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Newmarket Ont Can

The York Region ARC will pro enl Ihe 8th annua Newmarket Flea Market on Saturday, November iQ, 1984, begftninfl ai OEOO, al Ihe Newmarket Community Center Civlr Drive, Newmarkel (jml north of Torontoi Admission is S2.00per person and children under 12 ill bt admitted free TaDle rentals are S3,00 oach plus general adrnhston snd *Mi be he d until 0800 unless payment is mn e in advanee setup is al 063C- Refreshments will be available For table reservations include a check Or mono1. oreje* mad* ou to the fork. Region ARC1 or more information. contact Geoffrey Smith VE3KCE 7 Johnson Reed, Aurora. Ont., Canada L4G 2A3, or phone 416)727-6672 evenings)

Virginia Beach Va

The ARRl Virginia Slate Conveniion and Tidewater Computer Show Harnteil Electronic Flea Market wH oe hek3 on Saturday and Sunday, October 9-10. 1982L from 4 00 am lo 5 00 pm both days, it the pavilion in Virgirira Beach VA Admission is S3 50 lor both days. Flea-market tables are 55.00 Iot or if* day or 900 for both days commercial ffea-market tables are Si5.00 for bolh days, and commercial booths are 30 00 lor bolh days. Featured III be dealers, special displays, forums, com puters. satellite equipment, special XYL programs, and a cocktail pariy Saturday night There will bean advance hcket draw ng tor a hand heSd transceiver as s many . liuiJFle doer p-r-zes For more'nTo'-matlon and Of tickets contact Jim Harrison NhNV. 22a utile 3ay Avenue Nodol* VA 23503 Of phone ia04 537-1695

Newmarket Ont Canada

The York North Amateur Radio Club will hold its annual flea market on Saturday, November 8, 1980, at the Newmarket Community, Centre, Newmarket, Ontario. General admission will be 1.50, which includes a door prize ticket. Admission for exhibitors will be 4, which includes a door prize ticket and one table. Additional tables will cost S2. The flea market will run from 0800 to 1400 EST, but doors will be open earlier for exhibitors. The talk-in frequency will be 146.52 MHz simplex the club call is VE3YNA.

Countries Endorsement

* Giant 3 day Flea Market Exhibits Flea Market Flea Market Tickets (valid all 3 days) will be sold IN ADVANCE ONLY. No spaces sold at gate. A maximum of 3 spaces per person (non-transferabie). Electricity is available in a portion of the last Flea Market row for 50 additional. Rental tables and chairs are not available in the Flea Market. Vendors MUST order an admission ticket for each person when ordering Flea Market spaces. Please send a separate check for Flea Market space(s) and admission ticket(s). Spaces will be allocated by the Hamvention committee from orders mailed by February 5. Please use 1 st class mail only. Notification of Flea Market space assignment will be mailed on or about March 25, 1996. Please indicate in the box below if you would like to attend regardless of Flea Market space assignment. Flea Market tickets Please check one and enclose two checks, Send admission tickets only if flea market space(s) assigned, Send admission tickets regardless of flea market space...

East Rutherford Nj

The Knight Raiders VHF Club, Inc,, will hoid its world-famous flea market at St Joseph's Church, East Rutherford. New Jersey, on Saturday, March 24, 1979. Doors open at 10 00 am. There will be free admission and free parking. Refreshments will be available. Flea market tables are available for 5,00 full table or 3,0Q half table, in advance 6.0G full table oi 3.5Q hatf table, at the door. Talknrt on 146,52 and 144.65 145.25, For further information, call Bob Kovaleski at (201M73-7113 or Jack Mandetberger at 2011-8570016 (evenings onlyV Send reservations to R Wetzel, 419 Union Ave., Rutherford NJ 07070, and make checks payable to Knight Raiders VHF Club, Inc.

South Sioux City Ia

The Midwest Convention of the ARRL will be held at the Manna Inn in South Sioux City IA on April 18 and 19, under the sponsorship of the 3900 Club. The convention will feature forums and an indoor flea market, and commercial exhibitors will be on hand to answer questions on the latest equipment. Bring your 2-meter rig for a free tune-up ' courtesy of Burghardt Amateur Center. Volunteer exams will be given on Friday the 18th. Pre-registration information should be directed to Dick Pitner WGFZO, 2931 Pierce, Sioux City IA 51104. Flea market reservations should be sent to Glenn Holder KGTFT, RR 1, Hin-

Circle On Reaofr Service Card

Turn your old ham and computer gear into cash now. Sure, you can wait for a h amf e st to try and dump it, but you know you'll get a far more realistic price i i y o u have it out where 100r000 acti ve ham potential buyers can see 11han the iew hundred loca hams who come by a flea market table. Check your attic, garage, cellar and closet shelves and get cash for your ham and computer gear before iths too old to sell. You know you're not going to use it again, so why leave it for your widow to throw out That stuff isn't getting any younger The 73 Flea Market, Barter n' Buy, costs you peanuts (a I most) conies to 35 c a word for individual (noncommercial) ads and 1.00 a word for commercial ads. Don't plan on telling a long story. Use abbreviations, cram it in. But be honest. There are plenty of hams who love to fix things, so if it doesn't work, say so.

Virginia Beach Va Oct B

The 9th annual Tidewater Amateur Radio Hamfest Computer Convention Eiectronic Flea Market will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 0-9, 1983. at the pavilion at Virginia Beach VA. For Doth days, the admission is 4.00 and the hours are 9 U0 am lo 5 00 pm. Flea-market tables are 5.00 tot one day and y.00 for buth days for commercial dealers for both days, labie space in the exhibition area is 15.00 and booths are 30.00. Features will include dealers, special displays, forums, computers, and satellite equipment. For tickets and more information, write Jim Harrison N4NV. 1234 Little Bay, Norfolk VA 23503, or phone (8O4)-507-1695

Broken Arrow Ok May It

The Broken Arrow and Tulsa ARC will Sponsor t&e '90 Green Country Ham lest on May 5-17 at she Vo-Tech Sou i ha asi Campus 4GQG . Olive, Broken Arrow Oklahoma (111th St S and 129th E. Ave,). Enier-(ainment Friday from 6-10 p m Flea market and dealer exhibits open from 9-5 on Saturday and from 9-t on Sunday. Pre-regtstraiion s S4 each, maximum of per household, or 55 each at tt e door Flea market tables are 5 m advance or S7 50 at the door For more information, call Ron Game N5WX at (910)-663-0385r or wrile Green Country Hamfest, PO Box 4970, Tulsa OK 741 9

New Fromi Foldaway Trailer Hitch Mount

Turn your GitJ ham and computer gear into cash now. Sure. you can wait for a hamtest 10 Iry and dump it. but you know youl get a far more realistic price if you have it out where 100,000 active ham potential buyers can see it than the few hundred local hams who come by a flea market taaie. Check your attic, garage, cellar and tfo&e shelves and get cash for youi ham and computer gear before it's too old to sell. You know you're not going to use it again, so why leave at for your widow to throw out That Stuff isn't getting any younger The 73 Flea Market. Baiter n' Buy, costs you peanuts (almost) comes to 35 cents a word for individual (noncommercial) ads and 1.00 a word for commercial ads. Don'I plan on letting a long story, Use abbreviations, cram it in. But be honest. There are plenty of hams who love to fix tilings, so if a doesn't work, say so.

