The two antenna terminals on the rear of the chassis are for connection of a twin lead 300 ohm transmission line leading to an FM antenna. No separate AM antenna is required. The circuits are so connected inside the chassis that on AM the transmission line and the FM antenna act as an AM antenna.

A heavy ground connection as short as possible should be connected to the ground terminal on the rear of the chassis. Cold water pipes or a galvanized rod driven several feet into the earth make good grounds, but the use of hot water, steam pipes or metal conduit should be avoided. The use of a good ground connection will do much to minimize the pickup of electrical interference carried into the tuner by way of the power line.

In these days of loop antennas and high sensitivity receivers, it is possible to get reasonably good reception without the use of a good ground connection, and the importance of a good ground has been all but forgotten. We would like to emphasize at this point that a good ground can be very important to the attainment of high quality broadcast reception and is usually worth all the effort or expense that it requires.

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