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Your New Hp Calculator May Cost

Nothing as the South-Best's leading Ham Radio Dealer we have a continuous need for ijood used ama eur radio equipment As an auihomed ttewieit-Pac* art deafer we have an excel fe t supply of ihese superb scientific and financial calculators, and we're offering you a legitimate trading opportunity

Sophisticated Gating Functions

Sequencer logic block is most critical to the complex counting capability of the chip. In the sequencer block, two key elements that enable the MRC to excel in performance are a sophisticated gating synchronization technique and the realization of this technique with EFL and other circuits in a super-speed bipolar LSI process.

Hi Sensitivity Uhf Receiver

Stoddart RFf Meter NM 50A with pwr. sply, cords, dipoJe holder, 3 pair di poles. Input 50 ohms. tF 60 mhz. Bandwidth I mhz at 370 and 1,8 at I ghz RF. Image & spurious-response reject, better than 40 do. Sensrt. as a 2-terminal tuned voltmeter is 10 uv will be less with l-pair dipole, but you can make an array to bring it up. If the voltage-attenuation calib. charts didn't get lost it would be worth If250 in surplus, 2,852 from the factory so we will seil it as a simple receiver in grtd-exceL condition for only 275

Definitive DXing and Practical Antennas

Imagine working nearh a i ARRL DXCC countries 80 meters* Or contacting siations in 140 countries on 160 meters in just a fe months. F ew hams can list those among their ham radio accomplishments, but one who can is John Devotdere ON4UN. Mr. Devoldere can now add to his list of accomplishments Ijjw-Band DXing. which is a compilation of the author's considerable experience i> n 40 h SO. and 160 meters, serves as an excel lent source of informal ion for those who are interested in operating on those bands, In short. Low-Bund DXin is an excellent resource that should prove very useful not only to low-band DXers, bui also to antenna enthusiasts at large. Considering what it contains, it s a steal at S10. This book is must reading for those interested jn working DX on amateur MF and lower HF hands. Mr. Dcvolderc and the ARRL have a winner here. If there is one subject that nearly all amateurs have an interest in, it is antennas. Unfortunately, if an amateur lacks a sirong technical...

Hisensitivity Uhf Receiver

Stoddart RFI Meter NM-50A with pwr. sply, cords, dipole holder, 3 pair dt-poles. Input 50 ohms. IF 60 mhz. Bandwidth I mhz at 370 and 1.8 at I ghz RF. Image & spurious-response reject, better than 40 db. SensEt. as a 2-termina tuned voltmeter is 10 uv will be less with l-pair dipole, but you can make an array to bring it up. If the voltage-attenua tion calib, charts didn't get lost it would be worth SI,250 in surplus, 2,852 from the factory so we will sell it as a simple receiver in grtd-excel. condition for only 275

Calibration of High Voltage Transformers

If Cj has values of 50 or 100 pF, the capacitor C2 may have values to 0.5 microfarad, for ratios between 1000 and 5000. The dielectric of C2 is polystyrene for the decade steps and air for the variable part. In tests carried out so far on three-phase transformers rated up to 330 kV 110 V, 3 phase, the capacitor C2 was home built a GR 1412-BC is an excel-ent commercial substitute. The losses of polystrene-dielec-tric capacitors are very low for calibration purposes it is sufficient to use a constant correction of +0.3 minute. Tests have shown that the voltage coefficient up to 100 volts is less than 2 parts in 10s and thus negligible for the purpose. The capacitance of C2 was measured at 2 times the power frequency, viz 125 Hz, to avoid errors due to stray fields at the

Digital Communications

Fifteen minutes later, I had written a program to convert the .WAV audio capture file that the Windows sound recorder applet uses into an ASCII file that FFT142 wanted. An eight-bit .WAV file turns out, by inspection, to contain a header that I could ignore, and then the sampled audio, one byte per sample. I set the sound recorder options to 11-kHz sample rate, 8-bit mode, and mono input. Using Excel to plot FFT142 output resulted in a graph like the one in Fig 1. Job complete. Using an 80 Sound Blaster card, and the 39 Simtel Archives CD-ROM, I'd avoided clutter- Fig 1 Manual plotting of an FFT output with Excel. My first solution required storing the data in a file, converting it, and massaging the output data with Excel. It was obvious that one could write a program to do a real-time spectrum analyzer. Surely someone already had. After a bit of looking, I came up with three realtime programs, one shareware, one payware but cheap, and one pay ware for a little more, but of...

