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Lcd Monitor Repair Made Easy

Lcd Monitor Repair Made Easy consists of High Definition Step-By-Step instructional videos guiding you all the way from the very basics to the most advanced Lcd troubleshooting techniques. Complementary book full of instructions and illustrations with additional insight on Lcd monitor repair. Easy disassembling instructions for all Lcd monitor model types. Revealing the tricks and secrets of troubleshooting and fixing any Lcd monitor in a few minutes. Exactly where to get any part needed. cheaply. so more money goes into your pocket after each repair. Introduction to the principles of Electronics. Electronic testing devices digital multi meters, internal/external power supply, functions generators, Oscilloscope, Lcr Meter. Lcd monitor Parts Inverters, Vga Circuit, Power Supply Boards etc. Passive and Active Matrix Lcd Monitors, Lcd Screens. Advanced Fringe Field Switching, Multi domain vertical alignment, Patterned Vertical Alignment and Advanced Super View. Repairing stuck and dead pixels, rippling patterns, power supply issues, dead pixels, low quality images, horizontal or vertical solid lines. Repairing monitor flickering, wild patters, colored screen (green pink red), dimming side and operating system problems. Read more here...

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I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

I personally recommend to buy this ebook. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Circle On Reader Service Card

Kenwood's new compaci FM transceivers are now available They run 50 watts, and feature 20 rnenory channels, DTMF microphone with control functions, remote control head accessory, and a bright amber LCD display You can control the radio with the 16-key TouchTone, multifunction microphone. On the TM-231A, coverage Is extended 2 meter (136-174 MHz receive) for MARS

Multi Band Qrp Transceiver

Qrp Multiband Transceiver

To reduce current consumption, N6KR employs carefully chosen power efficient CMOS components, and uses an LCD display. The KC2's current consumption of only 7 mA compares to 100200 mA for comparable frequency counters. As a result, my Sierra QRP transceiver draws a total of only 40 mA, including the KC2 frequency counter and keyer The KC2 display default is the frequency count en The counter is a four-digit LCD display with OJ-kHz resolution. The display numerals are approximately 035-inch in height. A hysteresis technique is used to eliminate flicker of the last digit.

Tiie Icom Icwa Dual Band Handheld

Although had seen photos and dimensions of the HT prior to ordering the rig, they still did not prepare me for the surprise experienced when I opened the box. How could ICOM fit all those features into such a small package Although the W2A may sound large due to its 6.7 height, the heavy-duty BP-84 battery pack takes up three of those inches the actual radio itself is only 3 7r long The antenna connector, speaker and mike jacks, external power jack, rotary tuning knob, and dual concentric volume squefch knobs are placed on top of the transceiver. An LCD display shares the front panel with the interna speaker mike, an RX TX status indicator LED, and no less than 22 individual buttons no small feat considering the W2A's 6.5-square-inch front panel. The function and

New Tapr Kits Introduced

By arrangement with JAMSAT, TAPR is offering in kit form the TrakBox developed by SM0TER, JA6FTL and others. This requires a computer or terminal to enter the Keplerian data. It has an LCD display and runs standalone after loading the data. It directly controls the Kenpro Yaesu rotators and can be adapted for other types. It also provides Doppler correction for the Kenwood, ICOM and Yaesu radios that are used for satellite communications. This kit costs 185 including shipping in the US.

Handheld Countertimer

A high-contrast .43-Inch LCD display oiler* 8-digit precision for fast and accurate readings LCD annunciators indicate overflow. gate-open, and low battery conditions With a simple flick o a switch, the display-storage mode will maintain the last wading n the display indefinitely.

PiNetwork and Coil Design Made Easy with the TRS Pocket Computer

As an axample, suppose that you are building a new hf linear. Let's assume that you have determined tube plate voltage and power input and are ready to design the tank circuit. With this program in your computer simply enter RUN with the keyboard. The LCD display will first ask for power input, then plate voltage, desired output resistance (usually 50 ohms), the frequency, and finally the loaded Q (12 is a good number). Enter each of these inputs on the keyboard as it is requested. Then sit back while the computer prints out the pi network input and output capacitances and tank inductance. If you will then tell it what coil diameter you want to use and what length coil you can fit into the cabinet, it will also print out the correct number of turns of wire or tubing and the turns per inch. Or if you input the turns per inch that you plan to use, it will reply with the number of turns and the coil length. The only thing that it will not do is tell you what type or size conductor to use...

Yaesu has serious listeners for the serious listener

Scan the airwaves with a number of programmable scanning functions Plus you get keyboard frequency entry An LCD display for easy readout. A SINPO signal graph. Computer interface capability for advanced listening functions Two 24 hour clocks Recording functions. And much more to make your listening station complete.

