Laptop Repair Made Easy

Laptop Repair Made Easy

This productis handled by a specialized laptop repair technician. Typically, a hardware fault requires the physical review of a laptop and testing for abnormalities. Suspected components, such as random access memory (RAM), hard disk, power supply or optical drive may be individually checked, troubleshooting or replaced if an error is detected. This usually requires special equipment and accessories to disassemble and reassemble the computer. The easy-to-repair laptop product is a trusted product, effectively providing the fundamental skills needed to solve problems and problems on a faulty laptop. This product has long been a stressful job, to reduce stress, the author had explored and created this awesome package that has been found to be effective by many users as it contains new and improved techniques to suit your tastes. This product is consistent and efficient in its mode of operation. Being a machine, it does not suffer from the human trait of tiredness and lack of consideration. It will perform the last task with same speed and accuracy as the first given to it, no matter the number of times it has to do it, The product can store and process large volumes of data without being affected. Laptop storage capacity has even increased considerably in recent times. This is as a result of large and complex software being developed nowadays. More here...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Full Featured Pentium PCIBased Notebook Computer

The IIP OmniBook 5000 computer (Fig. 1) marks a change in Lbe direction of notebook computers designed by Hewlett-Packard, Earlier OmniBook products focused on being ancillary tools to the conventional desktop PC. The designs were biased towards small size, long battery life (or more usually, a smaller battery), and the ability to run most major programs. They brought to the customer new features such as instant-on, battery charging while operating, expandability via the PCMCIA standard (now known as PC Card Standard, or more simply PC Card), and simplified use. As customers became acquainted with their mobile computers they demanded that their portables have the same functionality as their desktops. Thus began the emergence of color displays, larger hard drives, fester processors, and external flexible disk drives in the IIP OmniBook family. When the Corvallis Division became the Mobile Computing Division with t he charter to design, produce, and market a full range of mobile...

Circle On Deader Service Card

Hamcomm works surprisingly well, but has no PACTOR mode. 1 think a good DSP noise filter would help it a h t+ Or maybe a good dumb TU with Hamcomm. I am also checking oul RHTY, bul have not got it running on my notebook computer yet. Next stop is to check out WTNRTTY I want to get something going before the RTTY contest.

Packet Provides Spontaneous Fire Plotting

LoranPlot was started to assist the real-time mapping of the perimeter and area of a fire from the air. The LORAN navigation system installed in CDF helicopters have provisions to collect the real-time longitude and latitude information via an RS-232 serial link. (LORAN is a system of LOng RAnge Navigation in which pulsed signals sent out by two pairs of radio stations are used to determine the geographical position of a ship or aircraft with reference to the time of arrival of the signals.) Utilizing a standard laptop computer, it is possible for the pilot or observer to start and stop the data collection when or where desired as well as add comments to the data file. These comments are usually simple descriptions, for example BARN, HOUSE, CAR, etc to emphasize the plotted data. Normally, after a plotting run, it is necessary to land the aircraft and take the computer to another location. There the computer is connected to a plotter and the information is plotted onto a standard...

Austrian Amateur Radio Project To Fly On

A laptop computer will be connected to a TNC and a voice synthesizer, which will feed a 144-MHz transceiver. An external 2-meter antenna attached to MIR will be used for the transmissions. The TNC will use 1200-bit s AFSK with AX.25, so all ground stations will be able to receive the transmissions with their normal packet-radio equipment.

Circle On Reader Service Card

Sories* The laptop, and to a much lesser extent the TNCt generated u izreat deal of RF noise. 1 his caused a very high receiver noise level in the radio, located no more than an inch or so from either. Moreover, when a rubber antenna was attached to the connector at the top of the Back Packet, the noise level climbed quite high. At this noise level it required signals of many microvolts to produce readable packets, I needed a transportable, easy anienna that was also very durable.

