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Are you one of those who loves photography but does not feel comfortable starting a career in professional photography? So you're not alone! With the advent of digital photography, it was easier to record personal moments. Also, nowadays, we have hundreds of smartphones with good cameras, in addition to the semi-professional and professional equipment, which are much more affordable. Therefore, opting for a good online photography course is your best choice. For those who do not have so much time available, online courses appear like a good way to qualify, upgrade and professional training. In the area of photography, for example, there are options that range from the general concepts of photography to the most complex editing techniques, with the use of specific software. Here, we have an excellent online photography course. Get to know him a little more and learn how he can help you value your professional resume! Throughout the online course Photography, the inscribed will know, with rich detail and quality materials, the evolutionary process of photography, with emphasis on the practices, techniques, and operation of photographic equipment. Throughout the course, you will have access to materials that will discuss the fundamentals of photography. Read more...

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While our typesetting and art departments are not exactly underburdened, they are not all that fiat out either. Neither is our printing department, so if you need any spec sheets made up or instruction booklets for your equipment, why not get in touch with us for a quote. We have the technical department to write it, edit it, set it in type, take pictures of the equipment, liay out the booklet or spec sheet, paste it up, and print it. After all, we turn out two rather good sized magazines a month plus a lot of brochures, letters, promotions, and even a fair amount of job work for our iocatity.

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Just plug in your camera, VCR, camcorder, etc. composite video and audio (10 pin jack on front or phono jacks on back), 70cm antenna, 12 to 14 Vdc ,5A, and you are ready to transmit live action color or black and white pictures and sound to other amateurs. Sensitive downconverter tunes the whole 420-450 MHz band down to input to your TV set on channel 3. Specify 439.25, 434.0, 427.25 or 426.25 MHz transmit frequency. 1 crystal included, second crystal add 15.

Throttling Control Uses Pneumatically Operated Variac

Pneumatic controller, the Cono Model EB, shown in the photographs, Figure 1, combines the features of a Cono Pneumatic Cylinder and a Variac auto-transformer to provide the precise control of current input that is required iti many industrial operations and processes. A typical application of such a controller is shown in Figure 3.

Fifty Years Of Arrl A

Reprint of the golden anniversary articles that appeared in the 1964 issues of OST. Packed with photographs of old gear. Old Timers can relive their own amateur experiences, and new-comers can learn the fascinating tale of Amateur Radio's early days. Copyright 1965, 151 pages 4.00.

Fox Tango Corporation

Contributions in tne term ol marnj-Sir pts with drawings andor photographs are welcome and wilt be aw srdered tor possible pubticahon We can assume no responsibility for loss of damage to any ma ai Please enclose a stamped self addressed envelope *ith each submission Payment tor the use of an unsolicited malenaf will be made upon acceptance. AM contributions should De directed to tne 73 editorial offices. How to Write for 13' guidelines are available upon request

Connector Is Known By The Connections It Makes

The hermaphrodite coaxial connector (General Radio Type 874*) was initially greeted, upon its introduction in 1048, with reactions ranging from Oh, no Xot another connector to Good It's about time Since then, this connector has seen increasing use each year and recently has been selected by several well-known manufacturers for use on new and advanced instruments. Examples of some of these large-scale uses are shown in the accompanying photographs. These manufacturers certainly have not based their selection on whim or novelty, but on sound engineering judgment and common sense. Here is a brief report about why the General Radio connector has been chosen by some of its large-scale users.

Circle On Reader Service Card

Sam Guccione wrote an article for us back in November of 1995 tilled Poor Man's Doppler If you have been trying to reach him on ihe air, we're sorry that you haven't. His coneci call sign is K3BY, not K3BYCC and the photographs used in his article were courtesy of N3JCR not N3JGP.

Wia Th Year Celebrations

As part ot the WIAs 75th Anniversary activities, the Victorian Division (VK3 is gathering material for a lime capsule to be opened in 2010, the centenary year of the WIA. This capsule will Include QSL cards, a callbook, photographs of Doth present-day and past amateurs, plus other data pertinent to amateur-radio activities, both past and present.

We Pay Cash For Tubes

What's a battery-boost regulator I wondered, too, so I asked Mark Products Company to send one along so I couid find out. From the photographs, it appeared to be a power inverter although its function seemed to be more of a constant voltage device. Even more interesting, to me, was how such a unit could benefit the mobileer.

Types and Uses of Translators

Recently, a new ultrasonic translator has been designed specifically for production testing (photographs, top of page). This new ac-powered instrument has switching and automatic alarm circuitry as well as the basic ultrasonic translator circuits. These extra circuits actuate a relay when the ultrasonic energy produced by a product

Packaging and Servicing

The packaging of the Model 9100A began by giving the HP industrial design group a volume estimate of the electronics package, the CRT display size and the number of keys on the keyboard. Several sketches were drawn and the best one was selected. The electronics sections were then specifically designed to fit in this case. Much time and effort were spent on the packaging of the arithmetic processing unit. The photographs, Figs. 2 and 5 attest to the fact that it was time well spent.

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LOW FREQUENCY RADIO & LIGHTENING DETECTOR PROJECTS, Second Edition. Build Lightning detectors Broadcast on 160 kHz-190 kHz with one watt VLF radio Talk on ultrasound Much more 106 pages, 11 photographs Published by McCalfie Mfg. Corp. Send 18.95 + 3.50 S H to McCallie Mfg. Corp., Department 3, RO. Box 77, Srownsboro, Alabama 35741-0077. Phone 205776-2633. No foreign orders for sale only to residents of USA or Canada. BNB890

Synthesizing At Higher Frequencies

The constant pressure of competitive enterprise doesn't encourage complacency in the market place these days. If we mention that the midnight lamps glow frequently at GR, it's not a joke Our design engineers take their projects in dead seriousness and are under constant pressure to innovate or to improve the existing GR line of instruments. The smiling faces our readers see on the photographs of engineer-authors within the pages of the Experimenter usually reflect the pleasant sense of accomplishment when a project is complete. The ultimate test of completion, however, is acceptance of the new product by the public, based upon technical performance and economic cost.

