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General License Study Guide

This tin' complete t*uide to t I-C - (, encrai 1 license. Let* riling rather than memorizing ,s the secret. Til is is not a ( ueslk n-iuui answer v.uidr that will gut her dust when the FCC Issues a new lesl, Instead tills book will be a helped referent useful lon after a ham upgrades to General Includes up-to-date FCC rules and an application iorm. Order yours today 4.1 hi talk to the world.

General License S I Udy Guide

This is the complete guide to du- General I .itvtise earning rather than memorizing is I he .sit-ret. This is not a quest ion-and-answer guide that will cat her dust when the KCC Issues a neu lest. Instead, this book will lv a helpful reference, useful long altera ham upgrades to i -neral, Include up-Uj-

General Class License Guide

The Study Guide for the General Class License nearlng completion in this issue of 73 Magazine has been published in book form by TAB Books. Available in either paperback or gold-embossed hardcover editions, the Amateur Radio General Class License Study Guide was put together by the staff of 73 and designed to provide an understanding of the license exam questions, nut just an easy means to memorizing, Judging from the results achieved using 73's Advanced and Extra Class Study Guides, this approach works like a charm. If you have been following the installments in the magazine, here is your chance to get it all together in a handy single volume. If you have your General ticket, this book will be invaluable as a refresher course on theory and practicc or as a gift to any deserving Novice, Paperback edition, S4.95. Hardcover. J8.95 TAB Books. Blue Ridge Summit PA 7214 and 73 Magazine, Peterborough NH 03458.

How To Be A Miserable Rotten Failure

Surrounded, as we are. on every side by miserable rotten failures, who needs a lecture on how to achieve this dubious undistinc-tion Yet, at any time in life, no matter how misspent. , even a life dedicated to the pursuit of the religious ecstacy of working DX, probably second only in galactic importance to a lifetime spent memorizing baseball statistics ,. .it is possible to firmly grasp one s bootstraps, pull one's self out of the muck of fife, and join the select fleet few who are successful in more than their own eyes.

System for Creating Graphics Presentations

Since a graphics presentation system is used by non prog rammers it must be both friendly and interactive In PAINTBRUSH and AUTOPLOT. users invoke operations by selecting icon-like objects in a menu, instead of typing commands at the keyboard This allows users to rely on their recognition memory they are not required to memorize command names. To increase user confidence, instructional messages, quick system response, ana information data m the menu give the user immediate, reassuring feedback, and defaults are provided wherever possible. In addition. AUTOPLOT provides help messages tor explanations of all functions.

Circle On Reader Service Card

There is a mike gain control, as well as an FM deviation level control, located inside the TS-60S, but you have to remove the top or bottom cover (depending on which one you want to adjust) to make any changes. Considering the variations in operators1 voices, this wasn't a great idea however, one of the 40 menu-addressable functions is microphone gain High or Low. selected as 66 on Menu B 4 Making adjustments using the menus sounds far more difficult than it is. It's so easy, in fact, that once J read the simple description of how to do it, I never had to refer back to the 59-page instruction manual again, That is, except to refer to the Menu Number11 and Description* of each function, which would be almost impossible to memorize.

Packet From Buenos Aires

I have changed my opinion about the code in that I now think code is fun. But I still don't think thai code should be a pan of the requirements tor a license. After ail you don't have to memorize Baudot or ASCII to qualify for a license, t was already a GET and I hardly had trouble with the written test.

How You Can Teach Novices

Once the room has been reserved, the time picked and the teacher is ready, the next step is the selection of textbooks. I started out leaching with the ARRL publication group Gateway to Amateur Radio, When the FCC upgraded their test requirements ii becamc difficult to memorize the questions and answers, I then switched to the Ameco Radio Amateur Theory Course with improved results. The student could use the same book for both Novice and General icense tests. However, the FCC has once again upgraded their tests when they introduced incentive licensing. At present the prospective amateur cannot hope to memorize any textbook and hope to pass. Now the prospective amateur must know and understand the basics of radio theory. Searching for an improved text, I came upon the publications by 73 Magazine, 73 recommends the use of their 5 and 6 wpm code tapes as well as their Novice Theory Cassette Course and their Novice Theory book.

