Power Amplifier

If this Meissner tuner is to be used with a power amplifier, a power amplifier should be chosen which will give full power output when driven with the maximum output of' the tuner (see "Nominal Performance" ratings). It is not essential that the power amplifier have exactly the right gain, but if best results are to be obtained the gain of the power amplifier should not greatly exceed the requirement. If, for instance, the power amplifier has an input jack for a phonograph pickup, then the tuner might be fed into this jack through a voltage divider made from a 30,000 ohm potentiometer. This potentiometer should be adjusted to a level where full rated output (11 volts) from the tuner will just produce full power output from the power amplifier. It is not recofnmended that the tuner be fed into the Microphone input jack of a power amplifier.

An auxiliary power outlet is provided on back of tuner chassis. It is controlled by the tuner on-off switch and may be used for the associated power amplifier if one is used.

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