Newsletter Of The Month

The Statir Sheet is the mqnihiy publication of the Des Mtolnes Radio Amateur*- Assooai on and it runs an i.-ra e 20 paces each issue The newsletter which is jtwut si, e of a playbill is held together with a saddle binding rather tnan ust stapled in one corner, Ahich gives il a irue magazine like appearance The tron cover usually has artwork or photographs, ano the mastnead is stuping

Spider Webs And The Onetube Reflex

THE photographs in Figs. 6 and 7 show a single-tube reflex set made after the complete instructions given in the November, 1923, issue of Radio Broadcast. The apparatus was constructed by Mr. C. H. Brown, and we are sure our readers will agree with this department that he made an excellent job of it.

Communication Systems

Splinters and grain are no problem with this wood, and your wife will agree the color of balsa blends nicely with the modern decor she reads about, The light hue provides an effective background for the components in the event photographs are requested by your attorney, 73 or Western Electric, and you will find it gives a certain lift to your circuits, Speaking of lift when you give up on one of those maddening projects that just will not work, you can hit back by pinning wings to the circuit board and giving it a savage overhand launch into the blue. The natives will wonder for weeks what to make of a glider with an aborted multivibrator piggyback. Lately, to spare a lame right arm, I've been taking my rejects into the tub with me, where they make veiy avant-garde rafts for my plastic ducks.

Butternut Electronics

Contributions Jn ihe form of manuscripts with drawings andfor photographs are welcome and will be considered for possible publication We can assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any material Please enclose a stamped, self-ad dressed envelope with each submission. Payment lor the use ot any unseated material *ill ce made upon accept lance AU contributions Should be directed to the 73 editorial ofhees.

Be obtained by making the sweep frequency inoperative during one

Device was not available when the photographs shown herein were made and the experiments were conducted. (See appendix.) The accompanying unretouched photographs will show a few of the practical applications of this system for the purpose of noting overall audio-frequency response and the effect of any variables which influence the passage of signal voltages through the audio-frequency amplifier. The day is not far distant when this rapid method of noting the effect of tone frequency compensating circuit adjustments, tone control, low-pass and high-pass filter adjustments, etc., will be put to use. This system enables instantaneous determination of the frequency response of an audio system. The fact that our photographs show calibration at

Short Large Screen Highfrequency

An auxiliary tungsten filament cathode, called a flood gun, is used to provide a low level of background illumination so that graticule lines are visible in photographs and in low ambient light situations. A positive voltage is applied to the mesh causing electrons to be drawn to it from the flood gun. Some of the electrons pass through the mesh and are accelerated to the phosphor screen providing uniform background lighting. This eliminates the need for multiple exposures when taking photographs. Intensity of the background light is controlled by adjusting the temperature of the flood gun filament.

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Products Include precision hand tools, lest instruments, tool kits, and soldering supplies, plus a new. full selection of slat fe-controt products. All products are fully Illustrated with photographs, detailed descriptions, and pricing to allow for easy ordering by phone or mail Most orders are shipped within 24 hours and carry a 00 satisfaction guarantee.

Accurate Determination Of A Signal Frequency On A Spectrum Analyzer

The series of photographs shown here illustrate how the Frequency Comb Generator described in the accompanying article can be used to improve the accuracy of frequency determination with a broadband Spectrum Analyzer. Fig. (a) shows the analyzer display of a signal combined with the 100 MHz comb. The large spike at the left is caused by local oscillator feedthrough in the spectrum analyzer and provides a convenient zero frequency reference. Counting the comb frequency components from the left shows that the signal lies between 1800 and 1900 MHz. Now the analyzer is tuned to place the 1800 MHz marker at zero cm and the analyzer spectrum width is set to 10 MHz cm (Fig. b). Switching to the 10 MHz comb and again counting harmonics shows that the signal is between 1840 and 1850 MHz (Fig. c). The spectrum width is next switched to 1 MHz cm (d) and the 1-MHz components are added to the 10-MHz comb, as in Fig. (e), which shows that the signal is between 1847 and 1848 MHz. With the horizontal...

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Either phones or an external speaker with a 300 ohm matching transformer may be patched into the phone jack. Alternatively a speaker may be used. The technique is shown in the photographs of the Command Set top cover. Provision of a suitable dial is the sole remaining problem. The dial used will depend primarily on what is available. The unit shown in the photographs is a Beckman type RB turns counting Duodial coupled to the usual Command Set splined tuning shaft extension. While the 15 turn dial does not provide coverage of the full tuning range, it is fully adequate for 2 meter use. Probably the best method would be to secure the complete dial drive assemblv from a defunct Command Set receiver and mount this drive in the same fashion that was originally used. This would require removal of the rf subassembly and drilling of the capacitor frame to mount the gears. In this event, the extruded aluminum connector mounting, which is shown in the photograph with a snap hole plug installed,...

Auto Radio Vibrator Testing

We want to preface this chapter with the statement that the material offered herein is given simply to show the application of the cathode-ray oscillograph to the testing of auto radio vibrators. The photographs of voltage waveforms under various conditions are purely illustrative and are NOT furnished as the basis for comparison with units which are being worked upon. A certain amount of data to be found in this chapter is generally applicable and basic. There are too many variables among the large number of different kinds of vibrators to permit the presentation of specific voltage waveform oscillograms, without reference to the specific model and the conditions under which the vibrator is being employed. It is hoped, and we believe that the trust is well founded, that manufacturers of such devices, now realizing that cathode-ray oscillographic equipment is available, will furnish reference oscillograms to be used as the standards of comparison.

Television Test Patterns And Receiver Adjustment

This Chapter is taken from the Howard W. Sams PHOTOFACT Television Course and is reproduced with the permission of the copyright owners, Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., Indianapolis 1, Ind. It is one of 18 chapters in the PHOTOFACT Television course. The other 17 chapters complete a full discussion of television circuits and principles of operation. Photographs of transmitted test patterns showing the effect of receiver misadjust-ments courtesy of the National Broadcasting Company and the R.C.A. Service Company, Inc.

