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The Garage Sale Toolkit Summary

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Circle On Reader Service Card

The next step is 10 tidy up the circuitry . especially the added audio amplifier Pert)x ard is not a good medium for hi h gain amplifiers ofanv frequency. A printed circuit board's solid ground-plane helps keep unwanted oscillations and feedback under control (see Photo D and Figures 6 & 7). Two 10-turn pots with counting dials are very desirable for tuning the VCO. One, R2, serves as coarse tune. The other. R3. is fine tune. R4 and K5 set the range of voltage available. The values shown allow tuning through the entire amateur X -band 10.0 GHz-10.5 GHz).

Keying Circuit Connection

This AFSK unit represents an advance over many other desigs which have been offered- Its freedom from keying transients and harmonic generation should help clean up some of the signals heard on the band presently. The presentation of a design for the lower tone pair should allow use with many transmitters without modification. Economy semiconductors and integrated circuits arc used, and the cost of building the unit with all new parts should be about 10. Certainly a clean signal is worth that If you like your circuits ready printed, you can send a 2.50 check to American Photo Etch Co., Box 2627, South San Francisco CA 94080. If you'd rather do your own, check the board and component layouts in Figs. 4 and 5.

The Recovery Mechanism

When a failure is detected, a cluster server process (CSP) is invoked in the kernel to execute the recovery functions. This process will be referred to as the recovery CSP. When more than one failure occurs simultaneously, or when a failure occurs while the recovery CSP is still cleaning up a previous failure, the same CSP is used to clean up the resources of all the failed cnodes. The cleanup of each failed mode's resources is done serially. This means that we cannot allow any recovery function to sleep waiting for a resource that may be held by another cnode that may have failed, or we risk a possible deadlock situation. Clean Up Networking State Information on Alt Outstanding Requests from Failed Cnode Clean Up Networking State Information on Alt Outstanding Requests from Failed Cnode

Creative Control Products

These are the things I learned Share everything. Flay iair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them Clean up your own mess Don't take things that aren't yours. Say you're sorry when you hurl somebody Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm cookies and mtlh are good tor you Live a balanced lite. Learn some think some and draw and parnt and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

Surplus Viatron Version

Back in 1971, Viairon Co. shipped three hundred 2111s to Texas where, for some reason, they sat around until Oct. 1975 when this lot was sold and split up amongst several dealers. While sitting in the warehouse, the keys on the keyboard grew hair, and this is why we call them Fungus Specials. The TVs look good, as do the main microprocessor and tape section. The power supplies are good, but are mostly dusty and or scratched due to their having been stored without boxes. The rest of the system was well packed. With the demand for new 2111 systems keeping us busy, we don't have time to clean up and check out the surplus systems. So, we are selling the complete system, with all manuals available, for only 425, AS4S, Due to the four years of storage, the units need cleaning. We also supply a checkout procedure, two Viatapes and a troubleshooting guide. We also have a computer hotline to help you analyze any problems by phone. Then, after you find the fault (iFany), we will sell you any...

Write For Latest Complete List

met some of I he RAF boys out at Steamer Point and even operated their club station for a few hours. 1 found that none of the new fancy buildings had an elevator that operated. Oh yes, thev had elevators, nice looking, fancy ones, but they Just did not work Some Otis Elevator salesman should be able to really clean up there selling elevators that work.

Clarification Requested

One of the hams in California who has done much to make things happen wrote recently to say that m those areas here he is familiar with the ARRL, he has found my editorials accurate. His suggestion tor those who feel like beefing about my LJanti-ARRLM stance is for them to write to the League and demand an explanation of the facts have presented. Find out whether I am right or wrong, if Tm wrong, then let me know in what way, because f wanl to know lhat more man they do. If i am right, then get after the League to clean up their act. When it comes to my editorials about the ARRL i don t think you are going to find any ,ireas of error of fact, I make darned

Picking Up The Pieces Department

Though WA6TDD is now oniy a memory, the channel pair is still quite active. Dave Faraone WA6KOS, who was the last licensee of the ML Wilson operation, had made a promise that another repeater would come into being to replace Wilson. Dave has kept that promise. Currently operating from atop Santiago Peak m Orange County is the new WASKOSjRPT There are a few differences, but not many. In order to appease the many remote-base owners using the same mountaintop, Dave was forced to invert the channel pair Currently, the system operates 146,40 MHz in, 147,435 MHz ouL In getting an open repeater on that mountaintop on thai channel pair. Dave performed a minor miracle. For years. Santiago had been strictly the domain of the remote owner. An open two-meter box, especially one lhat operated anywhere near Ihe 146.46 remole-base intercom channel, had been taboo 8ut Dave didn t just plunk down a repeater and say, Here I am. He spent many months laying the groundwork. He met many times with the...