Screen Labeled Softkey

Earlier terminals provided access to their features by means of function keys on the keyboard. These keys had a fixed task associated with them, such as homo the corsor or clear the display. This approach was satisfactory as long as the function set was small. Later terminals, with many more functions, required the user to type in escape sequences (the ESC key followed by one or more other keystrokes to exercise many of the functions. These escape sequences were designed for use by a host computer system driving the terminal and so were designed for compactness rather than ease of use. The result was that many of the advanced features of these terminals were used only by sophisticated users willing to memorize or look up the escape sequences. To solve these problems, more recent terminals have introduced the concept of tree-Structured, screen-labeled softkeys. The 2625A has extended this approach. to terminate it. These escape sequences had to be memorized or found by looking through...

Fundamentals of Radiotelephony

Mitted radio-frequency wave is varied in accordance with the sound waves actuating the microphone. When such a wave is detected in the receiver, as explained in Chapter Four, there should result a true reproduction of the original modulating signal which, in amateur 'phone, would be the speech of the operator at the transmitting station. The degree of amplitude modulation is described in terms of the amplitude variation of the transmitted wave, and is usually given as a decimal modulation factor or as a percentage. The modulation factor, expressed in percentage, is 100 times the maximum departure (positive or negative) of the envelope of a modulated wave from ils unmodulated value, divided by its unmodulated value. If the modulation is undistorted or linear, the average amplitude of the modulated wave is the same as its unmodulated value, so long as the modulating signal also is symmetrical. These basic definitions are very important and should be thoroughly memorized and understood.

Proper Position Of The Fingers For Operating A Telegraph

Difficulties Should you experience difficulty in increasing your code speed after you have once memorized the characters, there is no reason to become discouraged. It is more difficult for some people to learn code than for others, but there is no justification for the contention sometimes made that some people just can't learn the code. It is not a matter of intelligence so don't feel ashamed if you seem to experience a little more than the usual difficulty in learning code. Your reaction time may be a little slower or your coordination not so good. If this is the case, remember you can still learn the code. You may never learn to send and receive at 40 w.p.m., but you can learn sufficient speed for all non-commercial purposes and even for most commercial purposes if you have patience, and refuse to be discouraged by the fact that others seem to pick it up more rapidly.

Horizontal Sweeps are Calibrated

Memory capacity is 1024 24-bit words. Of these, 1000 words are used for data storage, so the displayed waveform can be represented by up to 100 points per horizontal centimeter. This much resolution is often unnecessary hence the memory can be divided into halves or quarters. When this is done, a full 10-cm-wide display

Quorum Communications Inc fax

There's a lot to like in this littie gem, It's really small, it works well and its easy to use. The alphanumeric memory and autodial systems are very handy. The rig is quite solid, despite its comfortably light weight. The display is large and shows lots of information, including the final zero on the frequency. Even with the alpha mode engaged, the memory capacity is more than generous, and there are two sets of subband limits provided for versatile scanning,

Virtual Memory for Testaid and

Fig. 1. testaid uses up to 2.5 M bytes of data array space. This exceeds the memory capacity of an HP 1000 Computer, so a virtual memory system keeps most pages of data in disc memory and only the currently needed pages in computer memory. The algorithm that moves pages between the two memories is a combination of least-recently-used and sequential page replacement techniques. Fig. 1. testaid uses up to 2.5 M bytes of data array space. This exceeds the memory capacity of an HP 1000 Computer, so a virtual memory system keeps most pages of data in disc memory and only the currently needed pages in computer memory. The algorithm that moves pages between the two memories is a combination of least-recently-used and sequential page replacement techniques.