An Experimental Miniature Antenna

The term active antenna has come into usage recently to describe antenna forms which use semiconductor elements as an integral part of the antenna structure. Probably every reader has seen photographs of some form of this type of antenna where an antenna a few inches long is claimed to have the same performance (foi receiving purposes) as a regular antenna of 10 to 20 times the size,

Instant Slow Scan Programs

The Slow Scanner has a problem with Hextbjiiiy, Programs can be made up ahead by means of tape, but once made it is difficult to ever change them. Some amateurs do their programming ' live by panning their camera to a menu board, then to themselves for a frame or two then 10 some photographs, then a magic marker sign. . .etc. This keeps a person hopping, and it gets old quickly.

Additional Experiments with the Roberts Circuit

THERE is a very large and a very interesting field for experiment both in simplifying and elaborating the Roberts circuit Experiments and improvements can be tried in both the design anJ the mechanical layout. Some of the many interested experimenters with this set have been trying cylindrical coils instead of the spiderweb type. Some of the appended photographs illustrate certain types of apparatus which may be considered for trials along this line.

Electronicallycontrolled Oscilloscope Camera

A camera for use with the new -hp-Model 180A Oscilloscope is designed to enable an operator with little or no experience in oscilloscope photography to obtain good oscilloscope photographs without guesswork or trial and error. An all-electronic shutter and a centralized control panel with color-coded controls are designed to eliminate the complexity involved in previous camera systems.

Plastic Spacers Places

My coil was wound with 10 wire and supported with aluminum straps around the large and small tubing as shown in the photographs of the trap. The wire was prevented from shorting against its neighboring turns by means of a split insulator made from 2 strips of plastic. The two strips were clamped together and a hole for each turn drilled through the parting line. All this trouble can be avoided by using ready made coil stock. Use Illumitron-ic Engineering 2404T coil stock material.

Write Or Call Ifor Details

Send for the free 250 page book on the Congressional Symposium and read about hundreds of virtually unarguable sighting cases - . , cases that have been exhaustivelv investigated. Head about hundreds of pictures and films that have been taken. See 63 UFO photographs assembled on one page.

Underchassis View Of Watt Amplifier

Construction steel chassis measuring 9 x 7 x2 . Punched and drilled chassis for both the amplifier and power supply may be obtained as standard parts, as specified in figure 27, eliminating the necessity of considerable metal work. Placement of the major components may be seen in the top and under-chassis photographs. The two cathode current jacks, Ji and J are mounted in oversize holes and are insulated from the chassis with fibre shoulder washers placed on the jack stem, and flat fibre washers beneath the retaining nut. The can-type filter capacitors are in

Types of Cathode Ray Tubes

Such variations in color are photographically more or less active and certain tubes are made to fluoresce blue in order to be suitable for photographic recording of the image that is, a photo-active image is desired. Then again, various compounds fluoresce at different rates and some screens are specially designed for the observation of high speed transients, which exist for several microseconds, whereas others require that the image be recurrent in order that it be satisfactorily visible. Certain materials, such as would be used for single high speed transients, will remain flourescent for a short time after the impulse has passed. Generally, screens are identified as fast or slow screens although some have been identified as general purpose screens. Composite screens are being developed. General purpose screens are used for the oscillographs being offered to the radio industry at large. These screens are photographically active. Examples of...

Ho Watt Cathodedriven Amplifier

This shield is made of one piece of aluminum, bent into a U-shape, having Vi-inch flanges on all sides. The open side of the U is bolted to the front panel as shown in the photographs. Elastic stop-nuts are affixed to the shield every IY2 along the flange, or it may be drilled and tapped for 6-32 machine screws. A shield of this type can be homemade, or it may be fabricated in any large sheet metal shop for a small sum.

New Microsecond General Purpose Pulse Generator

Photographs of oscilloscope traces of three typical major output pulses of different duration are shown in Figure I. The time of rise and decay of the pulses is distinguishable only in the photograph of the shortest pulse, where the pulse width is 0.07 microsecond. It can be seen that the rise and decay times are each less than 0.02 microsecond. The degree of freedom from jitter is indicated by the sharp trace on the leading and trail ing edges of the pulses in Figure 1. These photographs were made from a synchroscope whose sweep was triggered from the trigger pulse generated by the -hp- 212A that is, the synchroscope sweep was not internally synchronized. Thus, these photographs, which were exposed for a large fraction of a minute, include the jitter in the trigger pulse and the major pulse itself, as well as any jitter in thesweepcircuitof the synchroscope.

Nostalgia For The Future

Ahstract This article describes a high-performance crystal radio receiver utilizing a hign-efficiency JFET detector and a dual-resonator tuned circuit for high selectivity. Included are a parls list, plans, and photographs showing construction details, Ultimate Crystal Receiver

Pacsat Webersat Software

Although this stabilization technique is well understood and was used very successfully on AMSAT-OSCARs 7 and it has not been thoroughly analyzed and quantified. An understanding of the spacecraft's attitude can help users understand and predict antenna patterns, thermal activity, and solar cell illumination, A predictive model of spacccraft attitude is particularly useful for WEBERSAT. so that users can know when to take pictures with the camera Conversely, you can use the camera to confirm WEHERSAT's attitude and to refme the predictive model.

WATT with elhg WATT with dnatv

Just plug in your camera or VCR composite video and audio, 70cm antenna, 12 to 14 vdc, and you are ready to transmit live action color or black and white pictures and sound to other amateurs. Sensitive downconverter tunes whole 420-450 mHz band down to channel 3. Specify 439.25, 434.0, or 426.25 mHz transmit frequency. Extra transmit crystal add 15.

