Across the loop is detrimental in that it limits the range and

selectivity of the set.

The frame supporting the loop is square in shape, each side being approximately 32 inches long and ten turns are wound for a wave length of 300 to 1100 meters.

The energy from the frame to the amplifier is transferred similarly to the previously discussed Kolster type direction finder by means of slip rings.

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Acptland Lightship 5ft(6

Position or VesseCsJ by Cross Bearin§s><

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■^Barnegat Lightship "

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FIG. G—Illustrating the use of radio beacons in navigation. When approaching New York, the location of four radio beacons as shown, makes it possible to obtain radio bearings, and thus at any instant the position of the vessel will be obtained. The arcs of circles indicate the characteristics of the radio beacons, and the radius shown is approximately half the ordinary range.

A typical shipboard compass installation is shown in fig. 2. When the coil, is rotated by means of the hand wheel, the

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