Off To See The Blizzard

With the Bash cheat sheets, the written exams are virtually worthless as any indication of anything, so without the code test, anyone wanting a ham license can get one just for the work of memorizing a handful of questions and answers. But, to be fair to Bash, his series is not very much different from the ARRL Q&A Manual, only more accurate and thus more devastating.

Trac Message Memory Keyer

Trac Electronics, inc., has in* troduced a new completely CMOS state-of-the-art Message Memory Keyer. Containing ali CMOS integrated circuitry, the Message Memory Keyer contains two-message capacity. Each message has expanded 512-bit memory capacity 50 characters, approximately). The keyer can record at any speed and the messages may be replayed at the same or any other speed, A unique repeat function allows the operator to repeat the message played, as in calling CO. The heart of the Message Memory

By Alan H Christensen and David C Salomaki

With these new boards, users can now have one megabyte of main memory for the first time in a small computer like the HP 1000. Combined with new software tools, such as RTE-IV, that are designed to use large memories effectively, this increased main memory capacity enables HP 1000 Systems to solve many problems formerly addressable only by large mainframe computer systems. Two examples are simulation and computer-aided design.

The Simplest Code Practice Set Consists Of A Key And A Buzzer

Once you can copy about 10 w.p.m. you can also get receiving practice by listening to slow sending stations on your receiver. Many amateur stations send slowly particularly when working far distant stations. When receiving conditions are particularly poor many commercial stations also send slowly, sometimes repeating every word. Until you can copy around 10 w.p.m. your receiver isn't much use, and either another operator or a machine or records are necessary for getting receiving practice after you have once memorized the code.

Luchts Nocode Technician Cuss License Guide

Lam Luchi W7KZE has been at it again with this 160-page 1995 edition of his Tech license guide. Latest question pool. Answers. And good explanations so you can lake the lest understanding what it's all about instead of trying to memorize hundreds of Qs & As. None of this stuff is very difficult col cam* and you'11 need to have a good grasp of the fundamentals to go on to your General licensc. Unless, of

Modifications for the Heathkit ETA Microprocessor Trainer

How would you like to double the memory capacity of your Heathkit ET-3400A with no additional hardware It can be done and this article deals with such a modification. If you have ever experimented with microprocessors in Amateur Radio, you know that they are becoming increasingly popular. Their tasks vary from controlling various functions within the radio to microprocessor-based repeater controllers. It is worth the effort to obtain additional 0.5 ks2 of RAM. This doubles the 3400A's board memory capacity at no extra cost. The memory obtained after modification is addressed from 0200 through 03FF. Good experimenting with the 6808 microprocessor

Park Electronic Products

Ham slang, FCC regulationese, simple formulas, and Novice theory are all explained and explained and explained. The book is absolutely crammed full of big, clear diagrams to explain the material step by step. After you've seen this book - and after you have really gotten your foundation in ham radio knowledge (or gotten the harmonics, XYL, or Aunt Harriet hooked on the hobby) - you'll wonder why some people just memorize answers to multiple choice questions when it is really so easy to understand the questions and answers and the theory behind them.

Testing the MX Processor by Cleaborn C Riggins and Richard L Hammons

Because a unit as complex as the 21 MX CPU would be likely to undergo several production changes in its lifetime, particularly in the first few production runs, the system had to be able to accommodate changes In the design of the CPU with a minimum of reprogramming effort (less than one man-week for a typical minor circuit change). This was accomplished by having the system acquire the data needed for the fault isolation routines by memorizing the responses of a known-good unit to the test stimuli. This allows most circuitry changes to be accommodated in just a few hours. Whenever an error is detected, either by the system or by a microdiagnostic, the fault analysis process is initiated. A starting point is specified for each possible error halt by the diagnostic programmer. Starting at the specified node, the system compares the state of the node against the data memorized from the known-good unit. If an error is detected, then the inputs to the device driving that node are...

