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As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Making Money

Every now and then I hear from a reader who is not making a lot of money. This is a pity when you consider the opportunities out there for making money these days. We are getting into the age of electronics, and certainly radio amateurs have a golden opportunity to take advantage of this change in the world. A few years back, I wrote in rny editorials about the possibilities for getting into the security business. A few readers paid attention to this and went for it, starting, as I suggested, on a part-time basis. Many of them have built large security businesses as a result, some going into millions of dollars.

One Million Dollars

Your amateur station will look like a million dollars with one of these beautiful 18 diameter world illuminated globes sitting on the desk. Besides dressing up the hamshack, one of these globes makes pointing your beam a cinch. No map can give you the feel of the world that you et with a globe- If you are going to get a globe you might as well get a good one. This Hammond tflobe sells in the stores for 25 and is a bargain at that price. Through some finagling we can let you have one of these globes for the same 25 and add a two year subscription to 73 to sweeten the deal. Good in U.S. only*

Getting Rich

First point, If I were interested in money, spending time on trying to get amateur radio growing would be one of the last ways I would invest my time. The real money today s in microcomputers. and the maximum return for hours spent is obviously in that fjeld. Every time I start a new computer magazine, 1 generate a couple of million dollars more cash flow for us and bring employment to a bunch more people. J also help the microcomputer field to grow by virtue of the communications bring about. So, when someone puts me down as looking to make money, agree with them. , _and point out that so far have a good record of investing that money for the benefit of amateur radio and computing,., and. I hope you'll agree ,for our country. ic about getting richr I can always find some sucker to buy me out and go for a twenty-year sail around the world, charging 50 a contact to the honor Rolf hams, and live like a king. An enterprising ham can make 50f000 a year or more that way, as we have seen in...

Circle On Reader Service Card

If you or your club are looking for a way to make money at your next hamfest, here it is A few months ago we offered back issues of Radio Fun which could be sold at hamfests or other club events. We got cleaned out in short order. That's good because the back issues are far more valuable in ham shacks for reference use than in our warehouse.

Your Rare Chance To Start Pocketing Some Good Money

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Innovators In Digital Communication

Managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, will cost two million dollars each year A number of radio telescopes will be used in this program, including the Areabo observatory, In the next few years, between five and ten percent of the observing time at Arecibo will be used in the search of signals from other civilizations.

Why We Must Fight To Save

For more years than I can remember, I have been trying to get it into the sometimes thick skulls of American radio amateurs that every kitohertz of spectrum that we have ts worth millions of dollars to companies who can use it to provide other services. from hams You may find this hard to believe, but over a 10-year span at maximum utilization, the figures would be into the hundreds of millions Of dollars. And. many of us freely admit that in many parts of the nation, 420-450 MHz is an underutilized band

Crystals For Channel A

A man in Washington is important and lather obvious when we find that all other associations have full staffs and building locations in Washington, he whole problem ol holding our present amateur band and status is much more basic than just a man in Washington. Let's get right to the point. The present international aspects of amateur radio demand that we do all the i lings necessary to protect our very important and useful hobby. This is the time for serious appraisal of our Amateur Radio position. Our 40 meter band is seriously threatened. We are in a blue chip poker game where the stakes are the portions of the spectrum we use and these are worth billions of dollars yes, you read right, billions of dollars. So let's be professional in our approach to holding onto them. Let's ask ourselves the searching questions that any good businessman would ask if he were trying to hold onto this very valuable natural resource. For instance have we lost or gained prestige and bands Do we have a...

Circe On Reader Service Card

Have you seen ihe current price paid tor Frequencies The FCC. our friendly federal supervisory agency, ha discovered the value of the radu> frequency spectrum. The past few years have seen several frequency auctions. The government is garnering billions of dollars for frequency bands no larger than some of our ham hands, hv-cry company with geographical dispersion and either service or delivery people roaming the countryside wants to know exactly where those people are. They also want to tell those people where they should be or should go ncxL The best way to accomplish this is radio. When you add in automatic location reporting, the company managers think they're close to heaven.

Interconnect Specialists

Already, the false alarm problem with aircraft ELTs is acute Inadvertently activated ELTs sometimes cover up the signals from actual crashes. One source estimates that two million dollars is spent every year just to track down and shut off the ELTs turned on Iby bumpy landings and operator error. Increasing ELT usership will only worsen the problem.