Arlington Heights Il

The Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs hamfest will be held on January 25, 1981 at the Arlington Park Race Track EXOP Center, Arlington Heights IL Doors open at 8 00 am Tickets are 2.00 in advance and 3.00 at the door. There will be 300 free flea market tables available, plus 100 commercial booths and clear paved parking Prizes will be awarded. Taik-in on 146,94 and 146.0U61 For advance tickets, send an SASE to WCRA, PO Box OSL, Wheaton IL 60187. For information, call (312) 766-1684 or 312)-629-3296

Eliza Beth Tow N Ky

The Lincoln Trail ARC will hold a hamfest on March 28 and 29 at the Pritchard Community Center, Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Admission is 5 in advance, 6 at the door. Tables (must be reserved) 10 for one day, 15 for both days. Flea market space 5 for one day, 8 for both days, plus admission ticket. Talk-in on 146.52 or 146.38 .98. For advance tickets and set-up reservations, contact Hubert Hensley WD4GDA, PO Box 342, Vine Grove KY 40175 502)-877-2234,

Louisville Ky Jun

June 29 through July 1, 1979. at the Biuegrass Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky. Activities include a flea market, seminars, and exposition, as well as activities for the entire family. Seminar and exposition admission is 4.00. Reregistered Ramada Inn guests i 29.00. single 34.00, double) receive free admission. For advance matt information, write Computerfest r79, Louisville Area Computer Club, PO Box 70355, Louisville KY 40270, or ohone Tom Eubank. Chairman, at (502 895-1230.

International Boundary July

The International Ham Fest will be at Peace Garden, on the international boundary 14 miles north of Dun-seith, North Dakota, on Highway 2811. Campjng facilities, primitive and modem, flea market, VE exams, special event station, Saturday night dance, ham and nonham activities Contact Tom Williams WD0ATI, 612 S. 11th St, Bismarck NO 58504 (701)258-1947.

Akron Goodyear Picnic

The Goodyear Amateur Radio Ciub Akron) will hold its 6th Annual Hamfest Picnic on June 17 at Goodyear Wingfoot Lake Park east of Akron, 1 mile west of Suffield, Ohio on County Rd. 87 near Ohio Rte 43, Join us for an enjoyable day of entertainment, swap-andshop, prize awards, and good fellowship. Refreshments, displays, huge flea market. Hours 10 a.m, to 6 00 p.m. Family admission 2 prepaid, 2.50 at gate. For details, tickets, and map, write to Floyd Gilbert, 1976 Newdaie Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44320,

St Catharines Ont

The Ntagaia Peninsula ARC win hold its annual hamtest and flea market on Saiur-day. February 8. 1986. beginning at 8 00 am. a Ihe UAW Hall Bunting Road. St. Catharines. Ontario. Talk-in on 147.240 r840. For more information, contact NPARC, Box 692, St Calharines. Onlario LR2 6V3. Canada

Grand Junction Co

Attractions will include commercial exhibitors, a flea market, an auction, and prizes. Raffle tickets for the grand prize of a Tempo S-1 are 2.00 each. Talk-in on 146.22y.82. For further information, send an SASE to Larry Brooks WBCECV, 3185 Bunting Avenue, Grand Junction CO 81501, or call (303)-434-5603.

Maggiore Electronic

Soclsllon will hold an indoor flea market on Sunday. May 20 19B4, from 9 00 am to 3 00 um. at toe Fltchburg Civic Center, 1000 John Fitch Highway, Fitchburg MA Admission is *l,00 and tables are Sfl.00 eacn Doors will oj -n for sellers at B XJ am. Refreshments and plenty of free par*, mo will be actable. Talk In on 145.45.'.85 and KG 52 Fof space reservat senrJ a check payable to MARA to Jim Beaure gard KB1AY 7 Mountan Avenue, Fitch-burg MA 01420,

West Springfield Ma

The Hamptfeti County Radio Associa tion ill hold a flea market Ofi Sunday May 5. t965, rain or shine, from 9 00 arn to 3 00 pm, at The Elks Lodge. Morgan Road, West Spring held MA (Morgan Road is approximately one-naif mile south of Me Massachusetts Turnpike on Route 5. Turn right onto Morgan Road at Abdows Restaurant and drive three-quarters of a mile to the Elks Lodge) Admission is 11 00 and tables are 13,00 each Dealers may display from venues for S3.00 per vehicle Re. freshmen* s will be available

Siloam Springs Ar

The Northwest Arkansas Amateur Radio Club, Inc., will hold its 1st annual hamfest swapmeet on Saturday, May 16, 1981 at the Sitoam Springs Community Building, Siloam Springs AR, from 8 00 am to 5 00 pm. a will be all indoors and commercial exhibitors tables are free. Flea market tables are 2.00 each. Doors open at 6 00 am for setting up tables. Great prizes will be available, including a TS-830. There will be refreshments and free parking. Talk in on .16 76 or ,52 simplex. For more information, send an SASE to Bob Harmon W5SEP. Route 1, Box 13E, Elkins AR 72727.

South Dartmouth Ma

The South Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association will hold its annual picnic and flea market on Sunday, September 7,1980, from 9 00 am until 4 00 pm at the Stackhouse Fairgrounds. Faith Street. Sou h Dartmouth MA, The rain date will be September 14, 1980. Sales space is 6,00 and tables for rent are 4.00. There wilt be free parking, entertainment, and food and beverages for sale. Talk-in on 147.60 147.00 or CB channel 11. For information, wnte SEMARA. PO Box P-105, South Dartmouth MA 02748, or phone (617) 997-3674 or (617)-994-4838.

Essex Junction Vt August

The Burlington ARC presents its annual Hamfest at the Cham-plain Valley Fairgrounds. Featured are packet ARES forums, contests, and a flea market. Talkin on 146.34 ,94 MHz or 146.01 .61 MHz. Admission, 4. Bob Halt W1DQO, General Greene Rd.t Shelburne VT 05482 802-9852235,

Toronto Ontario August September

ARC is sponsoring Atlantic Hamfest 788 on the University of New Brunswick Campus. The theme is Approaching the Year 2000,,T Meetings, seminars, social events, flea market, and commercial displays. Reservations available through Atlantic Hamfest 'SS, PO Box 35671 Frederictont N.B Canada E3A 5J8

Dorchester Ont Can

The London Amateur Radio Club will hold its 4th annual Swap n Shop flea market on Sunday, October 25, 1981, from 9 00 am to 4 00 pm at Lord Dorchester Secondary School, Dorchester, Ontario, Admission is S2.00 per person with children under 12 admitted free. Tables are 1.00 per tabie (plus admission) and must be reserved and pa d for in advance Talk-in on 147.78 .18 or 146.52. For additional information, write to Dick Reiber VE3IBV. 417 Regal Drive. London, Ontario N5Y 1J8, Canada.

Illinois Repeater Council

CONVENTION sponsored by FEMARA Sept, 29 & 30 at Dunfey's Hyannis Resort on Cape Cod. Huge flea market, seminars, FM, SSTV, NEDXCC, AMSAT, YL trips, 2 pools, golf, beaches, sailing. Early bird registration still only 3 from W1KCO, 572 Berkley Street, Taunton, MA. 02780. Special early bird hotel discount available.