Sentry Manufacturing Company

Mp4bjo Qsl

If any of you happen to go to The Dayton Harnvention (in late April) be sure to take your camera and a good, fast re-cycling electronic flash. You will have plenty of JBig Shots to photograph. Don't miss visiting the North Jersey Suite almost any night during the convention, (Oh Yes Wear your high hip boots, the stuff gets a little deep around midnight ) The picture shown below was snapped one night in the N,J.D,X,C. Suite last year, Tnx to WB8HAT for pix). Left to right is K4MQG, WB8HAT, K7CBZ (IS1 A, XV5AC) and W1YRC, (they were probably real happy an hour or so later on -hi)

Clough Brengle Model 210 Rf Signal Generetor

Planta Puerta Levadiza

We believe that alignment of a radio receiver with a cathode-ray tube, in other words visual alignment, is so far superior to the normal alignment with an output meter or some other similar type of indicating instrument, that comparison is out of the question. We feel that that fact will be proved by the photographs to follow. Another important consideration, which must be remembered, is that relating to the final resonance curve, resulting from the combination of resonated r-f. and i-f. circuits. You will note in the image photographs to be given later in this chapter, that the combination of the r-f. and i-f. circuits develops a resonance curve which is different from either of these circuits, when handled individually. Fur

High Power With Low Distortion

Genrad 942

The General Radio Type 942-A Output Transformer J is designed to meet the exacting requirements of high-power, low-distortion audio amplifiers. A typical application is the Model PFB-150WD Power Amplifier manufactured by Gotham Audio Development Corporation, and shown in the accompanying photographs. Manufacturers' specifications for this amplifier indicate a continuous rating of 150 watts output at less than 0.7 harmonic distortion and less than 1 intermodulation distortion. Complete specifications can be obtained from the manufacturer at 2 West 46 Street, New York 36.

Bridge Measurements In The College Laboratory

The accompanying photographs show some of the permanent installations which have been found useful in the Electronics and Communication Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Department at The Cooper Union. The severe dust and dirt conditions of a metropolitan location have led to the use of the hinged, counterbalanced

Experience With 7360 Tube

7360 Mixer

Photographs of the rig showed the balance lot above the chassis on a bracket, it was ater moved to a panel control, which in conjunction with a pF trimmer capacitor nulls out die carrier. The pF balances out the fixed 30 pF added on the other side of the modulator to obtain a greater null. This is necessar because the pot has a metal cover and being bolted to the chassis has unbalanced capacitance. it was found un-necessary to use the extra capacitors if the pot was insulated from the chassis.

Two New Potentiometers

Most of these features can be seen by careful examination of the accompanying photographs. It will be noticed, of course, that the Type 314 and Type 471 Potentiometers are practically identical in design features. The difference is merely a matter of size of the form upon which the resistance wire is wound. This is the same difference that describes the old Type 214 and Type 371 Potentiometers.

The Standard Radio Magazine

In every number of Radio Broadcast you will find, in addition to the How-to-Make-It articles Full-page portraits of well-known radio personalities new and character sketches of the big men in the field the March of Radio, detailing the monthly progress of the science at home and in foreign lands how-to-operate-it articles true stories of radio adventure or enterprise here and abroad large, clear photographs of new apparatus with full descriptions of the same, articles on controversial radio topics special articles for beginners and special articles for the advanced news of the broadcasting stations articles telling you what to buy and what not to buy the Grid a questions and answers department giving free service to subscribers and our newest feature, The Listeners' Point of View a department of criticism of the musical programs offered by the various broadcasting stations conducted by Jennie Irene Mix, the well-known musical critic.

Tnc Rtty Diy Hardware

You will find it is reall) easy and the cash outlay can he minimal or none depending on your approach. Ideally, we would ill I like to have a digital camera to put images into our computer its soon as we snap a great shot. And many folks do, i haven't arrived then yet and lite is stilt goinJ in the image-on-disk arena, I do have a scanner but they are reasonable these days if you want to go that way,

Circle On Deader Service Card

The 200D appears in the accompanying photographs identical to the 200-watt model that appeared in the 1984 QST review. Note the toroid and several other devices, which are almost certainly power resistors. Max-corn's reply ( Correspondence ' June 1985 QST) to Hall's review indicated That the fer* rite transformer is connected directly 10 the S0*239 input.,T Further, the resistors in the unit .are connected to the output of the transformer to create additional RF loading. That arrangement was likened to a dummy dipoie by at least one writer (M. Slavin. Technical Correspondence, April 1985 QST)f but some letters of recommendation included with the units I received ind ated that Maxcom has some satisfied customers, including the U+S Army,

The Edgerton Stroboscope

The accompanying photographs, taken in the laboratories of the Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company, makers of motors, fans, and electrical specialties, are an excellent example of the use of the stroboscope in industry. For manufacturers of this type of product, the stroboscope is not only a means of laboratory testing on new products but is also the key to better design and more satisfactory performance. Emerson engineers have found it the only satisfactory method of determining the vibration and distortion of fan blades and hubs. Photographs, Courtesy Emerson Manufacturing Company Photographs, Courtesy Emerson Manufacturing Company

Sprague Products Company

The obvious answer to both the chassis and cabinet problem is to build your own. However, we are not all experienced sheet metal workers and, even if we were, lack of suitable machinery can make the work very difficult. The photographs show a harmoniously com-patable solution to both problems- Cabinet construction uses rectangular panels of laminated hardboard and (ido it yourself' aluminum, rigidly secured by slip fit, interlocking sections of outside corner, tileboard moulding. The post and plate technique of assembly solves the chassis problem by eliminating the conventional chassis and using easily fabricated aluminum plates supported from the panel surface by standoff posts- he aluminum used is Reynolds Metals Company ''do it yourself stock which is available in all hardware stores- The stock shown in the photographs is Reynolds 28 square embossed pattern and is priced at 2.99 per -02 thick, 36 x 36 sheet- Other styles, available at the same price and appropriate to this method...

Antenna Relay Unit Bc A

Collins Kwm Relay

At (his point, the conversion began to take shape. The power requirement for the relay caused a bit of head scratching, however a rather unique and perfectly acceptable solution was developed. As shown in the photographs, the relay is a dual coil unit with both windings brought out to terminals. By connecting the windings in parallel, instead of in series as in the original wiring, the power re quirement becomes 12 volts dc. Most low power commercial transmitters have 6,3 volts ac available at an accessory socket. Since we must wire into the transmitter control circuitry

Editorial By Wayne Green

Photographs Needed Good pictures which are acceptable for publication will bring 5 for the first in a category and 5 for each after that. Good pictures of girls doing something hammy are always needed, licensed girls pay even more. Beautiful licensed girls pay a premium. Gorgeous sexy girls who are hams could bring you even more than a premium. And, say, don't forget to include a model release when you have people in your pictures.

