The Secret to Happiness

You, Me And Happiness

Attaining happiness is not easy for some. However, this does not mean that it is impossible at all. In fact, no matter how variant or abstract it can become, you can always achieve eternal happiness by following science-backed techniques stated in You, Me And Happiness. It is a book written by Helen Muller who herself have experienced the true essence of happiness by researching for years about the ways to attain it. Ultimately, her research has given her the knowledge of the Integration Method (I'm I Am), which is the amalgam of Science, Biology, Emotion and Spirituality, and the Law of Attraction. As you can see, the three lost elements are blended with the law that educates us about the gravity in us. The PDF book essentially focuses on helping you achieve this blend without putting much effort. Not only this, it comes with bonuses unique to each program offered. The one-month program has You, Me And Happiness Workbook and a Monthly Planner. However, the 1-year program has You, me And Happiness Workbook, Four Keys to Happiness, Time for Time, and Focus on Goals as bonuses. All of the bonuses are guides downloadable and printable.

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Helen Müller

My You Me And Happiness Review

Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other ebooks out there, but it is produced by a true expert and includes a bundle of useful tools.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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American Amateurs May Exchange Satellite Data With German Amateurs

Drake Company has finally expanded their FM line with a small piece of gear that will no doubt increase the happiness of a lot of already happy FMers. The specific unit is the AA-10 FM amplifier designed to be driven by the one watt available from a TR-22. Rated at 10 watts output, it will give you that extra punch that is lacking when just using the transceiver. While 10 watts alone is not exactly a high power figure compared to some of the mobiles running around today, the 10 dB gain available from this amplifier is bound to make a big difference in the number of repeaters that you can get through to.

New Staco Regulated Amp Power Supply

L would like to offer a reed relay update to my October, 1978. article ( Happiness is A Smart Scanner ). This information is from Allied s catalogue 790 (page 180). The following relays may be used stock no. 929-377 (mfr. type MRR1ADS), stock no. 850-1552 (mfr. type Wl07DiP*3), or stock no, 703-2012 (mfr. type AMP2012). Also, please note my new address.

Quorum Communications

A chap who runs a happiness radio program out in Michigan somehow got hold of me and got me to talk over the air about happiness. Now I may grouse in my editorials, but that's just my futile effort to whip you out of your rut and keep you alive a little longer. The fact is that I'm having a bail. You know my goals . like helping the music industry to grow and revamping the American educational mess so we'll have ten million excited young hams instead of a few hundred doddering old codgers whining and kvetching on our bands. If happiness helps keep people alive, which i think has been rather well documented then you're going to be reading my editorials for a long time to come. I'm having a ball, My only major problem is in finding a few more competent and enthusiastic people to help me have fun. Thafs a downer,5 +btll it's compensated for by the wonderful group of people I've already got working with me, And best of alt are the letters from readers. Those I love.

Notes From Fn

As the holidays approach, greetings fill the atr Merry Christmas Happy New Year Happy Chanukahf And to those ot you who celebrate these events on December 25th. January 1, and December 27th, respectively, we of 73 Amateur Radio wish you much merriment, happiness, and reasons to be thankfuL Since this is 73 International, we also ex* tend best wishes for Chanukah to Israel, for Ethiopian Christmas (January 7), Boxing Day (December 26, Canada and Great Britain), Happy New Year's Holiday to Scotland (Jan 2), Happy Year ot the Rabbil to China (year 4624. Jan, 29). and Happy Independence Day to Bahrain (Dec. 16)t Burma (Jan. 4), and Nauru (Jan. 31), Apologies to any whose nation has a major holiday not listed here we could only do our best. When you work 4X or4Z, ET VE, G, B, A9, XZ. or C2 on or near the appropriate days, send your bes* wishes, too. Be the first non-Bahraini to send special greetings for December 16. you'll probably be given the keys to Manama and maybe a lemporary li...


In essence, if you are a band hopper and prefer convenience, the B&W 85OA will fill the bill. But if you are basically a one-band man, critical about efficiency, you would probably be happier omitting the B&W 850A, saving a few bucks and going single band by replacing L2 with a single band inductance. For further details see pi-network design in the various handbooks and journals.

Little Blah Theory

Ah Hah You've got me there, right I wince at the thought of you sitting there prepared to hit me with, OK stupid, how do you explain the presence of current in tubes and voltage in transistors H-m-rrvm, Let me think a minute. For now, let's just say that in a tube you can have the presence of voltage but not of current. Alternately, in a transistor, there can be current present but no voltage. Therefore, the tube must get its minimum daily requirement of volts if it is going to exist and live a happy life producing many, many happy little mrlfiamps. tn transistors the whole process is reversed. To further illustrate how many times have you been trouble-shooting that final amplifier and was baffled because the 6146 had voltage but no plate current This gets into specific conditions which will be dealt with later.

Munthly Gift

Foreign subscriptions to 73 are a bit more expensive than local ones, naturaliy -however we will be happy to enter a gift subscription for a DX op at rhe same fow U.S, rate as part cf this book offer. Here is your chance to spread a lot of happiness around the world. One of thf most appreciated gifts any DX ham can get is a subscription to 73. Indeed, we suspect that 73 is read in more coumries around the world than any other ham magazine in well over 200 countries at last count