New Optimizations for Parisc Compilers

Hewlett-Packard's involvement in reduced instruction set computers (RISC) began in the early 1980s when a group was formed to develop a computer architecture powerful and versatile enough to excel in all of Hewlett-Packard's markets including commercial, engineering, scientific, and manufacturing. The designers on this team possessed unusually diverse experience and training. They included compiler designers, operating system designers, micro-coders, performance analysts, hardware designers, and system architects. The intent was to bring together different perspectives, so that the team could deal effectively with design tradeoffs (hat cross the traditional boundaries between disciplines. After 18 months of iterative, measurement-oriented evaluation of what computers do during application execution, the group produced an architecture definition known today as Precision Architecture RISC, or PA-RISC. 'A3

Startek International

CQ Field Day is a new amateur radio video showing what it lakes to excel on Field Day, It follows the award-winning Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club from setup through wrap-up This fast-paced 30 minute video brings you right up to the mountaintop site so that you can experience all the frustration and elation of a modest-sized club setting up a 22 Alpha operation, then topping the overall list by scoring an amazing 23,500 points, This documentary

Calculate Butterworth Prototype G Values

The Butterworth prototype low pass g-values lor infinite Q can be calculated very easily with a spreadsheet program, such as Excel , or a scientific calculator The key equations are N is the order of the filter. One point to remember is that the argument for the sine Junction is expected to be in radians. So. if your calculator is set for degrees, a conversion is necessary. Excel assumes radians, so no conversion is necessary if you set up a spreadsheet.

League Operating Organization

The activities of the Communications Department are arranged and recorded through QST and by special correspondence. Tests and relays are arranged from time to time to develop new routes for traffic handling, to prepare ourselves to render emergency service in time of need, and to bring to light additional general radio information. In this way all members of the League benefit from the experience of certain individuals who excel along specified lines of work. 9 In collaboration with the I.A.R.U. the A.R.R.L. issues W.A.C. (Worked All Continents) certificates to those member-amateurs whose DX achievements include two way communication on the ham bands with at least one other amateur station on each continent. It is only necessary to submit six QSL cards, one showing such communication with each continent, as proof of world-wide contacts, to receive this recognition for DX work. It is considered easier to become W.A.C. than W.A.S. since there are fewer localities necessary to be worked...


The time proven 8-24 4-Band antenna combines maximum effi* dency and compact des ign to provide an excel* lent antenna where space is a factor. New end loading for max mum radiation efficiency. No center loading. wave on each band. Excellent quality construction. Mount with inexpensive TV hardware. Patented,

Testscope Foundation

BC-929 has been the TTV enthusiast's favo e foundation for a ccnverter with cross-line scope pre enra-i on, and afso the Amateur s favorite ModulationMonitor foundation. It is small (only 8.75 x 9 x 22,5 lbs.). Ask for and get original schematic with parts explanations, plus a conversion verted schemat c with pa-is values. Excel. Cond. With all tubes. Shpg wt 30 lbs.

Catalog Section

10 channel, crystal controlled, with separate guard (monitoring channel). 9.1 MC IF, Complete with 2 832AP and all other tubes. 1W ht 1QW* wt 19V2 d. Very excel, used, less 24v dynamotor with conversion instructions and schematic. 25.00 RT82 APX-6, 1296 MC Transponder (transceiver) Tunes the 1296 MC ham, or moonbounce band. Complete with all tubes. Very excellent used. 17.00

Vhf Engineering

I'm not one for writing letters, except usually to complain about something great and evil to me, but the quality, courtsy, and service of one of your advertisers has overwhelmed me. I purchased a two meter FM transmitter kit fro, VHF Engineering shortly after they began advertising. After I disregarded their excellent directions and incorrectly constructed the unit, I mailed it to them- Five, yes only five days latter 1 received my unit back, repaired, no charge (Try that with Heath.) The unit gets fantastic reports on the air. Then I purchased the 15 watt amp, and it was on the air in less than an hour after the postman arrived with equally excel lent results. From time to time, as

Bove Amd Beyond

Last month I discussed important parameters to consider when selecting a preamplifier for VHF and UHF applications, specifically MDS (minimum discernible signal , IMD (intermoduiation distortion), gam. and 1-dB compression point, Alt are interrelated, especially the latter three. Excessive gain can result in poor IMD performance and a tow 1-dB compression figure. Conversely, a welkJe-signed preamplifier may not have a very high gain figure, but will excel in the IMD and i-dB COMP tests.

Itty Bitty Rtty

The CP J is a small. compact unit a th excel eni technrcai specs Jt gives you jpxed 170 Hz dual channel filtering, auto threshold, pre -and post limlter fillers (for good copy under fading and weak signal conditions . AIJ transmitter AFSK tones are generated by a clean, sra-bie function generator. > bu can use positive or negative output jacks for keying your transmitter or transceiver on CW Add an oprionaf RS232 Porr for further computer and transceiver operational capabilities Power 6VAC from ) J7VAC wall adapter supply supplied Get on the ait with the fastest growing segment of amateur operation computerized RTTY A whoJe new world of DXf RTTY Maafbox Operations, and rag chewing is waiting Call Madison now for a quote.

Boyd Electronics

Boyd's new RW Series receivers offer an excellent means of setting up a low cost station for QRP operation on 20, 30, 40. and 80 meters. True superheterodyne direct conversion receivers, they provide excellent frequency stability, with no drift during operation. A six-pole audio bandpass filter with a low frequency cutoff of 250 Hz and high frequency cutoff of 2 kHz reduces hum and low frequency noise, and provides good station separation. The LM380 audio amplifier IC assures excel