Circle Oh Reader Service Card

The digital circuitry could produce RFI on 2 meters. WB8WFK had no problems on his local hunt frequency (145.565 MHz), but has birdies eSse-where on the band. If this bothers you, check to see if the problem comes from the laptop or the A D box. Try EMI filters on the power supply and

Austrian Cosmonaut To Operate From Mir In Fall

The AREMIR equipment will include a modified 2-meter Alinco DJ-120-E transceiver with its power limited to three watts, a TNC, a CW generator (for the AREMIR beacon) and a laptop computer, which is part of the DATAMIR experiment. The operating frequency has not been selected, but it will be in the 145.8146.0 MHz subband. Continuous packet-radio bulletins will be 36 characters long and interleaved with a 6-second tone for Doppler measurements. AREMIR equipment is scheduled to be on the manifest of a Progress resupply ship in August. Sergi, U5MIR, may set up the equipment and test it prior to the arrival of the Austrian cosmonaut. (In a related story, it has been reported in the Russian press that Sergi will have his stay aboard Mr extended for another six months. In October, Sergi will be joined by his old mission commander, Alexander Volkov, U4MIR.)

Simple and Inexpensive PC Interfacing

Table 1 lists the signals found at the DB-25 connector of a standard LPT port. The signals are all TTL voltage levels, but the drive capability of the outputs will vary from computer to computer. Portable and laptop computers frequently have less drive capability than desk-top units due to their power conserving designs. Drive capability comes into play when long cables, with their associated large stray capacitance, are used, so this may be a consideration if the device is some distance from the computer.

Walking Mobile Packetradio Station Around The Earth

While in the San Francisco Bay Area for a couple of weeks, I plan to equip the carts with 12-volt photovoltaic modules to power a portable computer and packet-radio gear. The computer would be used to write and publish articles about my designs, prepare graphics and technical drawings, simulate and model the physics of these designs to optimize them, keep a diary for an eventual book about the walk, play with cellular automata programs for enjoyment and insights into how natural systems might work. The computer will also maintain and address list of contacts and be the terminal for packet-radio communications via the Microsats (while I am walking in foreign countries.) So, I am looking for a portable computer workstation that can be used in the field, such as an AGILIS System. I welcome help in locating sponsors for this project. Advice and technical assistance are also needed.

By John T Uebbing Peter B Ashkin and Jack L Hines

A new, small, rugged, alphanumeric LED display, the Hewlett-Packard type IFDSP-2000, now reduces the cost of using alphanumeric by minimizing needed supporting circuitry. Coupled with the recent availability of low-cost microprocessors and semiconductor memories, this should contribute to a rapid expansion in the use of displays with full alphanumeric capability (upper and lower case alphabet. numerals, and special symbols) where previously they have not been practical. Some of the potential applications for low-cost alphanumeric display systems are in calculators, portable computer terminals. data-entry stations, and other readout devices, all of which are becoming more common in business, medical, and telecommunications systems.

Sarex Packetradio Logs And Qsls

Sign and QSO serial number is sent in the QSL beacon ( WA4SIR QSL ), which lists the last 22 contacts. The QSL information for the last 600 contacts is saved in the TNC's RAM and these logs will be dumped frequently to the laptop computer in the orbiter. If you work the robot several times (even with different SSIDs) your call sign will appear in the QSL beacon and logs only once. If your call sign appears in these logs, you will receive a QSL card commemorating the feat.

Programs For The Baypac And Baycom Modems

Complex setup did not perform with my laptop Software works but my laptop gave problem Some of I he problems I have encountered are related to my own hardware and my local packet BBS, i have nut found explanations for some of the problems, but there are some combinations that work, t have been focusing on a portable digital station based on my IBM laptop. Some of the bells and whistlesofWindows953M tend to stifle progress. Tin using the newer laptop because I have other uses that require Windows-based programs. However. 1 have come across warnings ihat some of the earlier DOS-based laptops also offer resistance to packet operation. This means to me thai we still have an experimental hobby situation. Speaking ol thrills. I now have a laptop that, with a few keyboard calisthenics, I can use to make a packet connection wherever I travel. For mc, that provides a little excitement every time I see it work. Not world-shaking by today's standards, nut something I didn't ha c a vear ago. I...

Compact Digital Cassette Drive for Low Cost Mass Storage

82161 Cassette Drive

THE HP 82161A Digital Cassette Drive (Fig. 1) is a portable, programmable, mass storage peripheral for the Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop (HP-IL).1 The storage medium is a removable minicassette that can store up to 128K bytes of information. Portability is achieved by the use of a four-cell nickel-cadmium battery pack, recharger, and power supply system similar to that used in other portable HP products. The 82161A is styled to fit in a family of compact peripheral devices such as the 82143A and 82162A Printer Plotters, and to fit nicely in a system controlled by an HP-41 Handheld Computer or an HP-75 Portable Computer, The 82181A makes use of much of the package design of the 82143A Printer Plotter,3 producing a unit 178 mtn wide by 133 mm deep by 57 mm high. Replacing the 82143A's printer mechanism on the top right side is a transport mechanism with a REWIND key and a door OPEN key located in front. To the left of these keys is the power switch and indicators POWER LOW BATTERY, and...