Double Bazooka Dipole

What with trying to keep in touch wiih Captain Crunch in the other balloon, Ld on the ground, hold onto the gondola, and take pictures with various long lenses, 1 had my hands and knees full and pockets. When you're about 500 feet up in the air you have a sort of automatic need to hold onto something. Tight,

Specifications And Schematics Available Free On Request

Radiofrequency Diathermy Diagram

Inspection of Figure 1 will disclose that the addition of a filter choke and capacitor would result in an excellent high power plate supply. The photographs show a diathermy unit of unknown make and model adapted to amateur use. The power supply components of this particular unit are good for 2,500 volts at 500 ma which is a full kilowatt in anyone's book. The captions tell the story and it is convincing. So get on your horse and start looking before it is too late. One word of warning Wear old clothes and take help with you. Basements are dusty and these beasts are heavy

The Hale Bopp and Its Controversi

Chuck was immediately and savagely attacked and denounced by astronomers everywhere, who claimed that the object in question was an 8.5 magnitude star, and the line was a diffraction spike caused by the optics in Shramek's telescope, The object in the photograph, however, was clearly brighter than magnitude 8.5. since it was at least as bright as the 4th magnitude Hale-Bopp , and Chuck's telescope does not have a secondary mirror support, and therefore docs not crcate diffraction spikes on bright objccts. Sincc that time, other photographs have surfaced from the Japanese National Observatory and others which also show a companion traveling with the Halc-Bopp comet.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

On August 7, 1984, Beeple, Inc. d b a On Page Enterprises (On-Page) filed a request for Special Temporary Authority to operate a common carrier one-way paging station at Sudbury, Massachusetts on 900 MHz reserve frequency 930.0125 MHz. The purpose of this is to offer specialized extraterrestrial communications service to the public. On-Page proposes to transmit binary digitized radio messages of 25 words or less, photographs or

QSL Archiving Made Easy

I came across a photo album that looked suspiciously like a QSL card displaj system. As I figured to give the photographs to mv daughter anyway. I rapidly emptied several pockets to sec if the calibration of my eye was correct and cards would indeed fit.

Wayne Green Publication

Domestic, DX, and specialty contests are all discussed. . . complete with photographs and diagrams that show the equipment used by the top scorers. Winning a contest means more than having a kilowatt and a beam it takes a good operator with lots of determination. Don1 settle for being a Little Gun , order THE CONTEST COOKBOOK today by using the order card in this magazine. Send a check for 5.95 plus 1.50 for the first book, 1,00 each additional book and 10,00 per book foreign airmail, or include detailed credit card information. Sorry, noC.O.D. orders accepted.

Practical Application Of The Cathoderay Oscillograph

Figure 65 shows three photographs of spot images. A is the cor to the vertical plates. This figure is mentioned because it happened to be the frequency used to make the photographs which follow. With the synchronization control advanced somewhat beyond its minimum setting and the rough adjustment of the linear sweep frequency set to around 700 and then followed by the manipulation of the fine adjustment until a single line pattern appears, we develop an image such as

Shipmates Sought For Round The World Expedition

YANKEE TRADER 180 foot, 1100 steel hulled vessel, formerly well known for Coast Guard research, is now being refitted and air-conditioned in Miami by Captain Mike Burke of Windjammer Cruises' fame. The yacht has traveled to the seven seas, and will once again embark on a pleasure seeking adventure around the world beginning on January 15, 1973 for a nine month cruise following the trade winds in southern waters. Shipmates who will share in the adventure and expenses are presently sought for the voyage which will feature the barefooted informality traditional to Windjammer Cruises. She will visit famous, tropical island ports of call such as Galapagos, Easter Island, Tahiti, Bail, Madagascar, Martinique. The group will explore, skin dive, sightsee, take photographs, or just loaf in luxury yachting style known only to a few millionaires and they Ml do it at the unheard of rate of SI 8 3 day. For details and applications for the 'round the world voyage, as well as the shorter 10 day...

Mc Transistor Converter

The new Texas Instrument TIXMOo transistors were rated for operation at 200 mc but are surprisingly good at 432 mc. These units compare very favorably with transistors costing many times as much, and at about 50 cents apiece, a few extra can be bought in order to get some very choice ones for the front end of a 432 mc converter* The writer found that about one out of every three were red hot for 432 mc operation and the other two out of three were still better than other 3.00 types generally used at 432 mc. The only problem in their use is mechanical breakage of these plastic cased units. This can be minimized by using (lie new transistor sockets made for type TO-18 cased transistors since the three leads do not have to be spread out as when using Hie larger ( 10-5 type) sockets. The writer managed to break a few transistors in the first converter built here so a new one, shown in the photographs, was built with the new smaller sockets. No more breakage was encountered but it is a...

Magazine Fstv Uhf Contest

For a valid contact to occur, verification must be established by both the receiving and transmitting stations. This can be accomplished by video return, voice communications, hardcopy photography, or lettered QSL. Proof of contact to be included as logbook entry with required information or enclosed photographs to A5.


Some years ago, when the book on Amelia came out, t mentioned the curious set of coincidences which enabled me to have heard much of what the book's author spent years trying to lind out. For instance, the chap who set up Amelia's plane with the specif ongine and fuel tanks so that shn could take pictures of Truk for our government was a good friend of my lather's and I heard about riiL-project shortly after her disappear* ance, on there. The whole round the world (light of Amelia's was a cover for the one leg where she would zig up and fly over Truk, taking pictures, and then get back on her published route again as if nothing had happened. In order to cover the extra miles involved Without losing too much time, she needed a more power fuf engine and extra wing tanks.

Ham Help

Lastly, i d like to address the people who claim that they are technically oriented and that amateur radio magazines don't publish enough projects. Great The next time you build a project, take notes, take pictures, write it up, and send It to 73. Share your ideas with other amateurs. and it will improve the journal you are criticizing,

Tower Tree

These pictures are in color, of course Bill and his brother use CoCoMax (another fine program by Colon vare. 78-03 Jamaica Ave., Woodhaven, New York 11421) and a video camera digitizer to take pictures off VCR tapes, photos, etc., and store them in the EPROM. You can add graphic titles as wefl. The completed circuit boards are 89. For a catalog of drawings, call or write Elktronics 12536 T.R. 77, Findlay. Ohio 45840 (419) 422-8206. Packet via N8ET BBS

Test Pattern Mnscpe

Here is the easiest way to get your Camera, Transmitter or Monitor set up and operating properly. Our Type 1698 Test Monotron tube with o few parts from an old TV set or the usual electronic experimenters clutch pile used in the simple circuit supplied with the tube gets you started in Closed Circuit or AMATEUR Television Systems. SIMPLER than a flying spot scanner LESS fussy than a camera, this pattern generator produces a series of figures and numbers from the self-contained pattern.