Micro Control Specialties

Consider the facts Fact 1 Selling 73 increases store traffic our dealers tell us that 73 is one of the hottest-selling amateur radio magazines on the newsstands. Fact 2 There Is a direct correlation between store traffic and sales increase the number of people coming through your door and you'll increase sales.

Edi Ted By Linoa Reneau Kaukm

Byonics Balloon Telemetry Ideas

Bill WB8ELK launched a microballoon from 73 headquarters that same morning from Hancock, New Hampshire. The 1 miliiwati transmitter on 145 947 MHz sent out alhtude Telemetry vsa a Morse code altimeter Even with the extremely low power level, the signal was heard over most of New Engiand with reception as far away as Ottawa, Canada (280 miles). A small sounding-balloon was used to achieve a 30,000 feet altitude. After the balloon burst, the package parachuted down and disappeared in the Boston area Meanwhile, near the Boston Harbor lighthouse Mike Cox was very surprised to see a package attached to a bright orange parachute descend from the sky and splash into the ocean fust 30 feet in front of his boat. Thinking that millions of dollars had just fallen from the heavens, he eagerly fished the balioon payload out of Ihe water (the Catch of the Day). Although somewhat concerned when the package started beeping at him, he decided not to throw it back and instead gave us a calf Not quite a...

Me And President Fahrquar

You know, the League has a real warped idea of what film making is all about,'1 said Jim, now seriously into his film critic mode. ' They think they can stick Arthur Godfrey and a ukulele into a picture, show the guy's million-dollar ham shack, and win over the kids. They're full of it '

Synthesized Fm Stereo Transmitter

None of all this is any fun if you're not in good health ,,. which is why r ve been doing so much research in that field, I've reprinted a bunch of my essays on the subject in m Secret Guide To Health. li s 10 ( 04) from Radio Bookshop, With our Department of Health telling us thai only 1.5 of Americans are truly healthy maybe it's about time to slop listening to real doctors (who only make money when you are sick) and start reading some of the books with the facts.

Largest Train Robbery

Approximately three million dollars in negotiable instruments and jewelry were confiscated during a brief stopover and atl participants were apprehended within six months. Frequencies phone 7.260, 14.290, 21.375 CW 1.125. 21.150 Time from 0000Z 12 June until Q000Z 13 June. Certificate for a large SASE to KB9BR or Big Robbery. Box 656, Libertyviile IL 60048.

Doing Something About It

If amateur radio was growing at the rate of 11 as it did before the proposal of Incentive Licensing. we would be welcoming about 75,000 new Novices a year. That would represent the 11 growth plus those needed to make up for the dropouts and silent keys. That represents a buying market of over 100M. Even when you spread that amount around among about 200 ham stores, that represents another half million dollars in sates for each store.

How Hams View Themselves Ii

For those who missed last year's event, the Fun poll is not a scientific survey, What it represents, though, are the gut feelings of amateurs as they answer questions ranging from their personal lifestyles to how they view emerging trends in our hobby. Last year we discovered, for instance, that 12 percent of our respondents used a cheat book to upgrade, 54 percent felt that ham radio interfered with their personal relationships, and 61 percent would give up the hobby for a million dollars. 11) Has amateur radio influenced your career choice 19) If someone offered you five million dollars, tax free, on the condition you give up amateur radio forever, would you

Heath Bkesbitter Bullet

The move could easily cost Heath well over haEf a million dollars, which is a very big number in the ham field The ri9 so d for 289 35 in kit torn (see page TOO of the January 73 Heath catalog and Heath is offering to refund the original payment plus 25 if the kit has been partially assembled and 50 if ii has been completed. The first reaction, naturally, was to see what modification could be devised to cure the spurs, It turned out to be such a difficult mod due to the microparts involved if at the half million dollar decision was made.

Where Computers Are At

The cost of peripherals will also drop as firms gear up for mass produc tion of interface and control chips which will replace the IC-laden circuit boards of today. One chip video display generators will probably bring the cost of the video keyboard down to the 100 range ., . like a black and white tetevision . , . though ihat may take three or four years. Right now anyone that comes oui with a 400 video keyboard will make millions of dollars until the S3BG urijl comes out.