Doing Something About It

One more reminder The 73 series of code tapes is the world's fastest way to learn the code, and the 73 theory course is the best one on the market because it stresses learning the theory rather than memorizing Questions and answers. These are ideal teaching adjuncts to any Novice class.

Pricing And Orders Only

If I can fit it into my schedule I'll come and talk at any hamfest where you can get at least 300 people togelher. And then pay for me and Sherry to make the trip, plus help me sell some of my books and magazines Get me there a day cariy and arrange for me to be on the local radio and TV news and interview shows to help build attendance for the hamfest. I talk about so many things that you 11 have to buy a tape of my talk to remember everything. I usually get imo health, longevity, how to make money, hamming, new technologies, education, and so on.

Connections Of A Buzzer Code Practice

Start by memorizing the alphabet, forgetting the numerals and punctuation marks for the present. Various good systems for learning the code have been devised. They are of undoubted value but the job is a very simple one and usually can be accomplished easily by taking the first five letters, memorizing them, then the next five, and so on. As you progress you should review all the letters learned up to that time, of course. When you have memorized the alphabet you can go to the numerals, which will come very quickly since you can see that they follow a definite system. The punctuation marks wind up the schedule and be sure to learn at least the first eight the more commonly-used ones. Don't think about speed yet. Your first job is simply to memorize all the characters and make sure.you know them without hesitation. Good practice can be obtained, while building the receiver, if you try to spell out in code the names of the various parts you are working on at the time. 0 When...

Eral Study Guide

This is the complete guide to the General License. Learning rather than memorizing is the secret. This is not a question-and-answer guide that will gather dust when the FCC issues a new test. Instead, this book will be a helpful reference, useful fong after a ham upgrades to General Includes up-to-date FCC rules and an application form. ORDER yours today and talk to the world. SG7358 6,95


Their English literature course required us to memorize the authors, the dates, titles and short synopses of about 300 Victorian novels. Calculus was worse, with hundreds of formulas to memorize. The teacher1 got mad when I asked him where we might find a use for ail this in real life. He didn't know, Most of my college courses called for memorizing data just long enough to pass a test, I knew 1 hated this and was frustrated at the waste of my time, but J was too dumb to get the hell out of there and stop, I'd been brainwashed on the importance of a college degree. You know, no one hiring me has ever even asked about it. Okay, if memorization for our tests has screwed up the hobby, what could we do instead How can we go about teaching concepts Well, I went this route in the Novice license study guide I put out around 25 years ago. Then came Bash saying hey, take the easy way, TIE help you memorize the answers to the tests so you can pass it with one weekend of work, He even helped...

Radio Bookshop

1 wish to express my thanks and congratulations on such a fine Advanced study course. 1 at first tried to learn from another well known publication, which need not be mentioned, and did nothing but memorize the answers as you said would and did happen. I am now using your Extra study, but because of the asinine 2 year wait for so called experience is keeping me back another year. Anyway thanks again for such an outstanding study. You should publish the courses under a different cover. I am sure you would have a great success with it- Your study courses have been by far the best Self Help courses I have seen. With the traditional Q & A approach, there is too much tendency on the part of the student to try to memorize, rather than fully understand. There will always be a demand for the quick and easy memory course. From this group come our appliance operators although many do go on to learn, and build,


Known as The Back Breaker) this is a toughie - five character code groups sent in no particular order, so there is no way to memorize The tape. It is sent at six words per minute to give you that margin for error you'll need when faced with a stern examiner at THE EXAM. Practice in your head or on paper wherever you are, whenever you have a minute or two.

Automated Operation

Each front-panel control is labelled with the address code used by a calculator to set that particular control, so there is no need to memorize codes. For example, when programming the instrument to sweep its full frequency range, the mode switch is set to the lin full position. The program code for that setting is M2, where M stands for mode, as indicated on the front panel, and 2 stands for the second position of the switch.