Traveling Hams

When you have a trip coming up, let us know. We may have heard about something along your route that may be of in terest to us all. You might even make a few dollars o put toward your next trip. So, put a note pad and pencil in your camera case and start Ihinking like a roving reporter.

Amateur Television

Just plug in your camera, VCR, camcorder, etc. composite video and audio (10 pin jack on front or phono jacks on back), 70cm antenna, 12 to 14 Vdc .5A, and you are ready to transmit live action color or black and white pictures and sound to other amateurs. Sensitive downconverter tunes the whole 420-450 MHz band down to input to your TV set on channel 3. Specify 439.25, 434.0, 427.25 or 426.25 MHz transmit frequency. 1 crystal included, second crystal add 15.

Sstv Scene

First off, Ralph WB8DQT, has some suggestions to supplement the photographic techniques mentioned in the August column. If your camera is one that utlizes an electric eye for controlling the shutter speed, a piece of black electrical tape over the eye will automatically give you time exposures. Then all you need do is hold the shutter down 8 seconds. Also, you don't necessarily need to remove the yellow filter on the cathode ray tube. If your pictures are too dark, use the camera's color film settings of approximately ASA 75. Be sure to mark your settings after getting them right, so you will save time (and film) in the future.


Just plug in your camera or VCR composite video and audio, 70cm anienna, 12 to 14 vdc, and you are ready to transmit iive action color or black and white pictures and sound to other amateurs. Sensitive downconverter tunes whole 420-450 rnHz band down to channel 3- Specify 439.25, 434.0, or 426.25 mHz transmit frequency. Extra transmit crystal add 15.

Orion Hitech

Where is the best place to put your ATV camera It depends on what you want to show. Some ATV operators like to be flexible with their car-era and have ii mounted so thai they can quickly remove il and hand hold it on the subject material. It is fun to be able to walk around with your camera in the shack and show different pieces of gear or that latesi project that you are building. Others like to fix their camera on a wall mount or iripod so it points down at the operating position. Some like it facing them head on, while others like a backstde approach, catching the majority of their equipment in the picture as well It just depends on your room, the capabilities of your camera, and what you like to show, Using your camera on ATV is certainiy a lot of fun. One night, we all transmitted our shack pictures one by one upside down to an individual who was ust getting started The terrible, sneaky plan backfired when he came back on the air a little while later proclaiming that he had...

See Us At Dayton

Just plug in your camera or VCR composite video and audio, 70cm antenna, 12 to 14 vdcr and you are ready to transmit live action color or black and white pictures and sound to other amateurs. Sensitive downconverter tunes whole 420-450 mHz band down to channel 3. Specify 439.25, 434.0, or 426.25 mHz transmit frequency. Extra transmit crystal add 15.

Never Say

The first few days you point your camera at yourself and smile at your contacts. This gets old by the second contact with each chap. Then you rig up a menu board so you can send a QSL over the air for the contact. This keeps you hopping, putting the other station's call on the board then changing it for calling CQ., .etc.


SAPPHIRE carrics three main experiments. The priman pay load is a group of Tunneling Horizon Detectors. They are a new generation of infrared sensors that lia e been micromachined to fit in a chip and operate at room temperature. The digital camera experiment uses a Logitech digital camera called the Fotoman Plus. It can take and store 32 pictures in JPG formal for transmission to ground stations. The third experiment is called Digitalker. It simply converts a text string to voice outpui for transmission ia the 70cm FM transmitter. More information about S APPHIRE can be found on the Internet at http


Since we have a new RTTY Handbook in preparation it is only natural that I should have quite an interest in the recent RTTY book put out by CQ and written by Byron Kret-zman. I have to admit that they have done a nice job of publication . . , good paper, nice type. I am somewhat disappointed in the content. A great deal of the book seems to be lifted bodily out of the book that Byron and 1 put together back in 11)56. Many of the photographs are the very ones that I took with my old Pony Premo 5 camera and several of the diagrams are the same ones that I originally drafted for my column in CQ back in 1952, It. is nostalgic to read all of my own words again, lifted out of the old RTTY columns of eight to ten years ago. Though I have been relatively inactive in RTTY since becoming an editor, it is nice to know that I am still considered the authority for the field. Ha, Work on our handbook has taken a lot longer than Byron's modified reprint of my old book, I've been out there with my...

Single Cycle Bursts

The photographs here show some of the variations possible with the Trigger Phase Lock Plug-in operating in the 'Single' mode. In A. the waveform at top is a single cycle triangle with the START STOP PHASE control set to +90 . The middle trace shows the output with the PHASE control set to 0 and the bottom trace is with the PHASE control at -90 Photo B is a dual-trace oscillogram of both outputs of the Function Generator with channel A set to Sine and channel B set to A. showing that a balanced output can be provided. Photo C was made with output channel A set for square waves and channel B set for triangles while the PHASE control was set at 90 . This shows how the 3300A 3302A combination can be used as a low-frequency pulse generator, with the

Factory Wired

Paint, if used will scorch off and, when the tin flows smoothly, drop on a hard surface to remove the debris. Remove the relay from the base, clean up the parts and a cus* torn enclosure results. The photographs show the various steps of the procedure and the complete job requires only a few minutes. The photographs show the method of mounting components in the can and a finished product using this technique. An added bonus is that many relays, once available for adjustment, may be made usable for amateur applications.