Des Moines Hawkeye Hamfest

The Des Moines Radio Amateur Association will hold a Hamfest Sunday, June 17, 1973, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Teen Town Arena of the Towa State Fairgrounds, Give Pop a present for Father's Day and bring him to the Hawkeye Hamfest. Lots of free parking - refreshments - lots of room for Flea Market. Limited nam* ber of covered booths and extra tables available at small charge. Open area inside the arena at no extra charge. Dealer displays, valuable prizes and XYL activities. Auto races and camping on Saturday night, extra. Registra tion 1.50 advance, S2.00 at gate. Write Des Moines Radio Amateur Association, Box 88, Des Moines, Iowa 50301,

Cuyahoga Falls Oh

The Cuyahoga Falls ARC will sponsor us 33rd annual Auction-Fesi on February 22 at the Tailmadge High School (1 rude east ol Tailmadge Circle on East Avenue or 2,3 miles west ol 1-76 at Etft31), Flea market opens at 8 a.m. and the auction begins at n a.m. Admission is 4 at the door and S3 in advance. Raa markei tables available for m advance, Deadline for tables is February 9. Talk-in on 147.87 ,27. For more information, send an SASE to Cuyahoga Fails Am ate ur Radio QuO, PO Box 614 Cuy aboga Falls OH 44222

South Sioux Cjty Ne

April 15-17, 1983, at the Manna Inn, South Sioux City WE. directly across the river from Sioux City. On Saturday, features will include a QCWA breakfast, a 390Q Club luncheon, an all-day ladlea program, and an evening banquet with entertainment. There will be seminars, displays, commercial exhibits, and a 66-iable flea market, all indoors in the same building. Tables (8 ft. x30 ia) are 5.00 for the 3 days, 4.00 for Friday night and Saturday, For table reservations, contact AI Smith W0PEX, 3529 Douglas Street. Sioux City IA 51104. Exhibitors should contact Jim Boise KAGGZY, LaSalle Street, Sioux City IA 51104. Setup time is Friday afternoon, Aprit 15th. Convention fees are 6.00 for the 3 days advance banquet reservations are 10.00 at the door, 12.00). For advance banquet tickets and motel reservations, write to Jerry Smith W0DUN. Akron IA 51001. For general information, contact Dick Pitner W0FZQ, General Chairman, 3931 Pierce Sireet, Sioux City IA 1104.

See You In Des Moines

The Canton Amateur Radio Gub will hold it's annual Auction & Flea Market Friday March 8, 1974, at the Imperial House Motet in Canton OH, Doors open for set-up 5 00 PM, begins 7 30 PM+ Mobile check-ins on 147.06, .94 simplex and 19 79. Grand prize, mobile check-in prize, other prizes awarded each half-hour. Free coffee and donuts, Free set up displays and exhibitions with free space. Imperial House Motei is located jus* North of Canton OH on 1-77, Take the Everhard Rd+ exit West just 2 miles. For exhibit and display reservations or additional information contact Mark Schontz WB8NUA, 601 Perry Dr.r N.W,, Canton, OH.

Calvert City Ky April

Ham radio flea market sponsored by the Chestnut Ridge Radio Club will be held at the education building of the Saddle River Reformed Church in Upper Sad-die River. Tabie, 10 for the first, S5 for each additional table. Tail-gating, 5. Admission. S1. Contact Jack Meagher W2EHD. (201) 768-8360.

Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Can

Hamfest will be held on July 28-29, 1979, at Gallagher Lake KOA Kampsite, 8 miles north of Oliver, B.C., Canada. Registration starts at 9 00 am Saturday. Activities start at 1 00 pm Saturday and continue until 2 00 pm Sunday. Ladies may bring their hobbies and items for a whiie-elephani sale. Featured will be prizes, a flea market, bunny hunts, entertainment, a home-brew contest, and more. A potluck lunch will be served Sunday at noon. Callin on 3800, ,34 .94, and .76 simplex. For information, write John Juul-Andersen VE7DTX, 8802 Lakeview Dr., Vernon, B.C., Canada V1B 1W3, or Lota Harvey VE7DKL, 584 Heather Rd., Penticton. B.C., Canada V2A 1W8.

Upcoming Technical Conferences

A Surplus Tour is scheduled for Thursday conference papers will be presented on Friday and Saturday noise-figure measurements and a microwave flea market are planned for Friday night Saturday night dinner will be a Bar-B-Q and Sunday, conference wrap up and possible tour of the W9JK Big Ear at Ohio State University.

Downers Grove Il July

The DuPage ARC is sponsoring a Hamfest Computer Show at the American Legion Post 80 with outdoor flea market and swappers row Indoor tables available, dealers welcome VEC exams (bring copy of license). Admission 3 at gate, 2 in advance. Talk-In 146.52, 145.250-600, 224.55, and 442.55. For tickets or tables, send SASE to Hamf&st Chairman W9DUP, PO Box 71, Clare noon Hills IL 60514 312-985 0527.

Circle On Reader Service Card

NEWTOWN, CT The Western CT Hamfest will be held at the Edmond Town Hall Rt. 6,9 a.m.-2 p.m. Setup is at 7 a.m. Exit to on 1-94. Talk-in on 147J2 .72. New equipment dealers, flea market tailgating. and computers, will be featured. Tables 10, tailgaiing S6 (each includes 1 admission). Admission is 4, under 12 admitted tree Contact Ken Weith KD1DD, P.O. Box 3441, Danbury CT 06813-3441 Tel (203) 743-9181.

Transformer For Linear

ANNUAL FINDLAY, OHIO HAMFEST will Be September 12th at Riverside Park. Net Conferences. Flea Market, Swap-Shop, Door Prizes, Manufacturers' Display. MARS. Etc. Donation S1.00 in advance, 1.50 at park. Tickets and details from Dan Jernigan, K8VXD. Route 2, Findlay, OH 45840.

West Huntington Wv

17th annual hamfest and family picnic on June 3, 1979, starting at 10 00 am, at the Camden Amusement Park, West Huntington, West Virginia. There will be a planned program for the XYL and kids, or you can enjoy the amusement park if you prefer. There is a possibility the FCC will administer amateur exams, There will be major prizes, a large flea market, exhibitors, and displays. Dealers are always welcome to space in the covered pavilion. Talk-jn on 34 94 or 16 76. For more information, write TARA, PO Box 1295, Huntington WV 25715.

New European Ham Tour In October

Paris . . . what can I say The Lido the flea market the left bank . . . the Eiffel Tower . . .The Champs-Elys es the dress boutiques for the wives . and the great friendship of the French amateurs. Munich Remember that the Munich Octoberfest is world renowned a three-week-long party with new wine, and incredible amounts of beer. Add to that a visit to the Nymphenburg Palace . . - and other great sightseeing spectacles. Zurich . . . inexpensive watches . . . your own numbered Swiss bank account tiny back streets with fascinating stores . . . toy shops . . . wood carving . . . and a gourmet paradise of fondue bourguignonne and other specials. Amsterdam the city of canals , . . more than Venice Great food . . . Rembrandfs home . . . Anne Frank's house . ,. inexpensive jewelry . . . and chocolate

An Invitation For You To Join The Green Team

Turn your old ham and computer gear into cash now. Sure you can wait for a harnfest to try and dump it, but you know youH get a far more realistic price if you have it out where 100,000 active ham potential buyers can see it than the few hundred local hams who come by a flea market table. Check your attic, garage, celfar and closet shetves and get cash for your ham and computer gear before it's too old to sell. You know youVe not going to use it again, so why leave it for your widow to throw out That stuff isnl getting any younger* The 73 Flea Market, Barter n Buy, costs you peanuts (almost comes to 35 cents a word for tndividuaf (noncommercial) ads and 1,00 a word lor commercial ads. Don'i plan on telling a long story. Use abbreviations, cram it in. But be honest. There are plenty of hams who love to fix things, so if il doesn't work, say so.