Shipmates Sought For Round The World Expedition

YANKEE TRADER 180 foot, 1100 steel hulled vessel, formerly well known for Coast Guard research, is now being refitted and air-conditioned in Miami by Captain Mike Burke of Windjammer Cruises' fame. The yacht has traveled to the seven seas, and will once again embark on a pleasure seeking adventure around the world beginning on January 15, 1973 for a nine month cruise following the trade winds in southern waters. Shipmates who will share in the adventure and expenses are presently sought for the voyage which will feature the barefooted informality traditional to Windjammer Cruises. She will visit famous, tropical island ports of call such as Galapagos, Easter Island, Tahiti, Bail, Madagascar, Martinique. The group will explore, skin dive, sightsee, take photographs, or just loaf in luxury yachting style known only to a few millionaires and they Ml do it at the unheard of rate of SI 8 3 day. For details and applications for the 'round the world voyage, as well as the shorter 10 day...

Editorial By Wayne Green

The argument against raising the ham tax was that we need to turn every stone we can to get more hams, and anything that could possibly slow down the entry or continuance of amateurs should be avoided. Like more than doubling the tax. It probably wouldn't have bothered many of us so much if there had been a raise in the tax on the commercial Licenses, the permits to make money.

Send For Brochure Of Other Models

What would be the result if we took a few of those 75 million spent every day and used them a little differently lake for building instead of destruction Suppose we shipped over a 2 million dollar factory to make prefab native houses. Suppose we sent over the saw nulls to make the lumber for the prefab factorv And how about a factorv for furniture to furnish these houses I hen we might put in a factory to make simple tractors for working the land. And even more important, a factory to make small cars, possibly something like an overgrown go-kart, which could sell for a very low price.

Fcc Asks For License Fee Increase

An increase in fees for licenses, applications and other services, totaling 20 million has been proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. In a notice of proposed rulemaking (Docket 188021 the Commission disked for comments on a fee schedule thai would raise approximately S24.5 million dollars - the amount of the Commission's 1971 budget request- (Under present schedules, fees bring in about 4.5 million.)

Pricing And Orders Only

If I can fit it into my schedule I'll come and talk at any hamfest where you can get at least 300 people togelher. And then pay for me and Sherry to make the trip, plus help me sell some of my books and magazines Get me there a day cariy and arrange for me to be on the local radio and TV news and interview shows to help build attendance for the hamfest. I talk about so many things that you 11 have to buy a tape of my talk to remember everything. I usually get imo health, longevity, how to make money, hamming, new technologies, education, and so on.

For Further Information

PACSAT is a proposed system much like a bulletin board except that it will be on board a future AMSAT spacecraft I laving as much as 2 megabytes of memory, PACSAT will fly in a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) similar to OSCAR 8 or UoSAT The PACSAT concept is a pioneering one in the use of low-cost space technology since it is far cheaper to inject a satellite into an LLO (say, via a 10r000 Shuttle Get-Away Spectah than to inject one into a geostationary slot (tor a few million dollars). Further there are many more LEO-taunch opportunities than there are geosynchronous ones.

For Sale

Summer vacation camp and excellent VHi location combination. Six room lightly furnished wood paneled house, four acres, over 2,000 feet up Mt, Monadnock in southern New Hampshire. Complete with four towers and antennas 16 element colinear and 10 element yagi for 6M 288 element colinear-yagi for 2M 48 element colinear-yagi for 2M 32 element colinear for 220 mc 192 element colinear-yagi for 432 mc Hy-Gain tribander for 20-15-10M). Shower, water heater, electric stove, refrigerator, etc, Almost completely isolated . , . no TV1 for miles. Built by millionaire and shows it. 21,500 (a steal). Write or call 73 for additional information.


Information into a two-hour time slot Please write and lei me know what you'd like me to cover, because. left to my own devices. Til deal with amateur radio its past, present, and future. Then, if these s an> interest. HI explain the seoet ftw making money Lind the shortcuts for doing it. I've lecturcd tui this at several universities (like Yale, RPi, HU, Case Western, etc.).