By Jack P Trautman and Lawrence A Des Jardin

ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS of voltages. currents, and resistances are a necessity for electronic service personnel and other users operating in the field. Large amounts of data often must be collected and analyzed. If this data can be output by the measuring device directly to a portable computer, the need for considerable manual effort to record the data and later enter it for analysis can be avoided. Low instrumentation cost is important because, unlike a laboratory situation where many persons can have convenient access to one piece of equipment, field personnel each require a dedicated set of equipment. High reliability can also reduce field support costs.

The Bay Com Packet System

A Tandy LT-14G0 laptop computer, and all necessary cabling. J packed all this into my attache case and headed into the wilderness for my first OR P. portable packet operation (actually the wilderness' was a hotel room on a business trip). The function of the TNC has been implemented in the Commodore's software, Even through this eliminates the TNC from the RFI equation, another problem is presented. The Commodore 64 and its separate disk drive was originally designed for 120 VAC opera-lion. It can be modified for 12 VDC operation and through use of A & A s DfgiCart 64 cartridge the disk drive can be eliminated However the 64 ' still requires an external monitor, generally a TV set. Operators have used this system successfully in portable packet radio, but if there was a way to do the same thing with the IBM-compatible laptop then portable operation is a whole lot easier.

Practical Approach to Computerized Control of Stepper Motors and Relays

Many articles have been written using a compatible PC as a controller. And much has been done concerning implementation of stepper motors. This project draws these various techniques together to make a practical controller, as simply and inexpensively as possible. The devices used here are controlled by an old 386SX33. Even this supposedly slow machine must be delayed to actuate the much slower electromagnetic devices that are used. Most of the testing was done on a Tandy XT laptop. After testing, it was determined that you can control up to 22 relays and control two motors with one 8-bit port. And if you don't want to control any

C W Wolfe Communications

With the number of questions t get every month about Saycom. iet s not forget Tigertronics and their BayPac modem. This little modem, designed for Baycom, costs about fifty dollars, and is just a tad larger than a DB-25 plug. This may be just the ticket for turning that laptop and hand held into a packet station.

HP Palm Vue A New Healthcare Information Product

Ikeda is enjoying a rare dinner out with his spouse and another couple. As chief cardiologist of the Memorial Medical Center, he does not get much time to relax. This evening, he has largely been able to put out of ltis mind the unstable condition of Frank Nielsen, a patient under his care in the Memorial cardiac care unit (CGI ) who is recovering from a recent heart attack. Suddenly, the waiter taps him on the shoulder and informs him of mi important telephone call. He goes to the phone, to be told by Laura in the CCU that Frank lias developed a very irregular heart rhythm and she is very concerned about his condition. Since he always carries his portable computer and modem card, he suggests that Laura send him a fax of Frank's EGG so that he can assess the clinical situation himself. He goes to get his computer, and finds his way to a telephone jack that the restaurant has allowed him to use. After several failed attempts, he finally gets the faxed EGG...

RF Technology Tradeoffs for Wireless Data Applications

Unent RF wireless connectivity standards used for LANs and WANs include cellular and PCS (Personal Communications Services) protocols such as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System), trunk radio systems such as RAM and Ardis (proprietary systems), and ISM (industrial-scientific-medical) systems. In the future, satellite-based standards and dedicated wireless data systems such as HIPERLAN (European 5-GHz LAN) and U-ND (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure) will be more commonplace. From a wireless data user standpoint, the radios based upon these standards can be implemented in a variety of physical form factors including removable PC cards that contain an entire radio, radios that are built into a dedicated data collection terminal, or cellular and Pt S phones that connect to a laptop modem via a cable.

Arrl Sanctioned Hamfest

The rechargeable buttery business is booming today, Willi the wideranging market in amateur radio and business-band portable transceivers HTs). the portable miniature cellular phone explosion* and now portable laptop and notebook computer systems, rechargeable batteries are found in many more areas of life than e er before, t' nderstanding something about these batteries and their technology has also become increasing ) important. so here's a hriei primer in eas Mo-understand terms.