Greater Baltimore Hambor

Calvert Hall College, Goucher Blvd. and LaSalle Road. Towson, Maryland 2 I 204. I mile south of Exit 28 Beluvay-lnterstate 695) Food Service. Prizes. Flea Market, 1.50 Admission, NO TABLE CHARGE OR PERCENTAGE. HAMFEST-WABASH COUNTY Amateur Radio Club's Fourth Annual Hamiest Sunday. Ma 2L Rain or shine. Admission is still only Si. Flea Market no setup charge, tech. talks, bingo tor XYI 's, and much mori . For more information write to Bob Mirtine. 663 V Spring St., Wabash. Indiana 46992. 21ST ANNUAL DAYTON Hamven-lion will he held on April 22, I 972 at Wamplers Dayton Hara Arena. Technical sessions. Bxhibits, Hidden Transmitter hunt, Flea market and special program for the XYL, For information write Dayton Hamvention, Dept. S. Box 44. Dayton, Ohio 4540i. FEST, now family style, Aug. 20, Yankee Lake, Ohio, Gigantic flea market, swimming, picnicking, playground, all tree, Camping available. Details QSL W8VTD

Burlington Ont Can

The Burlington Amateur Radio Club will hold its 6th annual Ontario Hamfest 1980 on Saturday, July 5 1980, at the Milton Fairgrounds, just south of the intersection of Highways 401 and 25 (Exit 39), General ad mission is 3.00 children and ladies are free. Pre registration before June 15, 1980, is 2.00. Gates will open Friday, July 4, 1960, at 12 00 noon and Saturday, July 1980h at 7 00 am The flea market opens at 8 00 am and tables are free. There will be camping available and food and prizes. Talk-in on 147.8V.21 VE3RS8. For information, write BARC, Box 836, Burlington ONT, CAN L7R 3Y7,

Cercle On Reader Servece Caro

DOWNERS GROVE, iL The DuPage ARC wi sponsor their 10th annual Ham-fest Compuier Mart, beginning at 8 AM at the American Legion Post ao, 4000 Saratoga Ave., Downers Grove IL. Post 60 is located about 20 miles west of Chicago, one block north of Ogden Ave, (Ftte 34), and one block west oi Main t From l-8fl exit at Highland Ave. south io OgdenP west on Ogden one biock to Saratoga, one Wock north on Saratoga to the American Legion Post 80 Flea Market, Tailgating, Free Parking VE Exams for all classes please bring your license, copy of license, photo ID and certificate of successful completion, if appropriate. Tickets S3 in advance, S4 at the gate. Talk-in on H6.52 MHz simplex and 145.25 MHz -600, (CTCSS 107.2 Hz). For

Montgomeryville Pa

Gust 9, 1981, from 9 00 am to 4 00 pmp rain or shine, at the Budco 309 Drive-In Theatre, mile north of the Intersection of Rtes. 63 and 309, Montgomery-viJle PA (6 miles north of the Fort Washington interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike). Admission is 2.50 with 1.00 additional for the first tailgate space and 75c for each additional space. Tailgate setup begins at 8 00 am. Featured will be an Alternate Energy Fair which will include exhibitions of various energy resources, as well as door prizes and a flea market for both the hamfest and the Alternate Energy Fair. Refreshments

Dx Adventure On Monserrat

SCARA INDOOR HAM RADIO AND COMPUTER FLEA MARKET Sunday November 15.1987 at ihe North Haven Park and Recreation Center. 7 Linsley Sireet, North Haven, CT. Sellers admitted at 7 a.m Buyers from 9am to 3 p.nn Tables are SiGOO in advance, 15.00 at the door. General admission 2.00 per person. Talk-in on 146.01 61 Reservations for tables must be receded with etieck by November 4, I9B7. and NO reservations by phone For information or reservations, SASE. to SCARA Fieamarket P.O. Box 81 North Haven, CT 06473 Or call between 7 pTi and to p.rn Brad at (203) 265-6478. BNB620

A Visat Where to Next

Amateur Radio enthusiasts are, by their very nature, people who are interested in the science of radio and communications. Many of us have been fascinated with radio since our earliest days and have experimented with devices such as crystal sets, lubes, transistors, and integrated circuits even before we could understand their function. We are often the early users' when new devices hit the marketplace and are alway s on the lookout for that new device or item at the ham flea market. This is particular ) true of those who work the amateur satellites, and we are anxious to try out ihe ' new bird with its latest bands, new devices, and unique functions. AMSAT, comprising many national and individual AMSAT organizations and a world w ide membership, has been a leading proponent of space communications 58 73 Amateur Radio Today * November 20

Massachusetts Amateur Radio Week

I lie Music ( it Manifest will l e presented by the Nashville (TN ARC June.18 (Fathers Day) at Lock 1 wo Park- two miles north of Opryland SA Flea market, refreshments and more. Prize drawing will be held at 1 30 P.M. Talk-in call is K4CPO on 75m and FM I4iv94. For more information write Music Cit Hamfest,

Circle Oh Reader Service Card

The local W8BI ATV repeater has good coverage in me hamvention area with input on 439.25 and output on 426.25 MHz. The repeater is vertically polarized, but most of the local simpfex activity is horizontal From the exhibitors' area, you should be able io see several ATV signals Irom the AEA, PC Electronics, and Wy-man Research booths. In the flea market, be on the lookout for Ihe telltale sign of any ham carrying a TV camera with whip antenna attached. You no longer have to describe that great piece ofJ 'bargain junk'' to your friends on your HT . just show it to them on their TV It won't be long till the LhHand* ie-Lookie is a reality.

Mhz Ht All Mode Hf Transceiver

Stantially, to live longer, to get rid of welfare, and other non-ham matters which are probably of no interest whatever o someone who's driven all the way to Dayton for a super nam-fest. Vou want lo scrounge the flea market and to see all the new ham gear on display, not gel involved with politics or health things So ni try one more year giving a talk and see If there seems like enough interest lor me to bother next year. My talk is a 1 p.m. on Saturday if you aren't too busy haggling over something in the flea market to bother. Maybe itll rain again and help pack my room, riJ do a litlie rain dance.

Writing Pictures Into the Apple Hires Screen From A Deskfax Machine

To do anything useful with a computer, you simply need the right peripherals. If you have what is required, the computer can perform interesting tasks. This article tells of how I used homemade peripherals to copy pictures mounted on the drum of a small deskfax or TELEFAX machine (as Western Union calls it), and display them in the HIKES screen of an Apple computer. 1 The machines were surplus a long time ago so you may find one at a flea market.

Farewell To A Pioneer

The Hamvention headquarters will be at the Holiday Inn Last, LasL Highway 66. There will be a banquet on Saturday night (September 19) in the main ball room of the Holiday Inn. There will be lots of door prizes, (iabfest, flea market, and lots of fun. Technical sessions will be presented in the areas of VHF, FM, SSB and other subjects, t here will he MARS meetings and the VHI 1M Society of New Mexico will have its first formal meeting. Planned guests include Ken Sessions (Repeater Handbook) and Bill Orr (Radio Handbook).

West Friendship Md

Inc amateur radio club will hold its 11th annual Danville, Illinois, Hamfest, Saturday and Sunday, August 30-31, 1980, at the Georgetown, Illinois, Fairgrounds. Advance gate dona tions are 1.50 per adult 2.00 al the gate, with children 14 years and younger free Activities will include two days of flea markets, commercial exhibitors, RTTY setups, an Antique Wireless Association display, a home-brew builders contest, a USAF MARS station, and other interests. Meats and refreshments will be served both days and overnight camping facilities are available. F or moreinforma lion or advance tickets, send an SASE to Illiana Repeater System, Inc., PO Box G, Catlin IL 61817.