Notes From Fn

We keep noticing the increasing visibility of Japanese influences all around us. but not many know that if we are planning on a trip abroad from the United States we won *t get there without help from Japan Huh, you ask Wellt you seet the State Department's new million-dollar passport-producing machine (4200 per hour) was made in Japan by the Uno SeisakushoCo * Ltd which came out ahead of everyone etse in the bidding. So, yoigoryokooHHave a nice trip )


At 1430 hours NZT on Monday, March 2, a large earthquake centered in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, North Island, caused millions of dollars damage to the towns of Whakanatne, Edge-cumb, Te Teko, Kawerau. and the surrounding rural areas of the Rangitiki Plains Basin. Widespread damage to property, telephone service, power supplies, water and sewage services, but miraculously there was no toss of i fe.

Braille Publication

1 am led to understand that the Income Tax Bill was adopted as a temporary tax. Ha Ha Since that time this tax has turned out to be about as temporary as the Berlin Wall. Personally speakrng t would not mind paying the tax quite as much if 1 could believe that the different income levels were doing their fare share. As it is now the poverty levels are all but exempt, and the wealthy people jlist hire a lawyer to evade taxation through various loopholes, This leaves the middle, or working class people at the mercy of the IRS.

Free Catalog

Taking all lhat into consideration we have a litlle problem for you to talk about and come up with some ideas. If we're going to continue to have a government franchised and supported hobby for middle-class white men we1 ye got to llnd a way to justify our use of billions of dollars in public resources. We've got to come up wilh some solid reasons why the rich and the poor, and the other 99.6 ol the middle-class, should iund our fun.


Communications Electronics the world s largest distributor of radio scanners, is pleased to announce that aN Regency brand scanners areon saleduringourworld's biggest scanner sale. Even the new Regency models K500, Ml 00 and R-304 are on sale, ff you don't own at least one scanner, your missing ali tha action of police, fire, marine and government transmissions, Since you can monitor most business or government broadcasts in your area, it's like listening to a party line full of vital information, flegency scanners bring home the action. From now until January 31 p 1980, you can save hundreds of dollars during our multi-million dollar scanner sale. Since we distribute niore scanners worldwide than anyone else, we can sell the newest factory production models with the latest engineering updates, at rock bottom prices. Our warehouse facilities are equipped to process ovei 1,000 Regency orders per week and our order lines are always staffed 24 hours. We also export Regency scanners to...

Harold E Price NKK

Manufacturers who spend many tens of millions of dollars per year on UNIX software R& D. I asked them when I'd see lower-end UNIX tools so I could bail out of Windows and use a 'real' operating system. I was quite surprised at their responses, which were largely along the following lines

Concord Nh Fone

Agers, I frequently find that they have no desire at all to make money. This may be apathy or it may be a reaction to parents that idolized money. It is frustrating though to have what seems to me to be a really simple way to almost unfailingly make a fortune and find that no one is listening. The stockholders oi most corporations insist on knowing where the money goes. They demand to know the salaries of the officers and want nothing hidden from them in the published financial statements. ARRL members have, for many years, been asking for the same basic information about their club, but with no success whatever. The truly impressive salaries at HQ are highly classified and subject only to conjecture, even by staff members. If the salaries are reasonable, then why this tight secrecy What is being hidden

Oroer Blank

Seems reasonable to you then why not get in touch with your ARRL Director and tell him that you want him to see that the League sets up a PR man or company to promote amateur radio. This is a very good time to dip into that over a half million dollars that is just sitting there in the bank and make it work for the survival of our hobby.

Ic Sa M Icsat

At 69 1 have what, maybe 10 years more to go at best Well, that's 10 years lo help people have lun And since one of the least fun things is to be poor, I also push anyone who'll read or listen to get oft their butts and start making money, It's out there by the carload, just waiting for anyone wilh the guls lo go after it. and that's fun too. It's exciting' Making money doesn't take brains or even a college degree, alt it takes is working in a direction which has good odds for a payoff and working harder than most other people At 69 I'm taking it easy. Heck, I seldom work more than ha a day any more Twelve hours, I can't let work eat mto my hamming time, right Hmmm, as the publisher of 73. perhaps I should couni hamming as work. No. that ould pul me on overtime.


Fortunately. the indies are unable to get much radio airplay. The six major record companies (five ot which are foreign-owned), pay nearly a hundred million dollars a year to make darned sure radio station music directors play only their music. So I started putting together sampler CDs, each with around 15 tracks of one type of music, as a way to help indie sales We've produced over 125 ot these so far and distributed from five to 15 thousand of each tree . except for a 3.79 shipping and handling charge. I won't cry on your shoulder about the missing articles the ex-editor took with himT the stolen mailing lists, and things like that. But it as a mess and the three teams of lawyers involved will end up doing very well by the time all this is over. We're still trying to tind where a couple of million dollars went, Of course probably my biggest problem is that I've never had any interest m making money, so when I've Kicked into it I've always let oiher pec-pie take care of it Managing...