Kenwood Tss Hf Transceiver

Covers 142 148.995 MHz and 440-449,995 MHz with 25W out GaAs FET RF amplifiers, dual digital VFO'S, LCD display, 10 memories w oftset recall, scan & lithium battery back-up. Band & common channel scan, priority watch. 16-key Autopatch UP DN microphone & mobile mount, 13.8V DC 7.5A, 4.4 lbs. List 599*5 CALL for SALE PRICE.

American Reliance

Also new from Alinco is the DJ-100T 2 meter handheld tranceiv-er. It has 10 memories, LCD display, dip switch programmadl sub-tones, built-in converter, muF tiple battery packs, 16-butfon DTMF pad, BNC connector, and it has easily expandable frequency coverage. Price, 299. Write or calt Alinco Electronicst Inc.,

Uniden Corporation Of America

Uniden's President HR-2510 Mobile 10 Meter Transceiver cov-ersthe 10 meter band from 28 to 29.7 MHz, You can operate on CWf AM, FM, and both sidebands, and choose steps of 10 or 1 kHz, or 100 Hz. Other features include preprogrammed 10 kHz channels, backlit LCD display, receive scanning capability, microphone with channel up down select, frequency lock, auto squelch, noise blanker, RIT, and RF gain control. Ports to hook up key and external speaker. You can check your transmit power received signal strength, modulation, SWR calibration, and SWR with the multi-function LCD meter. Suggested list price through distributors is 400, For more information, contact Uniden Corporation of America, 4700 Amon Carter Blvd., Ft. Worth TX 76155 817-858-3300, Circle Reader Service number 201

Communications Receiver

The AR3000 is a combination general coverage and scanning monitor receiver, with synthesized coverage extending continuously from 100 kHz to 2.036 GHz, 400 programmable memory channels, and four independent search ranges. It's a vastly improved version of earlier AOR models, and is tailored to the needs of the radio amateur by providing more essentral features, without unnecessary frills Modes received include AM, USB, LSS. CWf and narrow and wideband FM Programming is accomplished via a front panel keyboard augmented by a rotary dial, or by an optional PC control capacity, All information regarding programm ng and frequency storage is displayed on the easy-to-read LCD display which also contains a bar-type LCD SIRF meter The control complement is rounded out by rotary volume and squelch and an on off push-button. On the rear panel are the BNC antenna and power conneclors, a 3,5mm external speaker jack, and a 9-pin DIN jack for use in automalic Lape recording. Directly above the keys...

Sunlight Energy Systems

List price 799,95 CE price 479.95 SPECIAL Continuous coverage from 25.000 through 935 MHz. If you're looking for an excellenl synthesized scanner designed for mobile surveillance use, the new Shinwa SR001 scanner offers features never before offered at such a low price. When you purchase this wide band scanner from CEI, you'll get a free infrared wireless remote control that allows you to control your scanner from over 20 feet away. Selectable frequency steps Of 5.0 10,0 12.5 20.0 25,0 50.0 or 100.0 KHz, are available. Dual antenna inputs terminating in an MM-type and BNC connectors are included. Other features include 200 memory channels grouped En 10 banks of 20 channels, easy to read multi color LCD display, lithium battery for memory back-up, 35 char net per second high speed scanning, priority, timer and even an alarm to alert you to transmissions on your choice of one special frequency. We even include a mobile mounting bracket. The SR001 can be used for base station use with...

Diamond Systems Ham Tests

ICOM has released the 220MHz counterpart to the popular IC-02AT and IC-04AT hand-helds. The 1C-03AT features coverage from 220-224.995 MHz. an LCD display, a DTMF pad, 2,5 Walts rf out, 10 memories, memory scanning. programmable scanning, and 32 built-in subaudible tones. Th' IT comes with an HC-BP3 ret geable battery pack, an ac wa harger, a belt clip, and a writ itrap tion an LCD display on the top panel scanning and 32 built-in subaudible tones.

For a lot of mobile power

Each ng gives you 10 memories for storing your favorite frequencies. Dual VFO capability A clean uncluttered LCD display for easy readout. Push-button jumps through the band in i MHz steps- Band scanning with programmable upper and lower limits, And priority channel operation.

Microcontroller Based Multimode Reader

Let's get down to how the reader works. Basically there are three stages in this project. The first stage is the detector, some way to convert the incoming audio signal into computer readable data. I used a simple phased-locked loop detector system for the various kinds of FSK data, and a filter level detector for the Morse code data. The second stage interprets exactly what this data means. I used the new Motorola MC68HC705C8S microcontroller unit or computer on a chip. It has on-board ROM, CPU, RAM, I O lines, timer, serial communications, and lots more. The third and last stage is the output. The reader will print the data out in plain English on a LCD display or talk to your computer through a EIA-232 interface.