Simple Crystal Activity Tester

Crystals are available from a variety of sources. Most hams, especially older hams, usually have spare crystals in their junk boxes. 1 hese arc often available for very low prices at hamfest flea markets. Most such crystals are in the lower ham bands, white some are multiplier types for higher frequency bands,

National Security Agency

Sunday, October 7r at State Technical Institute, conveniently located on interstate 40 at Exit 11. Tennessee Section ARRL Convention in conjunction, ARRL Forum, MARS meetings, prizes, Flea Market, XYL entertainment. Informal group dinners Saturday night. Talk in on 34-94 and 3980. All your friends will be there

Rochester Hamfest Closed Down By Tax Officials

New York tax officials descended on the Rochester hamfest and closed down the ARRL booth threatening president Harry Dannals with an arrest warrant if he continued to hawk his books and magazines. It was at the height of the hamfest just before noon on Saturday, with an estimated 3,000 people milling around the flea market and the handful of exhibitor booths, when the tax officials and police arrived The police cars drove up and down the aisles of the flea market, demanding that everyone pack up and leave immediately. inside the exhibits building, the tax officials demanded proof of a tax certificate, which few exhibitors could produce.

Rochester Hamfest 1981

The Atlantic Division New York State Convention, combined with the Rochester Hamfest, will be on Friday and Saturday, May 15-16, at the Monroe County Fairgrounds, Rte. 15A, Rochester NY. Commercial exhibits will beopen from 1 00-9 00 pm Friday and from 8 30 am until 6 00 pm Saturday, A huge outdoor flea market will open at 1 00 pm Friday and run contin-uousfy until closing Saturday evening. Registration is 5 at the gate, The banquet will be 11. Flea market permits will be 2 per parking space. For info, write PO Box 1386, Rochester NY 14603 or call 716J-424-1100.

South Fallsburg Ny

On November 7, 8, and 9, 1980, the Hudson Amateur Radio Council will sponsor the ARRL Hudson Division Convention to be held at the Pines Hotel, South Fallsburg NY. The theme is Good Times at the Pines, with emphasis on a minivacation type convention for both families and solo attendees. A full range of forums is planned along with an exhibit hall and flea market. Contact Mike Troy WA2TYV, 70 Ridge St., Rye NY 10580, for advance tickets at 5.00 each through 10 27 80. Contact Mike Evans WB2RDD for flea market info at Box 143, White Sulphur Springs NY 12787, or call at night (914)-292-8630.

The Flexi Flane Antenna

For general toting and flea-market work, the flexible rubber ducky makes a fine antenna, it i* shorter than a quarter wave and will not break off if you should accidentally sit down with the little rig in your back pocket. But with flexibility comes a drawback The wobbly ducky just doesn't put out the juice, A friend told me that the rubber ducky was down b dB but he didn't say down from what.

Motorola Fm Equipment Schematic Digest

1969 Ham Radios

INDIANAPOLIS HAM CONVENTION (Sat.) May 24, (9 to 5) at beautiful Lafayette Square Mall. Indoor manufacturers displays-for sale or auction. Free out-door flea market. 80+ shops, cinema, for XYL and kids, inside airconditioned mall. Airports & Interstate Va mile. Write Indianapolis Ham Association, 309 Benton Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46227,

Amateur Thermistor Power Meter

If you look around, there are some excellent older power meters available on the surplus market. For example, the Hewlett Packard model 430C microwave power meter, in conjunction with the HP 477B thermistor mount, will measure power levels from 0.02 mW to 10 mW at frequencies from 10 MHz to 10 GHz. I have seen HP 430Cs at flea markets for 5. While the thermistor mounts are harder to find, probably because they can be blown up, they can often be found in the 30 range. Later versions of this instrument, the 431, 432, 435 and 436, are improved models with temperature-compensated power sensors, lower and higher power scales, higher accuracy, digital readout and so forth. Of course, there are similar instruments from other manufacturers that show up at flea markets and surplus outlets as well. the meter out ahead of time, at least measure the input to the thermistor mount with a good ohmmeter. It should be 50 ohms. Power attenuators, also common at flea markets, should be tested as well...

With Filter and Amplifier

5.9 to 6.4-GHz microwave relay band work well and are readily available at flea markets, but surplus mixers for this band are scarce, so homebrewing is necessary. One option, the KK7B no-tune transverter, has a simple bilateral mixer for this band, used for both receive and transmit, so switching is needed to use separate power amplifier and receive preamp.4 Having separate mixers for transmit and receive is preferable so that each path may be optimized

The ARRL Experimenters Exchange

Your registration also includes The Flea Market on the following day, Sunday, October 7, from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. at the Bucks County Drive-in Theater, Warrington, PA, on Rte. 611, 4 miles north of PA Turnpike Exit 27. If you didn't register for the VHF conference, the flea market registration is 3.00.

Port Jefferson Li Ny

The Suffolk County Radio Club will hold its ARRL-sup-ported 4th annual Electronic Flea Market on Sunday, Septem* ber 13, 1981, with a rain date of September 20P 1981. The site is the Odd Fellows Hali, Jane Boulevard, Port Jefferson Lf NY. Walk-ins will be 1,50 and sellers will be 3,00. There will not be any charge for XYLs and harmonics of attending hams. Gates will open at 7 00 am. Bargains, prizes, food, and hamshlp will be available. Talk-in on .52, .94, and 223,50, For more information, contact Floyd Davis at (516)*234-9376, The Bristol County Amateur Radio Association will hold its annual indoor outdoor flea market on September 13,1981, from 12 00 noon to 4 00 pm at the VFW hall In Tiverton Rt. Admission Is 1,00 and flea market spaces are 6,50. Door prizes will be drawn. TaIMn on 147.63 .03 and .52. For maps, send an SASE to Ann M, Carro KA1DNB, 662 Old Colony Terrace, Tiverton Rl 02878.

Oklahoma City Jul

Central Oklahoma Radio Amateur's (CORA's) Ham Holiday and Oklahoma State ARRL Convention will convene July 31 through August 2 at Lincoln Plaza, 4445 North Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City. Features mclud hi-tech programs and demonstrations, VE tests, the ARRL forum, and other events. The two-day flea market wilt be open Saturday and Sunday. Talk-in on 147.63 147.03. Pre-registralion is S7.00 before July 22. Reg-istraiion is 9.00 at ihe door. FEea market tables are 2.00 with pre-registralion. For details, write CORA Ham Holiday. PO Box 850142, Yukon OK 73065-0142r

Arlington Heights M

The Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs will hold their annual hamfest on February 7, 1982, beginning at 8 00 am at the Arlington Park Race Track EXPO Center, Ariington Heights IL. Tickets are 3.00 at the entrance and 2.50 In advance. There m be free flea-market tables, expanded floor space, parking, awards, and a large commercial area, Including the new computer section, Talk in on 146.0U61 and 146,94+ For commercial info, call WB9TTE at (312 -766-1684 for general info, call WB9PWM at (312J-629 1427. For tickets, send an SASE to WCRA, PO Box QSU Wheaton IL 60187,

Circle On Reaoer Service Card

Turn your old ham artd computer gear into cash now Sure, you can wait tor a ham Jesl to try and dump it Out you know you'll go a far more realstic price it you have it out where 100 000 active nam potential buyers can see it than the lew hundred local hs ts who come by a flea market abJe. Check your atltc. garage, cellar and closet shelves and g- caah or your nam and compuiir gear before it's too old losei You know you're not going to use it again. so why leave it for your widow to throw oul That siuff isn t getting any younger The 73 Flea Market. Barter 'n' Buy, costs you peanuts (almost) comes lo 35c a word tor individual noncommercial ads and 1 00 a word tor commercial ads Don't plan on telling a long story Use abbreviations, cram il tn But be honest There ate plenty of hams who love to f x things, so il it doesn't work, say so.

