Type W Precision Ohm Termination

The Type 900-W50 Termination is a broadband device with extremely low vswr, useful from dc to 9 Gc. It comprises an accurately derived, continuous transition and a precision cylindrical resistor. The connector is a Type 900-BT. Typical vswr characteristics are_ given in Figure 3. The change of resistance and vswr vs heating due to incident power is negligible up to 1-watt incident power.


As a 50-ohm standard for the calibration of bridges, slotted lines, impedance plotters, reflectometers, etc.

As a termination in measurements of networks with more than one port.

As a precision dummy load.

Type 900-WN

Type 900-WN

As a precision type N or Type 874 Termination when used with a Type 900-QNJ, 900-QNP, or 900-Q874 low-vswr adaptor.

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