Meter Mobile Transceivers

The latest additions to ihe Trio-Kenwood line oJ Snmetef mob'ie transceivers art- ihe TR7950 and ine T 1*7930. identical m tea-tures except lor rf output a husky 4rj Watts lor Ihe TR-7B50, and a more mode SI 25 Watts for the TR-7930. The most notable features Include a large, easy-to-rcad LCD display. 21 mutti-function memories automatic offset, programmable' priority chan-ne rTKrripry and band v anT long- '1- ih-um batten memory backup iest 5-yea 11lei, buJlHh hey aulopatch, ana a hosi of jcceEjsorit1 , including an optional 3-ffO* quency sub-lone unit, wi rh keyboard-selectable sub-tones


No more guessing about antenna performancei DiGI-FiELD field strength meter has an extraordinary frequency response. Sniff out 60Hz interference or check for microwave oven Jeakage. Check antennna gain loss, pattern, polarization, etc. Easy-to-read 3 1 2 LCD display, iow battery indicator, external antenna option. Uses standard 9V battery.

Tridbnt Tr

Coverage rivaling that of rcctcvers that cost t ice as much Extremely compact and versatile. Features 1000 memory channels, 10 search banks, lockout on scan, & search Backlighted LCD display. Attenuator, Delay. Hold. Bank lockout, Cellular locked out. 1 'S ear WaiTanty. & l arphone jack. Size 5 7 SH x I J 2D x 2 I 3W Wt J4oz. Ground shipping S6+95. 2 Day Air Freight 9.95. Call or Fa* loll Free, 24 hours


Continuous coverage (except LI IF TV 600-805) Antenna attenuator switch, lOdb. Manual tuning knob. Earphone jack, 3.5mm. AM, FM and wide band FM tuning modes. Backlighted LCD display, 10 Scan Banks, 10 Search Banks, Selectable Priority Channel. Delay, Huld Features. Selectable Search Increments, 5-955KHz. Permanent memory backup. 4 AA Ni Cad batteries included, AC adaptor charger. Carry Case,

Kenwood Dual Bander

Kenwood's updated TW-4100A FM Dual Bander'is easy to operate and is 45 Watts on 2m and 35 Watts on 70cm Features include GaAsFET front-end receiver, selectable futf duplex crossband operation, compact size (5,9 x 1.97 x 7.87 inches), weighs less than four pounds, and has a large, illuminated LCD display and main knob. Frequency coverage is from 142-149 MHz and 440-449.995 MHz. Operation is also possible on certain MARS and CAP frequencies The TW-4100A has programmable band and memory scan wiih memory channel lock-out.

Fb Enterprises

Hand-heid multimeters that have an extra-farge, easy-to-read, three-quarter LCD display, perfect for engineers, technicians or hobbyists. The CM-1500B multimeter and CM-1550B capacitance meter have a one-half percent accuracy rate. The CIVM500B measures AC DC volts AC DC current to 20 amps and resistance, transistors, diodes, capacitors to 20 mF as well as conductance, The CM-1550B measures capacitance from 0.1 pF to 20,000 pF. Both meters have side push-button switches, and the CM-1550B has a zero control.

The Ultimate VFO

Much more flexibility in where the unit can be operated (portability). The microcomputer is connected to the direct-digital-synthesis chip and an LCD display, and inside the microcomputer is the program that does all the work. The front panel of the VFO has up and down push buttons that allow you to shift the VFO up and down in frequency. The speed at which the VFO changes frequency while the buttons are pushed is controlled by a 3-position speed-select toggle switch. Quick band selection of all nine HF ham bands is made possible with a band-select push button. Smooth 10-Hz-per-step RIT (receiver incremental tuning) is also provided by a knob on the front panel. A push button on the back of the unit allows you to store your receiver's IF frequency in EEPROM, and it also allows you to

74hc93 Oscillator

Aplikacja Max691

A device of this complexity must be configured. This is done via the RS232 interface with a terminal or via the built-in keyboard and the LCD display. Because the keyboard and the display are not needed in all applications, all adjustments can be performed via the RS232 interface. In this case the built-in keyboard is used only to modify the behavior of DTMF Deluxe during operation.

New Dvon From Hickok

Mount Helens From Olympia

New from the Hickok Electrical instrument Company is the latest in their LX series of hand-heid DVOMs. The new LX 304 features an easy-to-read, Vi-inch-high, 3Va-digit LCD display automatic polarity, zero, and overrange indication ' j-year battery life in typical use simplified one-hand operation and ultra-rugged construction with excellent overload characteristics for long-term reliability.

The Rf Connection

Radio facsimile for satellite images has been a long-lime interest of mine. I've printed many pictures using home-made machines, photographic paper, and cold cathode light sources. When I saw advertisements in amateur radio publications for PC HF Facsimile 4.0 by John E. Hoot of Software Systems Consulting, I was immediately interested He claimed fie could receive FAX images on a computer monitor using HF signals. They reai-ly looked good in ihe advertisement.