West Springfield Ma May S

The Hampden County Radio Association will hold a flea market on Sunday, May 5, I985r rain or shine, from 9 00 am to 3 00 pm, at the Elks Lodge, Morgan Road, West Springfield MA (Morgan Road is approximately one-half mile south of the Massachusetts Turnpike on Route 5. Turn right onto Morgan Road at Abdows Restaurant and drive three-quarters of a mite to the Elks Lodge), Admission is 1.00 and tables are 3,00 each. Dealers may display from vehicles for 3,00 per vehiclen Refreshments will be available.

Hamilton Ont Can

The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club. toe., will hold its 2nd annual flea market on Saturday, October 6. 19 4. beginning al Q 30 am. at Marritt Hall. Ancaster Fairgrounds, 625 Highway 53 East. Admission is S2. Q. Flea-market vendors' foot tables are 4.00 plus admission and commercial vendors' 8 too( tables are i0 00 with admission in eluded There wilt tie room lor 150 vendors und setup will be Irom 7 00 am to 8 30 am Cotter soft drinks, and sandwiches will be available. TaJk-m on 146 1& 146 76 (VE3NCF). For space reservations contact H ARC FieaMarket Committee. PO Box 53 Hamilton, Ont. Canada L8N 3C For more information contact Stan VE3GFE on VE3NCF.


WHEATON, IL The Six Meter Club of Chicago, Inc., will present their 45th annual ARRL sponsored ham radio and electronic flea market Hamfest at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, 2015 Manchester Rd. (North of Roosevelt Rd. (Rte. 38), east of County Farm Rd.). This is an all-weather hamfest with 3 buildings and a large outdoor flea market. Features include ARRL and deaier displays, food and refreshments, free parking no extra charge for space in the outdoor flea market, limited overnight RV parking with electrical hookup, 15 each space advance registration required. Advance tickets 5, 6 at the gate. Advance tickets available from Six Meter Club of Chicago, 2335 South 2nd Ave., North Riverside IL 60546, or from any ciub member. Payments for registrations must be received with an SASE no later than May 25th. Commercial 8-ft. tables with 110V in the air conditioned main building, 15 each. Indoor flea market tables, 8-ft. with no electric, 12 each. For info call the 24-hour InfoLine at...

March A

NORTHAMPTON MA Amateur Radio and electronics flea market sponsored by ihe Mt Tom ARA wili be hekJ at the Smith Vocaiwyial High School HandJcap accessible Doors open at 9 AW TaJK-inon 146 94 223fl2rptrs. and 146 52 sample* Tab es S10 advance Jt2 at doof AcmPSMon 2, under 2 free Contact NiCDR ttvwi Yate 6 i aure Ver race. Westfetd MA 01085. or caJI t413 62-1QZ7

North Haven Ct

The Soufhcentral Connecticut Amateur Radio Association (SCARA will hold its 5ih annual Electronics Show and Flea Market on Sunday. November 11, 1994, from 9 00 am to 3 00 pm, at the North Haven Recreation Center, Linsley Street, North Haven CT. Admission is 1.50 and children under 12 accompanied by an adult will be admitted free, Tables are 10.00 in advance for the main hall and 12,00 at rhe door. (Reservations are strongly advised.) Setup will beat OG am, and lor new equipment vendors, a special exhibit a ea with setup security arrangements will be made available. There will be food both at the food booth and from a mobile cart, Features will include the latest in ham radio, computers, and electronics. Talk-in on 146.0V146.61 (W1G8). For more information, directions, and res-ervaiions (make checks payable to SCARA), send an SASE to Tony Vanacore AK10, PO Box STt North Haven CT 06473, or phone (2Q3M34-4175 (home) or (203)-239-5321, extension 311 (days).

Graylaxe Jl

The Chicago FM Club will sponsor Radio Expo *B4 on Saturday and Sunday, September 22-23. 1984. at Ihe Lake County Fairgrounds Rtes 120 and 45. Gr iyslake IL Tickeis good for tor h days are S3 D0 m advance and S4.00 at the gate The flea market will open at 6 00 am and the exhEt its will open at 9 00 am There win be a giant outdoor ftea market area Reserved indoor flea-market tables are available1 for 5 00 per day Oiher leatures will include seminars technical talks, ladies' programs, and paring and overnight camping TalMn on 14g. ie- 76. For more information send an SASE lo R


The Mount Airy VHF Radio Club, Inc., presents the annual Pack Rat Hamarama, Sunday October 7, 1973, at the Warwick Fire Co., Jamison, Pa. The Warwick Fire Co., is located on Rt. 263 North of Philadelphia. Activities include a giant flea market, auction, and an amateur TV demonstration. Festivities begin at 10 AM, Food concession on premises. Regis tration is SI.00, flea market tables or tailgate sales, 2,00. Talk in on 146.52 and 52,525. For furthern information contact Dave Zimmerman W3ZD, 520 Centennial Rd,, Warminster PA 18974.

Arter n Bu

Turn your old hann and computer gear into cash now. Sure, you can wait tor a hamfest to try and dump it, but you know you II get a far more realistic price if you have it out where 100 000 active ham potential buyers can see it, rather than the few hundred local hams who come by a flea market table. Check your attic, garage cellar and closet shelves and get cash for your ham and computer gear before it's too old to sell. You know you're not going to use it again, so why leave it for your widow to throw out That stuff isn t getting any younger The 73 Flea Market, Barter n1 Buy, costs you peanuts (almost) comes to 35 cents a word for individual (noncommercial ) ads and 1,00 a word tor commercial ads. Dorri plan on telling a long story. Use abbreviations, cram it in. But be honest. There are plenty of hams who love to fix things, so if it doesn't work, say so.

Louisville Ky Sept

The ninth annual Greater Louisville Hamfest and Kentucky State ARRL Convention will be held on September 29-30, 1979, at the West Hall of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville. Kentucky, Follow OSY signs off either 1-65 or 1-264. There will be a gigantic indoor air-conditioned exhibitors1 area and flea market plus meetings. Forums, and ladies program. FCC exams will be given on Saturday with a banquet on Saturday night- Admission is 3.00 in advance, 3.50 at the door, and 9.75 for the banquet Exhibitors and flea market vendors should write for a special information sheet. For other infor mation, contact the Greater Louisville Hamfest. PO Box 34444, Louisville KY 40232, or phone (502) 634-0619.


The 22nd Annual Dayton Hamven-tion will be held Saturday, April 28, 1973, at the Dayton Hara Arena, Technical forums, exhibits, flea market and 450 MHz transmitter hunt. For information write Dayton.Ham-vention, Box 44, Dayton OH 45401. The Greater Baltimore Hamboree will be held at Caivert Hall College, Putty Hill and Goucher Boulevard, Towson, Maryland (one mile south of Exit 28 of Beltway nterate 695), on Sunday, April 8, 1973 at 10 A.M. Food service, flea market, prizes. Registration 2.00 NO table or percentage charges, INFO Joe Lochte, 5400 Rotand Ave., Baltimore MD 21210.