Circle On Reader Service Carp

First of all. nickel-cadmium batteries IVe written a fair amount about them, and I've seen various contradictory articles. Frankly, ll'm getting sick of the whole thing. Some say the memory effect exists, some say it doesn't Some say that dischargers are a bad idea, others like them. My opinion, once and for all It may be memory, it may be something else, but whatever you want to call It, NiCd packs don't work very well for very long. After six months or a year, you almost inevitably wind up with one or more weak or shorted ceils. Just tonight 1 had to crack open two S100 laptop computer packs, each manufactured about two yea's ago and bought anc used only about eight months ago. In both of them, there were a few shorted cells alongside others which were fully charged. That has happened to just about all the NiCd packs Ive ever owned, and I follow all the rules, I suspect that the true cause of the failures is charge imbalance.

Microlinear Power Control Ic

Another product intended for the laptop computer market has some interesting possibilities for the ham and electronics experimenter. Micro Linear's ML 4860 is a power-control IC designed to give maximum life from a laptop computer's battery. Of course, these same benefits can be gleaned for any battery-powered project, such as an HT, a battery-powered QRP rig, or any of a multitude of applications.

RTTY and CW With the Portable

The TRS-80r Model 100 portable computer is the size of a notebook, yet a full-fledged computer. it has built-in software and hardware that make it ideal for use in the ham shack. Programs entered for CW, RTTY, filter and antenna design, beam headings, and even the station log can all be stored in memory. They remain there when the machine is turned off and can be recalled for use at the press of a key. The names of the stored programs appear on the LCD screen when the computer is turned on.

PCControlling Your

Like mam current rigs, the TS-50 includes provisions for connecting a computer for direct frequency entry capability, but I didn't like their approach because it requires an outboard box with a cable coming out through the bottom of the radio, Thai's not my idea of something portable. The ideal would be to use a portable computer and a cable lliat ea.sih chiiiilvis to ihc l ig with no other baggage necessary. I accomplished this using a notebook computer with an Ctisily huilt in-line interface and a simple control program


Block diagram of WBSWFK's system. Analog outputs of the fox-box are digitized and then processed by the controller and laptop computer Extra MUX channel are available for inputs from a flux-gate compass and digital shaft Figure 2. Block diagram of WBSWFK's system. Analog outputs of the fox-box are digitized and then processed by the controller and laptop computer Extra MUX channel are available for inputs from a flux-gate compass and digital shaft ation go from the fox-box to the MUX. The 28 takes the digitized data nd transmits it to a PC-corn pati-Die portable computer via the RS-232 port. The computer is programmed to use the serial azimuth and signal strength ciata to compute and display polar plots (Figure 3). Ed James KA8JMW loaned me a 3S6 laptop Photo C) for the display unit, Jerry says, ' But even with thES fast computer, the plotting is not done in reai time, J push a button to trigger a data acquisition. The pro* gram takes 256 samples of antenna angle and signal...

Heath Company

Heath is offering the first kit laptop computer, the HS-2860, It is fully PC and AT compatible. It has a 12 MHz 80286 processor, 1 MB of standard RAM (expandable to 3 MB), and a t.4 MB 3-5* disk drive (second internal drive. 20 and 40 MG internal hard disks, optional), tt can handle spreadsheets, databases, word processing, and a variety of graphics. also available as part of a portable computer workstation wilh a Brother 9-pin printer, nine-foot parallel cable, and software package. These items are features in the 1988 Heathkit Christmas catalog, which you may order by calling 1-800-44-HEATH, or by writing Heath Company Department 350-038, Benton Harbor Ml 49022. Circle Reader Service number 204,

The Mini Station

The MINI S i ATION is a very compact and portable 2 Amp-Hour get cei battery that witf power your HI via your cigarette power cord ai 5 Watts for days on end. it can even power a mobile rig for a few days or so (bepenafng on ttow mg winded you are). U s great for those situations when you need more talk power and longer battery life. The MINI STATION is also a fantastic power source for cellular phones, laptop computers, or anything that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter. We even used a customer's orse million candle-power Q-BEAM soot Lght as a demo at the 95 Dayton Hamfesi.