One last thing before we move on We must always remember that ham radio is involved in NQN-COMMER-CIAL subjects and activities. Some hams have gotten in troubie with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States of America because they forgot or just dtdn 't think We must always be aware of what we are doing white using ham radio we must make sure that we do not jeopar* dize our licenses. Even though I have packet capability, I have not publicized it in this column because the information I receive sent directly to me and used in this column might be construed as commercial since this magazine is in business to make money. So, if it's matersai related to this column, please send it to me in some other way, However, would certainly love to make contact with other packet users around the world, if for no other reason than to demonstrate that packet works. Feel free to send a packet or two tome, but keep it non-commerciaf. 73. Arnie. N1BAC& WA 1 YTW.NH. USA NA


Here we are in the middle of the computer revolution, with opportunities on every side for youngsters to become incredibly successful, yet most of them don't want to and won t make even a slight effort to try. We've already seen more new millionaires as a result of the microcomputer in the tasttwoor three years than we've had iin any similar period in history, . .and this is only the beginning. We are about to enter a computer communications explosion which will force millions on many more entrepreneurs, it's all there if you want it.


Selling 73 for Radio Amateurs will make money for you. Consider the facts Fact 1 Selling 73 for Radio Amateurs increases store traffic our dealers teM us that 73 for Radio Amateurs is thehottest-sefling amateur radio magazine on the newsstands. Fact 2 There is a direct correlation between store traffic and sales increase the number of people coming through your door and you'll increase sales. Fact 3 FacU1 + Fact 2 - INCREASED ALE T which means more money for you. And that's a fact.


In 1975, shortly after the invention of the microcomputer, our group of 73 staffers starled up Byte magazine. Indeed. don't think there was a person on the 73 staff who was not involved in getting Byte going. It was a lot of work and utterly devastating to us when Byte suddenly moved out one night. The litigation on that situation will be long and expensive, with several millions of dollars involved, I expect.

Untold Wealth

On the one hand l get letters from readers ,vho thank me for getting them into new businesses such as home security, computers, and so ont telling me that I provided the impetus to get them going and that they've done well. Indeed, many have become wealthy. But 'hen still get letters saying that some poor reader can't afford a subscription, Now, with alf that money out there just waiting to be grabbed, how can anyone be short of cash

Leaky Unes

Awards program can be managed at minimal cost, it cannot be done for peanuts. Perhaps the applicants themselves would be willing to help to underwrite these costs by pay* ing a moderate fee of, say, five doiiars or some equaUy modest sum. No one would get rich on the proceeds, that is certain. But no one would go broke either

New Proposal

I feei that without the code requirement, I could have become a radio amateur long ago, and by now would know the code and could have possibly helped with development of some form of communication through the amateur bands. Instead, I teach basic electronics and kit building at my daughter s school through a community education program that pays me less than 8.00 a course, but is worth a million dollars when I see the kids1 eyes light up when they turn the switch on and their first hand-made project works.

Just For The Record

Lucia has an advantage over most countries in that there is no duty on ham equipment. Canada managed to cost itself millions of dollars in tost technicians and engineers by putting a heavy duty on ham gear. Indeed, there are many countries where just the duty alone on a small rig is more than the average educated iocal earns in several months. I'm not talking about a sideband rig just a simple CW transmitter I remember talking with a ham in Egypt who had to spend four months' wages to import a ham rig sent to him by an enthusiastic American ham. It could have been done at less expense if the American ham


Writing lor The I O section of 73 is a great way to become rich and famous, (Probably a lot more of the latter than the former, too la all seriousness it can be profitable pay quite well for accepted articles. If you re tike most computer hobby sis, you're always looking for Those extrj dollars to buy this or that peripheral (And, of course, it always looks good on a r sum to have been published professionally.) But , ,. and this is certainly important . , , you needn't be a professional writer to sit down ai the old typewriter and pound out an article for our I O section. Here are some nu deiines to help you along . .

