Automobile Antennas

Automobile antennas are generally divided into two classes according to their location as:

1. Roof or top antennas

2. Under-car antennas.

Probably the most popular antenna in closed car construction is the roof or top type. The majority of recent built automobiles of the closed body type are already equipped with such antennas installed at the factory, and a lead-in brought down one of the corner posts.

In many of the earlier models of the closed body types, a piece of metallic screen is employed for top material support. This metallic screen may readily be utilized as an antenna, provided that the screen is insulated from the metallic frame of the car.

In order to use an ungrounded support screen, one corner only of the head-lining need be removed. A shielded lead-in (see fig. 1) should first be soldered to the screen and then carried down the front pillar post, nearest to the receiver.

The shield covering should be soldered or bonded to the car frame prior to replacement of the head lining.

The determination of the existence of electrical contacts between the screen and the body proper may readily be found by an electrical test, without removing any portion of the top fabric. An authorized dealer should be consulted as to the proper

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