Long Island Mays

The Suffolk County Aadio Club Indoor and Outdoor Flea Market will be held on Sunday. May 6 19&4 from B 00 am io 3 00 pm, at Republic Lodge No. 907, 5B5 Broad hollow Road (Route 110), Melville NY. Gen sral admission Is S2.00 children under 12 and wives will be admitted Tree Indoor sell er s tables are 7 00 and outdoor space s SS0G (includes one admrssion There wlU oe refreshments on the premises arni pien ty of free parking Talk-in or 144.6in-i5.2l and 146 52- For additional information, con-(act Richard Tygai AC2P at (516J-643-5956 (eveningsi-

Springfield Ma

The Mount Tom Amateur Repeater Association, Inc. (MTARA) will host its first annual indoor flea market on March 3r 1985. from 9 00 am to 4 00 pmt at the Knights ol Columbus Hall, Etder Council 69, Granby Road, Chicopee MA (easy access from t-90, 1-91 and 1-391), Admission is 1.00 tables are 7.00 in advance and BP0Q at the door. Power is available for vendors. Setup begins at 8 00 am. There will be food ava labile. For table reservations or more information, contact Mickey Wale NTCDR, 6 Laurel Terrace, Westfield A 01085 (413 -562-1027

Amd Wholesale List

With 144-, 220 , and 440 MHz handie talkies enjoying hi h popularity, the rubhei -ducky antenna is much in demand. At a recent local ham flea market, at least half the hams there had an HT either clipped to the belt, hanging nut of a hack pocket, tucked into a shirt pocket. or grasped in the hand. In all but the last position, the rubber duek takes a lot of abuse as the wearer moves about.

June A

BUTLER, PA The 41si Breezeshoot-ers1 Hamfest wifl be held 8 AM-4 PM on the Butter Farm Show grounds Talk-in on 147.96 . 36, To reserve Flea Market tables, send check lor 15 per tabJe and an SASE lo Rey Whanger W3BIS. 5530 Cove Run Rd.t Cheswick PA 150249451. For General info call the Breezeshootersr Hotline at (412) 8283694.

Trenton Computerfest

In addition to exhibits by many of the manufacturers In the microprocessor field, there was a very brisk flea market going at Trenton on May 2nd, To give you an idea of some of the fantastic bargains, the brand new Burroughs mag tape unit with its own keyboard and documentation went for S75 eat your hearts nut over that one

Dayton Oh

The Dayton Amateur Radio Assocja-tloo, Inc., will sponsor the Dayton Ham mention on April 27-29, I984r at the Han Arena and Exhibition Center, Dayton OH Admission, valid for all three days, is 7.50 in advance and 10.00 at the door Th- t Saiurday evening Grand Banquet and Ell tertainment is 14,00 advance and S16 00 at the door. Harry Dannals W2HD, past president of the ARRL. will be the featured speaker. Because seating Is Mm lied, early reservations are requested There win be a giant flea market starling at noon on Friday and continuing all day Saturday and Sunday. Flea-marksi space is 15.00 for all three days and will be sold in advance only. Entrance for setups will be available starting Wednesday and the special flea-market telephone is (513) 2230923. Other features will include to-rums, awards, and exhibils For special motel rates and reservaiions. write Harm ventlon Housing, Box 1288, Dayton OH 45402 no telephone reservations will bi1 accepted. Address alt other inquiries to Box...

Dayton Oh April

Dayton's annual Hamvention will be held on April 24 thru the 26th. The Ftea Market will open at 12 until 6 PM on Ihe 24th and 6 AM to 5 PM on the 25th, and from 6 AM to 4 PM on the 26th You must have a General Admission ticket to enter the flea market area. The ticket is valid for Friday. Saturday and Sunday All flea market spaces are sold in advance. Watch for our ad and order your tickets as soon as possible after January 1, Ticket requests postmarketed prior to January 1 will be returned. Either talk-in on 146.34 94 all weekend or 146.31 91 Saturday and Sunday, or 222 34 223.94 Friday noon thru Sunday. A special Hamvention certificate will be sent for contacts made with W8BI during ihe Hamvention. Send your QSL card and SASE to Box 44, Dayton OH 45401, (A TTN DARA Van) For exhibits information write to the same address with the ATTN Exhibits Chairman,


W Order your registration tickets and flea market permits earfy and at the same time. B Save your money for the trip and gather your flea market space. Be sure to convert your cash to traveler's checks before leaving home. Don't expect sellers to accept your personal check. Giant Flea Market This is the year for you to attend the internationally famous Dayton HAMVENTION. Come with your friends to hearenfighten-ing forums, see the latest equipment, and visit a flea market that has everything No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in Dayton

State College Pa

The Nittany Amateur Radio Club will hofd its annua Mount Nittany Hamfestiva on Satur day, July 11, 1981 at the HRB-Singer, Inc., picnic grounds in State College PA Registration and admission is 2.00 in advance with no charge for spouse and children 3.00 at the gate. Flea market space is 3.00 in ad vance 5.00 on-site Along with the flea market, features will in elude an auction, dealer displays and sales, door prizes including a synthesizeo 2m hand held transceiver, and free parking. Refreshments will tie available. The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts will be taking place at Penn State University the same weekend Talk-in on ASUt and .25L&b from I-80 and major central Pennsylvania routes talk-in on .52 for local directions. For further information, write Mount INittany Hamfestival, NARC. Box 614. State College PA 16801, or cali Dave Buckwalter N3BBH a) (814J-234-0759.

Atlanta Ga July S

The Maple Ridge Hamfest will be at St Patricks Center, Prizes, commercial displays, flea market, food, close to shopping and recreation center, camper space, no hookups. Talk-in frequencies 146.20 .80, 146.34 94. Bob Houghton VE7BZH. Box 292 Maple Ridge B.C.CANADA V2X7G2, The 19th annual ARRL Division Convention and Hamfest will be at the Marion County Fairgrounds. New equipment dealers, computer and software dealers Electronic fieamarket. technical forums, awards, nonham activities. Free hookup and camping. Motels close by. S6 at gate, children under 12 free Indoor flea market, air-conditioned commercial building. Six large buildings. Indianapolis Hamfest Association. PO Box 11776, Indianapolis IN 46201. (317) 356-4451,

Northern Germany

And FLEA MARKET on Sunday May 23, 1971. The flea market will start at 10 00 AM (please bring tables) and the auction will start at 2,00 PM, There will be refreshments and recreation for all. The address is Ilemilker N.H., Keyser Pond Collages, off Rtes 202 & 9, near junction of Route 127 (near the Hopkinlon Town Line).

East Hartford Ct

The Pioneer Valfey Radio Association will hold its annual flea market on May 4, at East Hartford High School Penney High), 869 Forbes Street, from 9 a,m. to 3 p.m. (dealer setup at 8)+ Exams will be given by the Newmgton Amateur Radio League VE team walk-ins accepted. General admission is S2 dealer tables are SB. Free parking. Talk-m on 146.19 ,79, For further information or to reserve a table, contact Dave Rose KWIV, 13 Long Crossing Road, East Hamptom CT 06424 (203)-267-8993.

Ellicott City Md

The Potomac Area VHF Society will hold its eighth annual hamfest on Sunday, May 6. 1979, from 8 00 am to 5 00 pm at the Howard County Fairgrounds, approximately 15 mi lies west of Baltimore, at the intersection of 1-70 and Rte, 32, Ellicott City, Maryland. A registration fee of 3.00 includes flea market or tailgate sales. Professional food and beverage catering and unlimited parking will be available. Talk-in on .52. For further information, contact Paul H, Rose WA3NZL, 25116 Oak Dr* Damascus MD 20750.