Circle On Radeh Service Card

Cleaning Up A reader suggested a way for us to get the dirty-mouth hams to clean up their acts. Actually, as he pointed out, I proposed this approach some lime ago, but as far as I know no one has bothered to follow up on iu Now, with the bands getting worse all die time, and with the understanding beginning to percolate through some very thick heads that neither the FCC nor the ARRL is going to do anything about this situation, perhaps this more direct approach to solving the problem will fly. Hey. we're

Quorum Comml Ni Cations

A number of readers have suggested that I start a new national organization and do the amateur radio promotion which needs to be done. NoP I don't need Ihe aggravation that fighting the League would bring. No, you're going to have to either clean up the ARRL or else take up a new hobby when we lose this one through neglect.

Plastic Spacers Places

Referring to Fig, 3 again locate two 3i inch holes in the large aluminum tubing as shown. Drill only the lower hole marked A and drill tilis one only through one wall o the tube. Now place the smaller tube inside the larger tube and when the lower holes ol cach are lined up across the diameter, drill a inch hole through the other wall of the large tube using the hole in the insulator as a guide. Remove the drill and place a inch machine bolt into this hole. Measure the location of the other through the hole in the insulator from the lip of the large tube. After carefully locating this position on the outside of the large tube, drill a hole through the large tube, through the insulator hole already drilled and through the far wall of the large tube. Remove the inch machine screw and pull the small tube out. Clean up the burrs on the inside of the large tube.

Single Point Chassis Ground

Don't power your chips as shown in Fig. 6. I purposely wired a digital clock this way to see what would happen and it counted erratically everytime the furnace went on, the electric igniter in the gas clothes dryer went on, the dehumidjfier went on, and worst of all anytime the transmitter was turned on. Cleaning up the power and grounds as indicated in Fig+ 5r cured all the problems.

Twotone Test Generator

Tional Amplifiers (op amps), each Wien Bridge c m be buill around a single semiconductor package. Op amps are also used as active bandpass filters to further clean up harmonics of the two oscillators, and to sum the two pure tones. The block diagram of the generator is shown in Fig. 1,

Restoring an HQX Part II

Part I of this series focused on the condition, both electrical as well as physical of my Hammarlund HQ-140-X receiver. Once it was determined that the receiver had no major electronic faults, power was left on and a series of diagnostic tests were performed to ascertain the health of the receiver. Since my HQ-140-X appeared to be functional per the original design intent, a clean-up and restoration process was then laid out. After the cabinet was dried, a small amount of automobile car polish was used to lightly clean up the finish because some stains appeared on the surface that were not removable with soap and water. Hammertone paint can show up attempts to clean with an abrasive polish, including automobile polish, so care must be taken to use the cleaner only to remove the majority of caked-on dirt, oxides and stains, but not to remove the surface of the paint. Once the cabinet finish is clean, it can be waxed using either an automotive finish wax, or Johnson's Pledge.

Rise Time Converters For Simpler Tdr Testing Of Bandlimited Systems

0.15 ns), reflections from many reactive discontinuities can appear which would not be of concern in a system designed for a 5 ns rise time. This extra information then makes it more difficult than necessary to clean up the system. If the rise time of the TDR step is slowed to 5 ns, the cable responds in the same way as in actual use, and only discontinuities which affect the operation of the system appear on the TDR display.

Hams Experiencing Interference

From leaky cable-television lines can learn a lesson from the Chautauqua County-wide Repeater Association (NY). Conv plaints to the New York State Commission on Cable Television resulted in two cable operators voluntarily cleaning up their systems. A third company, however, was forced by the Commission to take appropriate actions to resolve the problem.


A swapfest and garage sale will be held at Ihe Washington County Fairgrounds In Brenham, Texas, from November 1 to November 3, 1935. Special-event station IMS5N will operate on 21.125 and 21,360 MHz a special QSL is available for an SASE. Send GSLs and inquiries to Gene Stanford KA5LEI. SARC, Sox 44, Brenham TX 77833.

Rtty Manners

For many years, Wayne, you have been m the forefront In the ongoing fight for law and order among amateur radio operators, For more recognition, better ope rat Ing conditions, more frequencies, and es peciaily for us to clean up our act and be more considerate and gentlemanly and ladylike while on the air It s this last for which t am appealing to you and your pub-treat ion for nelp.

