Unix And Packet Radio

George Church, WB2SJZ, has been experimenting with an ATT 6300 UNIX-based computer, using an enhanced version of the W2XO software that adapts UNIX for amateur use. The computer, on line in the 144.91 MHz subnet, has unique features embedded in the code. For example, the software permits the SYSOP to provide additional "sockets" that are accessible by initiating an AX.25 connection to WB2SJZ-8 (this may later be augmented to accept TELNET connections).

According to George, "I have been experimenting with a modified version of NET I recently received from N8EMR, Gary Sanders. It runs on a UNIX PC-7300 and allows use of external sockets. This version also allows new mailbox commands to be created and mapped to external sockets.

"I have defined several external sockets on my system by writing some short shell scripts (batch files). Nothing elaborate. They are no more than several lines long, but it shows the kinds of things that can be done very easily with external sockets, i have also created matching mailbox commands."

—from POU NetNooze

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