The Perfect Lead-in Insulator—PYREX No. 67104

For Amateur Use p

The Perfect Lead-in Insulator—PYREX No. 67104

ERFORMANCE, which alone has for PYREX Radio Insulators their present day supremacy, is the direct result of the inherent properties of the glass composition from which they are made.

The high volume and surface resistance and low power loss of PYREX brand glass result in clearer signals and better distance, particularly under adverse conditions.

The perfection of su rface of PYREX Radio Insulators is an important factor in preserving their continuous efficiency. Except in heavy storms, rain does not form a continuous film on the surface, and as atmospheric dust particles find no pores or cracks for permanent lodgment, a mild rainfall washes away anything which may have settled on the insulator surface.

A folder describing PYREX Brand Radio Insulators will be sent to you on request.

PYREX Nos. 67007-67017-67021 Antenna Insulators for Improved Transmission
PYREX Nos. 67106-67108 Stand-off Insulators for High Power Transmitters

"PYREX" isaregistered trade-mark and indicates manufacture by


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