Dallas And Atlanta

So far, my commitments for talking at hamfests for the rest of this year Include a barrage at Dallas in early June and at Atlanta in mid-June. I'll be giving two tafks at both hamfests . one on amateur radio and what can be done to get it going again, and the other on how to take advantage of the incredible opportunities for making money with microcomputers, I personally intend to increase my own net worth substantially during the next year or so, and thousands of others can get on the bandwagon .,, once they know tie secret of how to go about it.

Civil Defense

The basse concept was to use the lime-honored system of bribing. We were spending about a half million dollars each to kill the Viet Cong. For a tiny fraction of that expense, we could have set up a toll booth on the Ho Chi Mmh Trail and issued a parcel of farm land, a house, some furniture, food chits for a year, and the opportunity to get a job in a nearby factory. We have a different situation in the Middle East these days, but that doesn't mean that we can't come up with some ways of outsmarting the enemy instead of trying to outfight em. For instance, suppose we sat down with the chaps in Pakistan and, instead of offering to ship billions of dollars in arms with no strings attached, we offered to help them only if they would set up a buffer zone between Afghanistan and Pakistan . . perhaps five miles wide. This zone would be deeded to the U+S for 99 years and we would guarantee free travel across it. But this would be American land and would set up a situation wherein Russia...


I don't really understand this whole business of nonprofit corporations. I belong to one nonprofit club which keeps from making a profit by paying delightful salaries to its top officers and which has sailed away close to two million dollars in cash and securities, I suspect that if I tried something like that with my non-nonprofit corporation, I would soon be hanging by the thumbs in court.

Also At Atlanta

In addition to laying it on the line about amateur radio .and I expect the usual goon squad , , , I'll be talking about microcomputers. I ll be talking about them primarily in terms which may be of particular interest to you how to make money in microcomputing. I'd talk about how to make money in amateur radio, but 1 don't know anyone who has figured it out yet Perhaps those who are pushing for the Communicator Class license on 220 have the answer. Ill be talking about hardware which is needed and which can be marketed easily to make money, I'll be putting software into perspective. Mostly, Til try to answer as many questions as I can, I may even talk a bit about the whole philosophy of making money i. . what the secrets of success are and how to achieve success if you want it. Most people have blundered into the trap of the good old American system ,. . guaranteed to keep you poor for life and with no real hope of spectacular success. Is there anything to do about this i think so . ....

Forejgn Language

We need a lot of fundamental articles in 73 on microcomputers and their amateur radio applications, but we also need to have these written in either English or. worst case, ham language. One of these days someone is going to come along who has learned the computer field and still remembers that then- was a time when he was not sure what software subrou tines were . . , and he is going to become rich and famous as an author. Well, famous, anyway

The Advisory Council

Word was released recently that in a panic over the failing fortunes of the League, the executive committee had formed an ARRL National Advisory Council, Named as honorary chairman was Senator Barry Goldwater. Acting chairman was Buzz Reeves K2GL, Many of the well-known gentlemen announced as council members are millionaires. Council members named were Dave Nurse of Heath, Art Collins, Bill Leonard of CBS, Walt Henry of Henry Radio, Bob Cushman of Cushcraft. Bill Muller of lcom( and John White of Cooper Union. I know most of these men personally and hold them in the highest regard.


YANKEE TRADER ISO foot, 1100 steel hulled vessel, formerly well known for Coast Guard research, is now being refitted and air-conditioned in Miami by Captain Mike Burke of Windjammer Cruises' f3me. The yacht has traveled to the seven seas, and will once again embark on a pleasure seeking adventure around the world beginning on January 15, 1973 for a nine month cruise following the trade winds in southern waters. Shipmates who will share in the adventure and expenses are presently sought for the voyage which will feature the barefooted informality traditional to Windjammer Cruises. She will visit famous, tropical island ports of call such as Galapagos, Easter Island, Tahiti, Bali, Madagascar, Martinique. The group will explore, skin dive, sightsee, take photographs, or just loaf in luxury yachting style known only to a few millionaires and they'll do it at the unheard of rate of 18 a day. For details and applications for the 'round the world voyage, as well as the shorter 10 day...

Meet Me In St Louis

Louis for the big hamfest on March 31st. HI be talking about amateur radio . . . the good things and the bad. I'll be answering questions on just about anything, in addition to that, as at Atlanta, I'll be talking to microcomputer hobbyists about the many ways of making money in this new field- I II try to give some perspective on what has happened and what I see as coming in both fields.

