- all the features you've been asking for in a CLOVER DSP Modem --

At long last, the proven HAL DSP Modem architecture, modes, and software are available for applications that cannot use plug-in PC cards. While the DSP4100 closely follows the concepts of the PCI-4000. now you get CLOVER-II and high-performance TOR, Pactor, and RTTY in a stand-alone DSP modem. Requiring only 0.25A from a 12V battery, the 2.75 lb DSP4100 will go anywhere you can take your LAP-TOP PC and transceiver. Software changes are easily made in the field. Just pick-up new software from HAL and upload it to the DSP4100 via the serial port for storage in non-volatile FLASH RAM. A 2nd RS-232 port is included for customized systems. Call HAL now for complete details.

HAL Communications Corp.

P.O. Box 365, Urbana, IL 61801 USA

Phone (217) 367-7373 Fax (217) 367-1701 E-Mail [email protected]

JIeM Scientific, inc. presents

New - MININEC for Windows

Antenna Design/Modeling Software

Model Quads !

Model Yagis !

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MININEC for Windows is new ! This is not just another DOS version. Runs under Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Fast, accurate and easy to use. Easier to use then NEC. Surpasses NEC inaccuracy. Enhanced accuracy ensures modeling of all types of wire antennas. Why buy outdated versions of MININEC ? MININEC for Windows by the original developers — Dr. John W. Rockway and James C. Logan (N6BRF).

Features include:

- Online context sensitive help

- Real time diagnostics

- Rotatabie 3D graphics

- 800 segments

- 3D currents & patterns

- A fully Windows application

Special Ham Radio Price $99.95

(Mention this ad and include call sign with order). Mail your order today to:

EM Scientific, Inc. 2533 N. Carson St., Suite 2107 Carson City, NV 89706 Web Page: http://www.emsci.com (702) 888-9449 FAX (702) 883-2384

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