For The Contester

THE CONTEST COOKBOOK-This book reveals the secrets of that elite group of operators who top the list when the contest resuils are published, it conlalns detailed suggestions ior ihn firsMJme contester as well as tips for the advanced operator Domestic, DX and specialty contests are all discussed, complete with photographs and diagrams showing ihe equipment and operating aids used by Ihe jop scorers For the serious ontester BK73Q8 *5 95_

Mounting Plate

The sheet of aluminum is bent per Fig. 2. The L-brackets are attached end-to-end as in Fig. 3 and the photographs. Next, the holes for the U-bolts are drilled in the sheet, as in Fig. 3. The conduit assembly is next attached to the L-brackets. Three or four radials 20 in. long are attached to the base by small bolts. The variable capacitor is mounted inside the piastic dish with only the shaft protruding. Attach a knob to this to insulate the shaft while tuning. The capacitor is wired per Fig. 5. The feedline may be attached directly to the capacitor or by use of a terminal strip as in the photographs. The plastic container may be mounted by attaching the cover to the center element with small bolts and then snapping the remainder of the assembly in place. The purpose of this dish is to protect the matching capacitor in wet weather.

More To Come

I plan to have a busy year with the QRP column, Next month I will try and do the Field Day special. Look out for columns on solar power, operating lips, antennas, contesting, and more. As I have said in the past, it is your column. Teil me what you woutd like to see, and 111 do my best to get it printed, i welcome photographs, just make sure they have a loi of contrast and are in focus. Black-and whit are ne besi 10 send, bui coEor ones are fine if they meet the above requirements Sorry, f I send them in to be printed, you wili not gel them back. Make copies to send to me


Manuscripts Contri billions in the loim of manuscripli with drawings and or photographs aro welcome and will be considered for possible publication. We can assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any material-Please enclose a Stamped, self-addressed envelop -1 with each submission. Payment tor the use ol sny unsollcil ed material will be made upon publication A premium will be paid for accepted articles Thai have been submitted electronically (CompuServe ppn 70310.775) or on d sk as an fBM-compaiibte ASCII Me. You can aiso coniaci us at ihe 73 BBS at f603) 924-9343. 300 2400 tsaud. S dat.i bits, ro parity, one slop bit All cQnTnbui ons should be d'rected 10 he Z3editonat officer. How io Wnte Lof gL de net are available upo- requep' U5 c r srts must irxrfjde itneir Social Security number w-rh s brri-ed manuscripts.


The small number of elite operators at the top of the list when the results are published know what it takes to win a major contest - . - do you These winners reveal their secrets in THE CONTEST COOKBOOK by N60P. You will find 170 pages of suggestions for the first-time contester as well as tips that will increase the score of a seasoned operator. Domestic, DX, and specialty contests are all discussed.,. complete with photographs and diagrams that show the equipment used by the top scorers. Winning a contest means more than having a kilowatt and a beam it takes a good operator with lots of determination. Don't settle for being a Little Gun, ,. order THE CONTEST COOKBOOK today by using the order card in this magazine. Send a check for 5.95 plus 1.50 for shipping and handling or include detailed credit card information, Sorry, no C.O.D. orders accepted.


In many studies, recording requirements can be met only using film as the storage or reference medium. The preceding technique can be used to take high-speed single-flash photographs with conventional cameras. With almost any conventional still camera connected to the X-sync-contact input on the Strobolume, plus the adjustable delay, photos can be taken of a moving subject at a specific point in its cycle. One can, in effect, create a high-speed still movie record of fast repetitive events, similar to that shown in Figure 1. The GR 1 540 also has a built-in provision for keying the oscillator manually or with camera contacts to take multi-flash or flash-burst photographs of relatively slow events.

And Book

This fabulous 540 page hardbound handbook completely and thoroughly covers every aspect of amateur radio lubes, transistors, receivers, transmitters, vhf gear, antennas, sideband, FM, mobile equipment, noise and interference, propagation, keying, modulation, power supplies, measurements, operating and station layout and much, much more. It is completely illustrated with photographs and drawings. This handbook is very well written and completely understandable, The RSGB tries to help hams improve themselves, so it includes much necessary technical data that some American handbooks ignore, For instance, suppose you want to design a linear for SSB. The Brand X Handbook devotes about four pages to description, including a table of typical values of popular tubes. The RSGB Handbook gives 13 pages to them, plus many pages of construction, figuring bias, resting current, circuit constants, efficiency, etc. The RSGB Handbook is a necessity for the building, technically minded ham. Even if you...

Llan Y

Karplus' paper covered the use in oscillators of the new butterfly circuits (Experimenter, October, 1944) as well as some newer types on which data have not yet been published. Display boards showing both butterfly plates and complete circuits were exhibited. These displays, which are shown in the accompanying photographs, were also on exhibition at the General Radio booth at the I.R.E. Winter Technical Meeting held in New York in January.

Kbnw A Winner

I would like you to know that the article Pacific Odyssey11 by KB7NW was one of the best I have read in a long time, t thought the way it was organized and presented was top-notch, as was the use of photographs to supplement the excei lent story line, I could almost feel I was there

Rtty Book

The book is frankly written for beginners and does not go into the complications of designing circuits or heavily into the theory of RTTY. it tells you what you need to put an RTTY signal on the air, where to get your printer, how to build or buy a receiving converter, how to connect into your transmitter, and just alx)ut everything else you really need to know to get on the air and have fun without becoming an expert. A great deal of space is taken up with photographs of the various types of available commercial equipment and considerable valuable discussion is presented to help you choose your printer, tape equipment and other accessories. MARS members will find the data on military gear invaluable. The original price of the book was 3*00. We have cut a lot of corners in the production of this book. Most of the photographs were taken of my own equipment, many of the pages were prepared on our own Varityper and IBM Executive and the book has been printed by the less costly offset...


A recessed panel connector. Type 874-PRL (shown at left), is converted to other connector types by the addition of adaptors, as shown in the photographs above and in those at the foot of the page. Figure 8. A recessed panel connector. Type 874-PRL (shown at left), is converted to other connector types by the addition of adaptors, as shown in the photographs above and in those at the foot of the page.


Gray Matter These photographs refute a statement which Wayne made in the January issue in 1 lie discussion of the EKY Video SSTV gear. Wayne stated that the SSTV pictures are composed of blacks and whites with no grade shades. The SSTV standards presently in use provide for a continuous gray seaJe between black and while as the photographs certainly show. To be frank, the lack of gray values In the gear that Wayne was observing was

Analysis of Xrays

Photographs including oscilloscope photos may be easily analyzed with the digitizer. The photograph is placed directly on the digitizing surface. Calibration to allow for photographic distortion may be incorporated into any program by digitizing the known distance between two points to obtain a scale factor. Since the digitizer always reads the X, Y coordinates directly in inches, the scale factor will be applied to all input values. Additional scaling can also be used to plot on any graph paper.