Factory Wired

Paint, if used will scorch off and, when the tin flows smoothly, drop on a hard surface to remove the debris. Remove the relay from the base, clean up the parts and a cus* torn enclosure results. The photographs show the various steps of the procedure and the complete job requires only a few minutes.

Rtty Cheer

With various giftgiving opportunities, the urge to shop is upon us. With the end of the calendar year, the urge to clean up loose ends is here. And with a new year about to dawn, one always hopes to get a glimpse of something new. This month, I think RTTY Loop will satisfy all

Newtronics Corp

However, the junk in the attic accumulated over the years until the receiver was only part of a dingy, dusty chaos perpetually over her head. Em, whose pride was the gleam and gloss of her arrid home, attempted to clean up the mess but she met with alarming resistance from Joe. Considerate as ever, he would say,

Figure I

Author feels it is well worth the effort That is, to polish up the if cans and chassis. S.O.S, works fine. For the if cans, remove the covers. Ouce again be sure that the transformers are marked on the bottom before removing the covers. The BFO coil cover has to be removed anyway, so polish it up too. If your BC453 has an aluminum chassis it also should be worked over, keeping the water out of the tuning assembly. If the unit is black crackle, detergent suds do a nice job with a stiff brush. Clean up the three sockets, the four 3x.05 capacitors, the resistor board and the output transformer.

By Jeffrey H Smith

With a high-resolution time domain reflectom-eter displaying a picture of what's happening, the electronic designer can locate and identify small impedance mismatches or discontinuities in coaxial or stripline systems. The Time Domain Reflectometer makes visible both the physical location and the electrical nature of mismatches, providing information the designer needs to quickly 'clean up' his system for undistorted transmission of fast-rise pulses or for maximum transfer of broadband RF power. The design of broadband connectors, attenuators, hybrid circuits, and many other components is thus speeded with the clues toward corrective action provided by a high-resolution Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR).

On The Bands

August s a good time to clean up those states you need for five-band WAS on 10-meter sporadic-E and for weeding your garden, The All Asia CW Contest and the Worked All Europe Contest are August attractions and can be very interesting summertime activities they can aiso witness horrible propagation. It's chancy

By Annette Randei

HP-UX DISCLESS CLUSTERS depend on close, kernel-to-kernel communication across a local area network to maintain high performance and transparent file system access. This kernel-to-kernel communication relies on state information maintained on all nodes of the cluster. Wheo a cnode is removed from the cluster because of an expected or an unexpected failure, this kernel state information must be cleaned up to reflect the new cluster configuration. Because this stale information is at a very low level in the HP-UX implementation, failure to clean up state information after a crash can cause other cnodes in the cluster to hang indefinitely, waiting for the crashed cnode to complete a transaction. This is unacceptable, and therefore, prompt and reliable detection and cleanup of crashed cnodes are required at the kernel level.


Now it's time to install the display board and clean up a few odds and ends. The display board mounts flush against transistors Q2 through Q6. You can mount it with two homemade V brackets, or just epoxy it. We did the latter after wiring up the display. If you want to do the same, start by wiring the drivers first. Simply solder the free end of the wire coming from Q2 to the cathode of the display directly above it Follow with the other transistors. Note that the minus sign driver, Q6, lead goes to the pad marked on the edge of the board. When you are done with the drivers, turn to the segments. Seven 180 Ohm resistors serve as the leads here, so no more wire is necessary. You will notice that there are pads around IC3 marked a through g' These are the segment letters, and they are

Ft R Accessories

Eight memories store frequency, mode, anc band data with Lithium battery memory back-up. Memory scan arid pr jgrammable automatic band scan help speed up operations. An IF shift circuit, a tuneable notch filter, and a Narrow-Wide switch for IF filter selection help eliminate QRM. It has a built-in speech processor. A fluorescent tube digital display makes tuning easy and fast. An all-mode squelch circuit, a noise blanker, and an RF attenuator control help clean up the signal. And there s a VOX circuit, plus semi-break -in, with SJC -tone. All-in-all it just could be that the expression Digital DX-terity* is a bit of an understatement TS-430S Optional Accesso In typical KENWOOD fashion, there are plenty of optional accessories for this great HF transceiver There is a special power supply, the PS-430, An externa speaker the SP-430, is also available, And the MB-430 mounting bracket is available for mobile operation. The

Caveat Emptor

In anoiher case, he paid someone helping him with his booth out of the roll in his pocket, pointing out that this was all tax-free, Well, if people want to steal money from their company, I suppose that would normally be a problem for the government to worry about . but when the hams get it in the neck and someone waiks away free and clear, then ) do take an interest in scuttlebutt. There are a lot of totally innocent people being hassled and even convict* ed by our government, so I really hate to see someone using amateur radio to clean up.,, and get away with it.