Just Difficult

The answers to the exam questions rather than just try and memorize them. Hundreds (hell, thousands ) of happy users of our Advanced and Extra Class courses have written to say that they got them through the exam slick as a whistle the very first time out. Many report that our courses are so simply written that they didn't even have to study them, just read them through and they understood what they had been afraid was going to be engineering-level theory.

Two Locations

This is to agree and disagree with your December editorial. The magic of radio still exists when properly sold by people like yourself. To qualify this, just passed my Advanced exam, SOLELY due to your last nine articles. Face it, man, you can't find hams with time and ability to simplify and explain a complicated art. The old hack is memorize the answers, pass the exam, and learn later. Hell's Bells, that's why we have so many lids.H.they will never learn. Each article was weil written and aimed at the man, like myself, with no knowledge of electronics. _ . , _

Silicon Stud Diodes

My feet in preparing for the General class examination. Having had some electronic instruction at I ort Monmouth back in my Army days, I have concentrated mostly on the code, believing that the theory wouldn't take much effort. I have been brushing up on theory for quite some time by studying an NRl course, supplemented with a couple of AM ECO books and severa' of those published by the ARRL. It would seem that this would be sufficient preparation for the FCC exam. However I will have to admit that I have never really understood some of the very basic principles of electricity and electronics and l have been relying on my ability to memorize what I have repeatedly studied, hoping that someday the understanding would finally dawn.

External Speakers

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much your 73 code course helped me.) have sporadically attempted to gel my ticket for seven years now The theory is no problem ( have a commercial 1st phone and have worked in RF for five years), but that code practice would get me every time. I tried manuals and the ARRL code course, but I would memorize the code sent on the cassettes, or, with the manuals, I'd stay on the first few pages and never move on, until I lost interest, I honestiy can't say this about the 73 cassette. couldn't memorize the code groups, and it introduced new characters so fast and furious that before I knew it, t was through the whole alphabet.

Test Inadequate

My first reaction io a no-code license was Hell with em. let sweat to learn code The way did' That 5 sven though I am phrnttily pnoi - operator. Then I Ihought apout ine day I went to San Fran tisco lor the Advanced rest, fd been warned il was heavy, very technical, and strong on SSTV Baloney The mast technical question was wherfl they showed a par al ls I-resonant LC circuit, gav* the values of coll ELnd capacUoi .and nsked for the Ire quency. That one did lake awhile, but only because this fool left his calculator on ihe breakfast table 50 n-ilea away and had a bit of trouble with the square root of something-or-oihaf times IQ to the minus 15 The only SSTV question had to dp wilh permissible frequencies, a matter which any literate persor can memorize

Channel Scan Module

RK Products, 4295 Kentridge, S.E., Grand Rapids Ml announces a new RK-4 plug-in, 4 channel scan module, with memorized return from instant priority searchback for the full Regency line, MT-15, MT-120 and Aquaphone Transceivers. Catch al the area action automatically, it will instantly search back to the priority channel every 1-2 seconds, and stays there as long as there is a signal-Otherwise, it instantly returns to the channel it was originally on, A miniswitch can be installed for disabling the searchback feature. Ideal for hams who also want to be sure of getting all

Possible Criteria

Criteria for AHP aid PROMETHEE are entered in different ways. The criteria input modules are activated by selecting Grit from the main menu. For AHP, two forms a'e used to enter criteria. The first form ( Fig. 7) is for alternatives selection and contains a combination list box labeled Criteria. As the name implies, it is a list of the standard criteria supported by the packaging selection system. Vfter nil criteria are entered into working memory, a second screen is activated. This screen, shown in Fig. 8, allows pairwise comparison of the criteria based on Saaty's scale of measurement. A consistency index greater than 0.1 indicates thai modifications 10 the matrix may need to be made. The Reset button clears the weights and consistency index but leaves the matrix intact. This is useful if only slight modifications to the matrix are desired. The Clear button cleats the matrix as well as the weights and consistency index. Pressing Exit enters all data into working memory and returns...