For a lot of

Each rig gives you 10 memories for storing your favorite frequencies. Dual VFO capability A clean, uncluttered LCD display for easy readout. Push-button jumps through the band in 1 MHz steps. Band scanning with programmable upper and lower limits. And priority channel operation.


The 37 selectable sub-audible tone frequencies can be called for encode or encode decode (tone squelch CTCSS), permitting private access. The front panel is easy to read and the large controls are very accessible. The dual function push switches have unique raised patlerns on their surfaces to allow the mobile operator to easily tell them apart just by feel, The multi-color LCD display lets the operator know which functions are in operation. The built-in duplexer has a single antenna output for a dual-band antenna. There are plenty of beep and bell tones that give a range of information during tuning again to allow the mobile op to keep the eyes on the road but the user can shut them off if desired.

Yh-2 Vox Headset

The controls and connection points on the Lop deck (Photo A) are BNC connector for Ihe antenna, VOX switch toggles that function on and off, mini phone jack lor Yaesu s CAT (computer-aided tuning) function, mini and micromini phone jacks for Ihe earphone and external mike connections respectively, high-low transmit power switch, lamp switch (illuminates LCD display) and squelch and on-off volume rotary pots, The front panel (Photo B) has two LEDs at the upper left. One is green while the squelch is broken and red while the PTT switch is depressed. The other comes on when the battery voltage gets below 7.0, A very ample speaker and a mike are housed behind a grill. The LCD display is below the grill, and a 20-button keypad below that. On the rear at the bottom of Ihe beli clip and under a rubber cover is the VOX sensitivity switch. The LCD display tells you just about everything you would ever want to know, including battery voltage. All data entry is done via the keypad. The D key...

Ace Communications

The AR-501 is a CW decoder trainer, and electronic keyer. Features include automatic speed fotlow-up and threshold control. LED tuning indicator, 32-character LCD display, random code generator, and electronic with both standard and iambic modes. Code can be routed 10 an internal speaker, and to a printer through the parallel printer port of the untt The AR-5 1 measures 4.5 x 6.25 x 2.25 A 12-VDC source powers it. The user price is 229, including AC power adaptor and parts for hookup. For further details, contact ACE Communications, tnc 22511 Aspan Streett Et Toro CA 92630 714-581-4900. Or circle Reader Service number 201 -

Dual Band HT

During the design process of this equipment, there was consideration given to putting the entire keypad on the back side of the remote control head,* comments Icom America, But our research team made up of avid ham operators concluded that the remote control head with its curly cord did not need the keypad on the back side, because this would lead to additional unnecessary weight and the possibility of accidentally pushing a wrong button while talking into the microphone control head And we agree The detachable control head features a large LCD display that is extremely visible at all angles, alphanumeric readouts, up and-down channel-changing buttons, and a couple of other buttons to quickly recall and memorize displayed frequencies in either VFO or MEMO mode. The built-in speaker on the detachable control head is adjusted via a voiume push-button, and push-to-ralk plus a nightlight are conveniently located where you would expect them to be on the edge of the detachable remote head....


Nye Engineering has announced a new and unique digital field strength meter for amateur and commercial use. The FS73 Signal Cube is a heavy duty model. 2.5 square and 2h deep, with a splash-proof cast aluminum case and has a large 31 2 digit LCD display indicating RF amplitude. It is broadband (0.1 to 450 MHz) and can be used for absolute or relative readings. A calibration chart on the back of the unit can be used to determine actual volts per meter, up to 150 MHz. The unit uses a standard 9V transistor battery

Ic Engineering

NO MOHE GUESSiNG WITH ANTENNA COMPARISON PERFORMANCE. The New DIG FIELD instrument has an extraordinary frequency response, DC to 12 GHz, lLDIGl-FIELD can be used as a sniffer for 60 cycle noise sources, as well as intensity detector of microwave oven leakage. With visual deaf reading, you tan make your own calibration. Use for radiation gain loss measurements, antenna patterns, polarization, adjustments, helps to detect TVL portable phones, car alarm transmitters, etc. Designed to be used with its own telescopic antennna or external antenna with PL 25S connector. Detector output connector for AM. DlGl-FCELD1' hag a 3 1 2 LCD display with (SV) low battery indicator. Available in the normal model A or the NEW ultra sensitive model J,B .

Tridewt Tr

Coverage rivaling that of recievers that cost twice as much, tixircmcly compact and versatile. Features 1000 memory channels, 10 search banks, lockout on scan, & search. Backlighted LCD display, Attenuator, Delay, Hold, Bank lockout, Cellular locked out 1 Year Warranty, & Earphone jack. Size 5 7 8H x 1 I 2D x 2 1 3W. Wt l4oz. Ground shipping 6,95. 2 Day Air Freight 9.95. Call or Fax Toll Free, 24 hours

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