Heath HOK

The Heath HO-IO Monitor Scope is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding variety of amateur equipment available in kit form. This compact little handful of instrument contains a full 3 tube and is packed with all the features required for adequate monitoring and detailed analysis of both transmitted and received signals. The price of this unit, 59,95 in kit form, is remarkably low for the features provided, fteady availability of this instrument, at a price most amateurs can afford, should do much toward cleaning up some of the signals that infest our crowded bands.


This capability allows a multitude of editing functions such as cleaning up the edges, deleting sections of the original, and adding picture frames. In color copiers with spot color features, the erase capability can select areas for transformation into color by erasing all but the part of the image to receive a specific toner color. For example, colored words, frames, logos, or background blocks can be generated from a black-and-white original.

Pay Cash For Tubes

The hobby license would be beneficial for cleaning up the overcrowded conditions and irresponsible operating practices found on 27 MHz, It would also serve lo increase amateur activity on VHK This class of amateur license could be beneficial for amateur radio, providing these newcomers were responsible to the spectrum they would be using. This responsibility develops into a need for the knowledge of basic radio theory because this knowledge provides for the appreciation of radio. The theory these radio users need to know is the propagation characteristics of the band they would be occupying plus the general principles of what frequency modulation is (since this is the type of modulation they would be using). They should also know why FM is advantageous over other ways of supplying information to a signal carrier. The basic radio theory I have mentioned here as well as the rules and regulations already proposed, is essential to upholding the quality of amateur radio.

More Groaning

To K4KI's informative article ( Silence Groaning Refrigerators ) in the November, 1978. issue of 73 should be added several additional points to avoid problems ne described in addition to cleaning up bad connections in junction boxes, outiets and switches that show signs of overheating should be replaced. Appliances such as washers refrigerators, garbage disposais, and air conditioners should be fed by separate circuits directly from the fuse or breaker paneJ. A common neutral as he describes in his article must be avoided Balance the current draw on each side of the 220-voli service if possible for example, if you operate 4 window air conditioners drawing 7 Amps at 117 volts, arrange separate direct wiring to each unit. At the fuse panel two units should be connected between one of the 220-volt iegs and neutral, and the other two between the opposite leg and neutral. If tocal building regulations do not permit you to work on your wiring in your

Poly Paks

There is always a great danger of seriousness setting in. When a fellow pulls a Iunder he is very likely to get mad when in form ed. It is a lot easier to get mad at someone who is correcting you than to admit even to yourself, that you did something stupid, f suggest that amateurs who are forced by a poor childhood into taking everything seriously go about their regular operating business and leave the band cleaning up to those with a more mature outlook.

Give A Hoot

Why must they &e so floppy And if ihey must, why can 1 they clean up after themselves Ffcrhaps one reason is lhat many of them aren't using 1 heir own calls during contests so they fetal somewhat anonymous. Who will know it I just leave this soft drink can here No one can identity me anyway r Perhaps we should post signs before Ihe contest begins reminding them of Iheir obligations to clean up their mess Maybe it should be written into the rules' 42 hours of operating lime. 6 hours to clean up the fluencies. It igm oe effective to build The reminded into ihe con test exchange NR 562 SCVL don t idler Perhaps we could recruit contesters who are public-service-orlenied hams lo lake turns pairuiring the oands during contorts and report violators to a net control who could then rasue reminders to Ihe offenders before the contest was over After a few warning offenders could Oe re-quiredtoreon acioan up comm itee Thjs *ouid serve lo make the cortessers more aware of their responsibilities as...

Sampling Pulses

Second sample pulse loads the first signal element into the output flip-flop and steps the counter to LHL. This process continues for pulses three through six. At this time the last signal element has been loaded into the output flip-flop and the counter outputs are LIIH. This makes both U4 pin 9 and U4 pin 10 high, so U4 pin 8 and U5 pin 9 go low. Inverter output U5 pin 8 JK flip-flop U3's K input, pin 3, go high. The next sample pulse, which loads the stop element into the output flip-flop, also causes JK flip-flop output U3 pin 6 to go high. This, together with the condition on the signal line, causes nor output U4 pin 3 to go low, stopping the clock, resetting the counter to LLL, and forcing the output flip-flop to remain in the mark condition until the next start element initiates a new timing cycle. Just add some simple level converters to make your TU, printer, keyboard, and keyer DTL compatible and you're all set to clean up distorted received

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