Self Test

Driven high and low by special outputs and tested to ensure that they are functional. The channel-to-channel test causes the 10P to send data to itself via the MPB. Finally, if the CPU sends a message to the IOP indicating that there is working memory in the system, the IOP tests its ability to write to and read from memory. After the successful completion of all tests, the IOP turns its self-test indicator off.

High Level Capability

Model 9835AIB Desktop Computer's large memory capacity and powerful I O system make it especially well suited for control and data acquisition applications in addition to scientific computation. Model 9835A has a 24-line CRT display. Model 9835B has a single-line display. Fig. 1. Model 9835AIB Desktop Computer's large memory capacity and powerful I O system make it especially well suited for control and data acquisition applications in addition to scientific computation. Model 9835A has a 24-line CRT display. Model 9835B has a single-line display. Memory Capacity* and Restrictions for Program Storage Memory Capacity* and Restrictions for Program Storage

Hf Linear Amplifier

High-speed automatic anteni with memory capacity of 820 neis for instant QSY, Plus a high efficiency switching power supply (8QV-264V) with power factor correction to supress AC line currents, an automatic antenna selector for up to four antennas and a wireless remote control unit.

External Control

Although the microcomputer has a limited memory capacity, some memory was left over after the basic control and computation routines were completed, so a useful routine was written to fill the remaining program space. This routine allows a user, through an optional programmer box, to do mathematical manipulation of the data displayed by the counter. With this offset normalize option, the counter can display the solution to the equation x m + b, where x is the normal result and m and b are variables input by the user on thumbwheel switches. The data is input in scientific notation with eight digits plus sign for the mantissa and one digit plus sign for the exponent. When a negative answer is displayed, the leftmost LED digit becomes a minus sign, reducing display resolution to seven digits. Display range is from 999.xlO9 to less than ,1X10 9. The offset normalize option is useful in transducer measurement applications, where output is desired in such units as revolutions per minute or...

Keyer Memory

A large capacity programmable-reprogrammable CW message memory, designed as a plug-in accessory for the EK-42G keyer, has been released by Curtis -Electro Devices. The standard MK-420 offers a solid state memory capacity of f00 Morse characters. A second optional, 1,024-bit plug-in memory doubles this capacity. The memory organization is switch selected to yield four different program arrangements so different programs may be stored in back quarter of the memory.

By Sandy L Chumbley

IN THE TRADITION OF DESKTOP COMPUTERS, HP's new Series 9800 System 35, or Model 9835A B (Fig. 1), places as much computational power as possible into a small, integrated package and makes it extremely easy and natural to use. This new desktop computer features the largest memory capacity in its class, plus assembly language programming capability and enhanced BASIC. The 9835A B is a midrange, large-memory, scientific and engineering desktop computer designed for computation, control, and data acquisition applications. It features expanded read write memory capacity of up to 256K bytes, unified mass storage, a tape cartridge directory in read I write memory, and a bad memory error detect message system. High-speed control and data acquisition applications are facilitated by standard, plug-in interface cards, direct memory access, and 15-level interrupt. The interface cards include the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus (HP-IB), 16-bit parallel, RS-232C, and BCD. A real-time clock interface...


The instrumentation computer has a coincident-current core memory system capable of storing 4096 16-bit words. A second 4096-word memory module can be installed within the computer main frame (Fig. 5), and external modules can be added to expand the memory capacity to 16,384 words. Another memory option is a seventeenth bit in each word, to be used for parity checking (error detection). Cycle time of the memory, the time required to read and write one word, is 1.6 microseconds.

Virtual Memory

Virtual memory consists of main memory plus an area of mass storage called secondary memory, or the swapping area (Fig. 3). The swapping area is on disc or drum memory, although not necessarily on a single device it may include areas of several devices. In the swapping area is a collection of pieces of code or data defined as segments. As a program executes, segments are swapped in and out of main memory by the operating system. Whether a segment is in main memory or absent, it is nevertheless part of virtual memory. Thus from the point of view of a user, he is working with a memory that appears to be many times larger than the actual physical size of main memory. His own program may exceed the 65K-word maximum main memory capacity and still allow space for many other users on the same machine.