Leaky Lines

This is the first time in about three months that Pve been able to devote to writing an installment of Leaky Lines, since there has been an extraordinary spate of activity in another phase and another direction. A friend of mine who works for a TV network and I were discussing the horrid and putrid state of television nowadays during a late night 15 meter QSO, and we decided that we might put our heads together and try to come up with some ideas for TV production. We reasoned that it wasn't enough merely to sit on the sidelines and carp about what was lousy in television - that we ought to try to come up with something better. Otherwise we would be the same as the present-day critics of our society who gripe, complain, and tear down everything in sight without proposing something better with which to replace it. Fortunately our efforts appear to be bearing some fruit, and we just might get lucky enough to capitalize on the venture. Never let it be said that 1 am averse to making money...

June Mcmlxxi

A classic demonstration of a monitoring service's capability in an emergency occurred April 5, 1972, when a tornado struck Vancouver- Washington. Six people were killed outright, with hundreds suffering injuries. 6.2 million dollars damage was done by demolition of a school, a supermarket, j bowling alley and portions of other buildings.


Here you will be working on unique new defense, space, oceanographic, data handling and communications systems. In fact, you will find that systems are everyone's business at Sanders. More than 90 per cent of our business comes from systems, programs and hardware we developed ourselves. And, the growth has been rapid. Last year sales doubled, growing from 66 to over 139 million dollars.

Hiway Co

Mobile sideband did arrive, but not for me. i found that I had the choice of either of two well over 1500 units. With a sigh I decided to sit it out and wait for someone to work out a more economical arrangement. Sure, I know, if I had spent my time making money for myself instead of making others rich I could easily have enKWM ed myself.

For The Experimenter

The Ansel Gridley case in Florida is still going on. Grid, W4GJO, is being sued for one million dollars. The plaintiff, who owns a large liquor store in Sarasota, has been advertising in local newspapers with vitriolic anti-ham messages. He has also distributed bumper stickers like the one shown below. Grid has obtained an injunction to prevent further ads or stickers, but if you have ever tried to remove one of those stickers, you know they will be around for a long time. I suggest that large clubs (certainly ARRL won't get involved) should file counter suits against this man for defamation of character in the amount of three million.

By Charles L Leath

In September 194(3. when he first issue of the HP Journal was published, HP had 150 employees, 70 electronic measurement instruments in Ihe product catalog, and 2Vt million dollars in sales. Other significant technological events during lliis period were the invention of the transistor al Rell Laboratories in 1947 and the operation of the first supercomputer, the EN I AC, in 1046. Today HP has over 90,000 employees, river 10 billion dollars in sales, and over 10,000 products that appear or are alluded lo in the HP product catalog. The HP product line today includes nol only electronic measuring instruments, but also computer hardware and software systems, peripherals, medical electronic equipment, analytic instruments for chemical analysis, electronic components, and a host of other services and products.

Cosmic QRN

The one King commenced one evening while I was relentlessly rocking the channel-selector knob on my IV set. I was, of course, conducting the ever-going search for program materia not too insulting to my intellect nor Loo shocking to my emotions. After having scanned the usual collection of pantyhose ads, get-rich-quick schemes, maximized discord known as rock *1 musicand scenarios of violence untempered by man's experiments with civilization, I finally wound upon a UHF-channel midway between two rather anemic stations. Alas, as you may have deduced, it was not to be But even if I did not emerge as a newly nade millionaire from u great technological breakthrough, all was not lost the experience engendered other interesting ideas, which I would like to share uith you.


During the Succoth holiday season this past fall, for eight days, Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev, hosted the National Stamp Exhibition, an event of importance to every philatelist. 17,000 visitors graced the heavily guarded show of 3 million dollars worth of exhibits, which included rare stamps, the history of mail, and collections according to themes. Although not a stamp collector myself I pass stamps from my QSLs to my wife's parents) Joyce ai 73 gets mine from my letters Arnie , I was duly impressed by the scope of the displays.


Now the engine from the V-20 mission, brought in to replace the damaged V-19 motor, is having problems wUh the turbopump bearing system. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of satellites are waiting for their turn to ffy. Phase 3 C will be one of four pay-loads on the first Ariane 4 vehicle. We all hope for a successful lift-off soon,

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