The Ham Contact

The MINI STATION is a very compact and portable 2 Amp-Hour gel cell battery that will power your HT via your cigarette power cord at 5 Watts for days on end. it can even power a mobile rig for a few days or so (depending on how long winded you are . ffs great tor those situations when you need more talk power and longer battery life The MINI STATION is also a fantastic power source for cellular phones, laptop compilers, or anything that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter. We even used a customers one miiiiion candie-power G-BEAM spot light as a demo at the 95 Dayion Hamfest,

Sarex Tested

The SAREX-2 packet-radio station has a Motorola 2-meter FM handheld transceiver with 5 watts output, a Heathkit HK-21 TNC 2, and a Grid laptop computer with a 40-Mbyte hard disk drive to store the calls of the stations connecting to WA4SIR during the nine-day mission. The specially written software, which will be running the SAREX-2 packet-radio station, allows completely unattended operation and logging of the calls of the connecting stations. It will also prevent duplicate QSO numbers from being sent.


Recently, experiments have been conducted with 9filH)-baud ASTARS using UO-22 and SUNSAT and the new Kenwood 200 9600-baud APRS data mobile radio, the TM-D700A. i his dual-band data radio uith built-in TNCs and front panel APRS displays made it possible to send and receive the Very short APRS-style communications via any 9600-baud PACSAT that is digipeat-enahled (UO-22). Thus, the TM-D700 radio is an off-the-shelf satellite data terminal ready for ASTARS it needs no PC or other accessory Kenwood also followed suit with 9600 baud upgrades to the TH-D7(G) HT with internal front panel displays. Alinco also now selb another integrated TNC radio called the DR-135. which can also do both 1200 and 9600 baud built-in, though it needs an external laptop to display the APRS data.


Cosmonauts on the RS0ISS-1 Personal Mailbox System (PMS) since there was no computer connected to the unit, and the crew didn't have time to install and use a laptop computer to work with the system. However, within days there were over 80 messages, some of which were likely addressed to the ISS crew. It's sometimes hard to get the word out to everyone.


Sanyo developed the technology and has filed for 47 patents. Although production just started about the first of the year, already Motorola has signed up to use the batteries in some of their radio products, and Toshiba will be using the new battery in their laptop computers. Virtually every other battery manufacturer will be producing NiMH batteries within the next year or two.

PART Subject Index

ESD protection, portable computer June File system, portable computer June Packaging, portable computer June Packaging. VLSI Aug. PAINTBRUSH 3000 Sept. Parallel operation, data analyzer July Parallelism measurement Apr. Parameter testing, digital July Pellicles. VLSI photolithography Aug. Phased-array transducer Oct. Dec, Photolithography, NM0S-1II Aug. Physician's view, ultrasound

Packet In Aipotu

Trebor has expressed surprise (as he does every time) that we use 1200-baud AFSK for packet. They have been using 9600-baud FSK, duplex transceiver-TNC-terminal units, about the size of a portable computer. The integrated design and widespread use of the units means they cost about as much as one of our all-mode VHF transceivers. He estimates that they have five times as many packet users as we have. The cooperation of the local equipment manufacturers, who foresaw the packet explosion, has been an important component in the evolution of the system. Trebor is always surprised that we do not make equipment in this country and says that they would not have been able to develop their system using equipment developed for audio use. Their PK units can be set to connect to each other in remote locations or emergencies, but are usually used through a network of crossband duplex linear transponders (CDLT). In CDLT use, the user unit transmits in the 480-Mc (cycles, not Hertz) band and...


It's quite possible that the laptop computer will draw more power from a battery than the rig used to make the contacts Bottom line You just don't need a lot of computing horsepower to do Field Day logging. If you can get your hands on one of the older laptops, you'll really save yourself money, and battery power. In the past, I've used a Tandy 1100FD computer. This guy has an LCD screen, DOS 3.3 installed on ROM and no hard drive. The processor was an 80C80 (or something close to it) and at the lime the computer was new, the processor was state-of-the art. The 1100FD would run for hours on its internal six-volt battery. The lack of a hard drive is an inconvenience, hul since the operating system is on ROM, there was no problem. The LCD was readable in bright sunlight, but alas, since the screen was not backlighted, it was hard to read at night. In a brief moment of weakness, I sold my 1100FD. I've seen Grid laptops with the orange gas discharge...

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