Timeseries Analysis

The basic signal-analysis procedures required in a practical instrument can be grouped into three measurement categories, as shown in the table below. The processing functions must generally be fast enough so that data are processed in real time, that is, as fast as they are being acquired. Real-time processing also is necessary because the number of input data samples is usually much larger than the memory capacity of any practical machine. In a typical measurement, the input signal may be sampled for 10 minutes at a rate of 100,000 samples second. The total number of input samples becomes astronomical but, after being processed by the appropriate analysis procedure, the data may have been reduced to only 100 numbers.


In any computer there will come a time when the memory capacity is exceeded. At this point one must trade some convenience or capability for more program space. For the automatic network analyzer, this means trading the convenient interactive programming features of BASIC for a compiler language like FORTRAN. The compiler checks for syntax errors and translates to machine-language instructions once, as a separate operation from running the program. Thus one does not have to keep editing and interpreting intelligence in the computer when making measurements the space is available for a more elaborate measurement program. The compiled program runs faster than an interpreter program because the translation has been done previously.

By Yoshio Ntshi

What Will be the technology driver in the future There is a strong potential that future microprocessors and their associated families of chips will include more memory capacity on each cbip, and that memory chips will include more logic functions. Thus, since dynamic memory tends to have quite a unique structure for a cell, which is clearly apart from other chip technology, it is somewhat unlikely that dynamic memory development will continue to drive iC technology evolution. The fact remains that both dynamic memory and static memory will require higher FET density per chip in the future and that VLSI logic circuits will require higher interconnection density and an increased number of metal layers.

Rtty Repeater

A previous column made mention of WTWQ TV with reference to this station being located in Indianapolis, W9JCUH who happens to be the Chief Engineer, sets me straight on the actual location, which is Terre Haute, Indiana. This is what happens when you don't make a log entry and refy on your memory for the details. Arden goes on to say that the GE Bat-Wing antenna on a 1000' tower, was loaded up on 6 during Field Day, and between the hours of 1 3 0 and 6 00 in the morning, 22 States were worked. How would you like to have an antenna like that on a permanent basis


Just to refresh your memory, a Tesla'is a unit of magnetic flux. My first coil was built around a commercially available neon sign transformer. These units are usually rated around 30 to 120 mA and come in various voltages. A 7500 to 15000 volt unit is perfect for a 30-inch coil and uill produce a corona anywhere from 12 to 20 inches in length. These transformers can usually be found at scrap metal ards or pulled from discarded furnaces. Mine was a surplus unit given to me by a local ham. Referring to Figure 1, ihe Tesla's secondary may i e considered a transmission line of xk wavelength, As the capacitors (Aj are charged by the neon transformer's secondary (B) their voltage breaks down the spark gap(C) causing the capacitors to discharge through the Tesla s primary in an oscillatory fashion, i he Tesla secondary is made resonant with the primary so that the excited primary causes the secondary to oscillate in resonance. This in turn generates a high voltage with sufficient magnitude...

74hc93 Oscillator

Aplikacja Max691

The 80(C)535 can address 64-kbytes of RAM and 64-kbytes of ROM. (Harvard architecture in this configuration it is not a Von Neumann machine.) The program is contained in an EPROM of 64-kbytes capacity. Of the 64 kbytes, approximately 45 kbytes are occupied, so there is still room for later enhancements. A 32-kbyte RAM chip unit is buffered by a small rechargeable NiCd battery. It is used both as working memory and as memory for the addresses and call signs. The rest of the RAM area is usable as I O space and is organized into 4-kbyte blocks. Since only two of the eight chip-select lines from the 74HC138 decoder are used thus far, plenty of spares remain available for later expansion.

