Porsche 911 Buyers Guide

Porsche Classic Models

Porsche Classic Models

The History of Porsche Cars through its generational changes. A must have ebook for any Porsche fanatic, this ebook is a reference book for Porsche enthusiasts. Discover all there is to know about the greatest Porsches ever made. All models are fully described and illustrated providing a definitive production history plus an accurate guide to original specs and equipment.

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Porsche 911 Buyers Guides

This Porsche 911 Buyers Guide is full of easy to follow information, with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice and no padding. Over 40 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and the questions to ask. The 911 Secrets Buyers Guide will explain the many things buyers should check, but often dont, the common faults, the tests, checks and the right questions to ask essential information you need when you go to buy a used Porsche . Whatever your level of experience my buyers guides will help you find the right Porsche, in the right condition. Easy to follow information with practical, concise, current and comprehensive advice and no padding. Over 35 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and what questions to ask. Why learn the hard way? You will learn; The key questions to ask the seller and the correct answers. The common faults for that model. Where and what to check and test. How to be confident that the car you are buying is genuine. Where to look for hidden accident damage or repairs. How to spot forged/falsified documents. How to make a worthwhile test drive. How you can make a detailed inspection. Guarantees/Warranties? what they really offer. How you can get a better deal. Negotiate from a stronger position.

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Contents: 40 Pages Ebook
Author: Adrian Crawford

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

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Sure, my father bought Fords in the '30s and I followed suit, but when I discovered the Porsche Speedster in 1957, that was the end for Detroit. I tried a Dodge van in the 70s and had so much trouble no power on earth would ever get me near a Chrysler product again. The dealer screwed me. Chrysler couid care less. My van would stall and not be restartabie without pouring gas directly into the carburetor. A ham friend dug up a confidential factory notice to dealers admitting the problem and the tack of a known repair to fix it,

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When I moved from New York to New Hampshire t left rallies behind f've some great rally stories 10 tell, but ill save them ior my memoirs As president of the Porsche Club of AmericaJ put on rallies thai the participants siiil talk about. Ask John Freels WBOFBK, if you run into him on the air.

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We will arrive in Stuttgart on the second and be driven to Solitude Castle where all of the new Porsches ordered by the club members will be spread out on the huge lawn. Among them will be my old 1958 Porsche Speedster which I shipped over in January to have reconditioned. I was all lor ordering one bf the nice new model Porsches, but Virginia pointed out that we are much too close to pauperism to even consider putting a down payment on a new car. Practical gaL You're probably getting pretty tired of hearing about Porsches all the time, perhaps I'd better explain. All Porsche owners are absolutely certain that the Porsche is the finest car in the world at any price. Dr. Porsche was a fanastic genius and is responsible for many of the best features of todays cars. He designed the little VW. He thought up the flat opposed piston air cooled engine which makes the YW (and Porsche) so unbeatable. He invented torsion bar suspension, synchro-mesh transmission,...


If you've been reading the editorials at all it should come as no surprise that Virginia and I are leaving for Europe on April first via Lufthansa chartered jet* The Porsche Club of America is sponsoring' the trip. As you may know, a charter flight costs 'ess than half of

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Efforts at firing the enthu siasm of a couple of nams with money came to naught. So. despite my Involvement with nutting on a Hudson Amateur Radio Council convention in New York getting Mensa started, being involved deeply with car rallies as president of the Porsche Club, and so on. t decided whal the hell and got 73 Magazine going The work started in May and the first issue came out in October Fortunately it was in the black and the long haui toward success was started. I'd sold off everything 1 could to get things going. . .my boat, plane, horse, one of my Porsches anything which would bring in some money. And just a generation earlier, those Germans, along with the Austrians, Hungarians, and so on. were out there killing my parents friends. These are things that we probably should not forget when we are shopping and thinking in terms of a Porsche car or even a German meal But that isn't the end of it by any means, because when I look back in my genealogy books, find that a...

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(1 even heard a contact between me and a Romanian ham on a Hafticrafters 45 rpm record a couple years later f remember driving along Coney Island Ovenue in Brooklyn in my Porsche Speedster in which i had a Philips record player. I was listening to the HatEi-crafters Listen To The Worid ' promotion record and there wast And nobody around to telL)

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Naturally a program like this would increase the costs of running the League, but I think we can well afford a bit higher investment when it would bring us so many benefits. Right now I am paying 15 a year in dues to the Sports Car Club of America, and 12 per year to the Porsche Club of America, I do not figure that either of these are high for the benefits that I get and I would not think 15 a year for the ARRL would be exorbitant if it were to really manage the hobby. This would certainly make generous funds available for the area Director and his administration expenses.

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Mechanical engineer Jim Herlinger was the first 7900A project leader. He started with HP on a part-time basis in 1960 while working for his BSME degree at Stanford University. After he graduated in 1963 he spent two years in Ford Motor Company's graduate training program, working mostly in Ford's race car programs, and taking business courses part-time at the University of Michigan. In 1965 he returned to HP to stay. Racing and automobiles have been in Jim's blood for a long time. He's driven in local and International sports car races and is presently building a car to compete in the Sports Car Club of America's B SR class (it's a Brabham BT8 with a Porsche 911 engine). Jim's now combining business with his major interest he's market manager concerned with uses of data acquisition systems for automobile engine testing.