Flushing Festivities

The Hall of Science Radio Club will hold its annual Fleamarket Auction Picnic at the Hall of Science, 111th St, and 48th Ave., Flushing Meadow Park, Queenes, on Saturday, June 8, from 10 00AM to 4 00PM, Flea-market setup 9 00-10 00AM, Admission 1. Sellers S2. No commission. Free parking. An auction service available with 10 fee. Rain date is Saturday, June 15, Zoo, Childrens' Farm, Go f, Boating, Art Museum, Science Museum, etc,, adjacent. For more information call write 212 699-9400 or Box 1032, Flushing NY 11352.

Chicago Il Sept

Radio Expo 76 will be held Satur day, Sept, 18 and Sunday, Sept. 19th at the Lake County Illinois fairgrounds, Routes 45 and 120 north ol Chicago. Featured this year are an exhibit half with dozens of displays by amateur manufacturers and distribu tors, forums with the FCC's John Johnston, 7J s Wayne Green, ARRL, OSCAR and more. There's a giant flea market with both indoor and outdoor Space, plus plenty of room for campers and trailers on the grounds. No waiting in line the flea market opens Friday night for setup. No extra charge, either. Tatk-in on WR9ABY, 46 76 Chicago. Accommodations reserved at the HoEiday Inn in Mundeline, ML, a few

Oklahoma City Ok

Coln Plaza Inn and Conference Center, 4445 Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City OK 73105. P re-rag i strati on before July 6th) is S6 at the door, tickets are 10. The Saturday-evening banquet ticket is 14,00 and the Sunday QCWA breakfast Is 7.20. Flea-market tables are 5,00 each in advance and if available, 8.00 each at the door. In addition to these activities, there will be programs special-interest events, unlimited free parking for cars and self-contained RVs, the flea market on Saturday, and dealer displays on Saturday and Sunday. For reservations, write CORA, PO Box 44091, Oklahoma City OK 73144, For a spudal hotel rate of 47,00 (plus tax) for a double, call a X)V5223G M (Oklahoma) or (0OG)-654 419 (out of state).

Fndlay Oh Sept

Advance tickets, S3 S4 at the door. Handicap parking. Flea market spaces 10' x 25'. Advance tables are 11 for first, 8 each additional, and 12 at door, Reservation deadline Sept. 1st. Prizes. Talk-in frequencies 2m and 70cm, 147.75 . 15 MHz and 449.15 4.15 MHz. Forums Chairman, PO Box 587, Findiay OH 45839-0587. Reservations, Findlay Hamfest, Box 587, Findlay OH 45839.


Hamfest season was approaching quickly and I needed a way to keep in touch with my buddies (and the XYL) while browsing through the flea market. I hated the stabbing pains I got when my rubber duck antenna jabbed me in the side. Besides, range was not very good with the antenna tucked neatly under my armpit. There had to be a better way. Here is how my solution evolved.

Warner Robins Ga

Central Georgia ARC'S first annual hamfest will be held on September 30, 1979, from 8 00 am to 5 00 pm at the City Recreation Center, on Watson Boulevard, Warner Robins. Georgia. Dealers and flea market will be indoors, The Georgia Single Side Band Association and Georgia CW Association both plan their annual meetings with us. Talk-in on 3,975 LSB and 146.25 .85 and 146.52. For more information, call or write Bill Atkins WD4ASB, 201 Avalon Drive, Warner Robins GA 31093, or phone (9l2 -923-3454.

Other Daytonia

There was some sort of hassle over the flea market not being opened on Friday and a good deal of flak went up over that, And just to make the situation worse, the opening on Saturday was accompanied by a deluge-It cleared off in the afternoon just fine, but there were an awful lot of very unhappy fleas for a while. Ohio has a new law aimed at getting tax payments on sales by flea-market exhibitors. This is mainly for the few professional flea-market salespeople who make a living at it and have been thus avoiding paying the stiff Ohio sales tax. The Hamvention crew shelled out 5 each for the flea-market exhibitors to keep the authorities off their backs, i thmK they remembered the problems at Rochester, where the police came in and virtually closed down the flea market. . arid the regular exhibitors, too. That disaster aimost ruined the Rochester Hamfest. which has been struggling to get back to strength ever since then. For a show of its size, the Hamvention went very smoothly. It s...

Barter n Bu

Turn your old ham and computer gear into cash now. Sure, you can wait for a hamfest lo try and dump it, but you know you'll get a far more realistic price if you have it out where 100,000 active ham potential buyers can see it, rather than the few hundred local hams who come by a flea maiket table, Check your attic, garage, cellar and closet shelves and get cash for your ham and computer gear before it's too old to sell. You know you re not going to use it again, so why leave it for your widow to throw out That stuff isnL getting any younger The 73 Flea Market Barter n Buy costs you peanuts (almost) comes to 35 cents a word for individual (noncommerctal ) ads and S1 00 a word for commercial ads Don t plan on telling a long story Use abbreviations cram it in. But be honest There are plenty of hams who love to fix things, so it doesn i work, say so


The greater Baltimore Hamboree will be held at Calvert Hall College, Puny Hill and Goucher Boulevard, Towson MD lone mile south of Exit 28 on Beltway 1-695), on Sunday, April 7, 1974, at 10 AM, Food service, flea market, prizes. Registration S2. No table or percentage charges. For more information contact Joe Lochte, 5400 Roland Ave., Baltimore MD 21210, or Brother Gerald Malseed, 8102 La Salle Avenue, Towson MD 21204.

Owego Ny Mays

The 25th annual Southern Tier Amateur Radio Clubs Hamfest will be held on Sat urday, May 5, 1964, at the Tread way (nnr Owego NY (take NY Route 17 to exit 65) The flea market wilt open at 8 00 am other activities will Include vendor displays and sales, tech and non-tech talks, and refreshments. Tickets for the dinner at 6 30 pm will be available by advance reservation only. Talk-in on .221JQ2, .16 .76. and 146,52 simplex. For further information, please send an SASE to Craig P. England KF2X, RD 1, Box I44t Vestal NY 13850.

So Sjoux City Ne

Full line of exhibitors, large (lea market, free 2 meter rig testing, and ladies' programs Friday afternoon and ail day Saturday. District OSL Manager, MARS+ The Banquet is 10 pre-registration and the convention is 6 Flea market peop e contact Ai Smith W0PEX, 3529 Douglas St. Sioux City IA 51104. For convention information, contact Dtck Prtner W0FZO. 2931 Pierce St Sioux City IA 51104.

Auringen Germany

The Wiesbaden Amateur RadioClub and DOKF20Clubof Wiesbaden will sponsor a hamfest on Sunday, May 4, 1980, starting at 10 00 am at Auringen (5 km North of Wiesbaden on Highway 455). The activities will include a flea market, vendors, displays, computer demonstrations, technical assistance, left-

Tristate Ars Fest

The Tri-State ARS will hold their annual Hamfest on May 18, 1974, at the 4-H Fairgrounds, U.S. 41, 3 miles north of town. Overnight camping, auction, flea market, door prizes and tadies bingo. For information or advance registration contact Steve WB9MDB, 5805 Berry Lane, Evans-ville fN 47710.

Where Can I Download Flea Market Cash

The best part is you do not have to wait for Flea Market Cash to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer right now for only $27.00.

Download Now