Aea Kt Keyer Trainer

It's difficult to imagine a better gadget for helping someone learn Morse code or Increase his speed. Stored inside the KT-1 is a sequence of 24,000 Morse code characters. For code practice, 10 different starting points are available, selected by the keypad digits in the unlikely event that you happen to memorize the character sequence at one or more ot the 10 starting points, a random starting point may also be chosen.

Digital Multimeter

Yaesu Memorizer

What with the emphasis on upgrading one's license due to incentive licensing structure, it behooves the amateur to learn, not memorize, his electrical theory. When test time comes and the Man is staring at you and the temperature in the room creeps to 120 your memory can faiLbut not if you really know what you are talking about. You can read books or attend classes, but there is a lot to be said for practical experience,

The New Yaesu Ftra

Your pet repeater can be stored in the memory prior to use of the transceiver by storing the repeater uplink (input) frequency in channel M4, and then rotating the diai to the repeater downlink frequency. With the MR switch off, you will now be transmitting on the memorized frequency, but receiving on the dial frequency. Storing repeater or simplex frequencies does not entail getting into the innards

Leaky Lines

Basically the conversion process consists of reading a digitalized copy of the complete Slow Scan TV video frame into computer memory ICs, and then playing back the picture at a high speed into a regular TV receiver Memory capacity requirements for this unit are large, (between 100,000 and 200,000 bits) and previous memory cost of 1 or 2 cents per bit have made this unit too expensive for the average ham (S2000). Recently, however, these chips have begun to show up on the surplus market as seconds at approximately 5 100 cents per bit( thus lowering memory cost to between 35 and 50. Adding to this the support IICs and additional parts gives an approximate overall cost of 200, The scan converter will work something like this The first 8 second SSTV picture will load the memory unit, then during the second 8 second period this will read out at Fast Scan rates into a regular big, bright TV, A frame hold switch can be used for continually reading a picture out of the memory while the...

Amateur Radio School

The KB6MT Amateur Radio School code course teaches you code using a character sending rate of 21 wpm (spacing between characters is decreased as you progress through the course). Rhythm patterns are memorized (rhythm patterns don't exist below 17 wpm) and Ihe course is designed to lake you from 0 io 21 wpm regardless of what level you start at The cost for 4-1 2 hours of taped code instructions and code practice, including a written manual, is 20 Theory courses on cassettes for each license class are also available, as are simulated VEC code tests at 13 and 20 wpm

Dual Band HT

During the design process of this equipment, there was consideration given to putting the entire keypad on the back side of the remote control head,* comments Icom America, But our research team made up of avid ham operators concluded that the remote control head with its curly cord did not need the keypad on the back side, because this would lead to additional unnecessary weight and the possibility of accidentally pushing a wrong button while talking into the microphone control head And we agree The detachable control head features a large LCD display that is extremely visible at all angles, alphanumeric readouts, up and-down channel-changing buttons, and a couple of other buttons to quickly recall and memorize displayed frequencies in either VFO or MEMO mode. The built-in speaker on the detachable control head is adjusted via a voiume push-button, and push-to-ralk plus a nightlight are conveniently located where you would expect them to be on the edge of the detachable remote head....

New Proposal

I don't know whether or not we should keep the present form of licensing also so that non-electronically-inclined people can memorize the theory and practice in groups until Ihey become programmed to take and pass their incentive plan and become appliance operators. These people don't know the difference between a microprocessor and an op amp maybe so, we could always use a few more good net controllers. If you don't believe this, listen in on some of the technical discussions on the air, and listen to the cries for help on simple modifications to modern-day CB rigs to go onto 10 meters to enjoy an almost vacant band. 1 have the 73 5 wpm tape and the 6+ tape and have loaned them to people that express an interest in amateur radio. I even helped a man at work with his theory so that now he Is an amateur, The main thing is, he is starting (because of my insistence) to experiment with kits so that now he knows the difference between a diode and a resistor. He didn't have to know it to...

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