Radio Direction Finders

Radio direction finders determine the direction of arrival of radio waves. This information is vital in navigation, for it makes possible the positioning, controlling, and homing of ground, sea, and air forces. It is especially vital in air-sea rescue work, because manually operated portable transmitters are standard equipment in survival gear. Directional information is also a very important aid to military intelligence. Locating enemy transmitters makes it possible to monitor them, to jam them, to home on them, to transmit on their frequencies, or to destroy them.

The composition of radio direction finders depends on the job they are designed to do. Those used as navigation aids are relatively simple, since they are designed for operation on one or two predetermined frequency bands. Those used as aids to military intelligence are



Basic Direction Finder

Loop or U-Antenna Response Pattern usually quite complicated since the operating frequencies of the enemy are unknown, and the entire frequency spectrum must be monitored.

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