Input Output

The plotter interface has a major new feature, digitizing mode, which allows the pen of the plotter to be positioned over a point and have the scaled coordinates of that point entered into the calculator stack for processing. This mode is useful for approximating areas or line segment lengths from published material or photographs.


Find out what goes on inside your machine. Inside Your Computer explains microcomputer circuits and how they workr Topics include Chips, interpreters, circuits, machine language, binary numbers, algorithms, ASCII Code, soft ware, and what they dti mean to the computer includes many photographs and schematics. 12.97 BK7390 108 pp.

Articles Needed

Our increased use of color in 73 permits us to run some color photographs of interesting expeditions. The time was when we had to run ail those pictures of gorgeous places in black and white. We're looking for colorful DXpedition pictures accompanied by Interesting articles. An article wiil not only help pay some of the freight for the trip, but could also encourage others to help out a bit when they send for your QSL card. DX-Ing is one of the most exciting aspects of amateur radio, so let's see more of the DXing fun in articles for 73.

To Negative Voltage

The entire mini-supply is housed in a standard 6 x 46 x 3 inch aluminum chassis. It is evident from the photographs that its a little crowded, but there is more than eough room for all the components, fhe easiest way to put the supply together is to install the power transformer, choke, diodes and front panel controls first then Hie filter capacitors are wired into the circuit. In this way the cir-ruitrv is built up in tiers and there is sufficient room to work. The available space may be more fully utilized b mounting the 90 volt reference diode and resistors associated with the 6AU6 voltage amplifier on a 7 pin turret


op guying of the boom could be employed inslead of the struts. The remainder of the mechanical construction is obvious from the photographs and it can all be assembled from readily available parts. (lie radiator tuning unit or on strips of polystyrene for the parasitic elements as evidenced in the photographs. All the capacitors are adjusted at full height so an 8 ft length of I in. dowel is used as a long trimming tool to reach the capacitors on the director and reflector. The capacitor shafts have a flat filed on them to match an adapter on the end of the 8 ft dowel. On 20m tlie 3 large ZC1 type relays ( RL1) are energized, thus sorting out the parallel networks in all elements, and in the case of the driven element, connects the coax feedline to series capacitor C3 on the 20m omega match. (Although this setup looks like the conventional gamma match, it is actually an omega match due to the stray capacity in the tuning box.)


All times must be in UTC Indicate multipliers in your log the first time they are worked on each band. Make a separate log and dupe sheet for each band Include a summary sheet containing scoring information for each bandT a station descrip tion, and a signed declaration that you have observed the con* test rules and the regulations for amateur radio in your country, Please include your comments and photographs.

Plugin Inductors

After a glance at the accompanying photographs. There are four basic components, and these can be assembled in three ways. The bakelite form can be Type 177-B Inductor Form Can be used alone, with shield, or with shield and cover plate for unit-panel mounting. See photographs. Supplied with eight removable plugs (with lockwash-ers and lugs). Winding form 134 inches (diameter), inches (length). Type 177-K Inductor Shield Aluminum. Fastens to Type 177-B Inductor Form with two machine screws supplied. The knob, clamping rod, and nuts (see photographs) are included together with assembly instructions. See page 4 for description of Type 661-Pll Cover Plate. Price 0.65. Code Word inductkemp.


While the shielding was cut from thin brass sheet. As illustrated in the photographs, brass or copper partitions are placed across the if amplifier, mixer and driver tube sockets. All ground connections can be made directly to these partitions eliminating the need for ground lugs. Two of the partitions also serve as mounting for the mixer and driver tune controls. The 2E26 final is completely enclosed in a compartment at the rear of the chassis, A suitable enclosure can

Agc V

The FET units have been expensive for use in the vhf region and often have exhibited poor noise figure values. The writer recently obtained some new FET plastic-cased transistors for approximately one dollar apiece from a Texas Instrument distributor. These were TIM 12 units which have very low NF and good gain values at 50 MHz, A circuit of a good 50-MHz converter is shown in Fig, 1 and illustrated in the photographs, 'I tie converter was built on a scrap piece of copper-plated board

Csj Oa W

Layout is not extremely critical, but it is suggested that the layout be made similar to the unit shown in the accompanying photographs. This unit is acceptable for 60 watt output transmitters without modification. The power capability may be increased to about 200 watts if the resistive network is suspended in 1 quart of oil. If this is done, care must be taken to keep the metering circuit out of the oil- The lead from the diode to the resistive network must, of course, be partly submerged, but keep the diode itself out of the oil. I do not personally use this arrangement, but I know of two units which have been in use at a large Southeastern two-way radio shop for several years, rhe same shop has incorporated a range switch with several meter shunts for various maximum scale power readings. This feature is especially useful to the amateur vhf fm operator who may be working with equipment of from Vi to 250 watt outputs, The schematic appears as Fig. 1, and the basic circuit for...

Bottom View

Once the tube mounting problem is solved, then the electrode voltages will have to be slightly modified. This is easily done by changing the values of a couple of resistors and full details will be shown by referring to the modified schematic- A couple of photographs will also help in the description. By lowering electrode voltages a bit on the 416BX we eliminate the necessity of blowing air on the seals of the tubes. This has all been covered in the aformentioned mentioned article as well as the method of testing after the conversion is completed. Please refer to this article as some of the more practical pertinent points concerned will not be recounted here.

Sept Vhf Contest

Some background in selling or advertising would be most helpful for this position, since we have to act as advertising agency to roughly half of our advertisers. It is difficult to lay out an ad for a client, write the copy and even arrange for photographs and artwork without some experience in this field.

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Compared to film cameras, digital cameras are easy to use, fun and extremely versatile. Every day there’s more features being designed. Whether you have the cheapest model or a high end model, digital cameras can do an endless number of things. Let’s look at how to get the most out of your digital camera.

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